I'm 14 and pregnant

I’m 14 and I just found out I’m pregnant.. I have no idea what I’m going to do. Once my family finds out they will disown me and always think or me as a slut, I really want to have this baby and give the world to it, because I know I will be a good mother, but it’s not going to be easy to deal with a family that doesn’t support me.. and I’m afraid that the father of this baby isn’t going to help me support it, I really need help on this… I have no idea what to do..

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I am a 13 year old female and ofcourse i have been thinking about sex. I always think about what if i get pregnant? I always thought that abortion was bad and that everyone diserves a Birthday. Just think before you act. You should have sex with someone you love and who cares about you very much because if pregnancy does happen than you want to be ready.

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hey my sister did the same thing she was 14 and got pregnant my mother was the type of ladys that would tell us if you get out pregnant you get your stuff and go because im not going to be taking care of more kids here my sister was so scared she didnt tell anyone until i saw that she was getting the tub in stomach and i asked her she was planning to runaway because seh was scared of my mom but she told her my mom was mad as hell for real but after a while she was just like well what can i do im not going to kick her out she didnt give her all the support she needed but she did give her some you dont need alot just as long as your and your boyfriend believe you can do it go for it it sucks cuz your young and you cant get a job or anything but theres places you can go and help you out with all that but just stopping worrying about everybody else and start worrying about how to eat and all that cuz all that has alot to do with how health you and your baby are going to be i really believe you could do it you have all my support and well good luck i hope everything goes just fine and keep in touch

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Im 14 yes i have a bf and do kiss him but listen if you dont get this problem solved how will you support your baby my mother was 19 when she got my big sister and bro you gotta have a baby shower you have to tell someone you really trust because the girl in a TV was 14 and pregnant her baby died because of bearly support make sure you dont throw it in the trash like she did your not a hoe maybe it was the guy remember there is bad men out there that want you for you know what you got to find the true one that wont get you pregant and im so sorry about this you wont even be able to hang with your buds Ok Here is my advice Never drink winer soda smoke cover it up if you feel embarssed make sure you tell at least someone so when the baby is born you have atleast a sitter NEVER date another guy till your 25 XD if you did and always love your YOUR baby YOU Made Babies ARE SO CUTE make sure you got to a hospital And make sure its born in america if you are because if its not it wont be able to head back.Well i hoped this helped! I HOPE ITS A GirL! Dont be shy

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if I was your mum I would be disapointed in you for having sedx underage and also getting yourself preggs but I would not want you to get rid ov that baby I would want you to look after it and I am more than sure that your family would not disown u

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Ok im 14 myself and pregnant as well and thinking the same thing but once i told my best friend she was ok with it and she is helping me through this you need to tell someone that you trust andlove so they could help you through this…

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hey. I know probablly half of these answers will be the same as mine. I’m 23, and I have wanted a baby since i was like 13. Now that I have him, I cherish him and love with all my heart, but realize my life is now his. People say you cant go out and do things once you have a baby.. thats not true, you cant pretty much do the usuals, but you have to remember, he is at your beck and call. when he wants it, you get it. As for the daddy. OR your family. they should understand, and one or the other needs to be there for you and the support ..you’ll need helpers. good luck with your decisions!! <3

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i am 14 too and I think I am pregnat too..The father lives right beside me and the bad thing about it is that we have only been together for 37 days

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question?..why do it when your’e young? i mean..if you say you’re mature..why didn’t you think of the possibility that you might get pregnant..its all really weird..but i am glad that i belong in a country that actually thinks..no offence..but then again..it is true..

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Welll Let Me Tell you something My mothr was one of them types (u know pregnant early) and she turned out fine. Your lfe mey not be perfect but you know you can make it decent. NEVER get rid of the child trust that is never good. If you are a good mother like you say you are you might raise the next Kirk Franklin or meybe Ja-Rule (without all the dramma with other rappers) you will never know how specail that baby is. Keep your h3ead up smile keep on steppin’ be strong

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Okay look i think i am preg and i’m 14 but once i find out i am i’m going to tell my parents they can’t make you have an abortion the doctor will tell you it’s your choice that’s what i was told when i was 13 and pregnant i had a miscarriage though..My momwas telling me your baby is going to be deformed and all this other crap and i was like i don’t care yea it’ll need more loving and caring but ya know what don’t be scared to tell your parents hun yea they will be disappionted at first but they can get over it..Just rite me back okay you’re gonna be fine hun

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Honey, my mom’s friend growing up had 4 kids by the time she graduated from high school, which was when she was 16. They turned out to be the best behaved kids on Earth. She was mortified to tell her family when she had her first child because she already was in trouble, but they still supported her. I’m a 13-year-old virgin so I wouldn’t know anything about what you’re going through but if you’re this nervous, you might want to talk to the father (who is hopefully your age) and his family first, to get practice. if you dont want to do that you can always talk to your friend’s or a teacher. I hope I helped and would love to recieve updates.

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iagree with: Comment by bad_lover on Sat 24, Jun 2006 12:46pm

your family should support you if they don’t then you should disown them.

why I am say; because you are just 14’s years old. and life is very Difficult.

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I would tell my mom,and after she freaks out tell her that it would mean the world 2 u if u could keep the baby!.Then i would break it 2 my bf and tell him it would mean the world 2 u if he saw the baby or at least held him/her one time.Then i would ask my mom to let me keep the baby or for her to adopt the baby.

