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How can I get a job with no Social Security number?

well im pretty screwed right now... I need a job, quick. I need to make at least 7 grand per year to pay off my high school tuition, im 14 , I am legal in the united states, but just not legal to work due to having no social security number. How can I ...


What kind of company is Blue License Holding llc?

What kind of company is Blue License Holding llc?


What does annual income mean?

what does annual income mean?


Can a convicted felon work in the medical field?

I am a convicted felon living in the state of Florida. I am moving to S.C. next month to attend medical assistant's school. I am curious though as to whether or not I will be able to work in the medical field with my criminal record. I am on drug offe...


Can I return something bought with a debit card and get cash back?

So last week my boyfriend bought me something using his debit card. I want to to return it because it's that the right kind.
Will I still be able to return it and get cash back?



I'm looking to book coach tickets and on the website it says:

Cost: £10 waged, £5 unwaged.

What does this mean? :S


Can a convicted felon work for the federal government?

Can a convicted felon work for the federal government, ie Corp of engineers, EPA ect..


why would you like to work here at denny's?

(help?) im filling out an applicatiion & they ask me this question but im kinda stuck on it ?


Is there a grace period for Allstate Car Insurance Payments?

My payment was due on the 4th but I can't pay it until tomorrow.


How do I ask for more hours at work?

See, the thing is... I work at McDonalds and i'm just about to move out from home and they are giving me less days and I am doing overtime as it is so how do I ask for more days? I really need the money and i'm willing to tell them about moving but I j...


Felon friendly states?

I have 2 felonys in the state of Oregon. I am now liveing in Idaho. I would like to know if when applying for a job and they do back ground check would it just be for what state you are liveing in? or all states? I really need to know. thank-you...


How can I get signed onto Hollywood Records?

how can I get signed on to hollywood records?
I cant send a demo in because that would be against the policy HELP!!!


Can a felon become a teacher?

Can a felon become a teacher?

2293 views NSFW

How to answer McDonald's application question?

I am applying for a job at McDonlads.
I have come to a queastion that reads : "Tell us 3 interesting facts about yourself (eg. Sports, hobbies, interests, personal achievements)"

is there anything in particular they might be looking for or any suggest...


Should I strip on the weekends to pay for college?

While talking to my friends, they mentioned that some girls (and by that I mean 18 to 21 year olds) actually stay in big cities to work as erotic/go-go dancers and make about 5 grand a night to help pay for college.
and this little comment have made m...


What is dig money?

What is dig money?


banana slogans

could anyone please hit us up wit some banana slogans for my advertisment. Its obvieously on banana so peoplez I need your help to come up with some great banana slogans. I cant come up with anythin thats why I need yur help.


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