My 4 year old wont listen!

Ok. I have a 4 year old girl. She has recently gotten so bad. I tell her to do something and she ignores me or tells me no. I spank(not beat her, but pop her enough for her to feel it) her and it is like it does not phase her. When we were in a store yesterday she pitched an awful fit because I would not buy her a toy. I spanked her but she would not stop. Does anyone have any special ways they discipline their children? A corner does not work for her. It has just gotten like this the past couple of months. I think it has to do with her Nanny(my mother in law). But it would help if someone had some advice for me. I dont want to make anyone angry but I do believe in spanking and my mind wont be changed about that. It just does not seem to be working anymore with her. So thanks in advance for the advice! God bless!

Answer #1

stop smacking kids in the mouth whats that about. a tap on the hand , maybe , but a smack in the mouth your girl proberly dont listenn to you cause you treat her with aggression, shes four, it your issue not hers,, look at urself , before you thik its her,

Answer #2

You people are all fu**in crazy and should be reported!!! Try loving your kids instead of beating them…obviously that’s NOT working for you!

Answer #3

yhu shOuld ignOre her alsO …

likee if she askes yhu fOr sOmethingg just walk away .


when she askes yhu fOr sOmething just answer her saying when yhu give me mOre respect && if she still dOesnt listen hit her a little bit harder bhut in the head tew smack sOme since in to her :]

Answer #4

It is a very touchy subject nowadays, whether to take a more physical discipline approach (pops, whoopins, smacks, etc.) or a mental/emotional approach (time-outs, take stuff away, not allow them to do something they like, etc.). But either way we all to realize that SOMETHING has to be done. My wife and I take both approaches.
I feel that if you try every approach except for the popping one it will eventually seem redundant to the child and will not mean anything, or they will slowly begin to realize that time-out will eventually end, the stuff that gets taken away will eventually be given back, etc. etc. I believe, not necessarily my wife, but I believe that the quickest way to help the child realize what they are doing is wrong is by physical discipline. We as parents need to be able to differentiate the situations that need physical discipline and the ones that need the alternative.

 I believe that if you "Spare the Rod, you Spoil the Child".  I also feel that the creator of that phrase didn't mean strictly a "physical rod" or a literal one  Each child is different and we need to take the time to get to know our children and accept that whooping, popping, smacking, etc. doesn't work on everychild...but, neither does time-out work for every child.   (funny thing is...I am literally puting BOTH my girls in timeout as I write this...LOL)  
 We cannot NOT do anything either.  If we feel that we love our children too much to discipline them then we actually don't love them enough!  There once was a child that kept running in the street every single day, but the parents never disciplined him.  One day a car hit the boy and he died.  When someone was talking to the parents the parents told this person that they loved their son too much to discipline him...the person replied.  "No, you didn't love him ENOUGH"!

Good Luck with your beautiful, God Given responsibilities (your children) and God Bless all of you!!

Answer #5

I was hit as a child when I was bad, I deserved it and now I appreciate it, it made me afraid of doing things that were bad because I didnt want to get hit or my parents to get mad at me, therefore it kept me out of trouble and now I realize my parents only did that to keep me safe and out of trouble, my parents love me to death and me and all of my brothers and sister are completely normal human beings one of us being a college graduate and the other three prudly serving in the US armed forces.and saying that people who get hit end up convicts is something completely different, if you BEAT your child and neglect them yes I and anyone would assume that they wouldnt turn out to be a very good citizen because they pretty much raised theirself, but saying anyone who occasionaly hits or spanks their child (with an open hand) is a fool,thats rude and we obviously can tell that you were raised perfect look at you on an internet website passing judgement and losing your temper, and name calling (fools) remember nobody is perfect and every child learns in different ways, BUT I guess that everyone else who believs in spankings including myself is a fool

Answer #6

Thank you all for the advice! I am going to use it!

