How soon does pregnancy swell your stomach?

Well If I was 1 or 2 wks pregnant could I feel the swelling in my stomach or is it too early to show any signs? Please send me some answers.

Answer #1

misunderstood07 I Should Tell ThemBefore they make me lossthe baby.

Answer #2

misunderstood07 And my stomache has been feelin weired and hurtin since then. for a week. saturday will be 2. so am i pregnant???????????

Answer #3

Hotnsassy… If you have not had your period on time, you must take a pregnancy test. If you are pregnant, you need to plan on what your next steps are going to be.

Pregnancy symptoms (such as nausea, tender breasts, etc..) do not show until around the time when you are supposed to start your period. Which is why so many women think their period is coming when it is really pregnancy symptoms.

Butterflies wouldn’t happen until you are about 16 weeks pregnant (that’s 16 weeks since your last period). Your waist may start getting thicker at about 8 weeks, and your belly wouldn’t really pop out until you are 3-4 months along. It’s different with all women, but not that different.

If you are about 1 month pregnant, you may be feeling really tired, having nausea, feeling light headed, and you may have very tender breasts.

Take a test. If you are pregnant, you need to start considering prenatal vitamins because they are very important. If you don’t plan to continue your pregancy, its a decision best made as early as possible.

Good luck hun!

Answer #4

Hey Hotnsassy, i am having the same thing you are having, i feel like there are butterfliess is my tummy to. its been 2 weeks since i have sex and i feel this way, i want to know so answers. i have looked up some things on the internet. i need some advice to.

Answer #5

roxyvanboecke:Well i wil have to find out if im pregnant soon if im pregnant u are.(LOL)cuz we are havin the same symptomes.

Answer #6

that to early to show any signs the best thing for you to do is get a pregnancy test and take it you win’t notice any changes in your stomach until you are about two months going on three but you may use the restroom more frequently and you may have morning sickness but until then take a test and find out

Answer #7

im 16 im on birthcontrl and been on meds for infection and me and my boyfriend had this sun 2 times and last sunday 1 time could I be preg I have no signs and im about go on my brown pills im on loestrin24fe birthcontrl help me

Answer #8

Thanx……………barbiedancerx3 i receantly went out side and i usualy wear somethin like a jacket to cover up my body but i went outside wit jus a shirt and jeans and shoes and one of my friends said i looked like i gained a lil weight………….Could that be because im pregnant??????? I think im bought a month know. Plz help me out And i innformed one pof my girlfriends dat i could be pregnant and she said coul no u r. she said i can tell o u think she realy could or she was juz ssyin it to scarey me?????

Answer #9

You Gurls are all cute with your baby stories I love them.. babies are the sweetest things and I’m sure to have it in you for 9 months and bonding with them is the most beautifull thing..It could even probably change you in a positve way (crying) Wish everyone the best with there babies and please to teach them to love, share, and be happy in this world we live in because thers a lot to look foward too out there Good Luck. Bye Ladies

Answer #10

misunderstood07 Hey how soon would i get the butterfly feeling in my stomache if i am pregnant? Could it come soon after intercorse? cuz we had sex twice in about a houre we had done it two times already. afterwords my stomache was killin me. he asked to go the third time but i was tiered and felt awful like stickin my head in the toilet all day.i felt like i had ta thrwo up and i told him no. although i did whant to cause i loved how it felt but i was crampin and my stomache hurt.

Answer #11

I have no idea, but I’m going through the same thing. My boyfriend and I had sex 2/3 days before my period. Once the condom broke, then we continued without it. He pulled out but I really don’t know… Plus I’m getting some symptoms. I don’t know if it’s my period or pregnancy symptoms. I wouldn’t mind being pregnant, but now isn’t the best time. I am finishing up in college and want to attend university… I already have a 5 year old son who really wants a sister.

Answer #12

I think it might be too soon to see it but you might be able to feel the little ball because I’ve felt it before

Answer #13

14 weeks youll show

Answer #14

am only 16 and I am pregnant with twins (10 weeks) and I only just look bloated now, when I was 6 weeks I started feeling sick and had tender breasts but thats all (good tip for sickness: half a pack of softmints before you get out of bed works all the time for me!) as for hotnsassy you take a test or you dont showing us that you havent and leaving because people are telling you to show everyone you are lieing, however, you could have done a test and found out you are and are getting everything sorted out that you dont have the time to come on here if that is the case good luck with your little one but if your attension seeking then you should find something else to do with your time than this because you just seem to everyone like a sad little kid.

