What's a way to get THC out of your system?

What’s a way to get THC out of your system?

Answer #1

hsteph33, Right on!!! I agree Chaotic Revelation you should try it…marijuana I mean…because we all know you Eat dick anyways

Answer #2

take cranberry pills i swair it works i do it all the time and i havw never failed a ua

Answer #3

Forget everything written above by the misinformed. Im a Dr of Pharmacy and Im going to put it to you straight. All of the products they sell at GNC, Vitamin Shop, &Health food stores are absolute wastes of your money. If you are a small time user 1-2 times per month and have low body fat you should be clean within 2 weeks. If you are a chronic user it could take up to 6 weeks to detox. The metabolites of THC are lipid soluble, they are stored in fat cells. The individuals metabolism and exercise habits can make a difference in excretion of metabolites. A skinny person who exercises a lot and uses infrequently can test negative 3 days after using. A heavy person who doesnt exercise is in a bit of a bind. All those herbal extracts mentioned are now tested for first, before testing for illegal drugs, and may be considered by some labs to be a positive immediately. Some will forward it on for gas chromography analysis and a mass spectrography assay which will then find the metabolites you have tried to mask.
Now I can tell you as a user and Pharmacist who conducted an experiments in a lab what does and doesnt work. The herbal masking agents do not work and will cause you more trouble then they are worth and will waste your money as well. You must detox using water. Large amounts of water must be ingested starting at least 36 hours before the test, up to 1 liter per 14.25kg of body weight per 24 hours. You must also supplement with creatine monohydrate, a bodybuilding supplement found in healthfood stores, at a rate of 1 teaspoon per 14.25kg of bodyweight. Just mix it with your liters of water. A prescription diuretic called Furosemide should also be added to ths water/creatine therapy at a dosage of 1 mg per kg of body weight per day administered in 2 doses. AM and Afternoon. When a specimen is examined they look for the diluteness of the sample by checking creatinine ( a byproduct of muscle metabolism) levels. Supplementing with creatine causes a sample taken after heavy water consumption to look as if normal creatinine levels are present. The diuretic which is very strong helps to flush the toxic and excess fluids from your body. Its like getting an oil change of sorts. THC metabolites may be present in your fat cells but you are essentially a faucet when you donate your specimen. The day of your test you should avoid excess physical activity and drink the water and creatine mixture and use the furosemide as stated above. You should also take Super B complex vitamins as well as vitamin C several times on the day of your test. This will provide color to the urine so that it does not appear as dilute. When you donate, urinate for a short time then hit the cup about 1/2 way through urination. This is so anything in the urethra is expelled prior to donation. Cranberry exctract may be added to the detox therapy above if you are concerned about kidney function while using the creatine monohydrate. I have been a regular smoker, 10-15 times per month, in average shpe, and used the above program to pass a screening exactly 7 days of no use. My colleagues have also used this method to test negative in screening. You may want to practice this several times, without the Furosemide. Follow the water and creatine method for 36-48 hours then get a clear glass and urinate in it as directed. Hold it up to the light and you should see the excess creatine monohydrate that has not been absorbed by the body floating in the urine like a suspension. Take your vitamins and repeat this process again. If you get a call from the testing agency inquiring about the creatinie in yoru urine simply tell then that you lift weights and jog and do use performance supplements. Good luck, this process has worked for many health care professionals who like to puff. That is why my colleagues and I set out to decifer a way to “pee clean”. Good luck.

Answer #4

smoke shops or drugstores have detox. and or you can drink lots and lots of water and cranberry juice so you can pee it out!

Answer #5

haha. quick and easy way- niacin. you can get it at walgreens. thers lotsof diff kinds- so get the BROWN bottle with the RED lable. itll make u turn red and itch a lot for about 20 minutes. but after that, all the THC is outt.

Answer #6

buy sonny’s number 7. its like $20 a bottle. you drink it 2-3 days before your UA and it will flush ANYTHING out of your system . . . THC, extacy, dope, speed, whatever. its a lifesaver.

Answer #7

Stop smoking it.

Or pick a drug that hangs around in your system for a day instead of a month or so.

