How do I get over my ex?

It’s been almost 3 years now and I can’t seem to get over my ex-boyfriend. It’s kind of silly when I think about it, because it was only a six-month relationship. He came into my life after a rough period, like he was an angel, he made me a much better person. I was the happiest I have ever been, still to this day. He truly was a great guy, the exact kind of guy that I will one day want to marry. We broke up, for a reason that is still unknown. But, I’m left here without closure. For a year and a half, I did nothing but dwell on him and what things would’ve been. Until, I decided to start dating again. I’ve been dating this one guy for a year and two months now, and I still can’t get my ex off of my mind. I don’t know what the problem is. It was only six months. Just recently, I heard that he is dating someone new now, and that she could be “the one” for him. I was crushed and devastated. But, I remembered that I have my own boyfriend. I don’t know what to do. Either I need to get over him,quickly, or I need to get him back..some way, some how. It is very important. I need to move on at some point, but I can’t without my own closure. What should I do? Please help.

Answer #1

If he came into your life after a rough period and the relationship was for 6 months then you guyz must have been pretty close. so you should at LEAST approach him one day and tell him how you feel. just get it out there whether you think he feels the same way or not. also, this other guy…u guys have also been going out for a pretty long time. you probably shouldnt tell him this if you havent already. if you get pretty involved with getting this guy back you should break up with him. not only will that make things less complicated but it will also show your ex that you really do miss him. I know what its like to have someone like that in your life. it totally changes everything in your life.

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Your’s sounds like mine … find out the unkonow reson… that way you cn put your mind at rest … but if that dont help then … Love is a load of W A and K any way :( xxx

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this book helped me a lot!!!

Answer #4

try to bond with other people. If someone asks you out say yes and make him mad so he can get a taste of own poison.

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No one really get’s over their ex much as they say it.. they never do. Just think of him as a hero, if you really do love him, let him be happy. Cause if you keep running back to him I think you’re going to be sadder ..just make the best outta life now that you still have it, right? (:

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Hi.. It is so refreshing to read all of these stories, I got out of a relationship nearly 16 month ago and we were together for six years. I am over the guy and I never want to get back with him as I know it would never work. But I still think about him all the time and still find my self getting sad and missing him. I think it is because we never really finished things. we separated, then three months later he moved to another country with another girl, we were not together but we had been having discussions on getting back together, so when I discovered he had fallen in love with someone else ( who happened to be a person I know) then it destroyed me. I broke bridges with my ex by sending a nasty email to him, however I was simply angry and confused, I have tried to apologies by sending other emails but he has never got back in touch and I have not spoken with him for over a year, not thought lack of bloody trying mind. But now I feel empty, guilty and lost. I think I need closure however I know I will never get it. I think this is a reason I find it hard to more on. I wish I knew a way to be strong and not feel the sadness in side that I do, but I just cant seem to shake it off. It has been nearly 17 months! Am I crazy???

Answer #7

Hun,im still gettin over my ex that lasted 11 months.I wud help.

Answer #8

I think you should follow your what you feel .It clearly is obvious that you need more time to get over your ex.It doesn’t make sense dating someone while your still thinking about someone else. These things take time to heal and you should just try and take a vacation and sort out your thoughts

Answer #9

it took me a year to forget my boyfriend but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in life : it goes on. so go ahead and forget that guy and try someone new. ya know wut socrates said? the hottest love has the coldest end. but its time to end it.

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girl i ve been there!! i was only goin out with this guy for about 2 mothn’s!!! and i didnt get over him for 3 years!!! so i know what you mean, but look,you can just take it step by step!! start your life over!! i know its not eazy but you can do it!! if i can you can!!!!!!!!

