How can I make myself pretty?

I am a 13 year old girl and an ugly one at that! All my friends say I’m not ugly but it’s hard to believe them when all the guys prefere them to me! I really like this one boy, his name is Grant and although we are good friends he knows that in the past I have liked him and now he know’s I still do. Every time I tell a boy I like them they freek out and one boy even ignored me for 8 weeks well probably 10 now. I have freckles and hate them I want to know how to get them less noticable and I want a tan but don’t know the easiest way to get one. Can you help? kayleigh xx

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well, I think everyones beautiful in there own way,,, but if you want a “pretty” girls opinion, it would be… where makeup but not a lot, brush your hair 150 times everyday,DONT EAT(not my opinion), and get hot and namebrand clothes like hollister,abercombie and fitch…etc

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I garenty your pretty ! Every one has different oppinions so don’t worri youlle find a guy that like you .If you want to wear make up wear it but don’t go over boared maybe a bit of mascara and onestly lots of people find freckals gawjess x :)

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I m also the same age… these things are very common in this age… I think the main prblm is that the guy you like doesn’t give you that much attention that you want frm him…u just think urself to be pretty…the beauty is inside a person not outside frnd…be confident abt urself what you wear,u eat…hope you inceased your confident level…good luck…because I m in the prblm like this…

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Hey there pet, don’t be so hard on yourself. I am a 25 year old confident man…but this wasn’t always the case! You must learn to love yourself before anyone else loves you- it’s the vibes you put out there. Please, keep smiling :)

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the natural you are the more pretty you look im my opinion

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hi im a stylist for 20 years and still going,and great makeup artists as well ,love to help you btw,im chris,have any questions let me know .good,if you feel insecure do this,took me 35 years to understand but now get it.even if you feel ensecure in youre mind convince youreself youre beautiful and excuse confidence and it WILL change youre have to BELIEVE it thats the secret

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well use powder and be yourself infront any boy use makeup,fase cleaner,and dress in close that suit you and that are also in style.what ever you do be your own charactor

Answer #8

well use powder and be yourself infront any boy use makeup,fase cleaner,and dress in close that suit you and that are also in style.what ever you do be your own charactor

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trust me your not ugly…I know

I’m 13 tooo.

funmail me just to talk

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hey dcierra52[: you need to learn how to love yourself.BUT-if you hate yourself that much! just go to the beach, go in the water [cruisin in the water & takin a tan is so much better than actually tannin on the beach] & for your face,[the freckles] you can use this thing called powder. I would strongly recommend to not use it. but yeah-

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I agree with “tenniscoach” don’t try!!! just accept yourself the way that god created you! and if you want to put some makeup on, don’t use a lot of makeup cause by the time it will ruine your face!

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well first of all I have freckels and what I do to make them less noticable is to cover them up with lots of make up but not to much. and for a tan I use DOVE cream which gives you a natural looking tan in a few hours!

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well Take care of your self like healthy skin and hair! im 12 and I have improoved my look a lot and I know you can to!! put on a bit of makeup mabye like eyeshadow eyeliner and mascara!! dont put on to much then you will get more rude comments! shop at places like american eagle,holliste ect. if your hair is straight but when you wake up and its all messed up first brush it out then straightin it and put shine in your hair. make sure you put perfume and deodorant on and make your hairstyle different ways!!! and if your looking to be popular FLIRT with boys that always works!!

                  HOPE THIS HELPED
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if you start using makeup you’ll probably start too look really slutty, at your age you should probably just try working more on your personality make jokes etc, and don’t worry about the way you look. Robbie xx.

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hunny im a guy I really don’t mind what girls look like I think every girl is cute in there own way no one is perfect but everyone is pretty in there own way

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hi im Rawan my hair is so dry and tall. how can I care of it without chimicals, imade a highlight to it & its so dry now im depressed of it please help me. thnx…

Answer #18

forget what they say, I know your beutiful inside. never ever try to change because they best thing you can be is yourself. but if you want to that different that’s on you.

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well first off everyone is pretty in there own way. listen to your friends they are giving you confidence.13 is an awkward age where you quite havent found your style and are trying new dont have to be beautiful or skinny or tall or have big boobs or a butt for a guy to like you much less notice you. you need cofidence,independce,and a personality. it will take you a long way. dont worry give it time before you know it you will be enjoy what you have now. :)

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Eyeliner, mascara, hoop earrings, and a choker are the four things that make every girl pretty. For the freckles, you should use camouflage concealer. Im black so idunno a lot about tanning..but make it look natural, go to a tanning salon or spend a lot of time in the sun! hope I helped, Angie!

Answer #21

first of all I hate people who try and look like everyone else, you shouldnt change anything, your looks are who you are and everyone is different. I used to hate my self for the way I looked and it doesnt get you anywhere in life. wear the clothes you like and wear your hair the way you like it! you are who you are and lots of people will love you for it and think your the prettiest person in the world! x

Answer #22

oh and the easiest way to get a tan is to go tanning in a tanning bed. and if you cant, buy some bronzer but DONT overdo it – you dont want to look orange.

Answer #23

Trust me, I know what that’s like. I’ve never been pretty I admit, but anyone who’s worth being your BFF, boyfriend, or anything else should like you for you. You probably get that a lot, but it’s true! No one can waver your opinion without your consent!

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You look pretty cute to me.

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I was like you when I was younger I felt the exact same!!I use 2 put a small amount of foundation on 2 cover my freckles but make sure you dont go orange!!and put fake tann on but dont worry as you get older you freckles should soon fade xx rebecca g xx

Answer #27

u are NOT to young for maekup!!! just don’t were 2 much of it! and I am sure your pretty. fo you have a pciture?

Answer #28

what the f*ck???


I WORE MAKE-UP when I WUZ 12???

Answer #29

almost every girl believes there ugly but they arent there is no reason to believe that.a girls flaws make them more beautiful so instead of hating them learn to work with them.dont believe that if you change yourself a guy will like you more because if you change yourself for a guy hes really not worth it.

Answer #30

When I Need Preety I put on soverup over any scars cuts mark or zits on my face next I put pale pink lipgloss then for hair I put it in a pony tail cause my hair isnt that short thats an old picture then I put on green or black eyeshadow and pink or red blush and glitter

Answer #31

You need to learn that looks arnt everything. If you have a great personality guy will start to come, but I think you are too obsessed with how you look right now that you may not even notice the guys that like you for who you are.

Answer #32

Growing up I never thought myself good looking. I was bookish, overweight and had no social skills. I was a social pariah, even the unpopular kids wouldn’t hang out with me. In college things got a little better; in HS everyone thought I was just weird but in college some people thought I was interesting. No girls were interested in me in HS but I started to date in college.

When I meet up with my HS classmates decades later many of the popular, good-looking, star athletes didn’t do so well after school. Many of them were married many times, in poor health, didn’t have good careers, etc. It is like they peaked in high school and it was all downhill after that.

Just don’t be in such a hurry. Take care of yourself and do whatever you are interested in and give things time to develop.

Answer #33

Boys mature later than girls and don’t know how to respond when I pretty girl, like you, says something to them. Don’t use foundation, it feels pastey and can cause bad skin diseases. FunMail me!

Answer #34

well I cannot really help you but I am going through the exact same thing so all I can say is just waitfor someone to like(ask you out)rather than for you to do it to someone else

Answer #35

i kno EXACTLY what u mean all my friends always have boyfriends and i never do it sucks except unlike u i blame my weight not my looks but dont let anyone see that u think ur ugly cuz then they will think u have low self confudence so just hid it and never ever tell a guy that u like them and since ur thirteen then guys are still imature so let them tell you

Answer #36

ok i feel the same way but the most important thing is be confident in your self you are beautiful in at least 1 persons eyes most likely more than 1. but im 14 and im white i go to a mostly black school i have nothing against blacks but i am sometimes picked on for wearing make but make makes me feel comfortable… so try some make like conealer, eye liner, mascara…

Answer #37

I am thirteen, and have freckles and red hair. I don’t think thirtenn is too old to wear make-up! Just don’t wear a lot. Your freckles probably make you unique and guys will find that attractive. If you have light eyelash and eyebrow color, wear a little bit of eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara. That’s all I do and I feel so much more confident. I hope this helps.

