My crush has a girlfriend, what do I do?

I have a crush on a guy that has a girlfriend what do I do ?we are friends and close but around his girlfriend he ignores me sometimes and when she’s not around he’s all hangout type and his girlfriend doesn’t even care if he flirts with other girls.I told him I liked him so he knows and he said if him and his girlfriend weren’t together he’d go out with me and we are a little closer now but my life is horrible knowing I can’t have him right now and I can’t get over him it’s too hard. So what do I do?

Answer #1

ughh. I am in the same situation! except his new girlfriend his totally goth. he broke up with her for me and now they’re back together, and its a sucky feeling. everyone tells me to move one and get over that jerk. but I know in my gut that I should hold on and wait for a little and everything will work out for what it’s supposed to be! that’s my advice :] <3333

Answer #2

All I have to say is if he really likes you like you say he does he will break up with his girlfriend but give it time but dont forget about him or dont move on. JUST GIVE IT TIME and you will see what was meant to be. He might be afraid. Have some faith. Mayb you will find out that it wasnt meant to b you might find someone else. I know I said this a lot but GIVE IT TIME see whats down the road.

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well heres the story he liked me this hole year and I did 2 I still do.I flurted with him and I still do but hes going out with one of my best friend and my friend (natalie) knows that I love this one guy and she dint do any thing about it!!he doesent like me like a week ago.I realy like him he knows I like him but he sais he only likes me as a friend he came 2 my graduation party and so did natalie they were hiding behind a tree and they kissed!!! I saw them I went to my house running and crying!!:(I just got of the phone he told me he doent like me!!!:(:( :( :( :( :( kimberley ooohhh and before he made me a super cute nick name “kimbo” and I made him one 2 “franky j” ill miss my franky j booo!!!now I have 2 play it koo so he wont suspect

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I know exactly how you feel. I feel the same way. I love this guy and I mean LOVE. but he has a girlfriend, but I know that he likes me 2. a lot of the time I wish that we could be together, but then I think about her. if you and the guy you like, (or me and my guy), are meant 4 each other then I think it will happen. just live for today, I think that’s the best advice! =D

Answer #5

ME TOO! its this guy from my work. when we started working together we became friends really quickly and we were really flirty and stuff, I had a crush on him right away, and I felt like he had a crush on me too, but at that time I was in a serious relationship and I was crazy about my boyfriend. I knew I should tell him that I had a boyfriend so he wouldnt get any ideas, but something always held me back. then one day he told me about this girl he started dating. I was surprisingly dissapointed. this was around the same time that my almost two year relationship was failing, I was heartbroken over it for a long time after. but as my feelings for my ex faded away so did my feelings from this guy I work with get stronger. we’re still good frineds and we talk about everything, but he still has no clue about how I feel. any time he mensions his girlfriend I get so dissapointed. and to make things more complicated, one of his good friends has a crush on me. im so head over heels for this guy, im almost consumed by it, I even had a few dreams about him where he told me he feels the same, then I wake up and get so sad that it was just a dream. hes adorable, hes from poland, hes tall, red hair, blue eyes, plays soccer, snowboards, plays piano, skateboards, hes a really good student, gets along with everyone, hes such a good friend. I dont know whether or not to tell him or not, im worried it would make it awkward between us. hes so happy with this girl but im hoping against hope that they break up, and I realize how selfish that is but I cant help it. its not just infatuation, because I know him, and I like him for him. hes one of a kind my plan is to wait. we’re only 17, things change. thats what I keep telling myself. situations change, the chances of them staying together for a long time are slim. I thought I was going to marry the guy I was dating before, and now I think back at that and laugh. well, it felt really good to get that off my chest, I never told anyone. my advice to you is, hang in there. thing are going to turn around, dont worry. sooner or later, your crush is either going to realize he has a crush on you too and cant lie to himself, or you’re going to find somebody even better, who’s going to feel the same way about you that you feel about them. I know its hard, im in the same exact predicament but your life is about you and not him, or you and him, if that makes sence. you can live without him. something else I found out; crushes are technically an emotional attachment, a chemical balance thingy in your brain, and as soon as you feel rejection from the person you are attracted to, your brain sends a signal to break down the chemical bond that makes you attracted to the person. I thought that was pretty cool. so there you go, as soon as you admit to yourself that he doesnt feel the same way about you, you start getting over him. I wish you the best of luck, though. I hope everything works out the way its supposed to, and im positive that it will :)