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you can do so much better hunny ,, your better than that if you worry its gona make you ill huggs

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yeah I could relate to that!.. thats the same thing happened to me with my first boyfriend! the same thought is in my mind as yours, I thought that he was the one, he was an angel to me at that time, he help me make it thru a lot of problems, and the sad part again,we broke up for no reason. at first I kept on crying every night cause I dont know how to spend my life without him anymore, you know we’ve been together everyday but when we broke up everything fell apart! I was even asking his cousin about the thing that I can do to have him back, but still there’s no use.. I was also afraid before that I could not move on..I was really really really down and upset!! im desperate enough to do anything for him… it was just lately when I realized that if the guy does not really want you anymore there’s no thing that you could do to have him matter what damn you give and to show everyone that you really want him back!!..
the thing that I do during those moments, I just opened up my heart again..and to accept the fact that he is not mine anymore.. thats the lesson I’ve learned.. we have to be optimistic,and just be patient,and understanding..

I do know there’s somenone better than him for you..

like what happened to me..

Answer #14

Hi-I’m in this situation just like many of you. I was involved with my ex for about 15 months and it’s been well over 4 years and I still have very strong feelings for him. I actually became involved in another long term relationship to get over him, but I never forgot him; he was constantly on my mind and till this day he is still very much important to me. We talk and see each other from time to time and although I’ve managed to keep it strictly friendly, it’s all a facade. He broke up with me on January 2, 2004 and I was so shocked that I couldn’t bring myself to ask him for a reason. I have regrets because I never told him that I loved him and I never asked him to explain why he was breaking up with me, and I never asked for another chance to work it out. I just assumed that he didn’t love me or care about me enough to stay. My pride got the best of me and I just didn’t know how to handle the situation. Sometimes, I want to tell him but I am too afraid; afraid that he’ll reject or think that I am completely crazy for bringing it up after four years. Most importantly, I’m afraid that it will be so weird that our friendship will cease. I’ve actually begun to think that even being friends is unhealthy, because each time we talk or see each other I find myself feeling like crap for caring about him, when he hasn’t made any attempt to show interest. I just have to figure out how to get over him… I owe it to myself, to get over him, I have to give myself the opportunity to meet someone who’ll truly love me the way I love him.

Answer #15

I’ve been there, more times than I’d like to count. The truth is you never do get over him. He will never leave your life or your heart as long as you hold onto it. That’s neither good nor bad, it just is. It doesn’t matter if it was six months, six years, six decades, love is a tricky, powerful emotion. The important thing to think about right now is your new relationship. Is this new boyfriend making you happy? Or is there something lacking in him that makes you think of a former love? Maybe you’ve spent too much time in relationships and not enough time on your own? Sit down, write out or think of all the good qualities your ex had- warning- you may end up crying. Then make another list, the qualities you didn’t like, and believe me, there will be a few if you truely give it some thought, no one is perfect. Then make a deal with yourself; that you will not enter into a serous relationship with anyone who is lacking the qualities you desire most. Don’t settle for second best and if your ex truely was the “one” life may bring him back in some way, or it may not and you will be grateful for the experience. But don’t force that. Right now, focus more on you and what makes you happy, advance yourself, try new things, keep busy. Don’t feel guilty when that pang hits you, feel it for 60 seconds and then move on. That way when Mr. Right does roll around, you’ll have a lot to talk about. Chin up!

Answer #16

i have the same problem as you do. i dated this guy for only about 7 1/2 months. but every moment with him was perfect. he was the one for me i thought. i was completly fallen for him. and when it ended i didnt have closure. i didnt get a phone call from him one day, then it turned to a week, then months. i didnt know if he was dead or what. then i found out that he thought i would know it was over if he didnt call. pathetic, at least i think. but here i am almost 2 years later and he is still the first thing that pops into my head. ive had many boyfriends since then and i liked them all but in everyone of my relationships it feels like there is something missing. i dont think you ever get over the person that you care about that much. if you care that much about someone they are not going to go away easy. my advice to you would be if you are happy with who you are with now try everything to make it work. try everything to forget about this other guy. because if you just dwell on him then you can never know what else there is out there. im sure he is very special to you as was my ex, and they are very hard to forget, but sometimes all you can do is to try. if you left the guy that you are with now to try and get back together with this other guy how would that make him feel? does this other guy even want you back? sometimes you can only look at what you have. not what you had and what could of been but what you have and what you can make out of it.