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Hi, I think you should keep the baby if that is what you want to do. There are places you can stay with your baby if things go wrong when you tell your parents. Try www.shelter.org.uk. I hope everthing turns out ok for you. please keep in touch love sam xx P.S. I am also 14!

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maywell, while your faith is wonderful, i must object to your use of a public forum to get your religious views out. pls dont preach on public forums. we who wish to share in faith go willingly to those places where that is our choice, but in a public forum it isnt appropriate. ask people to discuss these things with you in private, certainly, and in this way you may have great results. however your use of public forums to state religious ideas to influence people on what to do, using forums to convince people of your way of thinking or believing… no youre better off enjoying yourself with people who share your views in your temple and go ahead and live your life accordingly and leave the job of helping people make their own choices those who need support to come to terms with their difficulties to others of us who trust people to best to make up their own minds about their lives.

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Hey; I too ended up being 14 and pregnant!!! I also thought my parents would disown me!!! Waiting to tell them only made matters worse!!! Yeah my mom was mad; but she was more hurt than anything!!! She was hurt that I didn’t come to her!!! After a while; she got use to it; and really focused on getting everything my baby needed!!! Here’s my sugestion; don’t hide it from your parents, they will support you no matter what!!! First go to the father to be and let him know!!! Don’t wait to go to the doctor for the doctor to tell them; it will only make things worse!!! Go to them; they will always love you no matter what you do!!! They may go mad at first, but then when they calm down you’ll see!!! I took my mother to the doctor where she couldn’t go all out mad!!! It will only make the relationship between you and your parents that much stronger!!! I am online all the time if you need to chat!!!

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hi i decided to respond to this cause i might be pregnant right now and i need another 14 yearold in the same situation to talk to. myspace-ww.myspace.com/dollfacedrissa aim- RissaTheKittyKat

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I can’t believe you would let yourself get pregnant at that age im your age and I wouldn’t dream of being so silly seriously man havn’t you eva heard of a condom?

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my namee is shawn. i’m 15 and i live in utah. i don’t have a girlfriend and i haven’t got a girl pregnant, so i don’t really know what kind of advice to give you. but i hope the best for you and i believe thatif you keep the baby you will make an awesome mom. you should probably look for help from other family members.

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no offence but the 12yr old that tinks shes preggs I was in your shoes about a few years ago and yess well still you need to get rid ov the baby you are to young you have your whole life to have kids

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this is for you jimjam i am 15 and i have a 1 year old baby girl and i have twins on the way and what the hell so what am i a slut

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i dont know what to say…. its just sad that you are going to have a baby at 14…i guess it is what you get for having unpretected sex…or sex at all 14 is a young age…why would you even have it at that age… so sad makes us 14 yr olds sound like hoes. wow now your going to have a bad rep. and when you tell your bf that your preg. if he dnt stay with you then find some kind of help cause your going to need it!! srry to say that but its your fault for being a hoe……

life aint a garden stop being a hoe…i say dat to all ppl having sex at a young age…… and even worse getting pregnant!!!! SO SAD!!!!!!!!!

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i think u should keep the baby dont care wat your parents say this is a free country dont let them stop u it is your choice and they dont know how u aare feeling to this type of situation and if you dont have a job then u beeter finf one quick or do something becasue if u dont then u nor your baby will surrive if the father nor your family going to be ther. trust once u have the baby your family will soon relize that they would have to b e ther for u . now go and have that baby

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I’m so sorry! Tell your mother, even if your afraid. It won’t be as bad as anticipating it and dreading telling her. The longer you wait, the worse it will get. If you think that your parents will do something drastic or try to harm you or your unborn child, then tell another trusted adult–anyone to help you work through your problems and options, and who would be willing to go with you when you eventually decide to tell your mother and father. If you have someone there with you, who you know is supporting you 100% it will make you feel a lot less uneasy. If you can’t think of any trusted adult to tell, go to a local clinic, talk to a guidance councelor, psychologist, clergy member, ANYONE. This isn’t something that should be ignored or put off–it is a life altering issue that needs to be adressed right now! I wish you the best of luck, you and your unborn child will be in my prayers tonight. God bless you and be with you. xox;;Greta

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im 16. and not more then 4 months ago i was pregnant, things didnt work out for me and i miscarriaged but i will tell you that i was planning with my whole heart to love, raise and support my child. my mom cried when i told her but i was in a relationship with an 18 year old guy… needless to say i have a hardheaded father who i was deadly afraid of telling… and i found myself in the same situation that you are in now… i told my mom as soon as i could and i went to see a doctor with her… she was there for me and as soon as i found out i miscarriaged she was there for me when i did nothing but cry. i had told one of my cousins and she opened her mouth and told my father who didnt even tell me he knew… and then one day me and my boyfriend broke up and im kind of grateful that we did. thats when i was told that he knew and if he saw i was having the baby he was going to put him in jail. that put me in a more serious position then i have ever been in in my entire life… but when i sat down with him and explained the situation and explained that accidents happen he understood and even my hard headed father didnt kick me out or disown me which i thought for sure that he would. i wish you the best of uck with you pregnancy and you newborn when the time comes and i say keep your baby and dont let anyone get in your way of what you think is right deep down in your heart. <3 casey

