Is it possible to plan for twins?

My husband and I are planning a pregnancy. We want to get pregnant in September to have a May/June baby. I’m currently on the BC pills (Ortho Cyclen).

I am a fraternal twin (and crossing my fingers that I inherited the hyperovulation gene!). I haven’t been able to find information any where about hyperovulation other than it causes fraternal twins and is hereditary. I’m wondering if there is a way to tell if you hyperovulate?

My twin sister has had two children (no twins) so she obviously didn’t get the gene.

I’ve also read that drinking a lot of dairy increases your chance of having hyperovulation (because of your own body reacting to the growth hormone given to cows) Also that yams increase your chances of having hyperovulation (something to due with a chemical in the peelings.)

SO besides being a frat twin, eating yams and drinking dairy - is there anything else I can do to increase my chances of having frat twins. (without of course intro fertilization!)

Answer #1

umm if it is in your family history and especially because you are a twin yourself its is very likely you could but if it skips a generation you may not in my family it skips a couple of generations and I ended up having twins

Answer #2

your chances of twins are higher if your a non-identical twin then u will have the gene but who knows how many times you will have to be pregnant to have twins it could be like 10 times so you may not but u do have the gene if your non-identical twins!

Answer #3

I think you’re toying with fate and that’s not a good thing. Just be thankful and gracious for what your body can give you and go with it either way.

Also–twins are hereditary. Just because your sister had a couple of kids that weren’t twins doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the gene. It just means not the first two times she conceived.

Answer #4

Yea I’m not looking to go as far as drugs and we’ll be happy with ANY baby of course.

Being a fraternal twins ups my chances to 1 in 17 so that’s pretty good I guess. We’ll just cross our fingers and hope for twins :)

Answer #5

Dear sikashimmer, Please never take anything that isn’t prescribed to you directly from your doctor. There is nothing that supports any type of food, beverage of any kind that can help you have twins. Sue..good luck

Answer #6

you were married? at your age? the only thing I’d be doing is having boyfriends,partying and drinking

Answer #7

You can get on a pill that makes you become pregnet and you drop more eggs

Answer #8

You can’t simply say “she didn’t get the gene.” Many people have it, but it never becomes active. Just because she has two children and they weren’t twins doesn’t mean she can’t have them in the future.

It is all by chance. There are drugs you can take that cause hyperovulation, but you don’t know how many eggs you will drop, you might end up with more than 2. You can try In Vitro Fertilization as well. But that requires some money. You usually know if you’ve hyperovulated if your period is later than normal and heavier. I had my period late by around 2 weeks once and it was heavy to the extreme. I talked to my doctor and he mentioned that it was simply because I ovulated more than normal.

You need to talk to your doctor, because taking unnecessary measures in dangerous. Love your children be the twins or not. But yes, talk to your doctor about it, there are lots of solutions in today’s world. Even genes that can be inserted, but you are toying with nature and spending alot of money.

Answer #9

I have fraternal twins (boys 11). I have long periods 7-11 days long ugh - so, not sure about sphinx13’s situation. My doctor thinks I ovulated twice that month I got pregnant with them. At 6wks 6days ultrasound I was carring triplets (identical twins & fraternal twin) at 19wks I just had 2 seperate saks with single babys, but baby A was ahead of Baby B by almost 2wks…was odd. but Baby B weighed more at delivery. my family has a lot of identical twins. I am the first to have fraternal twins. My twins do not even look related! one is 70lbs and 5’0 light brown hair green eyes - other is 175lbs 5’3 blonde and brown eyes .

Answer #10

am a fraternal twin and I had twin 3 years ago s sadly one died due to a birth defeect but I had my babies aged 19 (fraternal boys may I add) and sicne had a little girl I would lvoe another set of twins but I dotn know what my chances are does anyone know the % of me havign another set ? my twin also has had two babies nto twins and is much slimer than me (dunno if this makes a difference or what) my twins were my first pregnancy good luck x

Answer #11

I suppose you could try visualising already having those twins, that way it ight come true, it is why wish too to have twins but I do not want to take any medication and ess with nature…

Answer #12

well you do know how twins are formed dont you. so i guess its just the luck at the moment really, if th eggg splits or if you have two eggs on either side then you are in luck for your twins,

Answer #13

I am a mother of fraternal twins and this is what I have found out through my own research.. Women who have SHORTER periods than the average are more likely to have twins because the same hormone that stops the period, produces eggs. Twins also run in my family and I have only 3 day periods. I gather that if you have a short period, this may be a solid indicator of carrying the hyperovulation gene! Of course, if you are taking birth control, you will need to think back to your ‘natural’ periods because the bleeding cycle involved with birth control pills, the patch or nuvoring are different than a normal menstrual period. There is also a slightly increased chance of having twins when immediately conceived after stopping hormonal birth control. This is believed to be due to overproduction of hormones when your body tries to regulate back to normal. Good Luck!

Answer #14

Hi! My name is Alleen and I am pregnant with twins. The truth is, I did not prepare and we were aiming for one baby. if you want to try Fertility treatment, that usually fertilizes more than one egg. or you can see if your lucky. There is really no pill. You can talk to your doctor, just don’t take ANY pill that says it will fertilize more eggs. you may be going to the hospital, but not for a baby. Anyway, I wish you and your husband that you have twins, or a baby!

glad I could help! xoxo Alleen xoxo

Answer #15

UPDATE: My husband and I split back in Oct. I don’t want kids for a looong time now but when I do I still hope to have twins!

Answer #16

The infertility drugs Clomid and Reponex cause hyperovulation so they should increase the odds of having multiple births.

I’m not sure if any OB/GYN or infertility doctors would perscribe these drugs for the purpose of encouraging multiple births. Since infertility drugs are expensive women often sell unused meds to other women who can’t afford to buy them at full price; you might be able to pick up meds this way if you look around. When my wife and I were going through IVF Reponex caused her to really hyperovulate, 18 ova in fact.

The danger with using these drugs is that instead of a reasonably safe twin delivery you could find yourself with a dangerous sextuplet pregnancy.

Answer #17

A LOT of twins do NOT have twins. If you’ve never had children before, thank your lucky stars if you have ONE’s a ton of work. Fun work, but still work. :)

Answer #18

I read the thing about shorter periods in an article on a year ago but I cannot find it now :( Anyway, I asked my doctor about it and he said it seemed to make sense. But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have twins if you have long periods… the periods just might be an indicator of how your hormones behave. I had twins and I have 3 day periods. My friend who also had frat twins, has 5 day periods… so everyone is different. My aunt had frat twins and she has 4 day periods. I also met a lady in Jo-Ann Fabrics who has 2 sets of twins and I asked her how long her periods were and she also has 3 day periods… But I will ask around in my local twins group because now I’m really curious about it.

Answer #19

That’s a bit naive to say…

why do you think I got a divorce!? :)

J/k. Just because you get married doesn’t mean you turn into a nun LOL

xox Sika

Answer #20

You can’t plan for twins. There is no way to be able to predict or even know for sure that you will have twins. Having a multiple birth is usually a random chance.

However, the fact that you are a twin is in your favor since twins typically run in families. You have a greater chance of producing twins then someone who doesn’t have twins in their family.

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