Answer #38

Just be yourself and be comfortable in you’r own skin ! people will look up to you and let you natural beauty shine through ! as long as you are pretty on the insode that beauty will shine through and you will be notised and adored by evey1 !

Good Luck !

Answer #39

Can I say to the first comment that im 13 and wear makeup with personly I think is fine as long as you wash it off at night and dont pile it on your face anywayz if I didnt wear makeup my (non friends) would probably tease me like they do too many peeps but u cant change urself and a boy should love u 4 the way u are not for the way u look… Hope it helps (a bit) XxX

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Answer #41

How to make yourself look pretty?

  1. Smile
  2. Be clean… showered, washed, hair brushed, etc.
  3. Choose clothes that complement your natural complexion color and body type.
  4. Be friendly… not overly friendly, but nice.
  5. Ask people questions about themselves.
  6. Write me.
Answer #42

well… some people look good with them… i dont personally..i hate mine…but you might look better with them than without =] x

Answer #43

if you FEEL beautiful, then you will look beautiful. Spend time on yourself because you ARE worth the time

Answer #44

All you have to do is put on some gloss and light light light eye shadow it will bring out your natrul beauty but DO NOT OVERLOAD u will look HIDIOUS and wear your colors

EX:my eyes are blue and my hair is blonde and i wear light blues and light colurs

Answer #45

i’m 13 years old and i ware makeup i dont put alot on but it helps me feel better about it i think i’m ugly but to my friend once agin i’m not so maybe try makeup or try getting new clothes sumthing anything that will make u feell more like you. hope i helped - reiley

Answer #46

every bosy is pretty in there own different ways the boy you fancy is probebly scared to say that your pretty beacause there is not one boy who will not think your pretty in your own way that is if theyy are a good boy I found out that I am pretty with my smile

Answer #47

I personally think every 1 has there own beauty and if the boys you no are all about looks then babe I feel sorry them.

Answer #48

i’m 13 too. and the guys do the same thing to me. they always say i’m ugly and then later i find out that they actually like me!! i’d say get some spray on tan. i’ve used it before and it works great, but just make sure you put it on evenly. otherwise just go out in the sun and go play sports, go swimming and lay on a raft. but put on sunscreen 15spf or lower than you’ll get tanner without completely being red for a few days. good luck!! kate

Answer #49

NO GIRL IN THIS WORLD IS UGLY! is that clear?? ..good now if u want to dress it up a bit put on some apple bottom jean’s, ugs shoe’s, and a mini jacket and curl your hair, and press a LITTLE bit of powder over your freckel’s (<spelt wrong but who care’s) and a tab of lip gloss, work’s for me, hope i help’d wich i probalby didnt lol, good luck any way.

Answer #50

first things first, no matter what….you are pretty!!!!! dont let anyone elsa tell u different!!!! freckles are beautiful!!!! and when the sun gets on them and they come out…well there just stunning!!!! dont try and hide them or get rid of them!!!! you are the way u look and u should accept that and work with what u have!!! if people are going to b shallow enough and judge u by the way u look….then u shouldnt associate urself around those people,, u shud associate urself around people with substance!!!! your only young and u shudnt be worring about all of this superficial stuff its a waste of such great energy!!

Answer #51

listen her hunni, freckles are pretty! no make up no tan! all you gottah do is put your hair in curls and ull be GORGE!

Answer #52

“you can’t make yourself pretty, you already are pretty” this is what i told my friend a few weeks ago when her boyfriend dumped her and she asked me the same question. you have to feel your beauty from the inside and it will show on the outside. if your going to use makeup, use very little and always wash your face before and after using it. become satisfied with yourself and be confident with the way you look. listen to your friends when they tell you that your pretty, not only is it an ego booster it will help you feel more beautiful, but don’t get too cocky becasue that can ecome a bad thing. remember beauty starts from within yourself.

Answer #53

build up your confidence! everyone is pretty! there is NO such thing as ugly!! x

Answer #54

Hun My advice? DO NOT LISTEN TO dariajelonek !! Whats worse than being ugly? BEING A CLONE!! I’m not trying to be a complete arse but listen, if you want to be loved you have to love yourself. With a negative attitude, comes a negative reflection. How can you expect someone to think you’re pretty if you don’t have confidence in yourself? “It doesn’t matter what you look like! I mean if you have a hunchback, just throw a little glitter on it, honey, and go dancing!” Because you can be the most gorgeous person ever but if you’re not confident and you don’t believe in yourself..well you’re nothing. I think freckles are adorable and if you’re so worried about them use a little cover up. Do things for yourself not just to be accepted/liked by others.

Answer #55

13 is way too young for make-up, if that’s what you’re thinking about - don’t make the mistake of so many girls who start early and screw up their skin for life!

Youth is your beauty now, use it while you have it.

Freckles are cute and not everybody has them, so the rest are just jealous.

Why do you think boys freak out because of the way you look?

Boys at 13 are usually very nervous around girls just because they’re trying to prove themselves as men, they’re pretty funny actually.

They’re probably wondering why girls don’t talk to them. They’re probably wondering if they should work out to look better, like you’re wondering if you’re pretty.

But the truth is, none of this really matters and you guys shouldn’t make your lives harder.

Just like each other for who you are and don’t worry too much about appearance or stereotypes - appearance can be faked with make-up and clothes, but who you are is unique and nobody can copy that kind of beauty.

If they don’t see it they just need to grow up.

Answer #56

I’ve known all kinds of girls, with all kinds of looks. I’ve seen one guy think a girl is ugly, and another guy fall head-ove-heals in love with her. I’ve often said that the only difference between an average girl and a gorgeous bombshell is a little “foof” and attention.

Not everyone can attract the opposite sex on-demand, but that rarely has anything to do with beauty. I’ve known a few unbelievably beautiful girls who could never attract a guy just because they were TOO pretty, and the guys were sort of afraid of them.

It’s OK to look for ways to improve your personal appearance, but don’t let jealous be what motivates you. If you want to be beautiful, and I mean TRULY beautiful, you have to feel good, plain and simple. I’ve known a lot of very ordinary girls that always had guys flocking around them just because they were so alive and charming. They didn’t buy expensive clothes, and most of them wore no makeup at all.

The guys you want to be chasing you are not the guys that can’t tell the difference between real skin and fake makeup. The guy you want is the one that sees what YOUR beauty is like. Most guys easily fooled by fake makeup, and they aren’t the ones you want.

Believe it or not, clothes and makeup aren’t usually what makes people beautiful. It’s FEELING beautiful that makes people beautiful. Sometimes a new skirt, or a new kind of shampoo can do that for you, but remember that it’s not the “stuff” that makes you look good, it’s feeling like you look great that does it.

You say you think that you are ugly. Well, I’ll tell you this, to the one who loves you, you couldn’t be more wrong. I’ve seen some girls that really weren’t pretty at all, but something about them was sooo attractive. The way they walked, they way the talked, or maybe just the way they acted towards me just was extremely appealing. And, strange as it may seem, I couldn’t stop looking at them.

Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, but there’s a lot of advantages to being imperfect. I knew this one girl that looked like she had a broken nose. She’d never get on the cover of a magazine, but to me she was irresistable. I couldn’t stop looking at her. I spent all day memorizing her face, she was DIFFERENT from the other girls, and she had her OWN brand of beauty that was completely irreplacable.

In short, it really doesn’t matter what you look like. Enjoy the life, the face, and the body that you have, and the other good things of life will come to you naturally. Perfection isn’t the goal, happiness is. Being imperfect is part of being human, and being unhappy sometimes is normal. Make the best of what you’ve got, and enjoy it as much as you can.

If you do that, beauty will come, in it’s own way, in YOUR own way. Don’t try to force it, just try to accentuate it.

Answer #57

just stop talking about it and do something its that simple you freakin idiot damn!!!

Answer #58

I’m 15 now but when I was 13 I was so ugly!!! like to the point that I’d rather kill myself than show anyone my old yearbook picture. but now my friends think I’m the prettiest of all of them (I was the ugliest before) and I have a boyfriend whos a senior. except I don’t really like him andi like this kid in my grade but anywayss enough of my problems lol. here are some things I’ve done since then that have helped my appearance. 1)braces… if you have them now, you will look so much better when you get them off. nothing you can really do about it at the moment though.. just do what the orthodontist says. and pick light, non-noticeable rubber band colors.