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hey, i have a baby of my own and im 15, had him when i was 14 =/. i thought all negative about him too but if you kno you’ll be a good mother then just keep on thinkin positive. try talkin to the baby’s daddy, but dont come at him all quick or he’ll panic and run away (thats what my baby’s daddy did) and if your close to one of your family members that u kno u can trust and just tell them. tell a couple of people, like close friends or something. then the word will get out and your mom will probally ask you questions and just tell her the truth, and i doubt that your mom will yell at u that much or probally yell at u at all. she’ll probally bitch at ur bf or something =] ahha but idk thats what i did, and through out my whole time having the baby in my stomach i didnt kno what to do, never went to go see a doctor or nothing. parents never found out kuz i always wore a hoodie[it was the winter time] then i had a home delivery =/ it was kinda bad but i was scared about everything but my baby camed out as the baby i always wanted. =]

well good luck, get back at me if u need anything. i wanna help =]

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cherry, considering you have a bias on this subject perhaps the thing would be to tell them what you would do in this situation but your credibility is reduced telling them what they should do here remember they are looking to have their fears heard and wish to find understanding. why they are asking others for input? it seems to be they arent prepared for positive action but why? who knows. theres a strong possibility they arent well supported and generally dont have good relations. that can be remedied by them making new connections to new people, but that takes alot of good luck, time and effort. or maybe they have support, but have weak communication skills, or suffer with other weaknesses like poor stress management skills …the list could be long. life is full of learning and building up good skills comes with time. the main thing for us is not to know all the reasons why they are in their predicament. there isnt alot we can do for them with that with us here and them there. what is important for us to offer them is hope. and, we must know that when we work at helping them from a more neutral position this will do much to help them make their best choices. its not easy. esp with some of these subjects that we have such strong reactions to, i know its a lesson in keeping cool but just thot id tell you to take this into consideration.

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My little sister got pregnant at 14, her son was born when she was 15. She is now 17 and her 2nd baby is due any day now. She is an excellent mother, and my mother helps her as much as she can. Before she got pregnant, she never really cared about school or work, maybe she just didn’t try very hard. when she found out she was pregnant, it really motivated her to do things in her life. She graduated high school a year early by going to alternative ed. She is now only 17 and will start college this fall. My mom has always been supportive of her and helps her as much as she can. I also have a cousin who was 17 and did not tell her parents, until she was in labor in their bathroom and their granddaughter is what they are most proud of now.

I don’t know your family, but I know mine would be angry but they would get over it.

Whatever you do, let your child motive you to make good choices in life. Children are great. It can be difficult at times, but be positive and teach them the right things. And, just think, if you would have waited until you were 10 years older, you wouldn’t get to spend as much time with them. I’ve heard grandchildren are even better than children, I’m sure being able to watch your grandchildren have children and get married is very special.

I agree with everyone about getting the medical help to you need to keep your baby and yourself healthy.

By the way, Congratulations!

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I’m just shocked at all the young age pregnancies. There are so many birth control remedies out there. How come you kids aren’t using them? Trust me, I know what its like to get “caught up in the moment” but having a child at age 12 & 14 is not going to be easy. I counsel teenage girls that are pregnant and I tell them the same. The one thing you should never do is wait to go see a doctor, planned parenthood is a wonderful organization that helps teenage girls with their pregancies. In time, your parents will accept things, but at first its going to be a shocker and thats normal. Your parents are going to want to know how you plan on your raising your child, what is going to happen with school, are you going to get a job, where are you going to live etc.. be ready to answer those questions. Just dont tell them “you dont know” and if you know who the father is and dont plan on being with him file for child support. Big thing is take care of yourself, eat healthy, exercise (walk), daily, no smoking or drinking. You want your child to be healthy. Good luck and I hope this helps

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Hi, you arer fourteen and in the familly way, you are afraid from your dad, i had a girl like you after she went to Scotland ,she had a one night stand,she came to malta in the familly way, both me and her mum we told her o see what she is going to do with her baby.The time came for her to have her baby.We took her to hospital,We waited untill fhe had the baby.It was a girlour lord gave my dauther a wonderfull baby girl.i did not whant to see her but my wife took me to see her,She was and still is the most beutifull girl i ever soon to-day she is four years old and she is the apple of my eye and no one dares to shout at her ,as she and her mum still lives with us at home, me and my wife are grand parents of eleven grand children don.t give up hope especpesilly the baby after havent your dad done any mistakes in his life i done several,, i am sure once your dad see the baby he will exept her regards louis henood from the island of Malta

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wow hey im 15 now and i got pregnant before countless times ever since i was 13. yeah i lost my virginity to my bf but now we are still tgt. but the weird thing is, i always get pregnant and the baby cant survive past 2 months. so alltogether, 7 lives were gone. yeah i feel sad and i think that each live is very colourful but its juz impossible for mi to keep them. haha. but if i were to be pregnant and managed to giv birth to it, i guess it would be reali hard. my bf isnt reali responsible he juz ask if my tummy is ok once in a blue moon but he’s reali nice as a person. we’r not prepared for it. well ive stopped having s*x although i know i wun get preg for more than 2 months. but i wun wan to have a baby at this age bcoz i need to concentrate on my studies and stuffs. and my parents would be terribly upset abt it. so, yeah juz be careful, and dun waste ur youth!

