Toddlers seeing Parents without clothes

My mom says that our daughter should never see us without clothes (naked). Do you think this is healthy? If she sees us naked around (esp father) will it give her hangups in life?

How many of you have ever seen your parents without clothes when you were small?

Answer #1

I personally think it’s better not to…besides, might scare ‘em to death !! :-)

Answer #2

u shouldnt be naked around her because that will tell her that its ok when she goes to school and she can take off her clothes and say its ok because my dad does it

Answer #3

ok if its a girl its ok to see her mom naked but I dont think the dad if shes older than 3 and with a boy vive versa

Answer #4

I don’t see anything wrong with it. My mom and I use to take baths all the time when I was little. It never effected me. Now as the child gets older they may feel that may be an invasion of privacy so you might want to jux back off.

Answer #5

I think it is alright because you love your child and they have to see yu someday naked or when they have sex they won’t know what their body looks like.

Answer #6

I dont think its a big deal, they have to learn the parts of a human body sometime. when they start school they might have a sex ed class like we do here and you dont want them freaking out about the parts of a body cause they were never taught. when they get older like 11-15 then maybe thats a diff. story.

Answer #7

People get so carried away with someone seeing their body. Well God gave it to you so don’t be ashamed of it. We did not make a point of being nude in front of the kids but we did not make a big deal out of it either. They are well rounded successful people in their 30s. Nude in front of kids that are not yours is a little different. We were more careful when they had stay over company. Enjoy life, don’t get so hung up on minor things.

Answer #8

Dear drogger, This is probably one of the biggest dilemmas that parents must address. When a child is young we tend not to be too uptight about them seeing us nude. As a child gets older we tend to cover up and feel more uncomfortable with them seeing us. In Europe they feel freer about being natural in front of others than we do in North America. If you choose to be nude in front of your children and someone…like said, daycare, school etc. hears about it and reports it you will be investigated. Teaching children about privacy and not to be comfortable around others naked is also a good practice. Our society is changing like it or not and keeping your robes on maybe the safest approach to take. Sue….good luck

Answer #9

Well…I bathed with my father and mother for very long time, specially with my dad being daddy’s girl.Up to 10 years maybe…and never been ashamed of them. Even now I don’t have any problems if they see me naked or if I see them naked…I mean..they’re my parents and they gave me birth.

Answer #10

I’ve seen my parents naked before but that wuz only in the shower but when i got old enough they taught me it wuz ok and that it wuz normal to see people naked but not to do it in front of just anyone like strangers but it is ok in front of: Grandparents,Docters,and your parents…. Its completley normal so dont worry!!!!!

Answer #11

I think it is totally fine. The natural human body is beautiful, and I dont think it is that big of a deal haveing a child see you naked. I TOTALLY agee with jvincent, I beleive he/she stole the words from me.

My sister, is two, and she see’s me naked. Once she commented about my Breasts, I made no big deal and said that she will get some two as she grows. Just make no big deal out of it, I’m older and I still see my woman relatives naked. We all have the same parts, just show them to who is allowed. Doctors, Parents, Grandparents…

Answer #12

yeah I took showers with my mom too because I was young and she wanted to make sure I was clean and now im 17 years old and seein her naked is nothing to me! but I accidently walked and on my dad and I thought I was gunna die… this question was really odd to me because I just thought thats how things were obviously because I was raised that way…I can walk around naked infront of my mom but with my dad I dont even like wearin a tshirt without a bra! some girls do like my bestfriend does care she walks around and panties and a bra infront of her dad but thats just not me!

Answer #13

In response to Tinkerbell (may 06 2008 6.03pm) I believe that if they see the other sex naked at home and ask questions, it’s much better than them asking random people, or other kids at school. Better to be educated about that at home than somewhere inappropriate. I have taught my daughter that “we have surprises, not secrets”. That way she can keep a “surprise” (such as a present, or a birthday party), but not secrets, which could lead to dangerous circumstances.

Answer #14

It seems to me that most people tend to be prudish about it more than any real psychological reasons for not seeing nude parents.

I saw my mother nude all my life, but for some reason she said that I should never make my children see me nude? What gives? I don’t think I was harmed at all. In fact it made me understand there was no biggie with seeing breasts or other private parts?

Obviously beyond a certain age (understanding of sexual issues) its not a good idea because of the possibility of other people misunderstanding what’s going on. (Imagine your daughter going to day care and telling others about your penis).