Answer #8

Stop smoking it

Answer #9

dont smoke

Answer #10

I smoke 4-5 times a week. I weigh about 220lbs. I have to take a piss test once a week. I’ve been doing this for 6 months now.First of all, DON’T EXERCISE! thats bad! I drink 2 gallons of water the day before and a little less than a gallon and a couple red bulls the day of the test. this has worked every time. The red bull has niacin that makes your piss yellow and there’s 100% of your daily niacin in one can. Also, I wait a second after peeing to put it in the cup just to be safe. they only need like 3oz.from you. I have told friends who smoke much more than I do to do this and it’s worked for them too. I have no reason to lie about this. plus, if I didn’t pass just one of these piss tests; I would go to jail for a week. I haven’t failed in 6 months. (thats 24 tests) it costs me about $3.50 a week to pass the test. thats only for the red bulls. my test is tomorrow and I’m starting on my first gallon now. don’t stress either. go in thinking only positive thoughts. there’s nothing to worry about. Let me know if any of you have done this. I want to prove to disbelievers that this DOES WORK!

Answer #11

well actually the thing is…once THC is in ur system…its stays ther for a good 4 weeks around about…so if u got any drug tests coming up…ur screwed buddy!

Answer #12

k bro here you go…shorter version of what that pharmacy dude was talkin about…this works I’ve done it a few times back in the day… -drink lots and lots of water, but make sure you get your electrolytes through gatorade or sumthin -800-1000mg of niacin in the morning and at night -go exercise

you’ll be good within a few days

Answer #13

drink lots of water, you can also drink lots of milk. drinking gallons of milk works better. It could get the THC out of your system within 1-2 weeks, depending on how high of a THC level you have.

Answer #14

if you think stoners are ignorant thats not true im a freshman in highschool I smoke every day at least 5-6 times lets face it im super chronic and I have excellent grades I was voted most improved student it only brings you down if you let it.

Answer #15

exercise; water-intake(8 eight oz. glasses a day); colon cleansers; stop smoking; and time.

Answer #16

Oh and there isnt a quick way and that shouldn’t be the point !!!

Dexter 22 united Kingdom

Answer #17

don’t get it in there is the best answer.

Answer #18

don’t smoke marijuana

Answer #19

All right here is the skinny on Niacin. First off… you have to quit smoking at least 2 weeks before your test. Particularily if your fat. And if your really fat… sorry it’s going to take a month. Take 100mg to 500mg a day. (1000 is overkill and probably bad for your liver) Drink plenty of water (64 oz a day, this is the recommended daily amount, which most people DON’T drink) for about a week and half of your niacin cycle. The last three days before the test, start eating a lot of calories. And keep up with the water. I’m 5-7 175lbs. and this has worked for me. I even managed to pass once in 7 days by taking the same niacin/ water cycle. Working out 1.5 hours a day, and eating tons of calories. What does NOT work: masking agents, goldenseal, cranberry pills, vinager, and drinking a ton of water before the test. All those things change your specific gravity. Or the creatine levels, and the latest tests will show that and fail you; or force you to come back and retest. If you’ve been smoking chronic and have like a week or less before your test. You might as well light one up, because YOU ARE GOING TO FAIL!!! sorry. Been there and it sucks. If your not being watched, you can try the “sneak in a sample method” I’ve bought the synthetic urine, and used a clean person’s before. Make sure you keep it warm. I don’t care for this, because it makes me a nervous wreck having a bottle taped to my leg. When all else fails, just quit. 99% of people will pass in 28 days after smoking. Sometimes you just got to take a month off. It’s always fun smoking that fatty with friends after a month of not smoking. You forget how fun being stoned is, when your stoned all the time! Good Luck!