Answer #15

no.usally people dont really start showing till the 6 month or somethimes 14 to 26 weeks.

Answer #16

more than likely…you will not be able to tell you are pregnant in 1-2 weeks. Take a home pregnancy test in a couple of weeks to determine if you are pregnant

Answer #17

Did you all see that wonderful response from lillaura? You won’t show for a couple of months. You won’t feel those symptoms until at least a month, or so. Take a test to find out! You might be getting the flu, have gas, ate something funky if you are getting those “butterfly” feelings. I get the butterflies when I’m nervous or right before my period. I used to get those feelings when I held hands with boys when I was a kid. But, you won’t know if you are pregnant unless you take a pregnancy test. Don’t forget to see a doctor. And someone touching or bumping your stomach won’t make you lose your baby, but punching and kicking and shoving could–do don’t hang around violent people.

Answer #18

if you r then hey only time can tell. take a test.the test normally predicts early pregnancy a 5 days before a missed period. but normally you should wait till you muss a period and then your test will be more accurate. im 4 months pregnant the symptoms in the 1st trimester are tiredness, sore breasts, and missed period. thats about it, your way too early to be gaining weight so if you r you might just be eating to much if your pants are tight. im 4 months and my stomachs still flat with a tiny bump. in your 1st trimester your baby is mainly an embryo… theres nuthing there right now hunny.

Answer #19

OK if you are 1 or 2 weeks then you can’t feel anything no fluttering butterflies especially because the baby doesn’t move until later like the 2nd tri. All you feel are nausua, hunger and stuff like that. and you won’t be bigger because the egg or whatever is still in your pelvic area. your uterus is not yet moving into your stomach area.

Answer #20

well my friend michelle is pregnant and she is a really skinny girl…she is about 2 months i think and she is just starting to show. not enough to tell she is pregnant but it looks like she just gained a lil weight…but i cant say nuttin bc it verys for every women. if you have questions…you should go to a doctor about this. they will be more helpful. or talk to sum1 that is or was pregnant.

Answer #21

Thanx misunderstood07 U have helped me alot. How soon dose it swell my stomache though if i am pregnant would i be able to tell into 3 weeks pregnant? Boys grabmy stomache and squeez me by the stomache should i tell them may be pregnant so they can stop.

Answer #22

Thanx again misunderstood07 it dont realy hurt but it feel like butterflies u know. what i mean????? Get at me. Thanx for the advice.

Answer #23

Thanx misunderstood07 what exactly dose buttrflies feel like cuz i may be havin them know. it is a werid feeling in my tummy.

Answer #24

I dont know much about getting pregnant but I have searched through internet a lot. I am 20 years old, married, and trying to get a baby. This is my first time and I have feeling like nausea and dizziness everytime I tried to read. I feel better if I ate something. I dont know if I am sick or not but I also have cramps and sore breast like I used to have before my period is due. This is my third week and my period should be coming at the end of this week or next week. I really hope I am preg. I bought the pregnancy test here already just not ready to use them but I really hope that these signs I’m having isnt the signs of my period… =S

Answer #25

I actually need a little help. I’m quite young to be pregnant but me and my boyfriend have a lot of “unprotected” sex. I AM on the pill but it isn’t always effective. I also have forgotten to take it a few times. I am very tired and I have been a little nauseated lately. I think I could be about a month but I’m not sure. a lot of people have been telling me that my boobs and my belly is getting bigger. My hunger has really increased too. My boyfriends mother even called my mother and asked her if I was pregnant. Ughh. I really need your help guys. Thanksss. Please get back to me asap.

Answer #26

5 to 6 mos depends on how much you eat. been there

Answer #27

uhmm im 13 and im 3 months. and whats so wrong with having sex at young ages???

Answer #28

ok you people are stupid. the only sane people here are lillaura and misunderstood07. hotnsassy, go get a pregnancy test because you obviously want to know if your pregnant. if you didnt want to know, you wouldnt be asking questions about it on here, so GO GET A PREGNACY TEST!