Answer #6

Absolutely nothing there’s nothing you can do, imagine you were his girlfriend and the roles were switched how would you feel if you found out. He knows how you feel and if he feels that he sould rather be with you he will make the choice but there’s nothing you can do. You will destroy this girl if you do react on it. How would you like to know that your relationship would be based on you knowing he can cheat on his girlfriend…. Your time will come my Girl.

Hang in there ;)

Answer #7

this is what happend to me today, my friend and I really like this guy. hes liked her before but he said hes over her now. she texted me and she said they have been talking a lot this weekend and she said she liked him. he said he liked her and they became boyfriend and girlfriend. I was totaly crushed and wanted to cry but I couldnt. she knew how I felt about him and still she acted as if she didnt even know I liked him. I prtened I was fine and good for them and I moved on, but I didnt. I still have feelings for him so what should I do? how do I tell my friend? how do I tell him? help me please im so confused!

Answer #8

something like this happened to me. The guy has a long term girlfriend and I’m getting out of a long term relationship. However, everytime we see eachother we can’t keep our hands off eachother and end up doing something stupid we feel guilty about later. I know he wants me but I also know he loves his girlfriend. So I decided to see what happens. Do not sit around waiting for him or your life will pass you by. Go out there girl and experience life and eventually you’ll stop thinking about it as much. good luck!

Answer #9

I am in the same boat its hard, I know bc you know you should be together but he has a girlfriend which gets in the way. My story is I really liked this guy since I was like 8 or 9 and im 14 now and we go 2 chruch 2gether and our parents work 2gether so im like around hime 24/7 in the summer but these past 2 years have been like our biggest and important years ever. Well on his birhtday I told him that I liked him and he said he didnt really like me he just wanted 2 b friends but I was sorta confused still am bc always looking at me when in choir and when I sit beside him he moves, then he always txts me first. Then ths past march he ask this girl out, like shes pretty and everything but shes not the best person in the world, and me and him hangout more than he does with his girlfriend, I am sooo confused I need help bc I want 2 get over him but I dont and we have like everything in common except that we play different sports AND He has brothers I have sisters I need some really good advice to get him 2 like me and 2 ask me out bc everybody says we sould go out even his parents, and his parents don’t aprove of his girlfriend so if anybody has any goood advice and help that would be great

Answer #10

Hang in there lady. I can honestly say “EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON!” When I started my new job I met a guy who I immediatly liked. When I found out he was in a 5 year relationship with another girl my heart sunk but I realized I had to move on. After a year went by, we became really good friends and started hanging out behind his girlfriends back. He told me he really liked me, and still does to this day and I knew there would be a slime chance I would ever get together with him, but the thought always remained in the back of my head. When I found out HE broke up with her (she wore the pants in the relationship) I thought maybe this could happen. We started hanging out all the time and we eventually started hooking up and I later lost my virginity to him. They have been broken up for about 6 months now, but he still sees her and hangs out with her all the time. I know deep down in my heart he still wants her although he tells me “if we weren’t trying to work things out, we would be together”, but now that 6 months has gone by I keep telling myself “why would you want to be his back up plan? why should you wait on him? why are you fighting for someone who isn’t fighting just as hard for you?” I don’t regret losing my virginity to him, but if I knew it was going to turn out this way, I would have never done it in the first place. I’m still going to continue to fight for him as long as we are in eachothers lives, BUT I will NEVER forget that its my life, and that im not going to let MY life pass me by. everything happens for a reason, and if its meant to be, it will be. Just remember that god has a plan for all of us, and maybe, just maybe that guy that your madly in love with, isn’t part of the plan that god has for you. I wish you the best of luck with whatever happens. I know exactly what your going through and im not telling you to give up because you shouldn’t give up on anyone, but remember that what you are fighting for isn’t always worth it in the long run. GOOD LUCK girly, and try your best not to over analyze the situation cause it will drive you mad. haha -katie