  1. eyebrows! if you havent already, get them done. but not so they look like penciled in. just so they arent bushy and have a nice shape. that really changed what my face looked like. go to a professional.. maybe bring in a picture of a celebrity or someone who has nice eyebrows that are still natural looking.
  2. for a tan.. don’t fake tan it will look fake. go to the beach and lie down on a towel and listen to music. when you start to burn then give up for the day and just swim. wear sunscreen on your face though or it will get all wrinkly in a few years. also for next year in the spring play a sport. I played tennis and we had practice every day so I got a nice tan just from that, even though I usually am veryy pale. 4)hair- use hello hydration shampoo and conditioner, and use neutragena weekly conditioner.. it comes in a white-ish case with an orange top. theyre all at cvs and they helped make my hair so much less puffy. if your hair is just a big poof (mine used to be) then get long layers. again, I used to have disgustttingg hair but now its so pretty! : )
  3. don’t bother too much with makeup it doesnt make that much of a difference. use an exfoliator for your face when you wash it to get the dead skin off. that makes your skin look fresh and bright.

as for the guys… act confident and be yourself.. I know its vague but thats really what you have to do. if he doesnt like you for you, then don’t bother with him and find someone else hope I helped!

Answer #59

I’ve always hated the way I looked too. I started wearing makeup at 12 (not a lot) and started getting a little happier w/ myself. In the 9th grade, I felt like I had to be the thinnest girl in school (even if I’m big boned), so I use to make my self throwup everytime I would eat. (which was stupid of me b/c now I have bad reflux). In school, it always seemed like I could pick someone that is not that attractive, start to like them, and then not long after, one of my friends would start likeing the same guy I did, and then get him. I never understood that until I realized I was so in to the way I looked that my personality just flat out sucked. I missed so many parties b/c I “thought’ I wouldn’t have a great time b/c I didn’t look good. Finally around 11th grade, me and my sister Lyndsey hung out all the time and I guess I just picked up on her personality. She was always popular, but her personality made her that way. Thankfully, she helped me change my look on life and myself. I stopped caring about how I looked and started paying attention on the way I would talk and treat people. Then in 11th grade, I met the man I truley had feelings for, but this time I acted like I didn’t have feelings for him, but still treated him w/ a lot of respect. He thought I was the hardest girl to get, and one day just decided to ask me to go see Ruby Falls, in Tennessee. A year later he asked me to marry him, got married, and now we’re expecting a baby. I guess what I’m trying to say is dont be so hard on your self. Things will get better for you if you’ll let it. (Oh, and I have freckles too, I use to hate them but now I found out a lot of people would love to have them, b/c for some reason they stop zits from coming up, so I’m thankful for them). I would love to help you out as much as I can. If you have a myspace, you can go to my site and talk to me through that and I’ll try my best to help you and tell you some of the things I use to use that made me feel better a/b my self. B/c I’ve been in your shoes and it wasn’t fun at all for me. Have a great day, God Bless.

Answer #60

well hun as I read all the stuff up above I guess I relized all female feel the same way. well im goingt to be 17 april 14 and When I was a 5th all the way to 7th grader I have to say I thought I was ugly and so did some people I went to school with. I changed schools a lot hoping it would get better but it didnt I was ugly. well anyway now im varsity cheerleader use to be football player. When I started to look good ending of 7th grade I went back to the school were everyone made fun of me and now im one of the most popular people at school, yeah there are people there that are prettier then me but honestly everyone is my friend because im down to earth and because of my personality. Im fun to hang out with and can get anyone to laugh. I love dressing up. doing makeup. I dont extreme with my make up sometimes I do my eyes really dramatic like cat eyes are to make the flame. I think its really cute I have a lot of guys that like me for my personality. and im so fortunate that I have friends that are true friends my friends that I had when everyone made fun of me are still my friend now. I have true friends but just be your self honestly im kinda a tomboy when it comes to dressing unless im with a boyfriend. I ware whatever is comfortable such as hoodies and slacks that are comfy. I love being our school clas clown but dont worry about it. Honestly to get this mad to like you up your flirting a little and WORK THE HAIR. its all about the hair. honesly if I had bad hair or and ugly face I would still be ugly. lucky for me my boyfriend loves me for me and I dont have to try and impress him.

Answer #61

First of all and repeat after me,DON’T GET A TAN!!!Don’t go to a tan salon(Ewww),don’t wear tanning lotion(you might come out looking like those thing off of that chocolate movie),and don’t stand and the sun all day(can you spell cancer).Secondly,you do not need make-up at 13.Maybe some eye shadow and lip gloss but that enough.Thirdly,I was in you shoes one.I thought I was too fat,too geeky,too tacky.I thought I was ugly.But really the only thing that was ugly about me was my confidence.Your teen years are supposed to be the best years of your life.They should be spent having fun not hiding from the world.Once you believe you are pretty,you’ll be the most gorgeous girl that you know. I wish I knew that when I was your age.Also,you have to understand that girl mature faster then boys.So while you may act like your 13,they act like there 3.You’ll just have to give boy time.They haven’t learn to express there feelings yet.

I email you a link to a great website that will help you with your problem

Answer #62

im 14 now and I’ve been werin make up since I was 12 now I know how you feel because I used to think all my friends wer much more attractive than me! I WAS WRONG the reason guys like them better is because they are confident of course I have never met you and I dont know what you look like but I HIGHLY doubt your any uglier than your frends if you need makeup to build up your confidence like I did then go for it I dont hv frekles bcoz my dad is mediteranean but sumtimes I think I might want them! I have some frends that have them and who actualy accentuate them using a brown eyeliner pencil however if you don’t like them at the moment you can wer foundation, compact powder or concealer to cover them up. If you really want to look good you can use a primer as a base which wil help to create a matte look. You really dont have to spend a lot of money I have tried both brand makeup and cheep pharmacy makeup Both work equally well to be honest! if you want to look darker you can use a bronzer or just fake tan fake tan can be harder to apply though so id try bronzer first if I wer you if you want to change the shape of any features on your face there are various techniques if you like you can email me on this address: I have a few tricks to slim a nose or to make your eyes look bigger GOOD LUCK WIV THAT GUY!! :) im sure your not as ugly as you think I dont always wer makeup now because I’ve built up my confidence! the boys like me just as much as my other friends! and they didnt used 2 I hvnt got more beautiful either I actualy think I look nicer in old pictures the other thing to do is to work on your body HEALTHILY and anyway your face wil change a lot as you get older for example your cheeks wil slim out and various features in your face wil develop I wouldnt worry about it

Answer #63

im 14 now and I’ve been werin make up since I was 12 now I know how you feel because I used to think all my friends wer much more attractive than me! I WAS WRONG the reason guys like them better is because they are confident of course I have never met you and I dont know what you look like but I HIGHLY doubt your any uglier than your frends if you need makeup to build up your confidence like I did then go for it I dont hv frekles bcoz my dad is mediteranean but sumtimes I think I might want them! I have some frends that have them and who actualy accentuate them using a brown eyeliner pencil however if you don’t like them at the moment you can wer foundation, compact powder or concealer to cover them up. If you really want to look good you can use a primer as a base which wil help to create a matte look. You really dont have to spend a lot of money I have tried both brand makeup and cheep pharmacy makeup Both work equally well to be honest! if you want to look darker you can use a bronzer or just fake tan fake tan can be harder to apply though so id try bronzer first if I wer you if you want to change the shape of any features on your face there are various techniques if you like you can email me on this address: I have a few tricks to slim a nose or to make your eyes look bigger GOOD LUCK WIV THAT GUY!! :) im sure your not as ugly as you think I dont always wer makeup now because I’ve built up my confidence! the boys like me just as much as my other friends! and they didnt used 2 I hvnt got more beautiful either I actualy think I look nicer in old pictures the other thing to do is to work on your body HEALTHILY and anyway your face wil change a lot as you get older for example your cheeks wil slim out and various features in your face wil develop I wouldnt worry about it

Answer #64

First of all, you’re to young and vibrant to be concerned about pleasing boys and looking “pretty” Every 13year-old girl is pretty. Just because the beauty that you have is not confirmed by your peers that doesn’t make you ugly. As for your freckles, nothing is unattractive about that honey. Freckles are usually considered to be quite beautiful and many models and beauty magazines would agree with that. ( Not that their opinions matter anyways) The fact of the matter is nothing is wrong with you and if you dont like the way you look then usually those feelings are coming from a deeper source and your looks are not the one to blame. Love yourself and focus all that energy on learning and improving your future. Every girl is not perfect, but perfect in their own unique ways.

