What can I say or do to stop my 12 year old daughter from wanting to look like she's 15 or 16 years old?

Answer #1

i guess you cant really

Answer #2

If she wears make up then I guess you can make her stop wearing it and make sure she gets your approval on her outfits.

Answer #3

I don’t think you can. It’s probably just a phase, when I was that age I did the same.

Answer #4

do not let her do her eyebrows, dye her hair, wear makeup, or use push up bras. talk to her and set ages where you will let her do it, one thing at a time (example; you can wear makeup when you are 16 years old but only for when we go out) but what do you mean she wants to look older? like the things i listed or something else? ask why she wants to look older too because that has a lot to do with what explanation to give back

Answer #5

I think it’s more than just a phase. Media is really pushing girls, young and old to wear certain clothes, Make up, jewelry and to really look a certain way. I see Pre teen girls in booty shorts, mini skirts and push up bras, caked in makeup, it’s disgusting really. The only thing you can really do is just refrain from buying things you find unacceptable for her at her age, and give her guidance. Its up to you if you want to be “a great mom” by giving her everything she wants, or you could really be a great mom and do what’s right for her, even if it means her disliking you for a while.

Answer #6

Yeah pretty much its the makeup, she goes from looking 12 to looking 16 in a minute flat, when I see her wearing it caked on I make her take it off, I have tried to show her the proper way to wear it but….. she wants to be like her friends, I tell her she will be better off by doing what she likes, not what her friends are doing

Answer #7

yeah do the set age thing for that, tell her when she is older or at least limit what make up she is aloud to use like i do not see why a 12 year old would need foundation. maybe you can have a younger family member talk to her about the make up and that would help. do not be afraid to just flat out take her make up away if she does not want to listen to your rules and limits

Answer #8

i totally agree, you should show your daughter what he said since hearing from a boy that what she is doing is unattractive would most likely make her cut it out

Answer #9

Thanks :-)

Answer #10

Let your daughter learn from her mistakes. Be there to guide her. Its probly just a phase. See my parents were never thee for me so I made all kinda of mistakes. She probly just wnats to express herself. hats what i do. I hope i helped.

Answer #11

I started wearing makeup at 13. But it looked natural. Also when I turnes 13 I started wearing bras. Wireless bra. She may be to young to wear push up bras.. Im 15 and dont evem wear push up bras. Limit her. Choose her clothes or which ones you approve. If she doesnt wear it right keep it away from her. You dont want her going to school and be known for something shes not. Cause that will be with her for a long time.

Answer #12

Tell her she will have to buy the clothes and makeup herself. Compromise, she can get that too short dress or skirt if she agrees to wear some cool leggings under it so it doesn’t show too much. Let her start some eyeshadow and lip gloss that doesn’t look to bright, maybe mascara? I started at about 12-14 with just wearing vanilla lip gloss and light blue eyeshadow or light pink colors (I have blue eyes, pale skin). Go for either light colors or a more natural look. Let her act grown up or she will just go into the bathroom at school and change/put on makeup without your permission, she is growing up. Just make sure you compromise and put limits. Most 12-14 year olds do start to act like this and dress older.

Answer #13

Also depending on how much she has developed she will need or does need a bra. Smaller girls can do sports bras, but bigger girls often DO need wire or push up bras. I never wore a bra and my boobs sag like a grandmothers because they never had the support they should have for double D boobs growing up.

Answer #14

Don’t just take everything away from her,wearing a bra and some makeup is ok,but cake on makeup and a push up bra,I’d say no,booty shorts and such around the house would ok,but not at school or in pubic,definatly give her boundaries,if you do that rather than taking things away,she might be more willing to cooperate,allow her some sqeak room but not enough to where she doesn’t respect your athority/opinion,because you are in fact her mother and you have the say to whether or not she wears certain things.. :)

Answer #15

Kids are going to find a way to get what they want. 12 can be a very rebellious age, I would just speak to her that as she gets older…she won’t have the chance to be younger. She won’t be able to look good in a younger suit, if you understand… Let her know that there are advantages to being a kid.

Answer #16

I would let her do it. I was looking wayy older at that age & my parents never stopped me from wearing makeup or dressing older. They let me be my own person & they didn’t control me.

Answer #17

She’s probably testing herself with the new styles. When you go to K Mart the only shorts you find are booty shorts. There in. Lightning bright colored shirts. There in. But, push up bras and all that, may be in but, not for her age. Caking makeup with affect her skin later in life. Tell her if she wants things you don’t approve of with your money tell her she can buy it with hers. Heck, when I was 12 and wanted a pair of 30 dollar Nike shorts I had to take back cans forever to get money for those! Tell her, if you like it and I don’t, guess who’s buying it? Because it is definetly… YOU!! She may have an attitude but hey, who doesn’t have a tude these days? Whatever she thinks about her clothes, have her have you look at them, tell her you will have to think about it.

Answer #18

I might be 15 but I can help . Tell your little chika you dont want her to have people at school call her a slut or be raped by some 59 year old perv !! =…[

Answer #19

also give her some sob stories

Answer #20

The icky part is when you go with with her to public places or the grocery store and old guys will check her out in your presence and it makes your blood boil.

Answer #21

When I was 11 I wanted to wear make ilup and my mom didn’t stop me she just gave me the little kid make up stuff and told me I couldn’t wear it out of the house lol I have a few pictures of me and I looked horrible xD I had no idea how to put it on xD but since your daughter is in school and has a bunch of friends influencing her you will probably have more problems than my mom did :s you should just tell her she can wear it a certain time but she can’t wear it out of the house or stuff like that. Or put a limit to what she can wear out of the house like maybe some glitter and lip gloss but nothing more. Don’t go full lock down on her because that will cause her to build a wall to you and she’ll just do whatever the heck she wants when you’re not there.

Answer #22

I suggest you find a role model for her to look up to. Babysitter, aunt, etc. Typically someone who isn’t snobby and bratty, like normal teenagers. Someone who she likes, and have that person try to change her mindset on the way she wants to be. but like john said, it’s proably just a stage.

Answer #23

I suggest you find a role model for her to look up to. Babysitter, aunt, etc. Typically someone who isn’t snobby and bratty, like normal teenagers. Someone who she likes, and have that person try to change her mindset on the way she wants to be. but like john said, it’s proably just a stage.

Answer #24

But John said that it’s probably more than just a stage o-o

Answer #25

tell her that its not ‘all that’, and try to find a 15 year old who, like me, isn’t all that excited about growing up, to talk to her.

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