Answer #20

Drinking a lot of water does work to help you pass a urine test. I got into the military that way. My recruiter put me in a hotel room and told me to drink as much water as I could, 2 days later I took the test and I passed. It doesn’t get the thc out of your system, what it does is it temporarily shuts down your kidneys so you basically just pee warm water. But most places won’t take the pee if its clear so drink orange juice about 30-45 minutes before the test. You can smoke 3 days before the test and this will work. Just drink 3 or more gallons of water the day before the test so you pee at least 4 times. Then drink another 2 gallons the day of the test, pee a couple of times, then drink another gallon plus some orange juice and take the urine test. Like I said your body is not going to be rid of the thc but you’ll pass the urine test because your kidneys will shut down and you’ll pee warm water. The orange juice is important to drink too right before the test so your pee isn’t clear cause if it is they probally won’t take it. This has worked for everyone I know. The more water you can drink the better, just don’t drown yourself! lol

Answer #21

I smoke 4-5 times a week. I weigh about 220lbs. I have to take a piss test once a week. I’ve been doing this for 6 months now. I drink 2 gallons of water the day before and a little less than a gallon and a couple red bulls the day of the test. this has worked every time. The red bull has niacin that makes your piss yellow and there’s 100% of your daily niacin in one can. Also, I wait a second after peeing to put it in the cup just to be safe. they only need like 3oz.from you. I have told friends who smoke much more than I do to do this and it’s worked for them too. I have no reason to lie about this. plus, if I didn’t pass just one of these piss tests; I would go to jail for a week. I haven’t failed in 6 months. (thats 24 tests) it costs me about $3.50 a week to pass the test. thats only for the red bulls. my test is tomorrow and I’m starting on my first gallon now. don’t stress either. go in thinking only positive thoughts. there’s nothing to worry about. Let me know if any of you have done this. I want to prove to disbelievers that this DOES WORK!

Answer #22

I honestly dont really know what to do ? I seriously cant remember the last day I went without smoking weed…and know I want to join the service, but I know they test forr chemicals and I dont want to screw it up! I was told by my recruiter to drink lots of water and cranberry juice… Thats a natural way to flush the thc out of system…But I’ve been researching and some people say its not true…But obviously certian methods wont work and certian methods will work! Just depends on how frequently you smoke , your weight also matters apparently, well not weight but how much fatty acids… Thats where the THC is stored…So In conclusion , I’m very broke right now and I really needed to find some home remidies…I have heard and read that Niacin works but I dont know how much and I dont know if thats a chemical…but Niacan is in Red Bull and that also works apparently… Also cranberry pills , those work just as good as cranberry juice I’ve heard…Last I’ve read aparently orange juce and water also works…I’m still looking for more answers myself

Answer #23

Drink a lot of water and try to exercise, this really work what im about to tell you. goto the store and get ginger root you can get this at most super markets, and get your self som lemons. you have to make ginger lemon tea . so boil a bottle of water and cut of the ginger or you can skin it then cut it. BOIL THE GINGER FOR 10 MINS WHEN IT BEEN 10 MINUTES CUT THE LEMON UP IN SLICES AND THROW IT IN FOR 7 MINUTES. THEN WHEN YOUR DONE you HAVE THE ginger lemon tea. THE METHOD THAT WORK FOR ME WAS THAT I DRINK a lot OF WATER BEFORE I DRINK THE TEA THEN DRINK THE TEA AND DRINK a lot OF WATER SO YOUR PISS IS CLEAR DO THAT THE NIGHT BEFORE YOUR PISS TEST THEN DO THE SAME IN THE MORING OR BEFOE you HAVE your PISS TEST. THIS HAS WORK FOR ME I AM ON PROBATION AND STILL SMOKING!!!1 GOTTA LOVE IT. IF you GUYS THINK THIS WONT WORK THEN YOUR STUPID. I GOT THIS TIP FROM THE BOOK “The Cannabible” IF you GET THAT BOOK IT HAS OTHER METHOD OF CLEANING YOUR SYSTEM I RECOMMEND IT 100% TO BUY THAT BOOK IF you WANA COUNTIUE TO SMOKE AND NOT GET IN TROUBLE OR TO GET A JOB SO HAVE FUN

Answer #24

ohk here is the first thing im gona say pot is goood I have a drug test the 15th and I smked it on the 16th of last month and I have been joging workin out and all kinds of \stuff and I boughht a home drug test like 2 weeks ago and I passed so there is your proof NOTE;I only smoked 2 ounces of hydro I weight 125 pounds im 5ft 8 and I passed my drug test 2 weeks after I smoked I drunk a pttcher of water everyday and joged around the neighborhood and did 200 push ups a day so thats all you relly need 2 do and oh yeah water will not help you pass drug test only on the last 2 days b 4 your test people only say that becous there is no fat calories in water so it dosent add fat cells 2 your body

Answer #25

Who ever says that Niacin (NOT niacitimine) does not work to pass drug tests have either never tried, or were too scared to take enough. I have passed 5 tests with a 1000 mg dose ritual. It DOES work within 3-5 days, and the best thing of all; it is safe and good for you. Dont listen to the haters, if it didnt work then why do laboritory UA’s look for high traces of this miracle vitamin? BECAUSE IT WORKS take two 500’s, drink lots of water, a shot of vinigar and a good sweat for a few days and tell me im wrong. I DARE YA!