Answer #17

ik exactly how you feel. im in the same situation..only for not as long lol..I went out with this guy for only 2 months..and I fell for him after 2 weeks..and he fell for me too. we were crazy about each other and I thought he was the one. I really thought there was no one better for me and I thought I would end up marrying him one day. we broke up for a reason I still dont know either..and I never asked him about it because I was were still good friends onlya month after we broke up, but I still myself crazy for him and hoping that one day he’ll tell me he still loves me and wants to try it again. I dont know why I keep telling myself that but I do, and because of that hope I cant get over him. I try everything I can. the thing that seems to work the most is to be around my friends. I always have a good time with them and they take my mind off everything. it may not make you get over him permanently, but it will make you forget about him for the moment. and also, if you have tis new boyfriend..concentrate on him. if he makes you happy and you have a good time with him, mayeb you should just concentrate on that and not compare him to your ex..just think about what your future could be like with this new guy..and try and not think about your ex… hope I helped..let me know if you want to talk :)

Answer #18

I had my first boyfriend 6 years ago and I really loved him. He said he loved me too and that I was the first girl he truly loved. We were only together for 6 months and he broke it off. He didn’t give me any closure. It took me a long time to move on but I still thought about him from time to time. I’ve been in 2 long term relationships since and I had no contact with my ex but I would hear things from people that he was in other relationships and he was gonna get married. I am single now and somehow we reconnected on a social site and started talking casually like friends. We decided to hang out and honestly, some of the old feelings are there but I definitely put him on a pedestal the whole time that I wasn’t getting over him. I kind of resent him as well for hurting me so much. Now, he’s single too and I could tell that he’s interested in me but I feel like I’ve got a lot more going for me now. I’m not that same insecure girl girl I was 6 years ago and I wouldn’t want to get back together now. Guys basically like the chase and when they know they have you, they begin losing interest. If you chase him, he’ll just run faster. If he’s not chasing you then he’s just not that into you. It happens. Sometimes guys that I have no interest in chase me and rejection is all a part of life. The feelings must be mutual. Don’t think about the past, just think of the great guys that are out there just waiting to meet you.

Answer #19

as a guy, i can tell you it’s just as hard. i am there too. i dated a girl in a a long distance relationship (new york to seattle) for 8 months. i was casually dating other women when i ment her. she seemed too good to be true. i’m 42 she’s 27. she was young and beatiful and made me feel good about myself. then reality set in and i realized our age difference was really becoming an issue. she smoked pot and did not have her life together. i wanted her to grow up and mature, she was not ready for that and she broke up with me in january. we tried to get back together after months of me calling her. we went to miami together to talk and have fun, and maybe work things out in march. the worst thing in the world happend. while on the beach in miami we bumped into friends of the new guy she was secretly dating since december. i freaked out because i did not know she met a new guy in seattle. we had a big fight that night. i kicked her out of the hotel we were staying. i paid for her trip to miami and the hotel, so i felt justified kicking her out. of course two days later i was regretting it. we talked for two minutes a few days later. she apologized, but she has not called me since. this was in march. i still miss her but she won’t speak to me. in april she changed her number. i am still thinking about her every day. i hate myself for caring so much for her, especially when deep down she is all wrong for me.
i’m afraid i will allways want and miss her. i know she has forgotten all about me. it hurts.

Answer #20

this is exactly what im going through. me and my ex had been going out for 6 months and we had such a great relationship my family loved him and his loved me. but he was very over protective, I was his first love and he was mine I guess he didnt know how to work the relationship and just kept getting jealous. I met this other guy while me and the ex were together and I decided to dump my ex and go out with this new guy I was young and stupid and thought it wouldnt do anything. for a couple of years it was fine I was dating other guys and didnt once think about my ex, but then I found out he was dating someone else I was hurt as even though me and him werent together and hadnt been for 3 years. I’ve found out they are now engaged im so crushed and hurt that it wasnt me and him and me had talked about that stuff. he recently cheated on her with me for a week and I thought it was a good idea at the time and I thought it may spark something of what we used to have. I felt like after spending time with me that I was more in love with him then ever and when the cheating was over it hurt because he went right back to her pretending nothing had happened. I cannot fall out of love with him I’ve tried. I guess only time can tell and hope one day maybe me and him can be together again.