Answer #15

yeah, I took baths with my mom or my sisters until I was five or six. once I began to understand sexuality and male-female relations, I became much more modest.

Answer #16

I don’t think that toddlers should see their parents naked because we could be unawarely teaching them that their bodies are not private. We should be careful about what we let kids see because they are still learning and you never know what they may learn from a situation.

Answer #17

Well I remember taking a shower with my mom for many years. I never spoke about it because it wasnt a big deal. But when it came to seeing my father naked , that was a totally different story. Boys bathed with boys girls bathed with girls.

Answer #18

This is kinda more of a personal choice than anything, but there shouldn’t be anything wrong at all with it. It’s probably a good thing! They can see and be comfortable. They may even have a few questions (What’s that? Why don’t I have one? etc). I mean, having sex or something might be a problem, but naked…nothing wrong at all.

Answer #19

I would doo your best to not walk around naked because you don’t noe how much a toddler remmebers

Answer #20

I tihnk its normal cause they need to know what the opposite sex looks like

Answer #21

I have and i am 11 and i never ended up weird!!My sister is 5 and takes a shower with my mom is that a good or bad thing??

Answer #22

I’ve seen my mom naked a lot when I was little it doesn’t bother me but NEVER my dad I don’t plan to dads=nono esp if you’re toddler is a girl.


Answer #23

Its wrong. It can lead to peadophelic activity.

Answer #24

Interesting question! I think other people had a lot of good answers here. It’s nice to see that people aren’t total prudes on here, but are smart about this sort of thing.

When I was growing up, I saw my mom naked all the time, but never my dad. I didn’t have any brothers, either, so I was really curious about what boys looked like naked! It wasn’t an unhealthy thing, just a normal childish curiosity, but I wonder if I’d seen naked male family members if I would have cared at all. I don’t think it was bad that I never saw my dad naked, but I don’t think it would have been bad if I had, either. I definitely think children should at least see the parent of their same sex (if they’re around) naked, so they grow up knowing what adult bodies look like. It was good that I knew my mom’s body was normal, too, and you didn’t have to have a movie-star body to be loved by your husband. It gave me an idea of what I might grow up to look like, too. There’s nothing scandalous about nudity- it’s just a human body, and it’ll help the kid not have hang-ups about theirself. I don’t know about the parent of the opposite sex, but apparently a lot of families do it without any harmful effects, so I think it’s fine.

I agree that no one should see their parents in a state of sexual arousal, though- that’s something extremely personal that should only be seen by consenting adults. Basically, as long as the kid knows which situations they can be naked and when they shouldn’t, and they know that only parents, doctors, etc. should see them naked, it’s fine, I think!

Answer #25

I think it’s fine to a certain age (4-5) to be nude in front of children espically the opposite sex.I remember going camping and having to go to the public shower with my father and I was a teenager or after a sports practice coming out of the shower my father would be waiting for me at my locker to talk to me. I never felt umcomfortable about itBut a man with a daughter there should be cutoff age same with mother with a son.I think intimate moments should be kept intimate even at a very young age.I remember picking a friend up to go to a sporting event while I was waiting for him to get dressed his 2 children a son age 3&a daughter age 5 were getting ready for bed the son went to the bathroom pulled his pj’s down to his knees and started peeing with the door wide open soon the sister came in and while he was peeing came from behind and held his boy part the mother screamed Becky what are you doing??? she replied I am just doing what you do to daddy!!! I fell out of the chair I was laughing so hard and I thougt the mother was going to melt right there…

Answer #26

I think it is absolutely natural and healthy for a child to see it’s parents without clothes. For goodness sake, you birthed that child! There is no more intimate bond than that between a mother and child. Nakedness is nothing to be ashamed of - the human body is beautiful, and should be something to be proud of, not ashamed. I regularly took baths with my mother when I was younger - about up to the age of six or seven, and I can remember feeling nothing more than safety, comfort and love. So many prudish people today do not educate their children in even the most basic human anatomy, resulting in confusion and even fear in the child, when he or she is confronted with a situation concerning the human body.