Answer #26

For a temporary fix the GNC urine test result kits work pretty well at most places that don’t test as thouroughly. A good test however looks for a lower ppm in the urine for each drug. Hair and saliva tests are also able to be fooled. If you are looking for something more long term then you really should exercise, drink plenty of water, and avoid being around the stuff. The water is there to rehydrate you, the exercise will burn fat where thc stores up in your body, and avoiding it will keep you clean. This could take 2 weeks on up to 6 months in chronic users like I used to be. I know that it could take 6 months, because after smoking for over 7 years every day like clockwork, it took 6 months before a urine test finally came back clean with me. Good luck.

Answer #27

I’m 5 10, 180 pounds. I run everyday, 200 elevated push ups (feet 2 1/2 feet above the ground)every day. I cant pinch any skin on my arms or chest. Little body fat except on my stomaches. I have an accelerated matoblism. I work out at least 3 times a day! after 3 weeks not smoking, took Total Eclipse and drank 1.5gallons fo water a day, I’m still testing dirty!!! Every persons body is different. Yes I smoke around 4times a day for years so Im going to be full of THC for months, but all I can do is keep working out until one day I’m naturally clean!!

Answer #28

Look for one you need to get off that crap. THC isn’t healthy for you in any mode. Stop smoking and you won’t have to worry about being piss tested. You aren’t getting other advice from me about this. I don’t contribute to the delinquency of america like some other people do. Just detox and never do it again. Its not cool and it impresses no body.

Pot and drugs are not something I offer advice to evade incarceration or piss test results to. Just get a grip and realize pot is stupid and you will an actual human being. Not a hinderance to the collective intelligence of humanity

Answer #29

Am currently on Day 6 of the detox. Been Smoking Skunk weed like a chimney for 8-9 years. I have always thought i couldnt go a day or night with out it and never have untill now. You will only Give it up when YOU want to. Ive tried the majority of the above tips. But the only way of putting it down For good is will power and wanting your LIFE back enough. Its Fact its in you For 3 months. you have a longer life to live so detox sooner and get your life back quicker.

Answer #30

Alright, try goldenseal, people say it doesnt work but it does. Drink it a couple of days before and the night before you drug test with a whole glass of water or more. it works, it probably lowered mine once from like 800 to 117 grams overnight. but quit like a week or 2 before. or try to delute by drinking and peeing a lot before test, or try vinager, water pills, pickle juice or sweating alot. it works a promise it does for me all the time, and its goldenseal and sweating for best results good luck!

Answer #31

this might sound weird but drink viniger lol ive had alot of friends and family members that have need to get it out of there system including me detox you body with water and vinger if you are a long term user of weed then it can take up to 3 monthes to get out of your system s make sure you dont slip up youll be back to the beggingin lol hope my advise helped

Answer #32

I have tried everything from vinegar to niacin. I have passed some tests and failed some.I have been smokin California’s finest cash crop for 12 years, I’m hooked. I haven’t stole my mothers’ TV or anything(yet), but I have to find a way to beat these test in order to succeed in society.( Getting a real job). These damned drug test is the only test you can’t cram for and beat.