Answer #21

I believe all things take time. To this day, I still love my first love. I always will, I’ve given up on trying to erase him from my mind, it wont happen. because our familis are very close, so im always around him. I dated him for almost one year, and I couldnt tell you why we broke up. I am in a new relationhip now, and the guy im wiht now and my ex are buddies, so we occasionally see him out on the weekends, and it gets vey rough. to this day I still hurt over him, when I hear a certan song I break down instantly and cry. I dont know whether to brek aup with my currnet boyfrend or not becaus I now I still love my ex, but it will always be that way. so what do I do. and as I forget about him, he will text me or I will see hm, and he starts telling me how much he loves me and wants me beack. its so hard, and I don’t know what to do, help!!!

Answer #22

Its funny I still think about this guy I messed with about three years ago.He was my supervisor at the time and when the program was over we became physical but it only happened one time. Before we became physical we did a lot of talking and conversing about the job and life. I really enjoyed what we had but it ended. He basically told me that it wasn’t going to work. I know the reasons, and part of me wish I would have done things differently,or have meet him at a different point in my life, maybe we would be together. He was a great guy, the best kind of guy so far. I don’t know if I will ever get over him. What I do know is that I can’t stop living my life. After 2 1/2 years I called his phone just to hear his voice but I never said anything. I know things have changed in his life, and I have become a different person. I probably will not call his phone again. I think the only reason I am thinking about him is because I am not in a relationship right now, and I’m bored. But he was a really good guy. I pray that everything works out for him.Its time I let GO

Answer #23

Hi.. It is so refreshing to read all of these stories, I got out of a relationship nearly 16 month ago and we were together for six years. I am over the guy and I never want to get back with him as I know it would never work. But I still think about him all the time and still find my self getting sad and missing him. I think it is because we never really finished things. we separated, then three months later he moved to another country with another girl, we were not together but we had been having discussions on getting back together, so when I discovered he had fallen in love with someone else ( who happened to be a person I know) then it destroyed me. I broke bridges with my ex by sending a nasty email to him, however I was simply angry and confused, I have tried to apologies by sending other emails but he has never got back in touch and I have not spoken with him for over a year, not thought lack of bloody trying mind. But now I feel empty, guilty and lost. I think I need closure however I know I will never get it. I think this is a reason I find it hard to more on. I wish I knew a way to be strong and not feel the sadness in side that I do, but I just cant seem to shake it off. It has been nearly 17 months! Am I crazy???

Answer #24

Wow…I’ve never seen so many responses to one question! Anyways, me and my boyfriend of 10 months broke up about 2 weeks ago, and I really think that I’m gonna have a hard time getting over him also. He also caught me at a strange time in my life, a time when I didn’t even want a boyfriend, but he captured my heart & we fell head over heals in love with each other. We live 6 hours apart and he’s also in the process of getting a divorce….he’s been separated the whole time we’ve been together (not my fault). He also has 2 kids with her. Anyways, his ex has been making his life a living hell & he just couldn’t take the stress of everything anymore, so he broke up with me. Now he’s saying that he doesn’t feel like we’ll ever get back together again, and that he’s starting to move on with his life. We’re still friends, we don’t talk on the phone anymore, but we instant message each other from our computers. I just can’t see how after all we have been through & how much love we had for each other, how he can just let go so easily. I still love him very much, and I probably always will. I’m almost 28, and he’s the best match I’ve found yet. We could talk on the phone for hours about nothing.

Answer #25

I think that there is always going to be a place in your heart for that one guy, but there is a difference between you liking him and him liking you back. Maybe it just wasnt meant to be, and thats ok. You just need to except that, and don’t worry, you’ll find that special someone someday.

Answer #26

why dont you call him and talk to him and c why u guys broke up. then tell him you still cannt get over him.and ask if you guys can hang out sometime to catch up on old times. then win him back…lol

Answer #27

I feel your pain..I dated a guy for three years and I was 100% we would get married and spend the rest of our lives together. Unfortunately, it didn’t last and I never really got closure from the whole thing. I went on to date different people and so did he. I kept thinking that maybe, just maybe he would call or visit and everything would go back to normal. That never happened. It’s nearly 4 years later and I am married now to a wonderful guy, but I still think of my ex on a daily basis, just wondering how he is, etc. I am hoping and praying also that I can just get him out of my head! I really do not want to think about him , but he’s just always there and I’m afraid always will be even though we never truly cross paths.

