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do you have to know about cars to work at autozone?

i was wondering cause im looking for a job and i was thinking about applying at autozone but i dont know anything about cars so would it just be dumb of me to apply there? im not sure if they would even want to hire someone who knows nothing about them...


Who will hire 14-year-olds in Virginia?

Ok I have gone through so many places to find this out that is not even funny. So can anybody help me please!


Where can a 15-year-old find employment?

What kind of job can a 15 year old get?


I need $3000 dollars and do not know where to go

I need to secure a $3000 loan I have really bad credit because I have had to take care of my sick(very) mom. I have tried everything I can think of. I am on the very edge of losing my car and house. If anyone can direct me to a place of help you would ...


Where should a felon work in Kansas?

Felon needs job in KS, any suggestions?


Why people gossip about coworkers in the job.

Why people gossip about coworkers in the job I have done a few jobs and I dont trust in people that works with me in any job I work very hard I dont talk about anybody in the job I just want to do my thing and thats it I have never gossip about any cow...


advise on an ideal to help kids in new orleans for a business

I need true advise on an ideal to help kids in new orleans,and it's bussiness also if you can talk to me iwould appreciate that I dont trust every one with this idea.


Resume picture

Hi:) I'm applying for a job at a women's clothing store and they want me to send a picture of myself and I'm insecure of what I should be doing/look like in the picture. Should it be a casual picture, like with normal casual clothing smiling or like a ...


Where can a 15 year old volunteer at?

I have tried volunteering at pet shelters, but they are either tioo far away or don't want 15 year olds. Are there any places where I could volunteer? I love working with all animals, young kids, or mentally diasbled kids. I would rather not work with ...


do you think circuit city and fortunoff will re open someday.

do you think if the economy gets better circuit city and fortunoff will re open again someday im going to miss circuit city it was a good store. Any answer is welcome thank you.


How to email the bounty hunter?

how can i email bounty hunter


What are some questions a job inerviewer may ask ?

Okay so my mums mate asked me if I wanted a saturday job in a wedding dress shop I think, because im only 14 im a little scared of the interview because it will be my 1st 1 so I dont know what to think or what it would be like, do you have any tips you...


how much of a tip am I supost to leave for the pizza guy?

how much of a tip am I supost to leave for the pizza guy?
the pizza was 10 bucks and it was delivery


Can a felon work as an aircraft mechanic?

I would like to get an A&P certificate from a local school, however I was curious if there were any restrictions preventing felons from working on aircraft in the US. I would greatly appreciate any advice.


Can a convicted felon work in health care?

Can a person with felony convictions get a health care job!?


When you apply for a job online does it matter the time you apply?

like for example its two o clock pm right now.


Convicted along time ago

Can you give me specific places that hire ex-felons, that was convicted 21 years ago and that is no longer on paper at all. I also have had many jobs but now the temp service even hold felonies,mis,and other little things against me. Can someone help m...


What company sells the most greeting cards?

What company sells the most greeting cards?


found a "Pot of Gold", what would you do with it ?

My son's homework says. Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. If you found a "Pot of Gold", what would you do with it ? Write a few sentences and tell me.
I have no clue about The Pot of Gold thing. Can someone help me please. I will appreciate it so much.


Could I make money out of making dollhouses?

I looked online and collictable dollhouses are pretty expensive and the furniture is expensive as well. How could I make them and sell them?


How old to work at Fortinos?

does anyone know the age to work at fortinos is?

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Whats the best way to save money?

Whats the best way to save money??


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