Answer #33

make sure you dont smoke for at least 48+ hours drink lots of water but not excessively even tho weed takes about a month to rid you can speed the process you should be fine keep it up for a week or 2 ull be sucessful

Answer #34

I smoked probly about 4-5 times per week for about 2 years, I stopped smoking for exactly 14 days, drank a product called strip from gnc which was 50 bucks and passed the test the next day, its not as hard as people say to pass the test and I know of other people who smoked that week and took a product and passed, apparently they do work - and I am being serious but I do want to add that I am 6’1 and only 155 and I have a high metabolism - I hear thats key

Answer #35

First off how is exercise bad? When you sweat that is The fastest way to clean anything out of your body. Me I drink atleast to gallon’s of water before going to urinate it sucks when your job call’s you back and youve been smoking thats what im facing today but my ingrediant has never failed take a tea spoon of vinegar in a drinking cup of water and chug a lug not very much because it will thin your blood. and just to take extra precaution’s I alway’s use niacin


Answer #36

I DUNNO??? I need help too, I have a test next week and really need this job…and I have a limited amount of money to spend…like 10 bucks max!!! Help me…im 5’5 and 124 pds and I just smoked yesterday…

Answer #37
  1. Some sort of detox product. (which can be expensive)
  2. Lots of water.
  3. I forget what it’s called, but GNC sells some sort of herbal tea that does wonders.
  4. Cranberry juice will help.
  5. Vinegar. It’s sounds disgusting, and it is. Pickle juice is a little more tolerable of a way to drink vinegar.
  6. Gelatin. I have heard it works, but I have not tested this.
Answer #38

The true of the matter is …you can drown yourself with cranberry & water,it wont work. (dont fall for the 10 day detox crap they sell on line-Milk Thistle can cause a false positive) The true be knowm if a frequent user and small body mass you MUST start a high fat diet. Especially in the Morning meal. This will help people with a slow metabolism get the fat cells to let go of the chemicals in THC. depending on use it can yake from 11 days to 90 days to get out of you system. Usually 30 for infrequent userd. Purchase a few drug testa on line that come with a sterile cup with heat strip for more accurracy. Speak with your doc- or get an addicttionologist who will back your findings of 2wks -3mnths. I will not preach that pot is all bad because it saved my wife when she was dying of leukimia, But the fact is it is illegal.

Answer #39

Lots of orange juice about two cartons a day it’ll come out a lot quicka!! lol

trust me, when I was padded up we had drug tests a lot, and orange juice propa worked, and exercise I think… we did tha a lot… LOL

hope it works!

Answer #40

Actually drinking water will not get thc out of your system you must either sweat or do a detox [program thc sticks to you fat cells and water flushes it temporaily.

Answer #41

Drug tests become ever more sensitive and ever more precise with passing time. THC and its metabolites lodge in the fat of your tissues, and can actually be detected years and years later. It can also be detected in hair, which is one reason why they clip a hair sample when you go in for a thorough drug screening. Since a positive drug screen can wreak havoc with your life, keep you from getting a job, getting insurance, getting licenses, etc., etc., my strong advice to you is to simply do not do marijuana. It does you absolutely NO good (despite propaganda from NORML), and can cause you problems, even years down the road. There is even some evidence to suggest that some THC metabolites can come back OUT of your fat tissue many years down the road when you might be sick with something else, e.g., cancer, and you lose weight (fat). And it can possibly complicate your treatment and recovery. Not worth it. Don’t do drugs. Please.

Answer #42

lol… I have passed about a million UA’s with water the day of… Its so great being smart about my shiza. I was hoping to find a homemade masking agent actually, I hate drinking water till I get sick. And yeah, certain masking agents work they are just fKn pricey… I’m talking the 70-80 dollar ones.

Answer #43

Has anyone tried Herbal Cleanse Cocktail? My friend used it 6 hours before a Federal urine test and he passed, and he smokes all day every day and has for years! My question I guess is, has anyone used it more than 6 hours before a test? It doesn’t say anything about the time it is effective on the bottle, and the guy at GNC made it sound like it really gets EVERYTHING out of your body and he recommended I take vitamins before and after I drink it. However, on some Web sites that sell it, I read that it is only effective for up to about 6-8 hours… so what the f*ck?

Answer #44

Niacin is a vasodialator. It has nothing to do with cleansing your system. It will widen the capillaries and allow for a higher metabolism but that is it. Taking niacin in heay doses can lead to impaired hepatic function (liver failure). People have ended up needing urgent health care due to misuse of niacin in order to cleanse themselves before a urine test.

Answer #45

I’m not going to argue with all the idiots saying there’s no proven way to speed up the detoxification process, because there is. Arguing with people who dispute this fact, is only destroying more of your own brain cells.