Answer #7

Ok. I watch my aunts 3 kids, my cousins. They are 6,4 and 3. And, have the same problem. They will ignore you when told to do something, you hit them, they laugh. When your in the store with her and she throws a fit, walk away from her and say bye (obviously dont go out of sight) but, she will get up and follow you. Hitting doesn’t work with my cousins, so we take things they like away from them when they are being bad. The 4 year old loves to watch tv, so when she is bad, she gets no more tv for the day. Thats the only way she is going to get better. Start taking things she enjoys to do away. I think you should also talk to your mother in law and tell her your rules.. so that way your not doing it for nothing.

I wish you all the luck! =)

Answer #8

I hope you are not listening to these fools. Never listen to anyone. go to the library or your local health center. you teach nothing to children except to be depressed and to not trust you when you hit them, look at all of our prisons. statistics don’t lie, I don’t know anyone who has benefited from being hit, that’s the easy way. Answers, there are no easy answers. it’s an everyday battle. Don’t listen to these fools about popping. obviously these are children raising children. There are many professionals who would be willing to help you if you put the time in. There are now easy ways. I know it’s frustrating, but you will get through it together. I know, I’m a single mother of a four year old myself. Keep searching for answers and ignore the fools.

Answer #9

spanking does work on some children but before you spank ask your self this do you and your husband fight around the kids if you do spanking might make the problem worse only because when they see you hit each other they learn to problem solve with hitting,The second question is have you tried talking and the corner or sitting them in a chair facing the wall first if you have and the child is not from a home with fighting and is 4 or over then yes spank enough to show you are not playing anything harder or that is not your hands that leaves a mark or not is abuse.

Answer #10

I don’t know if I agree to hit the child when they are not listening because they will only respond to you only if you hit them. I think you should try everything else, anything but hitting. Put them in the corner at home if not listening. In the mall or out if they misbehave and they are enjoying what they are doing talk to them and tell them you’ll take them to the car. Take them in the car strap them in and tell them what they did is wrong if they apologize and promise to behave then you could take them out and go back to have fun. If it happens again you strap them in and drive home and explain why you had to leave and not have fun. Patience and strategy is better then hitting.

Answer #11

tell her that if she gets nicer then ull give her candy. if you dont want her to have sugar, then give her sugar free candy. my neice loves candy and shes 2. well, all of my neices love candy, but with kaylee we reward her with candy with every thing she does, and it helps her get better. when she is a brat, I usually tell her to take a nap, or put her on time out, and if she goes on time out I ask her if shes done being a brat, and if she says no then I turn off the light and shut the door, then she cries, and says shes sorry and that shell be nicer. candy or time out usually works. but mostly candy

Answer #12
  1. if you think its the nanny’s fault, dont let her babysit her for about 2 months or so, and see if theres any difference in her attitude.
  2. after you spank her and she is still throwing a fit, pop her again. tell her more aggresively “no” or w/e the problem is.
  3. if you are at home and this happens, spank her, send her to the corner, and make her sit there. no tv. no games. no nothing. then, ask her about 10 minutes later if she will do it again. if she says no, yet does it again, do the same treatment but longer. if she says yes, make her sit there until she says that she wont.
  4. if she backtalks you, gently pop her in the mouth and tell her not to ever talk back to you again. then spank her.

hope this works, it did on me… lolz God Bless

Answer #13

My four year old wont listen to me. she is very loving an compassionate but she picks a lot on the other kid I watch. But at same time always wants her friend over. its I hate you don’t leave me realationship with a lot of people. Shes only four an I have tried everyones suggestions an councelors. She was kidnapped not to long ago and I found her an got her back. Her attitude has gotten a lot worse since then. I reassure her a lot. She has to have the last word and sometimes I feel its her way of controlling things in her life. I love her so much how do I get her back to normal? how do I get her to listen and not hit me. HELP???

Answer #14


Answer #15

BUST HER DAMN ASSS that will make her mind it does mee

Answer #16

i have troulble with my 4 year old girl but i think its because people look at there kid as a job try putting your self in there shoes dont look at it as a job look at it as a growing exsperiance love your child more than you love your self would you spank your self would you put you in the corner think about it find a sulotion

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