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Handling my child's friend who 'stole' somthing

My elder son's friend seems (I say 'seems' because we can't be sure) to have stolen my younger son's Tamagotchi. It went missing after the friend had been here, and I'm afraid that this boy has a bad reputation in our home for breaking rules and damagi...


Help my son is violent

I could really use some suggestions on what to do about my son. He is 6 years old and is becoming increasingly violent. My husband and I have had problems with him bullying, stealing, being violent, and chronically lying since he was a toddler. We have...


My 11 year old has a "boyfriend"

My 11 year old has a boyfriend (if that is what you call it). They see each other at school in the halls and during lunch. I like him, he is a good kid, in honors classes and participates in various after school activities. My daughter is the same, ...


How do I deal with my boyfriend's daughter's manipulative behavior?

I've been with my boyfriend for 2 years and we live together. He has a 4 yr old daughter that I love. She loves me but always has to have her dad's attention. If he is sitting with me on the couch, she jumps on his lap. If he is leaving, he'll kiss...


What should I do about my nieghbor?

Okay heres the deal. I watch my neighbors kids on mondays and wednesdays, for FREE to help her out while shes going to school. Which makes my father in law have to drive 20 miles to pick my son up from school. In return she is supposed to mow my lawn, ...


How can I control my wild daughter?

Yikes! My 15-year old daughter is totally wild. This kid is fearless! She refuses to go to school (does it online now), totally refuses to help around the house and when she does, it's as minimal as possible, refuses curfew, stays gone for days at a...


Should I call Child Protective Services?

OK first of all I will start by telling you that my boyfriends mom is nuts...''surtifiably insane''. im sure your probably thinking im just being immature and im trying to get pay back for something but im not...this woman has so many problems that it...


Did I do the right thing

My son went into his senor year of high school with a 3.4 GPA. His Mother an I were not getting along and infect I found some love letters she had written the father of one of his friends. We split and he was living with me.. I traveled a lot for work ...


How can you tell if your kid is getting high?

Hi- I joined this site 'because I'd like advice from teenagers on this subject. -- My son is almost 15, just entering 10th grade. Shy kid, smart and quiet.. was getting good grades until last year, but did straighten up his act after he got in big tro...


how would you raise your kids?

<> this might be a little long<><X> am asking this question just out of boredom<X> there many ways to raise a kid.I try to think of raising a kid in 2 simple raise. Dependent and Independent. so how would you raise a kid between the two. and how do yo...


Parenting question

My question is a little detailed so hang in there with me. I have a 2 1/2 year old. I am a first grade teacher and have worked since she was 4 months old. She has always gone to my sisters house while I work. previously my sister's children started s...


how to handle a problem step child?

my stepdaughter is 5. I know that she has not suffered any personal trauma. she is in pre-k. she has done pretty violent things in her class to the point where NO other kids in the class will have ANYTHING to do with her. her teachers have told me ...


Should I condone my son's behavior?

When my son was in junior high he always had trouble with grades. He also recieved occasional referals, for minor things like tardys. He was never a very bad kid, he just didnt concentrate. He only had a small group of friends and he barely talked at a...


What we do with our self-destructive stepdaughter?

Hello. I really need some advice. I’ve been married for 5 years. No kids. My husband divorced his ex-wife 12 years ago when my stepdaughter Kim was 8. His ex-wife got custody. My husband stayed around. But in the years following the divorce, Ki...


Please Help me control my kids

what do I need to do,
my kids just dont listen, they wake up @ 5.30 am on a weekend (sunday) after telling them the night before that they need to be quiet in the morning as its daddies one morning off & they need to respect that,,

but it goes in o...


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