Answer #65

Let me tell you a very big secret that most women don’t like to hear… The girls who are pretty at 13 lose those looks very fast when they turn 30. AND the girls who are are plain when they are 13 turn out to be the real lookers when they are adults. I was pretty plain when I was 13… skinny, freckle faced, acne, crooked teeth, funky hair that wouldn’t do what I wanted, oily skin & most of the girls were horribly cruel to me. Well, I grew up to be quite the opposite. I was a Playboy Bunny at the Dallas TX club in the 1980’s & met Hugh Hefner & many celebrities. My secret was that I learned how to make the most of what I had & used my personality to be my best asset. If you FEEL beautiful… you’ll look beautiful to others. With makeup & clothes & learning how to walk & talk properly & carry yourself like a winner… you will be a winner! Now I’m 47 & everyone swears I’m in my early to mid thirties. Many of those girls who used to be mean to me & call me ugly now look like old grandmas with wrinkled faces. It’s all up to you. In today’s world you can be whatever you set your mind to be. But one thing is a FACT… no one can tell what they are going to really look like when you are just starting to go through puberty! Keep that secret to yourself & just laugh inside when those boys don’t see you for what you really will be yet. Believe me, in the end you’ll be the happy one, not them. Growing up too fast really has a way of killing prettiness for the rest of a woman’s life.

Answer #66

Whatever you do-DO NOT TAN!! Not only is it bad for your skin, but it will only increase the darkness and number of your freckles! I think self confidence goes a long way in how pretty other people percieve you to be. If you spend all your time agonizing over the attention your friends are recieving instead of focusing on what you are projecting with your facial expressions and body language, nobody will find you pretty or even interesting! And I disagree with those who say you are too young for makeup. I always had a pale complexion and a little blush went a long ways when I was 13. I think a little blush, some pretty, sheer lip gloss, and some lightly tinted mascara would do wonders for your self esteem. Remember, beauty comes from within so if you feel pretty you will project pretty! There is not one single definition of pretty-it is your differences that make you stand out from the crowd-not your similarities. So be yourself, your beautiful, wonderful self!

Answer #67
  1. you NEVER tell a boy you like him.. there imature especially at age 13. they like girls and are drawn to them if you are harder to get. or play harder to get. the number 1 key is to act confident. not cocky. but feel/ act beautiful. guys like that. tease em a bit. dont show that your flutterd by them. be open and outgoing crack a joke. laugh givem huge hugs but not intimate. If you havent plucked your eyebrows do so. wear some mascara.. give yourself some side bangs.. and dont wear guy cltoerhs dont wear short skirts either be classy. Thats it! make sure not to do stuff with guys ( fool around) because you will end up getting hurt and theyl just think of you as an easy girl.. So if anythign get in a relationship and wait it out! DONT WEAR EYELINER it looks sleazy .. and often gross and unattractive on younger girls. As for your freckles. there frkn beautiful you may not think so but they are.. a good way to makem look less noticible.. get a cover up that makes your face NOT ORANGE or cover up looking but natural ask somoene at a shoppers drug mart. And bronzer for the cheeks.. you can go to a tanning salon.. if not get a self tanner when you start looking orange STOP. or wait it out till the summer:) GOOD LUCK BABE!
Answer #68

hey am well like little things can makes people prettier trust me I used to be sooo ugly but little things can make you so much prettier!! like maybe if you do your eyebrows with a slight arch.. and always try to make the pretty things on your body more if you have nice eyes maybe splash out to buy a good mascara and good eyeliner and I always think dark eyeshadow is nicer. this way say if you have a big nose or something it will take away from your nose and draw more attention to your eyes!! and hair is a big thing! never have all your hair all tied back(unless its I a quiff) because it makes your forehead look big.. maybe get a nice side fringe or full fringe if you think it would suit you. freckles are pretty bad.. but you can always wear fondation to try and make them less noticeable.. but make sure you put it on right because theres nothing worse than people who have it on with a big orange line or really shiney!!lol but clothes are also a very big thing make sure you wear things that flatter you!! things that make you look slim but with nice curves in the right places!! and ALWAYS wear pants that make you have a nice bum!! because a horrible bum is such a put off!!trust me!! nice and tight pants nothing better!! and if you do everything I just told you there you wont be able to keep the lads off you!!hehe hope I’ve been a help..because theres nothing worse than feeling ugly I know how you feel!! good luck with that lad! xxx

Answer #69

The best thing you should do is evaluate yourself are you really ugly? take a good look and look at the things you want to fix and you could probally search online to find some solutions on what you want to change but beauty is in the eye of the beholder There could be the prettiest girl alive and a man gets attracted to her but as he sees her true personality she begins to turn ugly and vise versa an ugly girl who has a good personality over some time will develop beauty really my friend Jacob has permanent bruises and burns all over his faceand body but his girlfriend is a goddess and at least you can get a make over or anything but he’s burnt for life but she loves him It doesn’t matter how ugly or cute you are most immature people think about that. Let me tell you something there was a girl in my class in high school she was butt ugly very hidios people wanted to throw up even her scent bothered people but as she grew older and started taking care of herself she went from ugly duckling to goddess and we all wrote apology letters to her for ridicule so you see God has never created anything ugly we are all his prized pssessions we are worth gold to him and he is the only person that matters. there is a lot of stuff you can do to beautfy yourself taking care of yourself helps and there’s info about everytthing from clear skin to loosing or gaining weight or even straighten teeth you are not alone and nothing God creates is ugly.

Answer #70

hey am well like little things can makes people prettier trust me I used to be sooo ugly but little things can make you so much prettier!! like maybe if you do your eyebrows with a slight arch.. and always try to make the pretty things on your body more if you have nice eyes maybe splash out to buy a good mascara and good eyeliner and I always think dark eyeshadow is nicer. this way say if you have a big nose or something it will take away from your nose and draw more attention to your eyes!! and hair is a big thing! never have all your hair all tied back(unless its I a quiff) because it makes your forehead look big.. maybe get a nice side fringe or full fringe if you think it would suit you. freckles are pretty bad.. but you can always wear fondation to try and make them less noticeable.. but make sure you put it on right because theres nothing worse than people who have it on with a big orange line or really shiney!!lol but clothes are also a very big thing make sure you wear things that flatter you!! things that make you look slim but with nice curves in the right places!! and ALWAYS wear pants that make you have a nice bum!! because a horrible bum is such a put off!!trust me!! nice and tight pants nothing better!! and if you do everything I just told you there you wont be able to keep the lads off you!!hehe hope I’ve been a help..because theres nothing worse than feeling ugly I know how you feel!! good luck with that lad! xxx

Answer #71

Middle school sucks because you have all those questions, and your self confidence goes down the drain. I had reeeally bad acne in middle school and I thought that automatically made me ugly. One day I realized I had friends. I mean, I had people to sit with at lunch, and to talk to in the halls. It sounds like you do as well. That means so much, and obviously you have some people who like you for who you are, and want to hang out with you. I started wearing just foundation at 13 because of my acne, but if you must, use non-communogenic foundation, that’s safer, non-oily, non-clog-poring makeup. But seriously? Smile. That’s my tip. Just try it, even if it sounds lame. Smile at five people during the day, a real full-out smile. It makes people smile, and they think “hey! This girl looks fun to be around!”
Guys are attracted to confidence. Make a list of the things you’re good at, the things you like about yourself. People see those things, and they shine through especially when you’re confident.

  So put yourself out there. You can't change who you are, but if you face the world with the attitude like "Hey. I'm worth it." People will be drawn to that.  Or they're not worth thinking about.
Answer #72

Kayleigh, I personally think freckles are the cutest thing ever! Don’t be ashamed of them, you may hate them, but trust me, there are guys out there that find them irrisistable. Infact, I wish I had some sprinkled across my nose like my little sister does. As far as being 13 and thinking you’re ugly, 13 is a really awkward stage…I didnt start knowing how to do my makeup and actually looking “pretty” until my junior year in high school, though I started wearing it around your age. I realize the preassures of makeup and looking good, I dont have the best of skin and I’ve always been on the heavy side, and overly shy and I thought I was ugly. Then, once I broke out of my shell, guys were coming at me left and right, but it wasnt because I wear expensive clothes (thrift store shopper!) or a lot of makeup, and it certainly wasnt for my curves, it was because I was confident, and confidence is the best beauty product at all. You’re only as good as you beleive you are, so think deep inside yourself and believe you’re beautiful, and trust me…the difference will be a lot more noticable than a little blush.