Answer #11

im in a very similar sutuation. I like this guy a lot!he has a girlfriend which I am technically friends with but I cant stant that they are going out. they have been going out for six months and sometimes I feel like they will never break up. I feel in my gut that I should hold on to my feeling for him but I dont want to hurt his girlfriend. I feel like he feels the same way but I know he doesnt want to see his girlfriend jill hurt. he meens everything to me and we talk so much more then him and jill. he tells me everything and tells her barely anything. she says hes been feeling distant for the past couple days and I am finally starting to get hope, just a few days ago we hung out all night at a carnival. my advice to everyone is keep living your life but hang in there. dont stop your personal life to sit arounf waiting for him, but if you feel strongly about him hang in there and if you are meant to be together it will happen. good luck to you all =)

Answer #12

Hi everyone! I’m form Argentina, so sorry if I write something wrong in english :P I have my best friend and I’ve known him for almost 4 years. He is 18 and I’m 17. He has had his girlfriend for 3 years, and his girlfriend is my best friend. But she is very shy, she doesn’t show love to him, and in school she only asks for food and his boyfriend has to go and buy something to her, and I feel terrible when she does that to him. I am in love with him, I really love him. And I told him that, he didn’t say he liked me or not…but since that in school he asked me to sit next to him, and I saw his look in his eyes, it was different, he started to touch my hand, and in one class he asked me hand and he touched it in a very sweet way, like we were a couple, and I felt like I was in the sky (L). The last day in school I was like a bit crying because I wasnt going to see him during the summer holidays (3 months T_T) and I think he noticed that…he told me” well now we are going to talk on msn” I said buaaa T_T Some days before the end of classes he told me that the relation with his girlfriend wasnt going on well, because he knew his girlfriend doesnt pay attentin to him, doesnt care for him, and he told me “you know I like you so much..” The last day of classes I was really sad, and he sent me a message saying “I miss you”. My heart started to beat fast and fast and he told me “I want to give you something. I want to give you a kiss”. I didnt response because I was really scared of what to say. The other day he had to come to my house to take some folders of school, and he told me “Paula, I told you I wanted to give you something…do you want it?” And he smiled at me.I was so red!!! I started to stutter, and I said I was going to feel bad because he has a girlfriend and I dont want to make a trouble. And then he told me “Dont worry Pau, you show me more love than my girlfriend does, and I want to kiss you because you deserve it”. And I said yes and then he kisses me!! :DD It was my first kiss ever, and he was sooo sweet…I will never forget that day..I asked him if he felt something for me and he said yes… The other day I went to holidays and I wasnt in my house and he told me: “I can’t stand my girlfriend anymore”. I said to my self “maybe he wants to break up with his girlfriend..”

But these days he didnt talk to me on msn or cell phone, he was cold with me and I dont know what to do, if he really feels something for me, why doesnt he break up with his girlfriend? I mean, he really needs to be loved and I always tells him that I really like him, I always think of him, everyday, every second of my life.

Do you think this guy loves me? Or is afraid of breaking up with his girlfriend? I really need advices, I wrote in spanish forums but I really need more advices :(

Thank you!! :)

Answer #13

listen guys, I am in the exact same situation. reading all these responses…it seems like a lot of us are. the guy I have a crush on is my best friend, and has been for a while. we flirt, you know, but he got a girlfriend, they just celebrated their six month anniversary. he acts like two different people, if hes on the phone with me and he gets a text from her he will spend his time making sure he says the right thing to her, and even asks me for advice. I just want to scream in his face, “hellooo! you dont have to pretend to be someone else if you would only open your eyes and realize the girl meant for you is right here!” its crazy, I guess it’s just life? and btw, I found this by searching ‘what do you do when your crush has a girlfriend’ on google also(: -the best friend.

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did it not post?

