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What does annual income mean?

what does annual income mean?


Do I owe her?

A friend of mine, who lives in a different state, thought she was pregnant.. And was scared to buy a pregnancy test, so she sent me the money to buy it for her, so I did, and sent it.. But she never got it.
I feel like I owe her the money back, do I?


Teaching swimming for money at 13 (in U.K.)

Hello. I am 13 and living in England. I have had a look at the other questions for how to make money when a teen, but they are all for america/too old. I found a suggestion to teach swimming, but how do I get started up and what shold my rates per hour...


which career path is better for good job opportunities ?

so i want to start school in January i don't know if i should do dental assistant, teaching assistant, medical assistant, or healthcare assistant.... I want to make sure that i have a job at the end of the course. which option will offer me a wider ...


Where can a 15 year Old Work?

I just turned 15 a while back so yeah I was thinking I want to get some cash flow and start earning some Honest Money I know I need a workers permit I think...But Don't know where to get one. Anyone know Where a 15 year old can work or get a workers p...


how much is average price for babysitting in NJ

how much is average price for babysitting in NJ

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How can I start to save money for a car?

I am 14 and i need car cash! I really need a job but theres nothing in my area that i know hires at 14. My education is very important to me and I'm trying to save for a car (for when i get 16) I really need to start saving. I have a saving account bu...


How long to become a lie detector?

how long it take to become a lie detector


Can I file bankruptcy on a loan from a friend?

Can I file bankruptcy on a loan from a friend?


How to deal with a rude boss?

So, I am quitting my job--found something better, and my last day is Friday. Yea! However, I think one of my supervisors has been quite rude to one of our student interns, unfairly singling her out and isolating her from the rest of the office. I do...


Singing career in a small town?

Well I have got some great answers and thanks for all of that. But one of my problems is I live in a small town. I work in an office full time. This town doesnt even have singing coaches. I have sang in church before to some upbeat songs (I dont do hym...


Why shouldn't I join the marines?

My wife is in the navy and stationed in Norfolk Va, I want to join the marines but would also like to be stationed near her. I know that I would of course get sent to Afganastan or Iraq but what are the chances of my home base being near norfolk. I w...


What is the classification of an oak tree?

What is the classification of an oak tree?


modeling I really want to be a model

I really want to be a model but I think I might too fat I'm not fat for a normal operson but for a model its very possible soo how tall an how? much do you have to weigh


Who can help I am getting my first credit idea what to do?

So I am on my parents don't give a rats and bros are in can I get a credit card where do I go..since I don't have parent guardian or what eve..and I am almost 18.. I feel embarrassed that I don't. Do I go to the bank open up my accoun...


Singing career at age 13

I am 13 years old and wondering which is the best way of getting noticed if you want a singing career?


How can I make 500-1000$ within a week?

Im 16 I want to find a job that makes 500-1000 dollars within a week. but im in school and I dont want to do a lot of work. So basically I need a job where I can get this kind of pay without doing a lot of work.


Are there real jobs for 14-year-olds?

Can a 14-year-old get a real job??? Like working at McDonalds or a grocery store, etc.


Where can I work at 14 in Florida?

Where can I work at the ages of 14 years old and up in Yulee, Florida?


How to open my own mechanic shop?

Is there any restriction for a mechanic that works for a jaguar dealership to open his own business


What are the requirements for being a life guard on the beach?

What are the requirements for being a life guard on the beach? I was thinking of trying to be one, I jog 8 miles a day should I up it?


How to do a resume for a job?

How to do a resume for a job?


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