Answer #27

As a parent we too have faced this problem. We have taught our kids about sexuality the best we could. They know the differences between the sexes. My oldest is 6 now and when he was growing up yes I was naked around him. Now that he is older I make a point to cover up more in a way to teach him that there are moments that we must be private. Our kids also know that only us and grandparents and doctor’s should see them naked. I think that it is important not to make them paranoid about nakedness but to know that they can’t run out of the house without clothes on. They should know that bodies naked are normal and for them to even walk in on us naked in the bath is not bad. I hope this helps

Answer #28

I’ve seen my mum naked lots of times, her favourite phrase is “well I’m no prude” although sometimes it feels a little like she’s getting at me for being a prude, although a word of advice from me would be to never flash your bum at their birthday parties, they would be very annoyed; this would probably go withought saying for everyone except my mum.

as for a father I don’t really know as mine died when I was young

Answer #29


I’d have to disagree with you amblessed.

Scared by any human form is, well, funny. Since, no one should be scared of Nakedness nor of the human body. Of course, this is call comeing from a Artist. The point is, the human body is beautiful, it is only when you make a large deal of it that a child would…well…mention it to anyone. I dont know anyone who does not take, or has, taken a shower with their child at some point. I was raised in a country when parents (mother with daughter, rather with son) were doing this till their child was 8 or 9 years of age.

Answer #30

Greetings fellow user, You may be having this problem for the folowing reasons, also I hope you enjoy my help, and rate my advice, Thank you very much, and enjoy the help below! -Well, in my opinion, this is fine because it’s all family related. Honestly I don’t think they will remember. -Hope my advice help you, Don’t forget to rate =)

Answer #31

It’s actually ok. It is perfectly normal. After all, one point in their life they are going to have to learn about it (well not exactly have to..) but what im saying is don’t mislead your child into thinking its ok to just rip off your clothes just anywhere. Teach them the wrongs and right about it so its ok to be nude in front of your child(ren). Although it might scar them for life like it happened to me. o.o

Answer #32

the way I see it my girls see me naked and my son can see his dad naked but don’t to switch and my girls see daddy and my son see me especially if they are older like mine. when my son was about 2 2 1\2 he pointed to my boobs and said what them I just busted out laughing.

Answer #33

I think it’ll give them more hang-ups not seeing you naked. They need to grow up feeling comfortable about their bodies, not ashamed of them.

Answer #34

well if she was a new born it would be ok becuse alot of mothers take showers with there babys its bonding time with the baby not if shes a lil older like 2 and up i wouldnt do that becuse honestly she will find it ok to do it any wear. and honestly sounds kinda strang becuse she shouldnt find out things till shes older.

Answer #35

I never saw my parents naked but i don’t think that it is that big of a deal. Just don’t do it when they get to a certain age otherwise it will just be gross.

Answer #36

my dads wife was moving naked at home many times,takes her shower and the bath door was open,change her clothes infront me,asking me always to massage her body,,and im ok no complicated spirit,and i saw dad too with his private part in the shower,no harm in that.

Answer #37

A child to see the human part nude is not bad.Infact,the human body is pretty.Why do people even cover up?The same reason why sex is considered a sin. However,I used to take showers with my mother until I was seven.We don’t do it now because there isn’t room in the shower together.Maybe four times When I was maybe three I took a shower with my father,but I knew I shouldn’t be seeing that so I stopped.And then my mother told me it’s just my father.I felt more comfortable but still didn’t do it in the end when my mother told me more about sexuality. Then again,the world does this nudity is pornography.If you talk to your children when they are old enough about this,tell them porn is different from seeing a naked body. Hope this helped!

Answer #38

Seems pretty much unavoidable to me.

When I take my daugher to the YMCA to swim and we change and shower together she is going ot see me. When I’m home alone watching my toddler there are times when I need to bath or such; what am I supposed to do, tie her up?

I think the biggest thing is to not make a big deal of it. If kids think that seeing a parent naked is a big deal they will make a big deal if it. If they just think it is ordinary they won’t give it a second thought.

Answer #39

If the family is dysfunctional with little love, respect or awareness of themselves and each other, if the family has a lot of shame and guilt issues- then covering up for the sake of it will be a reflection of this.

I personally feel that once children commence puberty, only breast and buttox and the closed legs of the female should be seen, but we shouldn’t worry if genitals are seen by accident. Some may feel that its ok to be completely naked in front of their teenagers and I can respect that, so long as the teenagers are comfortable.

I do believe that bodies in a state of s*xual arousal are to be seen by their partner only, and that measures should be taken to ensure that such things are never seen by children.

As for being investigated by social services !? I never heard of such a thing! Is it illegal to be naked at home??…but that’s social services for you, messing with families that don’t need it instead of using their limited resources for those that do.

Answer #40

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