Answer #34

i advice you never to give up .do what you think its corect. never abort you will kill some one.”its hard to draw water that has poured on the ground”.accept you did a mistake and we all learn from our past mistakes .if every one disowns you only one wont “ the one who created you”he knew that one day it will be like that so dont be afraid he will tke care of you and has greater plans for you.believe in him

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this was asked one yr ago we dont know things are for the original poster but for anyone else reading and has a similar situation get support whereever you can to make decisions like this. dont make decisions while you are emotionally upset, and when you tell your parents the big news pls find someone to be with you for that dont go thru that conversation alone. work out a plan and get organized one way or the other. it will be hard but it is something anyone can handle when they arent alone. dont forget the option of adoption either. take control and take responsibility. just because someone has the right doesnt mean they get the right. private message me if you wish to talk to someone. ill get the msg within a day or so xo

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hey girls my name is Adrianna and i am 15 and im pregnant. i jus found im 20 weeks. and i found out its a girl my boyfriend (babys dad) is 17 will be 18 he is very excited and happy as so am i. i told my mom a week ago and she is very very upset with me. she hasnt talked to me since she has decided to disown me but i know she will come around if any of you have questions or anything else plz email me i respond right after i get it. Ukr05@tmail.com thanks girls and best of luck!

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I think what adrian said is a good advice. you should really get sum care and help with this. because since you are so young you cant really get a well payin job to support your baby. But from wut I read in your Q I think that you will make a great mother so just stick with it and never give up hope. And you should sit down with your family and tell them..and explain to them how you feel. dont let them stop you from having your baby.

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Once You Tell Your Family They Will Be In Shock Yes,.. But After A Month Or Two They Will Get Over it And Be Thankfull There I Another Someone In The Family To Love And Care For ! Dont Worrie Hunny Itll All Be Fine

Answer #39

ur parents will b upset at first but their ur parents they will stand by u no matter what as for the father i think u need to talk to his parents and see what they say.i hope this advice helped.

Answer #40

if I was yo momma you layed down with him 2 can take care of the baby you will b taken care of that baby I im not care of

Answer #41

Hey. Don’t listen to the negative advice that people are giving you on here. Only listen to the possitive. I know that you are going through a lot right now so don’t let the judgement of other people bring you down. Here is my advice: You don’t need an abortion because murdering an inocent being because of your own mistake(or his mistake) is unethical. It’s wrong and you have already said that you already care for this baby. Also, don’t disown your family! Obviousely you love them or you wouldn’t be so scared about them disowning you. And don’t stay with that guy if he doesn’t treat you right. Obviousely he could treat you much better. Your a fourteen year old. To me I see that as a little vulnerable and you will understand when you are older. It seems like he took advantage of you. No matter what, keep your head held high through the hard times and remember that any child, no matter what the circumstances, is a blessing. Trust that if you work hard…and yes you will have to grow up way too fast. I’m so sorry about that, it will be worth it when you see the positive effect that it has had on your child. I’m not here to judge you. I want to help you. You need to tell your family. They are going to find out sooner or later, so tell them yourself. Be brave. I can’t promise that they will be okay with it because I don’t know them, but I’m sure they love you and though they may be stubborn, they will come around. Make sure you get a job as soon as possible. I know that may be hard for a fourteen year old, but just keep trying. Stay in school if at all possible. And remember the most important thing of all. This gets me through all of my stress and heartache.(You may not be a christian, but either way, you should at least think about this.) The lord is with you and no matter what you are going through, you should be happy because nothing you are going through could be worse than what the lord went through for you and you should be greatful. Remember that it is the devil who brings you down and he is no match if you stay strong and have faith that everything WILL be ok. And it will.

Good luck with everything Sorry to type so much. It’s late. I ramble! You and the baby should be fine if you work for it.

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I’m 15 now,but I got pregnant when I was 14,but I lost it.My mother always told me that things happen 4 a reason.I guess dat it just wasnt meant 2 be.I started havin sex at the age of 12{{yeah dats an early start}}.I wish I would have waited.Still 2day me and the man that was goin 2 be the father of my child we are still together.We hav been through thick N thin.Lik they always say “things happen 4 a reason”.

==>{{Let me get yall people who talk negative, straight}} {{{Only GOD can judge me}}} {{PERFECT}}<==.How do yall feel tellin these young females 2 get an aborption?Gettin an aborption can send u straight 2 hell.It’s lik takin away a life but except that life isnt born into this world yet.Killin a baby thats sad.When I was pregnant gettin an aborption never crossed my mind,becuz I knew dat if I laid down wit a man then I was woman enough 2 take care of my child.I did everything right becuz I knew that I was carryin an unborn child inside of my wound and I had 2 bring it into this world.I learned from my mistakes. {{I’m tired of seein people comment dat females at the age of {{12-15}} are 2 young to hav babies.2 me u r never 2 young.To me u cant blame females becuz everybody make mistakes and yes i did learn from my mistakes.When I was pregnant everythin was fine.My mother wasnt upset.When I was pregnant me and my mother had began 2 become very close friends and still 2day we still hav a daughter to mother and mother 2 daughter relationship.Just 2 give yall some advice CONDOMS arent really protection becuz they can break.BIRTH CONTROL isnt really a protection becuz when u first go to the doctor to get on birth control the first thing that they’re goin 2 tell u is that it doesnt protect u from gettin an SEXUAL TRANSMITTED DISEASE{{STD}}.The only thing that birth control does is dat it protects u from gettin pregnant.