Answer #29


you really ought to get a pregnancy test….if ur scared…u’ll be even more scared if u dont know for sure. umay or may not be pregnant! its in your best interest to go and get a home pregnancy test…or to see your OB/GYN.

Answer #30

Hey girls,

I am 5 and a half months pregnant, I had symptoms in the first 2 weeks of my pregnancy, I had swollen breasts…and felt exhausted. It varies for each person, I did a pregnancy test estimating around 2 weeks of feeling the symptoms of pregnancy, eg: swollen breasts and it was negative, It was only when I missed my period 3 weeks later, I did another test and it was positive. obviously the symptoms were there but it was to early for the test to pick up I was pregnant. But I did feel my body was different, but thought it could have just been my period coming on.

You cant feel anything in your stomach until your around 3 and half months pregnant, so butterflies wouldn’t exist. could just be wind.

You need to calculate when your first day of your last period was, because it after that, when your body is ovulating and there is a high chance of you getting pregnant, so if you are having unprotected sex at that time you will be at a higher risk of becoming pregnant. if you have a regular cycle it could be within the 13-15th day after you period which is when you are ovulating.

I have an unplanned pregnancy, I am 24 and have a very good job and thankfully a supporting family. When I had decided at 3 months to keep the baby, I was with a partner I had been with for 5 years. At 5 months he decides he no longer wants to be with me and now I am planning on being a single mum. I am lucky as I have support in other areas and I am strong minded to do this on my own, financially and emotionally.

Its not easy, making the right decision, I am still young to have a baby, there is so much to do in this world before tying yourself down to a full time responsibility. ( I worked abroad for 5 months clubbing it up and meeting new people) I don’t regret my decision, I am looking forward to becoming a mum. But I know its not going to be easy…its not a doll to dress up in Burberry and prance around in a pram. Its a full time responsibility. crying, nappy changing, feeding, colic, and trying to cope mentally to the changes that have come. I wont be able to just drop things and go out with my mates. stay round peoples houses after a night out, go on girly holidays stress free. that’s all changed…you need to make sure you are ready for it.

At 16 you are still a child, enjoy your freedom, but be safe…you have a life of fun & experiences to live, traveling, clubbing meeting new people. learning about the world. being in love and dealing with responsibilities, financially and emotionally. If you still live at home and rely on your parents to buy your shopping, pay your bills and rent .taking you places giving you money…doing your washing, feeding you…!!you need to think long and hard because you wont have that anymore, you will have to support yourself and a baby. You need to stand on your own two feet before bringing another set into the world. Also at 16 many boys ( because that is what they are until they hit the age of at least 25, mentally men never grow up until they hit about 30 and even then you get a few that still act like there 18) Boys have a great desire to live there life to the max, many want to experience life and girls…if you are pregnant from a one night stand or from a year relationship, you need to think long term will this last!!! At 16 both of your parents would also be involved, as you both are not yet adults…you’re not even legal to buy alcohol. If its from a one night stand, you should use contraception as your not stupid at this age you know what can happen. don’t bring a life into the world just for one night of passion because the boy wont stay around and to be honest…your parents will have to cope with the stress that YOU WILL have to go through at such a young age and its not fare on them.

So before you have sex think about the consequences. If you are already pregnant, think to yourself if you can support yourself and a baby and if long term the father will be there to also support you both. Also mentally if you can cope with the changes of life as you will no longer be the only person to think about, your needs come last. so if you like shopping and the finer things in life…please think as these little things wont happen very often. ( all the responsibilities will be on you…no care, free life!)

Also girls at the age of 16 your female body is still growing, your boobs are getting bigger and you may put on a few pounds it comes with growing into a women…so some of you may mistake that.

I hope this advice may sway some of you, don’t be fooled thinking having a baby will be easy…its a life time commitment 24/7. I am 24 and still scared of whats to come…

Don’t leave it to late to make the right decision as it just gets harder. there are people you can talk to if you cant face your parents, talk to someone older than you maybe your teacher, auntie or doctor…Friends care about you but some may not make you face the responsibilities either and just dress the idea into having a baby up without realizing the facts.