Answer #73

Hey Girl, I just checked out your picture and you’re down-right gorgeous… You know what I realized? We girls tend to break down all the components that make up our faces and find the worst qualities about each one… the fact is that people look at the whole picture, not if you have a crooked tooth! So, you look beautiful to me and just maybe you’re a humble person - which is a great attribute! The most important thing is that positive attitude can make everything seem good… seriously, start viewing yourself in a more positive light, look at what you like about yourself, your personality etc. and then your self confidence will boom up and people will feel more attracted to you. The secret to life is a smile and a bit of confidence and you’re good to go! I wish you luck…

Answer #74

Aww… Don’t feel sad. Seriously. The more confident you are about yourself the more appealing you look. Don’t ever think that you’re ugly. If your friends get more attention, don’t let that make you feel worse about yourself. I know you’re not ugly, everyone has some pretty in them, no joke. Try wearing a bit of mascara and some pretty lipgloss. Don’t always tell guys you like them, make them come after you, they like getting something they think they can’t have. If you become sad after a guy ignores you and it shows on your face, people just think you’re desperate and depressed and they would probably talk. If it ever happens that some guy becomes a jerk- totally ignore him! Never show that you’re awkward and always be confident and have an I don’t care attitude at all times. gluck

Answer #75

You cant get a tan because if you do u get more freckles. I would say try to work you’re skin because you were born to be beautiful in you’e skiin. If the boys dont like you than dont pay attention to them because do you really want a guy to like you for what you look like and not who you are? It may sound stupid now but when you grow olderyou’ll understand. I should because my bestfriends are the hottest girls in school and im the 3rd wheel bestfriend that just shadows them. But then this guy in my grade noticed me for who iam and this wasnt just any guy this was the hottest guy. So you just have to wait. You cant push time to go faster. You never know maybe one day when you’re older all the guys will be drooling over you. Maybeyou’re just a late bloomer. Wait for a guy to come around and like u for hu u are because it will be worth it. It may not seem clear now but you’ll understand. Its just a matter of time. and do u really want to use make-up and ruin you’re face by the age of 16. NOOOOOO you dont cause thats the time you bloom and all the people/uys will start noticing you.

Answer #76

I dont need to see a picture of you to know your beautiful. besides, at thirteen, boys are idiots. serious. at that age they are not worth it, you’ll want to wait until they are a bit more mature and in tune to your feelings. oh and if you dont think boys are stupid, trust me, they are. I have to friends, one wants to be a lawyer rool eyes lol and the other wants to be a pharmasist. and I am almost scared of how smart the one who wants to be a pharmasist is! and yet, he doesnt seem to have much common sense. and hes is 16 1/2 and has his liscense already. hahaha. no really forget boys for now, well, they never really grow up, but at least they become a little more aware of the world around them and their penis. you can make yourself pretty, by beingBeing yourself. For your age a little blush, lipgloss and maybe … Maybe some eyeshadow will go very far. Trust me though, at this age, guys don’t pay much attention, they might not even know your wearing makeup. People today barley realize I wear some makeup even though I have been wearing it for a while now. =D just be yourself.

Answer #77

in my opinion every woman is beautiful and youre only 13.. when I was that age I was such a dork I had the biggest frizziest hair, I didnt wear makeup, I had glasses that were crooked because I fell asleep with them on a few times, braces with bright pink ruberbands that made it look like my gums were bleeding lol I was pretty gross looking. I got contacts in 8th grade but I was still miss frizzball braceface.. then summer before fresman year I got my braces off.. then sophmrore year I started wearing a little makeup and straightened my hair.. then over junior year I started wearing a little more makeup and now its my senior year and my style is a lot more sophisticated very NYC collegey, I feel like I have grown a lot. my best advice to you would be when you start highschool DONT start cake-ing on the makeup because some of my friends did that their freshman year and now its senior year and they look the same as they did when they were a freshman. you have to take your time, like a catepillar turning into a butterfly. im thankful people can look back at who I was and tell me that I have grown up to be a beautiful young lady. you cant really say that about all the girls who cake it on from freshman year and then they just look the same 4 years later. theres just no distinct change, no transformation.. just a catepillar remaining a catepillar.

Answer #78

well I could tell you a few makeup tricks which I will but honestly guys like confidence more than anything you need to believe in yourself and think you are attractive but I know thats hard so my advice is for the frecle coverage liquid concealer my fav is ysl touche eclat you get it in bodycare/superdrug etc it is a bit pricey though at £16 but there are plenty of alternatives the colour depends on your skin tone foundation wise elizabeth arden flawless finish will cover any blemishes and is really easy to apply!!! it is £10 from bodycare now that will cover any blemishes/ freckles etc so next the best thing to do is make your best features stand out ie lips or eyes but dont overdo both if you wear a coloured lipgloss dont wear too much eyemakeup just a little mascara or if you do wear eyemakeup wear a clear lipgloss also keep the eyemakeup natural with beiges and tans theres nothing worse than overdoing it lol you asked about a tan I use nivea gradual tan on a daily basis its only £2 from bodycare it doesnt give a lot of colour just a bit of a glow but when I want a good golden tan I use garnier spray on mist I think its £6.99 from bodycare well hope this helpd chick

Answer #79

Sweet heart you are at a very sensitive age, and you might not like what you see, but it doesn’t mean you are not pretty. Every girl goes through this stage. I am 26 and still think that, and when I walk in a room I turn heads every where I go. But I really don’t know whay. We are our worst critics. Don’t listen to yourself. You still have growing and developing to do yet. You will be fine. Give your self time. If you are going to wear make, just remember that it is supposed to be used to bring out your natuaral beauty not to cover you up. I would not suggest tannin, as it will develope More freckels. If you have fair skin and want a change you can dye your hair or even add highlights. If you do wear makeup get a translucent base to make you look more natural, wear a lip gloss and a little mascara and you will feel a little better. Don’t over due it.

Answer #80

ok…well first things first, do things the traditional way. Don’t chase guys let them do the chasing! No wonder the poor boy ran off no boy likes to be cornered/pressured! Also just relax. The more you think you’re ugly the more likely you will be! It’s all psycological love yourself and everyone will begin to love you! As for making yourself look tanned - well fake tan is the best solution I use dove body lotion tis awesome and smells delicious! As for your freckles, foundation and concealer can cover them and a nice blusher or bronzer (to make yourslef look even tanner) will finish your face off nicely! And p.s chill out about guys I didnt have a boyfriend for years now I’ve been in a relationship for three years kinda wish I was single now lol :p just enjoy your younger years because hell you’ll never get them back! Lots of love x x

Answer #81

It has been said that young girls who don’t look their best at their age, end up looking beautiful and in appropriate terms “hot” when they are older. You’re time will come when a boy comes along and he thinks you are the most beautiful girl in the world, I promise. It happens to every girl who has the confidence, and the luck of looking naturally beautiful. If you see some of the girls your age walking around with loads of make up on, don’t feel that that’s now what you need. Beauty comes naturally, not by hiding your face under make up. If you’d like a nice tan, sit out under the sun for a couple hours a day during the Summer. Make sure to wear sunscreen though. It is fact that not wearing sunscreen can severely damage your skin, and causes more freckles to appear. Don’t try and make your freckles less noticeable. Most girls think that hiding what they don’t like about their looks will make them prettier, but trust me when I say you have to enhance your beauty. Not hide it. Also, a little bit of self-confidence goes along way. Feeling beautiful gives you the right attitude to get other kids noticing you. Possibly even a few guys? (: Good luck sweetie.