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I’m in the same boat. We’re like best friends and it’s only recently that we’ve gotten closer - ever since he found out I like him! He was completely cool and normal at first but the flirting has got so much more full on since then, like sleeping in the same bed and nearly kissing. I like him a lot but he’s been with his girlfriend a year even though she lives far away they seem committed. Thing is, I hear that they argue on the phone all the time, but I try not to do the whole ‘they might split up’ thing because that never helps. I guess the only advice I can give is to take it day by day, enjoy the friendship that you have and don’t put your life on hold. Go out, meet other guys and embrace life! A crush can’t be the most important thing in your life even though it might feel like it. I’m not quite there yet but knowing he’s an awesome friend makes me think I can get over this and meet someone who likes me too.

Answer #16

hey.. im in the same position.. I realy LOVE this guy. v met in 8th and over the summers I fell 4 him. in 9 1 of my friends told him how I felt bout him at a festival. he was single thn and when I came home I found out he had already askd this othr girl out that same day. the guy says that he dusnt think v wil ever b 2gethr . I tried everything 2 4get him but I love him soo much that no matter what I do I can never 4get him. please help me :’(

Answer #17

I am in the same situation lol, Its’ not fair I really like this guy and he is telling me he loves me and shit like that.what am I meant to do because I really like him.anad whenever I see him(like play out) we flirt flirt flirrt and then like start holding hamds and hugging and nearly kissing :s and I am getting all mixed messages because he tells me he has broken up with his girlfriend and I ask her and shes like nah I still going out with him.AAnd I am just so confused.I have told him I like him and he blaintsss knows it.but still I actually think I love him :| I am carrying so much pain I feel like I could cry myself ot sleep every night :(:’((

Answer #18

Ha.. Me too. So I’ve liked this guy for a while now and I was working up the nerve to talk to him. Then my friend said he had a girlfriend. I was crushed. He always asks about me, or talks about me to my friends though. And one of his friends told him to ask me out and he said “ I don’t know.” I mean wouldn’t he just say “No” if he really had a girlfriend?? I am in the same situation as all of you- it sucks. It just really sucks. Haha could you give me some advice too??:)

Answer #19

Haha me too :o.

I don’t know what to do tbh because he’s never actually told me he had a girlfriend and I only found out on facebook when he added me on MSN :S. Now I feel sooo guilty and have no idea what to do. I still really like him but know I need to get over him at the same time because it’s not fair on her :l.

Answer #20

sme here !!! theres like 1000 answers to this question, but if I were u & I was sure that he will never or doesnt like me, id just carry on with my life and take it as it comes! how do you know wats going to happen next, you cant tell the future. if you want to be together its not you or him that decides its both of u!! if he likes u & really has the guts to tell you that he will, but in this case if he has a girlfrend then its different!! but you know :) watch out theres many fish in the sea, and one cud appear at any time!! gd luck

Answer #21

Same here!!! I like this boy at school, he’s really cute and kind but he has a day, my friend asked him in front of me if he liked me… He just simply replied,”I can’t say because I’m taking.” I know he likes me back, but it doesnt really matter due to the fact he has a girlfriend. just keep waiting and find out, that’s what im

Answer #22

WOW…I’m in the same exact situation..I have a crush and I like him so much..I thought he liked me cause he acts all nice around me..but then I found out he had a girlfriend..I was broken-hearted when my brother told me..I couldnt believe it..sometimes I just wish that he would dump her for me..but its not good to wish bad on what do I do? I think I will just ignore him until he notices that I am what he needs..

Answer #23

I know the feeling… :( im in..yup, you guessed - THE SAME POSITION!!!

im just waiting…it sucks as I met his family yesterday, and they were all sooo lovely, and literally I know this is soo soppy but when we are together then its like, the biggest spark in the whole world. we laugh and smile and joke and flirt and all this, and then I remember he is already taken.

I reckon, if a guy really, really, really REALLY wants someone then they will get them. If I was dating someone called rob, and met someone AMAZING who I thought I really got on with, then I would break up with rob and move on!