Answer #31

Many of you girls on here are ridiculously young to have sex…very young and come on to here and say oh I think I’m pregnant and yet you’re vocabulary isn’t even written down correctly…take a test to relieve yourself from so much stress go to the doctor free clinic!!!I really advise that you small girls keep you legs closed!I wonder what your mothers would say if they read this!!!seriously STOP!!!

Answer #32

girls—there’s really good info about what could be going on in your (possibly) pregnant bodies at

your belly doesn’t actually start growing for quite a while. the baby is surprisingly small throughout the first trimester. anyways, go to the website. it will help, I promise.

Answer #33

I fonud out I was pregnant when I was only a month along. I am know 9 almost 10 weeks along and I am starting jus tnow to show. To be honest hotansassy I think you were working yourself up a little bit cause you were nervous tihnking you felt these symptoms already. It is very possible you are pregnant but you wouldnt have felt the symptoms that early unless you were a lot farther along than you thought. It is possile to get your period the first 2 months or so of your pregnancy. That happpened to my mother when she was pregnant with me at the age of 15 though ia m not sure age has anything to do with it

Answer #34

I am 18 and I have a 16months old lil boy I just wanted to say that its a lot of gurlz on here thinking that they are pregnant I think instead of asking each other what they think I think you all should be telling your parents or going to the doctor you dont need an adult to go to a gyno to get a pregnancy test. I was 16 when I had my son when I found out I had a girl friend to take me after school and I took the test and I was 5 weeks after that I told my sons father so please stop talking about it and go and find out>>>

Answer #35

Acutally I am havin a problem I had a period…(that I was waiting 4)..But I still think I’m pregnant yes I know I should get a pregnancy test but I had a few questions…If I am about 1 month pregnant should I be gettin morning sickness???Because sometimes out of the clear blue I just feel sick(sometimes early in the morning then I get them sometimes at night)…And I sleep a lot longer and I just want 2 sleep sleep sleep…I feel a discomfort when I am trying 2 go 2 sleep (laying on my stomach)breast feel heavier and still tender from when I had my cycle this month..and actually I have had the dizzy feelings…Constipated stomach cramps(but also I took in mind I just had my period so I know thats not coming)and I know you can have period while pregnant…So…I’m jus like I dont know what 2 do I’m just looking for alil answers and advice as far as what I should do…And does anyone else feel this way??? I know number 1 should be take a test

Answer #36

signs that may tell you that your pregant are if your gainnig weight, mood swings, morning sickness etc. there are many symptoms of pregnancy. If a boy is on top of you and it hurt it may be because your pregnant, so you should take a pregnancy test to see if you are

Answer #37

Thanx misunderstood. but im certian it aint my period. can u tell me any otha signs likeif my pants are to tight around my stomach would it hurt my belly and make it feel wierd? tell me more signs that may be pregnancy. If a boy is ontop of meand he bumps my stomach would it hurt or feel weird? Thanx for all ur help.

Answer #38

If you are only 1 or 2 weeks pregnant you wont really feel anything, you may get a few butterflys in your stomach, but thats a little to early to tell

Answer #39

i thought i was pregnant a few weeks ago and then it turns out i wasnt i got my period and all.a few days later i had sex and my bf ejaculated inside of me. it was 5days after my period. im really light headed, i have a heavier appetite, mood swings, nausea after i eat. i wen to the doctor but they said i have to come back cuz its too early i have to wait for my period. im 15 years old. unlike everyone else on here im taking control of the situation now! i dont want to wait. oh! and im real tired all the time. i dont regret having sex but i didnt have sex with my man till after a year of being with him. he wasnt just some guy i met. im a good kid and i will keep my baby. ive been str8 up wit my man he is the one who took me to the doctor. and hes staying with me hes 1 1/2 older than me.

Answer #40

I think I may be pregnant, im 22 and have been with my boyfriend 4 years. its only recently about 3 months I havent taken the pill. I took a test about 3 weeks ago and it was negative,I took it as my breasts got bigger and nipples were very sore, also I was very tierd. I have always had a good appitite so no difference there. But I have just missed my period I am not taking the pill, when I was taking it I usually came on a few days after the pill finished. but I still have sore nipples/ tingle and my boobs are getting bigger,the pain has been so bad I havent been able to lay on my stomach, I also feel bloated. I plan to do a test in a few days, I just think could this all be sicological?

please help. x

Answer #41

I belive that the swelling really starts at 3 months or so but its not to early to find out if your pregnant if you dont know then take a pregnancy test!!