Answer #28

you will never erase him compeltly but instead try turning things around. you should never spend more time dwelling of the guy then the amount of time the you spent with him. i undestand the pain the wondering the thoughts of what could have been. But instead of crying because its over, smile because it happened even if you werent the one ready to let go. And if you really love him then let him go and if you still talk or are friends then casually let him know you are happy for him. That is what true love is about. You need to move on with your life. if you must know (for closure) what went wrong between you two call him up and ask him. Only if you know yourself and you are ready to do that with out trying to interfere with his life. He has moved on and know it is time for you. I hope to have helped and stay strong. Time heals all wounds.

Answer #29

Hey im in the almost the same situation as you and its really hard, like my girlfriend broke up with me like 4 monthes ago and I have no idai why. but all I ever think about is her and she just got back with her ex boyfriend wich kills me. I know how hard it is to see or hear that the person you love soo much loves someone else. I dont really have any advise but I thought it would help to hear that your not alone, cause it helped me out a little.. just try and stay friends with your ex and maybe oneday it will all work out. thats what im trying to do, just think to your self is your ex really worth the pain, cause if you take my advise and are friends with him its going to be hard to see your ex knowing there with someone else… well any way if you want to talk more just funmail me. I truly hope everything works out for you.

Answer #30

Well, honey, I think you should talk to him to get that closure you definitely need. Also, to really get over him, I think you should talk about WHY you broke up, and maybe get an idea of what you might have done wrong (so that you might not do it again) or what he did (so that you know what to look for in the others you date).

But if you really want to stop thinking about him, only think about the bad things that happened. For example, maybe he yelled at you a lot or insulted you or insulted your family. Maybe he cheated once and promised to never do it again, or maybe there was no chemisty. But if you think about all the GOOD things that happened, you might not be able to let go. If you think of all the BAD things that happened, it’s easier to move on.

Answer #31

Life goes on remember that im currently going through a breakup also its bitter it hurts like hell and every guy you date you will search for him its normal whats not normal is stopping everything date go out hang out with friends and if all fails take pills painkillers and anti deprissants [[sp]]

Answer #32

I’ve been there too sweety, and I got him back then I didn’t want him anymore after he came back to me. I tossed him out like the garbage he was (is). He was bad for me then, when I was a teenager and probably still would be. In fact, I think he is in prison. I am now married to a wonderfl man that serves our great contry and we have two beautiful, bright, silly kids together that we love more than life itself. Sometimes it’s hard to move on but you just gotta do it. I have never been happier in my life than I am now and always thought that I would never be happy again. I can’t imagine my life without my husband, our kids, or cats and the life we made together,we just hit out 15 year anniversary! Move on and start living yor life…best of luck

Answer #33

Well I know what your going through I too have been in love with my ex-boyfriend from three years ago and I know it’s tough. I mean I just try not to think about him and then when I am with him I tell him how I feel and things like that, and the last time I told him this we began making out and he said he was still in love with me too. But we are not back together because I had to move away and I don’t like long distant relationships. But sometimes that person can be the love of your life and then just a friend and then the love of your life all over again. The best advice I can give you is tell him how you feel and see what he says…heartbreaker93~Marie

Answer #34

huni, I know exactly what our going through. it my have only been 2 months for me but my ex is over me already and has a girlfriend. it kills me when I see them together but, I still want to be with him and am still madly in love with him. I dont want him to break up with her because I want him. I want him to break up with her because he wants to. I know it wont happen and I know closure is one thing I really desperatly want. try keeping a diary. write all your thinking in it, soon, you may become tired of talking about him constantly. thats what im trying good luck xxx

Answer #35

I think we hold onto past relationships when there’s some unfinished business. Could it be that there was something you wanted to say, that you didn’t say. Like stay, or sorry, etc It’s never too late to say these things, or send them in a letter, or just write them. I know with myself, I found it hard to move on because I never apologised to my ex for the things I did wrong. I always felt guilty afterwards. I’m only talking from my limited experience, I could be wrong.