I don’t know much, but I know that I can’t sit here moping forever…


ps taylor swift - you belong with me really helps!!! :D lol

Answer #24

listen guys, I am in the exact same situation. reading all these responses…it seems like a lot of us are. the guy I have a crush on is my best friend, and has been for a while. we flirt, you know, but he got a girlfriend, they just celebrated their six month anniversary. he acts like two different people, if hes on the phone with me and he gets a text from her he will spend his time making sure he says the right thing to her, and even asks me for advice. I just want to scream in his face, “hellooo! you dont have to pretend to be someone else if you would only open your eyes and realize the girl meant for you is right here!” its crazy, I guess it’s just life? and btw, I found this by searching ‘what do you do when your crush has a girlfriend’ on google also(: -the best friend.

Answer #25

This is really exciting in a weird way that we are all on the same boat. I’m a freshman in college and I have a crush on this sophomore. He’s an officer of a club we’re both in, and of course, he has a girlfriend. I don’t know the girlfriend really well, and I feel like he’s interested in me, but I am determined to stay away. At least for a while. I want to make sure my feelings are real and there is no one else. And I would never want someone else flirting with my boyfriend if I was his girlfriend. My plan is to stay friends, but never go over that line unless he breaks up with his girlfriend. Which I don’t see happening any time soon. If I don’t find someone else, or my feelings don’t fade after some time passes, I might think my plan over, but for now, I’ll just keep my options open.

Answer #26

lol me too. I was searching for advises myself. lol my friend encourages me to confess, yet I don’t feel like it, or should I say, I don’t have the guts and this will ruin him and that girlfriend’s relationship. Sigh

Answer #27

Hi All,

I am the girlfriend and its not that I would say this to you to hurt you but, don’t you think that if your friend wanted to be with you he would. After all when a guy wants something he doesn’t hesitate, he acts on his feelings and goes for it. If you have not made it known to him that is one thing but, if you have whether directly or indirectly, and he hasn’t responded, chances are he isn’t interested.

It’s really a stab in the back to every girl if you ignore the facts and go after another girls boyfriend. Be careful because one day that so called harmless flirting and torture that you put out there will come back to you. That is how life works.

There are loads of guys and wouldn’t you want to be with someone that wants to be with you as much as you them?

Hope this opens some eyes and hearts.

Answer #28

Im in the same situation

although he knows I like him and his girlfriends know I like him and they are both fine with it

and I also agree with reeema good luck

Answer #29

OMG..I cant Believe these many people have this same thing in common.

Well with my sitution..I really like this boy and yes his has a girlfriend. One day I finally told him that I like him and he told me that im not ugly but his has a girlfriend and I said okay im cool with that even though im not.OH yea I go to church with this guy and now everytime I see him he gives me hugs and we talk for about 10 mins. At first he used to just say hey but now his giving me hugs. He has a nickname for me know and he told all his friends. My cousin that goes to the same church told me that he might like me cause the way his acting now. So I really cant tell you nothing but just wait and maybe he’ll come to you…I hope this boy does.

Answer #30

thx for agreeing with me hehe


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Answer #32

I liked this kid since 7th grade and we were great friends the year before that! He stopped talking with me when he found out. Now he has been going out with other girls and leaving me out of his life! I don’t like him anymore but I still want him to dump his girlfriend real hard and ask me out! I tried putting on things that his girlfriend wears and I always put on make up but he still doesn’t ask me out! I even got his cell number but he will never text me or text me back! He talks to all of his girlfriends friends but he ignores me! What can I do?

Answer #33

Same for me gal’, but everynow and then (every month or so) they break up and he gets a new girlfriend. And if I knew when he’d broken up with a girl, I’d be right in there !! My crush is super fit and I am not prepared to let him go! He’s one of my bestest ever mates, and it hurts when I think about the fact that I cannot have him :( there are (as you can see) loads of people who feel the same way, but wait, your time will come ;) x

Answer #34

you guys arent the only ones in that situation…I am too…lol…and my story is that I’ve had a crush on this guy for 5 yrz and we both went out with other people over those years because we lost contact but now he has a girlfriend and he always talks to me online and he gave me his number…and he flirts with me like crazy but when I flirt with him he goes chill dont talk to me like that…im like really what do you want??…and I said I’d wait for him even though I go out with someone too right now…I really dont noe what to do…but the best advice I can GIVE is…People that are meant to be together always find their way in the end…soo good luck with that!…and live your life in the mean time…life is short…enjoy it all that you can..:)