Answer #42

omg please please wake up and stop trying to rush your lives away. You are showing how not grown up and ready for a child you are by acting and writing the way you are. I am 21 now, I was 19 when I got pregnant and to be honest I’d been trying for ages before I got pregnant. I thought I was sooo grown up and ready to be a mummy…I wasnt. Nobody can tell you how much it changes every aspect of your life. I love my son more than the world, and so does his Daddy (he is 2years younger than me) and we are a very happy family but it is sooo hard. I would never change my son he is everything to us but if I could turn back time I would of waited. I always said I wanted 6kids… 1 is more than enough for me now! Before I got pregnant I worked in a a nursery and thought a baby was what I wanted… If you really want a child remember it is nothing like childminding- You cant just pass them back at the end of the day or when your tired. Having my son is the hardest job I’ve ever done. Good luck xxx

Answer #43

Each woman is different. I didn’t really start obviously showing until I was 8 months along, though I could definately feel my baby kicking and moving. Some woman show like they’re having triplets at 6 months. Common symptoms of pregnancy won’t happen until about 2 weeks, and that’s generally tiredness, frequent urination, and a mild fever. Sadly, that’s also the symptoms of many other problems. Your balance may be a little off. Think of it this way, in the beginning stages a baby is basically a little parasite. It takes nutrients from you on a consistant basis, and if you’re not eating enough, it will mess with your health in many ways.

With me, I wasn’t showing any signs I was pregnant when I found out. I just had this feeling, and I took the test and… I didn’t even look at it until I showed it to my fiance. I took a second test to make sure it wasn’t a false positive. Now I’m the proud (and tired!) mommy of a darling 2 month old baby girl. And yes, it’s expensive as hell.

Answer #44

I’m not sure if I’m pregnant somebody please help me with some advice. My periiod went off MAY 23 an me an my boyfriend had unprotected sex the night of june 12 an that night that we was having sex he pulled out an I asked why an he told me that he was getting soft an he needed to get hard again so he played with his self for a couple minutes I asked why did he get soft like that an he didn’t answer my question is why did that happem??? Is it because he ejaculated inside of me??? Also while we were haviing sex when he was inside of me I felt this sudden cold feeling inside of my vagina what could that be??? an my period was supposed to come june 19 I took a test june 24 the equate test with the purple cap from wal mart but it was negative I’m confused maybe I took it too early an I read online that the test I took isn’t a good test. I don’t really have a lot of symptoms because I sleep a lot but lately I’ve been energized an my stomache gets cramps an feel weird until I eat something an I have headaches a lot my back hurts a little where I feel uncomfortable to sleep. An just the other day I was eating soome ice cream an I was still hungry so I started to eat an pork chop als0 could that be cravings?? someone please help me whos experienced a pregnancy or going through it now

Answer #45

For all you girls who are anywhere from 14 to even 19, there is a reason you shouldn’t be having sex.

One: you don’t even understand the importance of birth control. Two: babies can cost up to $1,000 a month. Do you have that kind of money to support a child when you are in fact, still a child? Three: what about school? Most of you obviously still need a lot of it because you can’t spell, use correct grammar, or even begin to make sense. Are you just going to throw your child into day care because YOU made a mistake? Four: when you are pregnant your number one concern is NO LONGER YOURSELF. You now have another person growing inside of you. Every choice you make, they make. Think about it. What’s best for your baby?

So, if you are young and are having sex and think you may be pregnant PLEASE just take to your parents, go see a doctor (try Planned Parenthood if you don’t know where else to go), or take a home pregnancy test. Somebody made a great point early one of those only costs about $10-15. SO, if you can’t afford that, you’re in some serious trouble.

Sex isn’t just physical, it’s emotional. And if you think that it’s not you are very wrong. At such a young age you aren’t ready for that emotional aspect even if you think you are. Don’t be so cocky, there is a very good reason people older than you tell you to wait to have sex. Someday when you’re older you’ll understand, even if you think you do know. You have a lot of growing up and maturing to do.

So with that being said ENJOY BEING 13 or 14 or 15, however old you are. You don’t want to have a kid now, you still are a kid. You only get to be that age once, have fun with it. Enjoy being immature, just don’t be stupid.