Answer #82

I was in the same situation. I always felt like I was ugly. my hair was a little bit past my shoulders, all wavy and weird looking, and it would get oily sooo quick. I finally decided I was done with this. I took all the nail polish off my nails, and painted them one solid color, not five million different colors. I got my hair cut up to my shoulders, my part on the left, and a bang going across my face. Since this hair is so hard to deal with, I have to wash it every night, and once I do, I will be sure that my hair won’t be oily in the morning. my nails used to be really long, and they would actually cut me and other people. I cut them really really short, and I even went through my whole closet. I have nice clothes, I just don’t wear them right. I learned not to wear jeans everyday, or I’m just boring. Since I can’t wear open-toed shoes in my school, on weekends I put jeans and a cute shirt with a pair of flipflops, but don’t get flipflops with like different colors. I usually wear solid ones. And freckles are a sign of being in the sun, too. Something a lot of people like about me is my eyes, and I mix a whitish color of shadow with a brownish color. it makes it look natural, and if you put a little bit of mascara on (not a lot at all!) and just a little bit of eyeliner, it also makes your eyes look pretty good. a little bit of bronzer also helps. So I hope this helps!!!

Answer #83

hi look there is someone out there for everyone who will care for you no matter how you act or look. you just need to find this person. this boy who ignored you for 10 weeks just isnt worth your effort. you deserve a lot more and no one should be treated like that. your still only 13 and years ahead of you dont worry. hope it helped Chris. x

Answer #84

If you Feel beautiful, you come accross as beautiful, then you are beautiful.

Answer #85

it’s already there in the other comments..but listen when your friends ssy your mostly are

Answer #86

love your self no matter what!

Answer #87

self esteem & confidence

Answer #88


Answer #89

people think there ugly but there really not and plus it counts whats on the inside not beauty or glamour

Answer #90

I have no clue what you look like, but you are probably very pretty.. but sence I dont know what you look like, if your hair is parted down the middle.. part it to the side,, it give you a little Ummpf! lol.. but yea…

Answer #91

don’t freak out, i am 13 too,all the guys hate me and call me flat chest, no biggie,. At least we don’t got lots of acne, i have a few acne scars, but thats it. = )

Answer #92

look first u need to come down 2coned u need to listen to me im self conce to so my friend said this im going to say it in the most gentel way possible okay? fist get a grip so some boys dont like u big deal who cares what they think love isnt about the perfect person its about seeing an imperfect person perfectly sorry if i was harsh

Answer #93

if u really like a boy there is no problem with a guy knowing u like them and if it ruins ur friendship was that really worth the risk of getting a boyfriend?? think hard about that and if the boy doesn’t like u thats all you can do don’t force it on them. with your freckles you can take care of them with some simple base and blush.

Answer #94

It doesn’t matter what you look like out on the outside. I think I’m ugly most of the time. but then I remember about other people. You’re not the only one that thinks their ugly, but you are not. And I’m not just saying that to be nice.

Answer #95

Hello my name is Erica and I do not use make-up and I am 16 years old and I have a boyfriend that loves me 4 who I am and not what I look like. And you do not need make-up 2 tell you that your pretty. God made you how you are so dont mess it up by buying something that is a waste of money and your time and I have never where make-up but only on holidays sometimes!

Answer #96

Honestly guys are assholes right now at this age! Pay no attention to them. They will retty soon be drooling at your feet so dont buy there bullshit! Your gorgeous no matter what dont let anyones word make you feel bad! By the way freakles are not ugly! Some of the most beautiful famous people so dont think its a bad thing! Hope you feel better!

Answer #97

well you can dress up nicely and just go on a beauty parlour and and ask for a hairkut and a nice facial. I think this will probably make you pretty and also if you are a bit fat then go for a walk everyday for 15-25 minutes and it will show results after 1 or may be 2 months.

Answer #98

Here’s what you should do:

  1. if your hair is curly you can straighten it everyday
  2. always wear mascara!!!, concealor (has to match), either gold, brown, or purple eyeshadow, and LIPGLOSSS is a must!
  3. wear pretty earings and braclets
  4. pretty pink nail polish is always good!
  5. wear cool clothers (get them at forever 21, hollister, and abercombie!!)
Answer #99


Answer #100

ok first off freckles are super cute. second off could you upload a pic so I could give you advice. Also you dont have to be tan to be beautiful.

Answer #101

well you know just cover them up with makeup but not where you can notice the make up I had really bad actniy but if I didnt have anough money to get stuff that will really work then I just coverd them up with make up

Answer #102

evry1’s like “don’t put urself down!!” but im gunna give you some advice…okay,I don’t think theres a way you can actually get rid of your freckles, but you can cover them up, buy some cover up that matches your skin tone, and the fastest way to get a tan, is to go to the beach!! DUHHH…bring your friends have fun while getting prettier!! lol…good luck =]


Answer #103

you know what you are prob not even ugly :] and soo what if you have frekeles did you noe that right now the modeling industry is looking for girls with freckles because it’s so rare. so I think you got it made

Answer #104

13 is really,really young for makeup.I mean,lipgloss may b fine and nailpolish but not mascara and rogue and all that stuff.Leave it for later.Freckles are not ugly and blive me,u shouldnt worry about what others say to you u shoulkd be happy with urself.

Answer #105

You poor lil girl. I was the same at school. Try to get into make up and when you sunbake just use baby oil it’s helps heaps.

Answer #106

I used to spend ages in the bathroom mirror trying to make myself resonably good looking because I like a guy he freeks out every time I tell him I like him but now he thinks im a crazy stalker but now I’ve realised: a) the best way to look pretty is to feel pretty wake up every morning and look in the mirror and say I am pretty believe in urself b)don’t spend all your life thinking about one boy they dont like to see girls trying have fun be yourself c)no one feels perfect because perfection isnt always a good thing it’s better to be individual d)fashion changes but style stays with you you have your own personal style and that’s never going to change you just have to prove to people that you are you don’t change for no one babe x

Answer #107

Honey, relax! If guys are liking your friends over you because of looks, are they really the kind of guys you want to be hanging out with? Sounds kind of shallow! You’ve got plenty of time to grow into your looks and realize you’re fine the way you are, lots of guys don’t like it when girls wear too much makeup so take your time before experimenting with it. Also remember that everybody is attracted to different looks, my best guy friend thinks freckles on a girl are downright adorable, other guys think little quirks like that too, it’s all different. You’re unique, don’t try to be like everyone else and wait until you’re a little older before you start worrying about what guys are liking- they’re all immature and dumb at that time anyway. Be confident, and smile :-D

Answer #108

You only look as pretty as you feel… You could could be born super model gorgeous but a bad attitude will do a # on that real quick..W/o even knowing what you look like, I bet I can guess your most unattractive feature!! I’ll bet it’s calling yourself ugly. there’s nothing cute about that regardless of what you look like sorry sweetie… not to mention it’s just eff’n tacky… and I mean no disrespect at all. so don’t go getting all bent out of shape on me!! just some helpful advice from the olld school!! XoXo

Answer #109

I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU MEAN. I am a sophmore in highschool and I have some very pretty friends. When we go out with guys, all of the guys prefer them over me and it makes me very sad. I have not had a REAL boyfriend EVER, but I had “boyfriends” in 5th, 6th, and 7th grades (though i would not call them boyfriends). Now that I am in highschool, i WANT a boyfriend, but no boy wants me. I am 5’6, thin, brown hair and brown eyes.. but apparently I dont look attractive. I try to be fun and cool around guys and other girls and just be myself, but NO guys like me. They like me as friends (i guess) but like other girls better as friends and BETTER to date.. but never me. (but all of the girls love me as friends) I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DOOOO! please help.

Answer #110

Aww.. hunny… I knew a guy named Grant once… real mean to me.. said I was cute.. but then belw me off for a slutty girl at school. Not dating but didn’t talk to me after we got in an arguement.. whatev. screw him.

I’m sorry, I got sidetracked.

13 is a tough age. It’ll get better. You’ll find a guy that likes you. There’s a guy/girl for everybody, including you. And tha guy is looking for everything you are. Grant may not be that guy.

You can use powder for your face and go to the beach for a tan. Fun mail me if you have any questions!!


Answer #111

Ok. First of all, everyday, do something with your hair so that nobody looks at your freckles? You can straighten your hair every morning and maybe it would be nice if you could could your hair layered. Anways..I dont think there is an easy way to tan. Just go to a beach and lay in the sun for a couple hours..but not too many..haha..and then yeah. Try proactiv to get rid of the freckles. Actually, noones really ugly. its just some people dont like try. I bet your really pretty, because everyone is in there own way.

