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Would getting married completely mess up my government benefits, such as wic, medicaid, unemployment, etc?

Chris is talking about getting married sooner now that weve got another little one on the way, but im afraid it will cancel out my medicaid for this pregnancy and other things im currently getting assisstance with.


What's a good age to start a rapping career?

I kinda wanna start now


Can I return something bought with a debit card and get cash back?

So last week my boyfriend bought me something using his debit card. I want to to return it because it's that the right kind.
Will I still be able to return it and get cash back?


How can I pursue my dream to be an actress?

Ok I have this really big dream an its to become an actress an everyone is telling me that I would be really good I can keep a straight face I love to have the spotlight I can remember things an im not afraid to perform in front of tons of people an I ...


What volunteer projects look good on resumes?

what volunteer projects look good on applications and resumes?


What does annual income mean?

what does annual income mean?


241 pizza home order taker??

hey everyone has anyone ever been or currently is a 241 pizza home order taker? whats this job like? is understanding the software easy or hard? how much do you get paid per call? if anyone knows this, please let me starting training in a week...


Why cant short or overweight peeps be models?

Why cant short peeps or overweight peeps be models???

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Where can I work when I'm 13?

Do you know where you can get jobs if you are 13?

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How did you know what career you wanted to go into?

I'm having a lot of trouble deciding what I want to do for a career. I have straight A's, so there's not really anything I'm particularly better at. I love animals, but vet is out of the question because I can't handle being responsible for someone's h...


How many years does walmart go back on it's background check?

How many years does walmart go back on it's background check?


How to get $2500 fast when I have bad credit?

I have really bad credit 462 is my score. I have a personal emergency (death in the family) and I need a loan fast like by this weekend. Its only $2500.00 but I need it fast. I am able to pay back @ $300.00 a month.
Does any one know of any lending c...


I want to be a stripper: I'm 14

Im 14 and I REALLY want to be a stripper and maybe even a porn star. but all websites are saying you have to be 18.

is there anywere that lets a 14 year old be a stripper, a porn star...or both.?

im desperate


I want to do make-up & ect. on dead people. how?

How can I get a job doing make-up & ect. on dead people?
I would love to help out by doing the job.
I would appreciate if anyone told me how to get started.


How old to work as a shampoo girl in a salon?

how old do you have to be to work as a shampoo girl in a hair salon?

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How old do you have to be to work at taco bell?

How old do you have to be to work at taco bell?


What is the worth of a 1913 ten dollar bill?

What is the worth of a 1913 $10.00 bill?


What companies hire felons in Raleigh, NC?

What companies hire felons in Raleigh? My charge is not violent, nor a drug charge and is five years old.


Babysitting how much do I charge per hour?

If the person im babysitting for asks me how much do I charge per much should I say?


Can I be arrested from false theft accusations ?

I work in a grocery store warehouse, and was fired under the impression that I was stealing. Supposely there were items going missing. They said they were doing a 3 month investigation and they have me on camera walking from the locker room to my car ...


What jobs are in Tampa, FL for felons?

Can you give me a list of companies/job in Tampa,FL that hire convicted felons?


modeling I really want to be a model

I really want to be a model but I think I might too fat I'm not fat for a normal operson but for a model its very possible soo how tall an how? much do you have to weigh


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