I’ve detoxed many times for government urinalysis’ being a heavy smoker for years, only quitting for a week before the test.

Guess what, the strip NC, green tea, niacin (500mg), and vitamin B complex, ALL help to speed up this process. I don’t know which one helps the most, because I use all 4 methods at the same time for a week straight.

Of course ONE strip isn’t going to completely detox you. It took 5 strips for me to detox in 7 days. YES it does work.

And lastly, for all of the idiots saying to avoid drugs completely, you are the people who have no friends because you don’t know how to live your life. You will die alone not being able to say you lived your life to the fullest. Instead you can say you are just another naive person who kept to themself and lived a boring life.

Answer #46

So I’m 5’8” 140 lbs and I’m a female…well here is my situation…I smoked about 12 or 13 days ago and I just took a ua at 11am on the 22nd…I have only done it a couple of times in the last 3 months just to see what it was like and then after my job interveiw they said I had 24 hours to take a drug test…well the day before I took a 24 hour detox pill, drank anywhere from 2 to 3 gallons of water…worked out/ran for about an hour and a half and then sat in a sauna for twenty minutes or so…I know I have a pretty quick metabolism because I can do nothing for months and my weight does not change at all…I also took some vitamins because I heard those help and someone told me asprin helps to mask it so I took some an hour before the test. I was wondering if you guys think that with my situation if it would be out of my system because I am freaking out and I won’t know if I was good or not until the beginning of may if they give me the job for sure or not…so if you could let me know if what you think that would be great!!!

Answer #47

I have read so much over the past day and a half that I dont know what to believe anymore! I have a drug test in 4 days, and I just smoked yesterday! I know basicly im screwed but I really need this job! I have read about everything. Does drinking 8 liters of water the day before and that day really work? I just bought some detox stuff it is called Omni… has anyone ever heard of it? Did it work for you? I have read so much stuff im just not sure which is good to do and what will just hurt me more if anything? Oh yes, also my metabolism sucks! Im short and im heavy and im a female… Any advice would be really appreciated!

Answer #48

This is a question for chemwiz. I’ve been told a lot of diffenent ways to flush your system, and most have to do with drinking a lot of water. I’ve also been told that drinking a large quantity of water doesn’t flush your system, instead it will pretty much just shut down your kidney so you are urinting warm water. Is this true? One other question… Do you have to have the dieretic to make your way work? If I just took creatine with the water, would that pose as a problem?

Answer #49

I have been seriously ill with an illness that caused extensive nerve damage. I am heavy, have a slow metabolism, am only semi-active and take lasix already for high bp. I am on lyrica and morphine for the pain from my nerve damage. The morphine makes me really sick, so my husband (who is a chronic pot user) suggested I try it. I used it for 3 days, then went to my pain specialist who said that the last time I drug tested a month ago the morphine didn’t show up. I already drink a ton of water, take my lasix (80 mg. per day) but I eat less than 1000 calories a day because my metabolism is sloth-like. When I am scheduled for the drug test it will be exactly 20 days since I smoked…will I be clean? also, how long before the drug test should I take my morphine so that it will show up? my appt is in 3 days…HELP PLEASE!!!

Answer #50

the best way is to use apple cider vinegar, and lots of water. the vinegar flushes the fat cells out of your body. I had been smoking the next morning took a shot of vinegar lots of water peed once and passed the test. cider isalso good for losing weight. 2 tsp vinegar in 8 oz of water after every meal no fat cells for the thc to cling to. voila.

Answer #51

I have random ua’s and I need a way that WORKS to get THC out of my system. im 5’4” and weigh 120 lbs. and im on probation and I NEED to pass!! so how can I?

Answer #52

Most people swear by drinking lots of water (ex.: at least 2 quarts a day) since it’s a natural cleanser and helps the body in the detoxifying process. You can also excercise and spend some time in a dry sauna; this will help your body cleanse itself from toxins by sweating them out. Last but not least, of course stopping all cannabis intake will do the job in time! Good luck.

Answer #53

All these may not work every time. But using detoxification products available online might get well in this.

Answer #54

Drinking insane amounts of water and pee until the pee is almost colorless

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