Answer #112

you can be bretty with out wearing to much makeup just wear mascara and some light shiney eye shadow not to over powering and some like blush you can wear some base to cover up ur freckles but i don’t recomend it. as for boys just be yourself if they don’t like u for u then who cares. get clothes that are cute and fits ur personality and compliments your body shape. as for the tan you can buy Jergens tanning lotion it is very mild and u don’t have to be in the sun and it doesn’t make you orange i have freckles and they don’t bother me but everyone has there own ideas. that lotion is not over powering and it will mildly tan you over a couple of weeks. i hope i helped you 13 is a little you to really care what they think tho.

Answer #113

Hun, seriously..I was once in your position. And I made mistakes, by wearing makeup, and dressing innapropriately to try make myself look better. The result..the makeup screwed up my skin, and I’m still trying to fix it. I feel 100 times worse than I did before. I look back now and think how much of my childhood I wasted. And the truly sad thing is im only 14..but I can already see that I grew up way to quickly. Don’t screw yourself up like I did. rust me it’s not worht it. And as for guys, I don’t want to be a hypocrite because I do have a boyfriend, but honestly they’re not as important as everyone makes them out to be. After all we’re only young. One day you’ll find a guy who loves you for who you are - freckles and all - and you’ll be happy.

Answer #114

sweetie, sweetie…

look…I’m not a super model…okay? I felt so akward at 13 and still do to some degree. But I have a good sense of humor and good personality…

you have to look for your good inner qualities…not your outside…the inside matters, and as cheesy as that sounds, its true…

as for guys…you’ll find the right one for you someday…I’m currently dating a rather handsome young man who loves me just as I am and told me not two hours ago he wouldn’t have me change anything for the world…

please look to the inner beauty in your heart and let that shine out from you…that’s far more beautiful then any sort of make up can create!

Answer #115

Im only in year 7 but I’ve learn’t thats its not whats on the outside, its whats inside that counts. I’ve never had a boyfriend because I have pimples and I really am ugly. I do get really upset at all my friends getting boyfriends, because I really want someone I can talk to and hold hands with. You just have to act yourself and just maybe one daywill like you forwho you really are and you might just turn out to be prettier than all the girls :)

Answer #116


Answer #117

I know itz been a while since you wrote this, so I’m late, but I hope you feel betta about ya self. I felt the same about myself, but I realize that there is someone for every1. your not ugly.. Itz all about your confidence and how you carry yourself. I mean look @ me… I jus signed a modeling contract and I thought I was a dogface growing up. Keep ya chin up sweetie. Life doesn’t end wit the opinions of the idiots @ your school.. TRUST ME!!

Answer #118

they r soo right. your beautiful and i can see that even without a picture. you have character and you should be proud. honestly i just filled out a question like urs a minute ago. then i found these comments and i feel alot better about myself. you should too. beauty is inside and if you realize that then you ar ethe most beautiful of them all. LUV YA dani xx

Answer #119

everyone is pretty in there own way ! and its all about confidence , if you fink your hot .. everyone else will =D if you don’t like your freckles why not try make-up it will not make you plastic or anything else people want to call you .. it is for your own self esteem! I wear make-up for my self esteem and if people call me plastic I don’t really care cause ther just jealous and ther judgin you! it is probably likely that the people calling you are jealous of wht you’ve got and what they havent and want!! good luck girl x

Answer #120

No ones ugly everyones pretty but just in their own way,

It doesnt matter what you look like personality ALWAYS come first :) I’d hate to have a boyfriend that just liked me for what I looked like, I want a boyfriend who knows im a good person, and nice and not just hot. anyhow, a lil make0up wont do anyharm, use a lil foundation to hide the freckles a lil, use a touch of mascara and eyeliner to make your eyes stand out, if you want them to stand out more, use a brown pencil, not too dark though and just put it onto your eyebrows, this brings all the attension to your eyes. Use a bit of lipgloss just to look a lil sexyier lol

This should make you feel and look more confident about yourself Just remember my advice belive me, it feels worse having a boyfriend just for your looks x

Answer #121

dont be so self consious you need to know that at 13 years old guys arnt everything. trust me I know im 14 and I have been in love with this guy for more than a yer we went out a few times and now were really good friends and he knows that I still like him but if this guy GRANT doesnt even talk to you then hes not worth your time some things that you can do to make yourself look pretty is go for the cloths that make you look thinner wear a little bit of jewelry and maybe some make up just dont change yourself for this boy cause if he doesnt like you for who you are then he isnot worth it at all.

casey <33

Answer #122

hunni.. when I was 13 I thought I was fugly as heck but seriosly I wasent.. and even when people said I was pretty I just ignored them because I thought they were trying to butter me up

I look at my pictures and I was actually pretty.. I thought my hair was nappy and I thought I had bad skin.. but I didnt.. and I have tons of freckles to..

love them.. there cute”)

im 16 now and I still show off my freckles..

but try some makeup.. im a makeup artist and when a costomer says make me pretty I just put on some natural tones.. look into it..

makeups not a bad thing..

Answer #123

You can make yourself prettier by boosting your self esteem. Most of the quote unquote knockouts at your age look like hags by the time they hit thirty. I can honestly say I wasn’t the most attractive at 13. Am I fierce now? Oh Yeah! You have to realize that beauty trends mean nothing to who or what you are. The most important thing is working on your intellectual and emotional strengths. What is most important to develop at this point are your strengths and your self confidence will follow. Boys and Men find self confidence and common sense the most attractive traits. Those are the women they end up marrying when they mature. Not the twits. I suggest reading the book, “All The Rules.” Good luck chica.

Answer #124

it’s not like you have to be desperate for a lad.. and your your own person ..make-up does make me feel betterr although I only wear mascara and eyeliner it just gives me confidence.. it’s personality that really matters.. and at this age you shudn’t worry but relationships.. boys can be tough work and to be honest, not worth it ! as I have experience.. hair cuts can also alter the way you look if you feel insecure about your faec shape or anything.. I used to be prettyy ugly but then I got a side fringe and a lot more lads started payin attention to me.. gooodluck x

Answer #125

Mmmkay dear, every girl thinks they are ugly even when their friends tell them they arnt! And freckles set a person away from others they are unique. But if you want to cover them up “L’OREAL Bare Natrale” covers them up the best and gives you a tannish look. Put a little eye liner in mascars on it will make your eyes look divine plus put a little brown eye shadow on but make it look natrale!! Do somthing different with you hair cut it really cute. highlight your hair with blonde it makes you look tanner in not so pale. Dont worrie what guys have to say their loss youre extrodinair and someone will love everything about you but intill then youre not gunna die without a guy pluss most of them are jerksss.

— Savana !

Answer #126

Oh my gosh are you my clone? Im just like you. I have freckles and boy problems with this guy jared that im really into but he COMPLETLY ignores me because all his dumb friends told him I like him and I guess it freaks them out that I like him. It makes me feel really self-consious. I have cried many times over him and im really crushed by him…but I still like him…I wish he liked me back.

Answer #127


Answer #128

Well I’m 7 stone. 5ft 2 tall, look two month pregnant. Have 34A sized breasts. Basically my stomach is bigger. I come out in outbreaks all over my face when I’ve been run down. I have a broken nose which has made my face uneven. I knocked my teeth out when I was a child which has left them look ‘beaver’ like. and I think I am ugly. I don’t even have the confidence to wear nice tops to go out in or a short skirt with shoes, or even so a dress as they always show my pregnant look and here is a picture of me click on webmaster. Many people say I’m pretty but I’ve been put down so much in my life I don’t believe them, its become natural.

Answer #129

ahhaha, alright I had to laugh at the first comment. thirteen is not too young for makeup. I started wearing makeup when I was in fourth grade. its not a big deal as long as you dont overdo it. if you have acne, try some foundation. make sure it matches your skin color, youu dont want lines. try a little bit of blush on your cheek bone, eyeliner on the top of your eye always looks nice, and a bit of mascara. but like I said before, dont overdo it. overall I think being pretty about is tied in with good hygeine.

Answer #130

damm.. girl NO you are gorgeous!