For all yall females out there thats reading this, if u need any advice please hit me up in a message becuz I know what yall r goin through and plus I have been through these things to.Much love to ya.Dont let other people tell u whats best 4 u.Do whats best 4 u and ur unborn child.Be a good mother.Cherish ur child and love them lik ur parents love u.

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Hi im 16 and i was ur age when i found out i was pregnant! I have a daughter and she’s 15 mts old. Her dad asked me 2 marry him when I can legally get married. My daughter means the world to me but my life is not going 2 be easy. I chose to keep her and raise her on my own. Her father was lot older then me and left me before she was born. I know your scarred now but telling ur family is always hard try something simple. Answer their questions with thought and the truth . If you are still together with the father make sure they know wat ur plans are.

I hope you find you’re way, Hailey

Answer #44

I think that you should consider abortion. If you’re 14, you still got alotta things to do(high school, college ect) and a baby isn’t gonna help.

Answer #45

wow..well all i have to say is that ive never met a person in my life thats your age and is going through with this. Im really sorry to sya but i think your parents are going to have a hardtime getting it in their heads that you are this young and pregnant. Its going to be very hard on you i hope you realized. If the babys dad isnt going to support you and your baby then he shouldnt have to do with anything in your life anymore. And if he doesnt want the baby..then he should have thought about using condems. But you should just open up with your parents and tell them. I know you would rather have them knowing now then finding out when your belly has gotten bigger and your in the hospital. Well i wish the best of luck to you and your future newborn.

Answer #46

i was 15 when i found out i was pregnant and i was in the same situation but there was no turning back no matter what anyone thought of me it did not matter i was going to have my baby so i told my mom she told my dad soon everyone knew but it didnt matter i was called names by the whole neighorhood, but my parents stuck by my side now iam 28 i have my own house iam STILL with the babys father and doing great my daughter is going to the 7th grade and is in the gifted classes and my parents stand as proud grandparents,so hang in there everything will be ok make sure you get your prenatal care A.S.A.P so you will have a healthy baby

Answer #47

Do you have other family members that you feel comfortable talking to? Maybe they can help you out? If not, please contact a clinic right away to get some pre-natal care, and especially, some ADVICE and counseling, to help you without judging you. Don’t be scared, they are there to help you. There are many outlets that that the counselors and Doctors can hook you up with. My prayers are with you and especially your unborn child. Try not to worry so much. Eat right, get plenty of rest, and if you smoke, quit, if you drink, quit. Please get checked right away if you really care about your baby. Everything else should fall into place.

Sincerely, Donna Davidson

Answer #48

i no how u feel im 14 n 7 months pregnant ! x i found it very hard to tell my mom about it but i knew i wanted to keep it so i told my mom and told her i was keeping it she soon came round to the idea and no is fine with everything the father of the baby can be supporting but also can not be but i no i can cope with my baby now i have the suppport of my mom . i have 2 months left and im soo glad i kept my child ! i love it sooo much alredy just stay strong and u will be fine x good luck

Answer #49

Your parents will probably be upset at first. But if they love you, they will support you during this difficult time. I also recommend telling someone you trust, perhaps a counselor at school or something. And it’s crucial that you get regular checkups at the doctor. The fact that you show a willingness to get through the situation and help your child have a happy, healthy life shows that you have courage.

Answer #50

You are 14…what are you doing having sex, how can you possibly think that you’ll be a good mother when you still are a child…you are a child…my advice to you is think about what you are about to do, I am prochoice. YOu are a baby…you’re childhood is over if you have this baby..and that my dear is reality,…play with barbies, watch tv do what every other 14 year old child does…

Answer #51

dear gurl. I am 14 too and i think it is right i mean the way uve taken it. how old is this guy theni will tell u what to do but just be patient and God bless u

Answer #52

I am so sorry! Go to your mother and tell her you have done something terrible! Then tell her what happend. I would go ahead and tell her. What ever happens do not have an abortion! Keep the baby and never give up!

Answer #53

i am a mother of a 14 year old girl. no matter what she does I couldn’t imagine not helping her through. I hope your family understands what a sweet girl you are no matter what. Everyone makes decisions in life whether they are the right ones or not is another story. There is help out there for you and if you just need to talk I’m here…..

Answer #54

U know what it is okay my cuz got pregnat at the age of 12-13 and her family supported yes they did get mad but they didn’t hate her they still were there 4 her and that’s what a true family does so if ur family doesn’t support u ur friends here at funadvice will!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer #55

Well I Got Pregnant When I Was 15 And I Panicked And Had An Abortion. Not A Day Goes By When I Don’t Think About What I Did And Completely Regret It. Just Make Sure You Make The Right Decision For You. You Should Tell Your Parents, Mine Weren’t Helpful But They Were Supportive As Was My Boyfriend. You Never Know How They’ll React Until You Tell Them.

