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Where can I work if I'm 17 and in school?

what can I work???

I cant think of some !!!

when I talk 2 people dey think I dont understand reality !!! but that totoally untrue !!!

I think I am not that qualified for an interview..but I'd like to work and earn my own money !!!

what can I do ...


How long do international bank transfers take?

how long do international bank transfers take


What do you think is better navy or a normal career?

This is a little long well I was talking to my mom early and I told her that in july ill probably be going with my njrotc classes for a week. And she ask if I was gonna join the navy after highschool. I told her I don't know cause at first I was 100% s...


Can I return something bought with a debit card and get cash back?

So last week my boyfriend bought me something using his debit card. I want to to return it because it's that the right kind.
Will I still be able to return it and get cash back?


Need Job

I'm 15. Are there any jobs out there?

23 views NSFW

Where do I find people who need a babysitter?

I am really desperate for a little cash,I don't like asking my parents for the money and we're struggling with cash so I want to help out too!
First of all, I'm 13
I was thinking of taking a babysitting course and start babysitting. But where can I...


What are two primary goals of any business?

I know one goal is making profit but I can't seem to figure out what the other goal is and the teacher is bent on TWO goals not one. In fact, i can't seem to find any other goal besides profit in books. Usually people open businesses for profit making....


how many years do I need to work to get retirement checks.

how many years do I need to work to get retirement checks and benefits when I get 65 if I get there but its just curiosity any answer is welcome thank you.


How do I check on my applacation at Walmart?

How do I check on my applacation at Walmart.


How can I build an apartment complex?

I want to be a landlord you know and have 10 tenants with they're own gargage and space. To buy the landprobally an acre it will cost $300,000 (already high) then you building the 10 places will probally be a million dollars something I don't have. I r...


I need money

ok so im almost 14 and I really need to make some money...any ideas?


how can I look smart?? help please

how can I look smart for a job trial I have tomorro. I have black trousers and black flats.

I need help!


How much is a 1950 $100 bill worth?

How much is a $100 BILL FROM SERIES 1950 B?


Jobs for a felon in dallas tx

I really dont like when people judge other people when they don't know the situation. It's so hard to find a job with a felony following behind you. I need help can some one help? I was with my brother when he decied to act big and shot in the air and ...


How to get a Singing Contract?

How do I get a contract to start my singing career?


How can I make $1500 fast and legally?

what is the faster way to make money ($1500), legally...

just for the record, I have no job


Health Care Professions

Hi. I'm graduating high school this year and I'm trying to decide what I want to go to college to be. I've pretty much decided that I would be best suited for a health care profession but the question is which one. I know there are tons out there an...


What kind of company is Blue License Holding llc?

What kind of company is Blue License Holding llc?


Whats the difference between a us marshal and a bounty hunter?

What is the difference between a united states marshal and a bounty hunter? Just wondering because I was looking into a career in becoming a united states mashal. Thanks for you help. Really appreciate it.


How to get a decent job with a felony DUI?

My name is Jim, I am 55 years old , Live in Omaha, any am a convicted felon for a driving related incident. 4th offense DUI. I have been on many an interview in the last 5 years since my conviction and cant tell you how many times I have been offered t...


Where can a felon work in Dallas, TX?

Can you direct me in finding jobs in Dallas, Tx for convicted felons?


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