And if you are stupid enough to have sex… use CONDOMS, not just the pill. Because I’m pretty sure you don’t want an STD. Not only can it take a toll on pregnancy, but imagine having huge warts on your vagina and trying to date. Probably not have fun. So use your head, think! And stay in school, most of you need it.

Answer #46

hey im nineteen I’ll be 20 on the 28th me and my boyfriend have been together 7 months and plan to stay together …we had unprotected sex the end of may and my period was due june 10th im very punctual and never miss …shortly before my period was due I started having sore breasts,peeing more, lower back pain. I got my period on time and it was very watery period. The symptons never left me the breast tenderness got worse I went to the pregnancy resource center and the test was negative. they said it might be too early. Some family history my mom got pregnant with me and my little brother on birth control she had her period as normal for two months then finally took a blood test and found out she was having me. She was adopted so I know no further back and now I was due again for my period july 10th didnt get it then got it the 11th very late at night and im still feeling the same symptoms plus headaches and gum bleeding …in the next few days im taking a home pregnancy test and either way of the answer im going to the doctors but I cant go til july 29th because I have a new primary care doctor due to insurance change and they cant see me until then so im screwed. All this time my boyfriend has been supportive and helping through this. please give me some outlook and god bless . Also to the girls that are going through all this too . I hope everything works out because there is nothing worse than not knowing how the rest of your life is going to be with this one answer yes or no - thank you much danielle

Answer #47

I think I may be pregnant, im 22 and have been with my boyfriend 4 years. its only recently about 3 months I havent taken the pill. I took a test about 3 weeks ago and it was negative,I took it as my breasts got bigger and nipples were very sore, also I was very tierd. I have always had a good appitite so no difference there. But I have just missed my period I am not taking the pill, when I was taking it I usually came on a few days after the pill finished. but I still have sore nipples/ tingle and my boobs are getting bigger,the pain has been so bad I havent been able to lay on my stomach, I also feel bloated. I plan to do a test in a few days, I just think could this all be sicological?

please help. x

Answer #48

if you r then hey only time can tell. take a test.the test normally predicts early pregnancy a 5 days before a missed period. but normally you should wait till you muss a period and then your test will be more accurate. im 4 months pregnant the symptoms in the 1st trimester are tiredness, sore breasts, and missed period. thats about it, your way too early to be gaining weight so if you r you might just be eating to much if your pants are tight. im 4 months and my stomachs still flat with a tiny bump. in your 1st trimester your baby is mainly an embryo… theres nuthing there right now hunny.

Answer #49

I just found I was pregnant, and I couldnt tell at all, I was allready 7 weeks and 2 days when I went to the er, I’m now 10 weeks, and I feel the hardness and the swell but if I wasnt having pains, I would have never went to er, and I probley wouldnt have found out untill I was atleast 5 or six months. I think that a lot of us younger women teen girls and what not should really look after and be on top of our periods. I only payed attention to mine because I elt sick and my breast hurt, but I dont have a regular period, so it was easy for me to just look past not getting one for two months.

Answer #50

Amarie, im in the same same posistion as you right now, im 18 and I might be pregnant but I havent actually missed a period yet, I had unprotected sex [stupid I know] right after I had my contraceptive implant taken out [I had it taken out because it screwed up my periods and I was bleeding for 4 months constantly at one point] soo I dont know when im actually due for my period, so if I havent had a period in a couple weeks im going to get a test, and yeah I think im too young but my god the amount of 14 year olds on here! I couldnt actually believe what I was reading!

Answer #51

you may be but like i said you should really think about getting a pregnancy test or going to the doctors because 2 weeks of stomach pains is not good at all

Answer #52

HEY HOTNSASSY! well I am having the same issues you are having and I really need to know if I am pregnant! I mean I think I may be, but I duno. Have you found out if you are pregnant yet?

Answer #53

Yeah you need to really go see a doctor cause something is up with you if you experiencing pain when you bend over. You may be pregnant or your period might be coming on

Answer #54

misunderstood07 when i bend down would it hurt?cuz when i bend topick up somethin i drop it hurt. helpme outmy girl. i am haven butterflies.(LOL) Waitin for u to get back with me on this question.

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