Answer #56

iam a 16 year old girl and i think i may be pregnant as well. if ur parents disown u that just means they arent good parents. if u want to have this baby then thats great but if not then there are always other options.if u need anyone to talk to im here im goin through the same thing i know how u feel.

Answer #57

gyrl wut in da world u ain’t have no business doin dat in da first place now u have 2 deal wit da consequences..it’s best for u 2 go head get it out before u start showing..u should have protected ur self dummy..well wuts done is done so tell them cuz if u dnt u putting ur baby in danger because u only 14 u can’t support it by urself

Answer #58

i really dont think girls should be having sex at 12. im 16 soon and have been in a serious relationship for a long time. and havnt thought about sex yet. its life changing and you need to respet yourself before you doing anything.

just think about your actions.

Answer #59

people she already made her decision but listen she not a slut for what she did she made a mistake people make mistakes dont judgeher for that i hoped u made the right choice a life is a bad thing to lose

Answer #60

first you should tell our parents about it and then if they get mad pra that they will understand i am sure that they will not kick you out or anything at the worst it will turn out that they put all responcability in you wich it should. god wants you as a mother if he didn’t then he would not have let it happen ok. also talk to the father. what’s he’s name?

Answer #61

i think u should keep it and who cares what anyone says if u can sit there and have s*x then u can sit there and have ur child and u really need to think about the things that could happen be for u open ur legs to any one

Answer #62

i thin i agree with the people that u willbe a good mom but if my parents disowned me i would hire some one to scare them u know like stalk them.etc…

Answer #63

i am sorry to say that on gaia there was a 14 year old kid and his girl friend got pregnat and he wanted to abort if he is your boyfriend too bad

he put a topic and most people said to abort

Answer #64

I think everything happens for a reason. Your not a slut. I know its hard on you right now but imagine how happy you will be when you see your baby the first time. You can call a clinic and get advice. I just hope it all works out. Your parents will flip out at first but it will work out and they will be more supportive than you think they will it will take time for them to get passed it. Call the boys and girls town national hotline for advice if there are no clinics there for you. They will give you nubers to call and give you advice if your parents do flip out.

Answer #65

you guys do know she posted this almost last year? I’m sure she already had the baby or aborted it or w/e she did with it

Answer #66

Ok take a deep breath and think!!!!! I have not been put through this but you have to tell your parents, because if they find out from someone else you probably would be in more trouble. You also need to talk to the father of the baby and get together and talk about what you are going to do. Also see a therapist they can help.

Answer #67

wow..well all i have to say is that ive never met a person in my life thats your age and is going through with this. Im really sorry to sya but i think your parents are going to have a hardtime getting it in their heads that you are this young and pregnant. Its going to be very hard on you i hope you realized. If the babys dad isnt going to support you and your baby then he shouldnt have to do with anything in your life anymore. And if he doesnt want the baby..then he should have thought about using condems. But you should just open up with your parents and tell them. I know you would rather have them knowing now then finding out when your belly has gotten bigger and your in the hospital. Well i wish the best of luck to you and your future newborn.

Answer #68

I was a single mom at 17. when I told my mom she was disappointed but respected my decision to keep the child. My father wanted to kick me out. Parents react differently, but in the end, if they really love you, they should be willing to help you.

Just remember, if you choose to keep the baby, it is a lifetime commitment, the baby will need to come first in your life. Your life as you know it WILL change. As a parent, you will not get much sleep, no more parties, no more going out everynight or whenever you want. Personally, I think 12 and 14 is way to young to be having a baby. at that age, you are practically still a baby yourself, not old enough to get a job.

Answer #69

Hi This IS Ask_me…. i just didnt log in.. but litsen 12 yr 14yr is way too young ive thought about it i am only 15yrs and i wanted wanted a baby and its just not possible you need a father who is gonna be there to support himself the baby and you … and ofcourse you need your parents to help you and well yourself your ruinning your lives!…. and honestly You NEED A JOB!!!! A Really Good One!….. But Anyways,.. I Just Hope Im Not Writting This Advice For Nothing if you are not pregnant dont fake it!…. Thats all im asking! But Good Luck!

Answer #70

hia…im 14 too and would love to have a baby..but you should really think this through, i know you have probably heard it all before but it is a long term commitment if your family will not help you through this nor will your boyfriend then i would seriously think about how you are going to afford to pay for this baby. maybe you should wait a couple of years before commiting yourself to a child. love to chat again and maybe help you through this! love lauren xx

Answer #71

Last year i was thirteen and i lost my virginity to someone who didnt deserve it. I regret doing this with my life because now i cant stop. He got me pregnant but i lost it and that left me emotionally scarred. He didnt even care about me and thats what hurt me the most. Now im 15 and im still not over anything. I believe you should be prepared because that can happen to you he might just up and run. Think about this thoroughly.

Answer #72

this is all very sad really. what should be the best yrs of your young life will abruptly end with having your babies, who wont have your full and undivided attn because you are so young! or you will give them all your time but there will be resentment its not anywhere ideal is it. young ladies of your age should be planning for the school dance and thinking about your future, not focused on diapers and so on. i hope atleast some smarter ones of you are considering all your options and coming up with adoption as one of them.