Answer #131

You are not ugly!…just beacuse boys are not asking you out just now.Dosnt mean its going to stay like that!…there will come a time when ul meat a guy that will find you beautiful. but just now you need to relise that yourself and know that your beautiful and you dont need a guy to feel like that!..and having freckels is part of you being differnt…something that makes you stand out from everyone else… why would you want to blend in with everyone else!…


Answer #132

listen. I know EXACTLY how you feel. its almost strange. when I was 13 it seemed like everyboy was going foe everyone else. but the thing is, it wasnt until high school that I started getting compliments and having boys notice me for ME. like someone said before you will most likely grow into your looks like I did. just give it time. and when high schools comes all those guys will be like wow. should have given her a chance. trust me babe :]

Answer #133


im the same age as you and have had issues that are exactly the same honestly i think freckles are cute on some pple i have learned that people are prettier with less makeup on it makes them look natral try some nude colors on your eyes and right below your eyebrows put a littly white or a very light color it brings out any color of eyes

hope i helped

-curious lover

Answer #134

ok sweetie,

nobody is really ugly in my oppion freckles are wicked cute. like do you have glasses braces? if you have glases keep em if you have braces try really hard toi get rid of them. if you have your ears periced go with 14kt gold medium size diamond earings. for the makeup techqunice, use a lil bit of blush (matters how pale you are) but only use a lil bit of pink blush on your cheekbones. for your eyes use mascra and a lil bit of pink eye shadow. and just become more girly. dont worry sweetheart you’ll be in love with your man. I just got my first boyfriend and I am fourteen hope this helped good luck

Answer #135

Everyone is beautiful sorry if that sounds like bull you just have to believe it even if you dont now it doesnt matter if some people think you arent just believe you are and it shouldnt matter what they say because you are and that is not considered conceited unless you try to make yourself more as a person then anyone else but you dont need anything to feel beautiful just believe you are hope that was good advice.

Answer #136

Hey I know just how you feel :) Im also 13 and had freckels and I absolutly hated them! There had been guys I like but they also said im too ugly to date them :( but then I grabbed really yellow lemons and started rubbing them on my face everyday and in about 2 weeks I noticed I had FEWER freckels than I did before. Now I have a couple of popular friends who always want to talk to me so my advice to you is that you try really yellow lemons and rub them on your face really good every day but be sure to wear sunscreen when you go out

Answer #137

I have freckles too being a red head. This was a major concern for me as I was never really pretty in my face either ( I have carefully studied photos) but I grew into myself and became rather pretty. At the same time, the boys around me grew up and looked past the freckles into my pretty eyes and vast intelligence (haha maybe not vast). You are so young- give your face time and your intellect time and give the boys time. Why waste your esteem on what boys think anyway? Mates before dates- your friends like you as you are so forget the guys. All the best!

Answer #138

well you shouldnt do it if your going to make everyone else happy then the boy really didnt love you.if he really loves you he would except you for who you are no matter what you look is skin deep babygirl because I use to feel the sameway but you want to know what I always heard ..the right guy is out there for you but dont fight to find him let him find you and trust me when its time then he will show

Answer #139

lol relax. at the age of 13 guys are like spazzing out themself. believe it or not, they have a ton of things going on in their minds too. they get nervous around girls. lol I remember this one guy I knew that puked when a girl asked him out he was so nervous. so dont worry about it. and I think freckles are so cute! dont you dare cover them up. trust me, at your age all you need is natural beauty. if you have all this make up on 1) it takes forever 2) can damage your skin 3) can look very un attractive if its not done correctly. dont dont bother with that. lol and as for the guys, once they mature, they will man up and not spazz when a girl asks them out. just give it time. and dont cover up those freckles! lol sweety I bet your georgous. good luck ^_^

Answer #140

I am a 13 year old girl to I know how you feel. I have freckles and im not very tan eathier. What I did is I went to the tanning salon in my town and got a quick easy tan. I did have togo a couple of times though to get a nice dark tan. For my freckles I just used liquid foundation first then I took a fat powder foundation brush and brushed some powder foundation on them. Your freckles will also go away after you get a tan. Good luck and I hope this works for you!

Answer #141

Well deary first of all you ae beautiful just the way you are,and secondly don’t worry about the outside being beautiful it’s just the inside that counts the most! Anyone who says that beauty outside is full of it but DOn’t you listen to them. to me beauty is how you are and how you treat people and being nice.I mean many people have their own opinion you don’t have to listen to me but just think and ask yourself am I pretty inside? I hope this helps

Answer #142

I feel the same way but you may be not the pretiest girl around now but when you do your hair eyebrows…and so on you will turn out so prettey that he will turn out falling for you!! I like this boy 2 but to him im just his frend. so dont worry you have a couple more years left!! and you will be GORGEOUSS

luv ya ♥

diana xoxo (im ugly to but wait till we grow older!! ) (I cant wait to see the look on their faces lol)

Answer #143

Just wear a bit of brown or balck eyeliner and mascara, and if you are having a bad day, some foundation, but don’t use it all the time because people notice plus it ruins your skin. Im 13 and I feel exactly the same way. You just have to make the most of your looks :) I dont know if fake tan works on people with freckles but if it does use a tinted moisturiser all over to get a real looking tan. Hope I helped :)

Answer #144

juast imagine that your pretty even if ur ugly imagine im fat and all my friends always says im thin but i just imagine that im thin and about boys they always look for pretty girls and an advice for youdont trust boys! my brother n his friends they have their class mate her name is amanda they are makin a bet who will be her boyfriend 1st one to be will have 100$ they are kids and his 17 years old

Answer #145

just remember outside there is one who loves so special JUST EMAGINE YOU HAVE THE IMAGE OF GOD!!!

Answer #146

just wear a papper bag on your head!!!

Answer #147

you look so pretty. but if you want to wear makeup I dont think your to young at all. im 13 and I wear makeup but not tons.

Answer #148

yes, sometimes boys will say mean things to you when they actually like you but they’re embarrassed to say so.

Answer #149

dont worry. im 13. im not the most attractive girl, but I still got boys cause they like how I act. fun mail me. I want to chat!

Answer #150

I put on make up and boys started payin more attention to me ,but dont put on make up if you dont want to:)

Answer #151

drees up nice put on lipgloss do your hair

love rere444

Answer #152

you cant make yourself pretty.

Answer #153

I bet your beautiful. Your self esseam is low and you need to believe in yourself okay? xx

Answer #154

u!! hell no no way

Answer #155

hey there gal… i’m 13 too… n i don’t think your ugly… maybe we haven’t started to bloom yet… don’t get to upset k? just enjoy your life n have fun… n ur beautiful!!!

Answer #156

I agree with Copa town hooligans

Answer #157

I agree w/ lyubopitca, u’r 2 young 4 make-up! you so many years. 2 grow beautiful, maybe it’s not yet u’r tym 2 bloom bt atleast you cn improve urself, bt you must bliv in d saying “beauty comes from inside” if you bliv in urself & od you bliv u’r beautiful you will nstantly become beautiful. & bowt that guy, don’t rush into anytng, u’r still young you knw, der are still many guys 2 come. & rmembr if s guy rilly lyks you it shud b bec. of u’r prsonality & not your looks, he will pursue you no matter what.

Answer #158

hi my name is jessica, and I am 15 years old. I feel the same way at that ! I feel that I am ugly , all the time . I look in the mirror and sometimes hate who I ssee! but you cant change yourself . makeup doesnt always work your flaws; only makes em worse .. someone will have to find the beauty; it’s not on the outside; it’s on the inside; qood luck , and you are probably wrong, your mite be the most beautiful grl in this world; you have to believe it!

Answer #159

There is someone out there that likes, cauze all guys like all girls. And guys are not assholes cauze im 13 and im the coolest

Answer #160

Sweetie I have freckles and they are a sign of beauty.You are only 13 your beauty has not yet arrived in its full affect.SOOOOOO don’t worry about it so much true beauty lies within. PS, Tanning will only cause freckles to spread. Love yourself and others will too

Answer #161

I know it may seem hard now..but in the future theres a chance that you will be prettier than most the girls that have boyfriends now. There is always one person thinking of you. It may not be the one you like but its a start :)

Hope it helped ;)

Answer #162

Aww thank you. But its the same. I don’t think I am. I hate myself. Grown up with that feeling of myself and now can’t seem to get out of it.

Answer #163

hey im ugly to and I got a boyfriend just yesterday cause like I told him I really like him and I wanted to go out with him and it worked. it worked cause he looked on the inside of me the outside doesnt count its the inside that does

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