Answer #36

dis iz gona sound wierd buh if you have got a photo ov him and u… get a match and burn it.. watch it burn and it may make you feel a lot better :o) crazy buh it works… also you cud work on your relatioonship wid your boyfriend because it sounds like their is smat lacking…

Answer #37

I’m not sure really if everyone goes through this but I do know that you’re not the only one. I’m kind of in the same situation. I just go on with life as if he was never part of it. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but it’s better than dwelling on what won’t happen I suppose.

Answer #38

you said he was a greta guy so why not ask him why you broke up…. just a question out of no where……. some ppl r hard to get over….but no one can help you with that….you have to do that part alone! GOOD LUCK

Answer #39

welll possibly the only reason your close to him is because he came to you when you needed someone the most. he had been the one to come but the thing is it was only 6 months and to you it probably met the whole world but to him it could of been diffou have.erent . dont get me wrong he could of been happy to . good things are not ment to last forever and when it finally ends it makes you miss what you had and how things used to be. the best thing to do is remember that you have a new man and your happy with him too. sure he dosent have everything your ex had but he can be just as could . the sad thing about all this is im 12 years old And im as wise as I can be .

Answer #40

my names jessy and im thirteen me and my ex had been together for a year And he broke up with me because he didnt want to fall in love at such a young age but that doesnt help me I was seriously in love with him we broke up last week and hes all that I can think about my old friend sam asked him out and he said yes and I just found out and he said he was over me now and that I need to move on but he doesnt understand. I LOVE HIM.I wish we were still together.itryed getting over him then I got on the bus and he sat there smiling.and I realized how much I loved him he asked me to marry him I know that were young but he even got me a ring and everything I would die for this boy and I called sams house and told her she better have a nice week cause monday I want to bring a gun to school and kill her seriously.but I cant.but I seriously would.IAM IN LOVE WITH HIM.

Answer #41

Unless you find out why you broke up you’ll never get over him. But if you still love him you shouldn’t lead this new guy on

Answer #42

I think you must find yourself first. And be happy for him. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. He’s not the only man on this earth. You must do the things that makes you happy before he entered your life. And make yourself busy to forget him. I hope this will help you..

Answer #43

I def know how you fell I dated a guy for 4 1/2 months and then we broke up and til this day I still dont know why..I think about him all the time and I understand that if we werent ment to be then we will either find a way or we werent ment to be. and since hes got a new girl and you with a new guy then maybe try talking to your new boyfriend and see if he can help in anyway cause if your with this guy you can trust him and he will be there for you. at first it might hurt him to think about it or when you say it to him but believe me I did this with my new guy when we started dating and he helped me thru it so it really made me feel better cause he was there for me… so try that and if not then maybe if you talk to the Ex and find out why you broke up it will help you close your relationship with him…help that helped:]] good luck!

Answer #44

uh. I’m going through the same thing. so all of you commenting aren’t the only ones out there. I always feel so stupid when my friends and family are like quit being dumb you guys are over get over it! but for some reason I cant. Why does all the bad stuff happen to us girls? I love the old saying life for us girls is a big sh** sandwich and we all have to take a bite. isn’t that true!? ha ha

Answer #45

I’ve noticed there’s nothing on here regarding if the guy can’t get over his ex girlfriend. Anyone have any advice? We broke up a couple years ago and I seem to compare everyone to her. She seemed perfect at the time and still really does. I still see and talk to her on occassion but she has been dating another guy that I know. I don’t want to do anything to disturb their realationship, but I seem to always think about what would have been.