Answer #73

well if you tell your parents they will be mad of course, but they will relize that they are going to that it is a living thing inside of you & they cant make you get rid of it, cuz its ur baby not their baby & i know what ur going through im 14 & pregnant 2 but the father wants me 2 get an abortion or hes gonna leave me but hang in there & go with ur heart

Answer #74

You are only 14 and if you are prepared to have your own baby then do it but if i were you i wouldn’t keep it I would give it to a family that really wants to have a baby but they can’t have one of their own..It’s the right thing to do and whatever you do please don’t have s*x again until you are ready to have kids on your own and be a good parent and don’t get married to a guy that you don’t know and date for atleast 2-3 years before you get married..p.s don’t get an abortion please let the baby have a chance and i promise your parenhts will be there for you and yeah they might seem mad but they will forgive you and be there through times with you when you most need them..Good Luck =]

Answer #75

I think you should have the child and be decated mother because it clear to see you don’t have a good relationship with your family. So build one with your child and yes be hard but nothing easy and if you do right unto that child you be bless one day. and how would you feel giving your own flesh and blood up. wat if your mother did it to you. You would even be hear and live from miskaes and learn they give life and adventure. Rasie your child in way you wish you could have because child are the world future it all in there hand. Keep your head up and pray about it every child is a blessing

Answer #76

Wow - I am very strongly opinionated and I don’t think you want to hear this but. You are too young to even think about raising this child. You do not have a life of your own yet! You can not even think about keeping this child. I agree that abortion idn’t for some people, but when you have the baby - think about it. Being 14, the only way you could be a good mom, is by letting someone who can give your child a fighting chance with to parents, financial stability and a secure future.

Answer #77

dont be scared i no its all so fast but god is with you and he nos whats best for your life….we all get into things sometimes that seem practically impossible to get out of 14 or not u need to take proper responsibilities i have plenty of young friends with babies and from the day they found out till now have matured incredibly because they have children in thier lives now im not saying its right shame on them for having kids so young but sweety its not the end of the road

Answer #78

Don’t listen to those people who tell you to have an abortion, get rid of that baby, your too young. Some of them don’t even know what it is like. Your the only one your heart will trust and listen to. And you have to face that life does get hard. I was a momma at sixteen. But you have to understand that God made things happen for a reason. And you have to figure out why. Trust yourself. Just because your 14 does not matter. It is all a big test to him. Once you have an ultrasound and you see and hear that heart beat you will want to keep that baby forever. Your the only one who can protect it from any harm. Tell your parents. It is one of the hardest things to do. And if you do deciide to keep your baby, DON’T be ashamed.

Answer #79

hey i can’t say tat i totaly know how you feel, but i’m only thirteen and i think theres a chance i might be pregnant. it’s scary, especially since my parents are waay religeous and all my friends are christian so i really don’t have anyone to go to! i hope everything works out for you, and good luk with the whole parents thing, they should be kind of angry at first because they’re your parents & they care, but they’ll be okay eventually. They just might not be 100% okay with you keepinit because you’re only 14.

Answer #80

my aunt and uncle adopted a boy some 42 years ago from a young unwed mother. today he is married, has 3 young boys, and is a very successful real estate broker in Colorado.

The neighbors next door have two adopted children, as do the parents of my oldest daughter’s best friend. There’s nothing wrong with adoption; sometimes it’s the best thing for your baby, and an incredibly un-selfish thing to do should you decide on adoption.

Answer #81

well im 14 too and what my moms says wit having a baby u have 3 choices get an abortion and live wit killing a human being 2 give it too adoption and going through life wondreing if every child walking by is urs or through do what u got to do to care for that being so sista if the pops wont man up dont sit sround crieing about it find a job open up an bank account and do what u gotts do but tell ur family u cant just asume what will happen trust me god will make away

Answer #82


Answer #83

i am pro choice my dear you have to think of the fact that it’s not going to be you financially responsible for this bany but your family members your not even old even to legally get a job sweetie. Re-think this and i dont care if someone thinks i’m a bad guy but abortion is a real option here for you this is your future that you have already have to work so much harder then a woman who has a career and steady job i’m 27 and bought a new home car and have a husband who loves me however me and my hubby are’nt even ready to have kids yet. I’m sure your a smart girl and even though you can create life does not mean that your ready for it you rbody certainly is not ready for it look into all option adoption having this child and especially abortion because you have that right my dear

Answer #84

Definitely tell your family, at first they will probably be upset, but then they will remember that you are their flesh and blood. Remember this, Blood is thicker than water. To me it means that no matter what a family member does, they’re still family, whether they disown you or not, you will always be in their hearts. On what to do with the baby, abortion is the choice I would take, but I’m a guy. You could still have it and give it to adoption too. However, because of your age their is a chance that the baby could have problems when grown, or you could get sick too. Sorry if I wasn’t much help.