Answer #35

uuugh, me too. but when I first met him, he was with her, then a month later broke up, but like, I really started to proper love him, but the thing is, a couple of months ago, I told him I liked him, and he said so did he, and then a week or two after, he was saying he loved me, as we always do, and I was like ily more, and then he told me he proper loved me, and that he wasnt going to tell me, but he did. and I said I loved him aswell, and like, he was being sooo sweet & saying all these nice things like I was beautiful and he had cried over me and things. but he has recently got back with the girl he was with when I first met him. im so upset tbh:(. he said that he did love me, but we would just never be together because the distance. ughhh ;(((

sorry, I had to let everything out lmao.

Answer #36

Darn, I can’t help either because I’m in the same boat too. :)

I have this friend. We have a heap load in common, we have real conversations (unlike a lot of people I consider “friends”), we tease each other, have a laugh and generally get on really well.

I have feelings for him and he’s said he likes me as more than a friend. He frequently mentions meeting up as it was fun seeing each other last time (with other friends there) which it was - I’ve never enjoyed a guys company in the way I do his. But he has a girlfriend but rarely sees her due to distance though they’ve been together a while.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who has this problem - and I’m even super glad-er that it isn’t all “you tart” :) One thing though, don’t date him if he specifically dumps her for you, just think he could just as easily do the same to you. I’d wait a while as friends should he break up with her - It gives you time to see if it was just the naughtyness of it or if you really have feelings you want to follow.


Answer #37

Wow. I know how you feel. Im a freshmen in high school. I met this guy my 8th grade year. Over the summer of 09 I fell for him. But he has a girlfriend. Im in love with this boy. I’ve never felt this way about anybody before. He takes my breath away. I got lucky and got to have all my classes with him. We play and flirt. Call each other our snuggle bunnies. He sits behind me and plays in my hair. tells me sweet things. says im beautiful. I told him how I felt. He gave me all the signs. Made me think that he wanted me. He didnt respond when I told him I was crazy about him. he likes his girlfriend a lot. I sit there at recess and watch them kiss and hug and love on each other. It breaks my heart to know that I cant have him. I want him to be happy. And if that means that he has to stay with her to be happy. ill try to be okay with it. I wake up in the mornings and hes my first thought. Before I go to sleep. Hes whos on my mind. Hes the one im dreaming of. If only my fantasy could change to reality. I want him! I need him. Every time I see them together I cry, whishing it was me. My friends comfort me and tell me it’ll be okay. But it wont. Not until hes mine. I honestly dont know what to say. Im in love with him. when shes not around. Im the one hes being loveable with. he holds me, and teases me. One day me and him had to play a role in the classroom. it was a love role. He changed the lines. Made it more romantic. He kissed me at the end. He told me to wait for him after class. He got in trouble for PDA. After class he told me that what he said in front of everyone was true. And that he was crazy about me to. But hes crazy about his girlfriend also. :( Why cant I have him?? Why cant he just choose me?? I guess im just a hopeless romantic waiting for a miracle.


Answer #38

wow everyone is in the same situation. so theres this guy… let’s call him mr. amazing. soi last year I met mr. amazing and we were instant friends. I started to fall for him and I think for a while he was falling for me too. but then his ex-girlfriend came along and snatched him back. at a fieldtrip I had to sit next to him at a program and his girlfriend was holding his hand and everything. it killed me so bad. I had to bite my lip from trying not to cry. I just dont know what to do anymore. its confusing me so bad! I try really hard not to think about but I have too. I mean, he’s mr. amazing… :(

Answer #39

I understand exactly how you feel. One guy that I have a huge crush is dating someone else, and it totally sucks. One way that I cope is by setting my mind off of things for a while. Try out something new, like a 5K or a pottery class. You might just get over your crush quick.

Also, if you feel totally inferior over this guy’s girlfriend, try to focus on good qualities that you have, such as a skill or a good thing that you have done. He might actually like how you are as a person.

