Who is CPS to tell anyone how to raise a child?

I’m amazed at how naive people are concerning child abuse. Most think abuse is totally related to what the child has received in punishment. What about the intentions behind the one giving a child a spanking, whipping, etc? Was the father, with good motivation, trying to guide his child in the right way? By the way, who is CPS to tell us how to raise our children? There have been many people in the past telling us how to raise our children who were wrong. I predict that CPS will revise what they currently believe in the future. Look at the past. They now believe differently than they did 10-20 years ago. They have learned too haven’t they?

Answer #1

You’re talking to someone who is beyond accidental. I still get bruised on a regular basis. I did not say every bruise was abuse. I am talking about being bruised or marked up from a beating.

My father never laid a hand on me. Weirdly enough, despite never being spanked, I still never ran out on to the street. I should call him up and ask him how he managed to keep me in control. As for talking me to death. Nope, never had a lecture in my life. Somehow, without threatening, intimidating, yelling, or spanking me, my father managed to keep me in line. I dont know, maybe some people are able to earn respect and obedience through other methods.

Do some research? I have yet to hear exactly what your training or background is? I have a degree in psychology, I am almost done with my degree in counseling. I work with kids. My supervisor works with kids in the system. I’ve dealt with CPS on more than one case. I’ve read the research in child development. The research on abuse (you know, like what it is), the research on punishment. I know exactly when CPS gets involved because I have tried to get them involved. And they are too busy to get involved when there isnt actual evidence of harm. Sorry, not buying it. Just like people who whine about how the cops are out to get everyone and how the cops treat people unfairly. And yet, the average person, doesnt get harassed by the cops. And the average person does not get harassed by CPS. Does it mean an automatic assumption of guilt, absolutely not. But from my dealings with CPS, I really have to wonder how one came up against them.

I am not claiming CPS is perfect. I have my own issues with them. But it is better than allowing parents to abuse and neglect their children. Sorry, but it is not ok for a parent to sexually abuse or physically abuse their child. It is not ok for a parent not to take care of their child. If you arent doing any of those things, then really, CPS shouldnt be involved in your life.

Answer #2

CPS - Child Parent Separation! They’re out of control and corrupt. Guess what, mandated reporter, not every bruise is abuse. I remember when I was 6 I had 56 bruises on my body at one time. I know because I counted them. Guess how many was due to abuse. Not one. I was a tomboy, playing football, kick the can, basketball, whatever I could find to do. I also built a fort in the woods. I was proud of my bruises too. Now if it happened, I’m sure some know-it-all teacher would report my mother for child abuse when she never laid a hand on me. While I do not think that spanking is a real effective form of punishment, I guarantee you that every child born has had their bottom popped at least once in their life, if for no other reason than to get their immediate attention. Tell me this, would it be better to grab a child and spank his rear end for running out in the street OR should you talk him to death…literally? I never spanked my children but I popped their butts a time or two. Was that abuse? No, it was not. The government has entirely too much control over our families these days. Keep reporting people to CPS and you will find that we’re nothing more than breeders for the state. Do some research. Find out the truth about CPS before making statements that they do good. They destroy people’s lives!

Answer #3

Please do tell, what credentials do you have that makes you an authority? Do you have a child? Having a uterus or being a sperm donor does not make a parent. Let me guess, you had CPS come to your door? Given the difficulty of even getting CPS to the door (I work at a school, we are mandated reporters, getting CPS to investigate is beyond difficult), I would really wonder what made them go knocking at someone’s door. Maybe ‘most’ people think abuse is related to punishment. But well you know, people who are trained (and again I have to wonder what your training is) dont believe that. So it really does not matter who these people are. What matters is what the trained social worker, who is you know, is like using research and studies to back up her ideas, thinks. No, the social worker does not think that abuse has to do with punishment. Abuse never has to do with punishment. People who abuse their kids are not looking out for their kids best interest. Or they wouldnt be causing their kids actual damage (marks on the skin, bruises, welts, or any other sort of damage). There is a huge difference between abuse and punishment. As for what makes them fit to tell anyone how to raise a child, well maybe their research is valid, maybe it is. But given that the majority of people do not get calls from CPS. You really have to wonder why a particular parent is getting visits from them. That alone, raises questions of what the parent did that was so obvious to people that the parent needed a visit from CPS. Whether people change their views or not. Bottom line, if someone’s complaining about CPS, obviously there was something serious enough for them to investigate.

Answer #4

Yes, I do believe that a good spanking can in fact be used as a guidance for a child to understand that what he/she did was wrong and understand that there are consequences for doing wrong things.

You raise your children not how other people tell you how to raise them, their your children not theirs. Children though, need love more than anything you can’t just raise a child through pain and screams. They need compassion and love. I believe that a child should be loved everyday and if they do something wrong, then a punishment should be implied. Being strict when necessary, and remember that they need love.

If although what ever it is the parent is doing is potentially harmful to the child then yes CPS can do something about it. No one wants to see a kid being abused by their parents with out appropriate reason. Also you don’t want to slap kids in the face as a punishment thats just wrong in my opinion. a simple spank on their rear end and thats it, if that doesn’t work a spank with being locked in their room also works.

More importantly there has to be a reason for you to be spanking them. As for CPS they can’t tell you how to raise your children, they can only give suggestions on how to raise them, they’re simply trying to help you. Its like giving you advice to ensure that your child will grow healthy and loving.

If in fact the way you are raising them in dangerous then yes they will act upon it.

Answer #5

Well, I learned something, my friend… erm.. ex-friend… is a really horrible person. He did anything he wanted. Now me, I’m bad sometimes, but not all the time. The reason is I got spanked when I was little when I did something wrong, he didn’t. I bet if he did, we would still be friends, and he wouldn’t got locked up. >.> What if all the kids in the world didn’t get spanked? Oh no.

Answer #6

Well in my opinion I think things like spanking is wrong, I just don’t believe in hitting a child unless they did something so horrible which most of the times isn’t the case. I think just grounding them or taking away tv or computer privileges would be much better punishment. That’s how I see it. And the law is the law, we have to deal with it

Answer #7

CPS Child protective servises… basically the law…

The thing is that hitting a child is illigal… Some tell some dont

A child suffers a lot when a perent hits them I can say that They are there to protect, What if instead of hitting you ground… You take away pivilages? hitting is never the answer…

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