Answer #85

heyy. i’m 13 and one of my best friends is going through the same thing right now. even though teen pregnacy is frowned upon it isnt a bad thing. i think that you should tell a family member that you are sure will accept it. things are going to be hard but i’m sure you’re a strong person. alot of people support you and i dont think you dont need the father,some your of friends will be there. you’re not a slut so dont think that. i really hope everythig works out. im here if you ever wanna talk. =D

Answer #86

you know what i really admire what you said..for my sort of advice for you..yes they will get mad at you first.but after that they will think you need their help..co’z even you did a lot of bad things they probably help you because they are your parent’s be strong for baby..and for self..i pray for you always to be strong..take care of your self and your future baby..good luck..god bless you always

Answer #87

i dont know what to tell you but tell your parents anyway they love you and they maybe mad and disappointed but they will get over it. nd if they diown you they will be missing out on their child and grandchilds life they will come around. as 4 the father 4get him you dont need him but do tell him you didnt doo this by yourself and them people will be in his life if he dont own up to his resposibility. and you need to find a family member tht will accept you

Answer #88


Answer #89

Be smart. Try to think about what is going to be best for you baby as well as yourself. I too found myself pregnant at a very young age. Nobody can make any decision for you as it is a very individual situation, however, you and your child have your whole lives ahead of you. Check into all options and tell your family. I though my family would react the way you said but they didn’t. They were upset and disappointed but they ended up supporting me and we became closer in the end. Good luck to you!

Answer #90

Well let me tell you, I had my first child at 14, and yes it will be rough at first, and your parents may be upset at first, but once the pregnancy gets further along, they will have a change of heart more than likely. It sounds as if you will be a good mother, so don’t let anything or anyone discourage you from your future, it’s not gonna be the end of the world for you. My daughter is now 20 years old and I am 34 and we’re the best of friends. Good Luck..

Answer #91

I say tell your parents now. Tell them that you made a mistake and you will do everything for this baby. They wont disown you, theyll get over it. they wont see you as a slut, sure theyll be disappointed, but theyll learn that this mistake can alos bring you as a fmaily more closer together. that saound okay?

Answer #92

hey you should be consious of what u are going to do!!it`s a question of your life!!you should ask the father of the child if he will support u !!do what your heart tells you

Answer #93

your family should support you if they don’t then you should disown them

Answer #94

your family should support you no matter what. xoxo

Answer #95

So, since it was almost a year ago u posted this… what did u do??

Answer #96

hey its okay u should tell them its better than them finding out any other way

Answer #97

Umm wow well i think..umm..wow well woy had it by now so i guss i dont need to awnser and thats good cause i cant.

Answer #98

oh and dont worry your not a slut tons of girls our age are you kno doing stuff they just try to hide it

Answer #99

i think u should have a sitdown with some dr and than when u feel the time is right tell ur parents everything will be ok

Answer #100

who has sex at 14!

Answer #101

the only reason is rape

Answer #102

juz tell ur parents bout it…

Answer #103

u shoulndt do it at this age i=ur t young

Answer #104

Maybe you should just tell your parents the truth and bring your baby to this world

Answer #105

heyy well look im in the same shoes as yew.but idkk if im pregnant.idkk what to do.if anything write to mehh`.

Answer #106

not a big deal if u want that baby but how bout your school? Think bout it already??

Answer #107

hey, no matter what people tell you your not a slut and if your parents dont let you keep the baby there’s still adoption

Answer #108

My sister got pregnant at 14, My family wasn’t to happy. But once they realized that she was not going to give it up. They accepted it. It will be a long hard raod for you! But if you truly love that baby it will be okay~ Just follow your heart and dont let anyone make you do what you dont want to do~~

Answer #109

God bless you and your baby. I hope both of you are doing well. =]

Answer #110


Answer #111

a baby is a new person. a person that needs love, support, and thoughtful care.

the father can’t support you. a 14 yo girl with a baby cannot earn enough money to support herself and her child, and has no support of a husband or family.

do what’s best for your baby. adoption.

Answer #112

a baby is a new person. a person that needs love, support, and thoughtful care.

the father can’t support you. a 14 yo girl with a baby cannot earn enough money to support herself and her child, and has no support of a husband or family.

do what’s best for your baby. adoption.

Answer #113

hello dont feel so guilty even though you know it was wrong i feel you will make a great mom you have hope and that is good be happy for your child, ok? as long as you have something in your heart that is telling you that it is the last time getting pregnat with this age bye sweety be strong i’ll pray for you

Answer #114

woah, hunny thats a tough spot. well, first ur gonna have to tell your family. (they will find out.) and i understand that you think you’ll be a great mother but, think about the kid.. your 14!! it wouldn’t be fair to them. i mean, lets say you go ahead and have this baby, and when this baby, lets call it Toad, is in school and everyone finds out his mothers only 14 years older than him Toad is not gonna be thanking you. And, its probably not safe. i mean, i hear there’s lots of pain. idk about you but i am verryy bad with pain. lol.

Answer #115

oh my god hun!it will end up ok.i understand i mean im pro choice but i just couldnt get an abortion if i was pregnant.well first get a job as a waitress or somthing like that.then tell your parents that way if they do kick you out you will have a back up.if the dad wont help you cant make him.if no one else will help you go to a friend see if she will ask her parents to put you up for a while untill you have enough fora an apartment.if none of that works a counciler might help you find somthing.i hope you have a an easy trip finding you and your baby a home.

Answer #116


Answer #117

im 18 and i think im a month pregnant or so……….my momma if i tell her would be disapointed but not my dad and hiz mom….thiz happen last year but it waz a false alarm my momma was fureause but my poppz was proud n happy he couldn’t wait to be a grandfather………………………………….he was so proud he evan told hiz girlfriend so parentz are diff and they react diff as well.

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