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Answer #47

once you find someone the mind tricks used by your ex will end if you don’t they will not stop

Answer #48

if he’s your first boyfriend then you will never get over him so don’t even try second of all you should be thinking about your boyfriend right now instead of your ex you won’t get over him no matter what so just let him stay on your mind atleast that’s what I do I still think about my ex but I lknow I always will cause he’s the first one and you always remember the first one

Answer #49

Wow I had the same problem but they ended up breaking up and we got closer again so now we are back together so try to hang out with him more but dont make it obvious andmayb he will want to go bc out with u! Good luck :)

Answer #50

He was right for you at that point in your life, but three years later would he really fit into your life now? You are a completely different person- and so is he. When broke up with someone a while ago I was crushed, I m not even ashamed to say it, I fell in love and the break up was bad. Don’t be frustrated by not being over him yet. You will be. (Distance makes the heart grow weaker ?)

Answer #51

the guy i’m inlove with broke up with me we would have been going out for 5 years he said i was perfect but he is in love with his ex i would get him back if i were you beacuse you really only fall inlove once i have a quote 2 “they say you only fall inlove once but evrytime he looks into her eyes he falls inlove all over again.”

Answer #52

I know how you feels? few years ago,I couldn’t get over my EX. But,then I got over her because she was trying me. But,then again My older sis told me she Miss me a lot.Is it because I stop giving her attention and got over her lol?

Answer #53

I’ve been down this road before and it does hurt. I’m thinkin you might be so attached 2 him because you n him got 2getha while you was going thru a ruff time in your wit you being with him around that time and him being there 4 u, of course your feelings are going 2 be strong 4 him. Now on the subject of you not being able 2 move on even tho you have a boyfriend and he has a new girl, might be because you felt that you had a betta connection wit him then you do your new dude… but… but but but but but I’m not sayin you should still dwell ova him ecspecially if you haven’t a clue why he broke up wit you in the 1st place. Just think you may have someone just as good mayb even better but ull neva know because your holdin on 2 old feelings and holdin back the new 1s

Answer #54

I have been there also. the thing I have always tried when I wanted a guy whether I ws getting him back or just trying a new relationship was playin hard to get or ignoring them for awhile and normally the guy realizes whats up and comes back. thats all I can say hope I helped.

Answer #55

umm… what I did to get over my ex was I started liking another guy. if this doesnt help you try making his life miserable

Answer #56

I had the same problem. I had a boyfriend and he broke up with me and I didn’t go out with anybody for nearly a year. I still love him and I think about him almost every day and I hope he does too, but, what you have to do is let him be happy. it sounds like your with a nice guy now, and I understand that you might still and always love your ex, but, just “build a bridge and get over it”, as Kenzie would say, get in touch with him and tell him how you feel then drop it. it’ll be good in the end.

P.S., Hudson, if your reading this, I still care about you

Answer #57

well, here’s what I have to say. Go to other guys. Try them out. If they remind you of your ex then move on. If you really want your ex back then give him some signs. Hang around him more and talk to him more. If it goes on long enough, then maybe he’ll want to date you again!

Answer #58

If you want to get over him then all you can do it wait it out.. TIME HEALS ALL. This is not strictly true, but try to smile that it happened.. and not cry it’s over.

Lose contact with him.. bin everything that reminds you of him.

Think of all the bad times you had together.. or everything that;s wrong with him.. nobody’s perfect so write a list of bad things about him!! Or that he did…

HOWEVER… If you don’t want to get over him.. talk to him.. tell him how you feel. GET THE BASTARD BACK!

Answer #59

I went out with a guy for like two years, and he helped me through some really rough stuff. But then things turned bad, and we argued loads. I couldn’t get over him, I kept going back to him even though I knew he was making me unhappy. To be honest I think it was due to low self esteem. DON’T EVER LET A GUY MAKE YOU FEEL THAT WAY. There is no answer to getting over him really, but don’t talk to him anymore. Don’t text, don’t IM don’t do anything. Remember you broke up for a reason. If he tries to talk to you again just ignore. Time heals quicker than anything, trus me with time everything will be okay. Hope that helped.

Answer #60

I’ve been thru this with my last x…honestly only you can decide to get over him…think about his bad qualities and stuff like that dont think about him being the good guy make him the enemy think of the good stuff in the new guy…to this day I still think about my x and wish he was with me but then I realize how good I guy I got that has stuck around longer…yeah I still wish my x wouldnt have moved on but thats greed not love or anything I just wanted him to always want me no matter who I had…hopefully I have helped some


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