One thing, though: Don’t tell anyone about your crush, because people can gossip, and that gossip can get to your crush. You will not like the consequences. This might seem a little hard, but don’t get clumsy and dorky everytime he sees you. He will notice, and he could find out.

Other than that, good luck with how things go. Someday, your prince will come.

Answer #40

hey.. im in d same situation too… I met dis guy at work when my 2 years relationship started falling apart. dis guy is really very nice. I kinda had a crush on him after 2 weeks working in the firm. I asked him if he have a girlfriend and he said yes but there are having lotsa probs currently. however, by then I was already deeply on crush with him. after 3 weeks if im not mistaken, I told him that I have a crush on him and he was cool bout it… and I said that I know he already has a girlfriend and I dn expect much eventhough in my heart there was a voice coming which strongly alerting me that im actually lying… it sounds like “ I REALLY WISH YOU BREAK UP WITH HER and COME TO ME “, but I kept things simple. I said that I would like to be good frens and he was fine with it. but he said frens dn remain frens and some shit mite hapen whn we actually hang out together and I said im fine wit it. den came one day when he actually came to my house and some shit really hapen.. we kinda made out with each other.. it didnt reach till sex tho. once he left, I told him to come again myb d next day o d day after because I had a gud time. I askd him if he had a gud time o not and he said he is feeling guilty.. I was so upset. d next day I askd him to come again, but he really didnt want and he said he dont think he wil ever come again. that really hurts. when I cal him d following day, he wasnt answering my cals and neither replyin my msgs.. I am really hurt rite now. I have very strong feeling on him actually but im not getting any response.. what d hell should I do??

Answer #41

Well,i think he’s stuck.From what i read,i think he’s stuck between whether to break up with his girlfriend or be with you.Since he had his girlfriend for 3 years, i think he doesn’t want to forget about her,but t the same time he also likes you.You should try to talk to him and ask him who he really likes.Don’t say it like you’re telling him to choose between 2 girls.just ask him who he really wants to be with and who’s really the match for him.Just remember that if you want to get happiness,you have to fight for it yourself. Good luck! :)

Answer #42

Well,i think he’s stuck.From what i read,i think he’s stuck between whether to break up with his girlfriend or be with you.Since he had his girlfriend for 3 years, i think he doesn’t want to forget about her,but t the same time he also likes you.You should try to talk to him and ask him who he really likes.Don’t say it like you’re telling him to choose between 2 girls.just ask him who he really wants to be with and who’s really the match for him.Just remember that if you want to get happiness,you have to fight for it yourself. Good luck! :)

Answer #43

Well,i think he’s stuck.From what i read,i think he’s stuck between whether to break up with his girlfriend or be with you.Since he had his girlfriend for 3 years, i think he doesn’t want to forget about her,but t the same time he also likes you.You should try to talk to him and ask him who he really likes.Don’t say it like you’re telling him to choose between 2 girls.just ask him who he really wants to be with and who’s really the match for him.Just remember that if you want to get happiness,you have to fight for it yourself. Good luck! :)

Answer #44

There’s this guy i REALLY like in summer school,and my friend told me he already has a girlfriend but i don’t know if she’s lying or telling the truth…..:( i think she told him that i liked him,but if she didn’t,then it’s obvious that i like him because shes always talking to him about me….we’re not that close and i think he likes another girl :( Please help! what do i do????I really like him!

Answer #45

Same here chica, I became best friends with this amazing boy other the coarse of the past year. He has a girlfriend of 2 years. We’ve hangout many times and bonded without his girlfriend being around. Just a couple of months ago I started to fall for him and develop feelings. I’m so jealous of his girlfriend. His girlfriend is one of my friends and I feel bad having feelings for a boy that’s girlfriend is my friend. He and I have so much in common and have conversations so easily. We laugh all the time when we’re together. Every time I see him with his girlfriend he looks like he isn’t having fun. He’s girlfriend is the nicest person in the world and I’d hate for her to get hurt if their relationship ended. But I can’t help but wish they would break up because I want a chance at being more than best friends. I wish there was an answer. But you have to wait, be patent and hope you’ll find someone down the road that is even more amazing ( if that’s even possible)

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