How can I tell if my teen is getting high?

Hi - please go look at my old updated question , I just put it on my old question ‘because it all kind of ties in together I think – it’s the 1- how can I tell if my teen in getting high?? Thanks!!

Answer #1

thats an easy one check out this link parents guide to marijuana, its a book but the link is a video about it explains how to talk to your kids about it

Answer #2

I think what you already know that your teen is getting high. I think what you’re really asking is what to do to confront him without ruining your relationship with him. Me, I don’t know the answer. I like to go with the good old “my house, my rules” rule, but then I’m heartless, evil, and not a parent.

It’s not true that all teens get high at least once in their lifetimes. It’s no big deal only if your teen tried ONCE (literally) and then never touched it again. If this isn’t the case, make your expectations clear. You don’t want him to get high, and he shouldn’t get high. As long as he lives under your roof, he is to abide by your rules. Or else.

By the way, don’t use an accusing tone when you begin this “conversation.” Warn him once, see if there are any changes, and then be strict if you definitely know for sure that he did something you specifically told him not to do.

Answer #3

Thanks for replying – just to update you all and let you know what really happened:After a good while, my son admitted to selling his friend a can of spray paint from our garage, and said he didn’t know what the kid wanted it for (after at first saying they were just making stuff up on myspace and they weren’t talking about anything at all). I was still worried and after reading the conversation over a few times I had myself convinced that they were huffing paint (I was so confused about the kid saying he wanted more than 1 throw up)– I was so worried! So, after talking to my son again and telling him about how huffing turns your brain into mush and could very well kill you, he finally told me the whole truth – the kid wants to start the “Warriors” gang (like the movie) and to spray paint the Warriors, it kind ot made sense because the kid’s myspace name is the name of a major Warriors movie character, and then I knew it was the truth when I googled about graffiti and “throwing up” - which is what some of the tagging is called… Phew!! I am so happy now, but my son is still in trouble for lying to me - and if he had never lied to me I never would have been so worried for two days! He was so secretive that I was convinced that something horrible was going on! Thanks for your help though – I love funadvice!

Answer #4

Thanks for responding , but I don’t think anyone is actually reading my other post, so I will put it here too: I need some more teenge expertise!! Now I am concerned about this chat between my son and a friend on their myspaces (my son is K, friend is J)–: 7:29pm J: remember to bring the sh*t 8:55om K: it’s like barely half full. I thought it was almost full 9:06pm J: any color if its pretty full. can u do that? 9:14pm K: I dont know man 9:20pm J: why?? 9:21pm K: I said ok but i’d rather just give you the red 9:24pm J: it’s just that im paying $5 for it. i want it to last for more than one throw up. NEXT DAY: 7:50pm K: sorry i couldnt get you anything else 7:53pm next time i can get you an unused can

SO— needless to say- I’m VERY concerned … I’d like to know what you guys think before I give you my son’s reluctant explaination. HelP!!! Just gotta tell ya– raising teenagers is SOOO much harder than I ever imagined!!

Answer #5

I work at a dention ceneter for kids and when they are talking of more than one throw up,usually about throwing up gang symbols,like you said the warriors or whatever,all teens experiment with drugs sooner or later,most by there 7th grade year whether it being huffing white out to other stuff..but I beleive your child is striving for attention and wants to just fit in the gang.

Answer #6

I work at a dention ceneter for kids and when they are talking of more than one throw up,usually about throwing up gang symbols,like you said the warriors or whatever,all teens experiment with drugs sooner or later,most by there 7th grade year whether it being huffing white out to other stuff..but I beleive your child is striving for attention and wants to just fit in the gang.

Answer #7

Yeah, I’m not an expert on illegal drugs and I have no idea what J and K were referring to. I would think that drugs would cost a little more than $5, but teenagers sell things for the strangest prices.

But like I said, make it clear that you don’t want him to do drugs. Then we’ll go from there.

Answer #8

I am a teenager, I know lots of people who do drugs unfortunly, I dont myself though. I know for a fact that when he says “$5” that there is no way hes talking about drugs, the least you can spend is $10. But, he may be experiencing with alcohol.

Answer #9

“next time I can get you an unused can” drugs come in cans now…?

Answer #10

Ummm…I highly doubt he’s getting hi or anything cuz that’s not any slang for weed that I’ve ever heard…I could be wrong, but it’s probably alcohol.

Answer #11

well, this COULD be drugs, but also, think of the other things it could be. it could be a container of paintballs, or maybe somethng from a game, but as missariaa said, it wouldnt be suprising if it WAS drugs.

Answer #12

what u do is don’t ask her she or he will be mad at you if you do what you do is see if she is eating more then she did before and then see if her eyes are dielated and see if her eyes are red trused me i now what im talking about

Answer #13

Im 20 And I’ll honest to you. I started doing drugs at 15. I tried them at 14. My dad was those kind of dads that wouldnt let me have phone calls from boys till I was 17. I didnt feel comfortable telling him thing because he would jump down my throught about it. You should be more open with your kid. It will make them trust you. I know its hard to know the truth about what they are really doing. But Wont you rather know what they are doing? Im not saying to let them do drugs but dont be to hard onthem about it. Your kid wont trust to tell you anything. Be open minded. Maby he or she will talk to you.

Answer #14

Dear mamakat, Make no mistake you are the parent and you have a right to know what, where, how and when. You have the right to check their room, to monitor their calls, their online chats all should be monitored and checked. It is the parent who says I just didn’t know that sits by the hospital bed as their child dies from the overdose. It is your duty to get into thier business. They will do as much as they can get away with during their teens. Either because of peer pressure or because they are looking for attention. Teach them how to deal with peer pressure and how to have good coping skills and give them the attention they want by knowing…who, when, why and where. They may think you are too strict and say your mean and a bit*ch…but your children will be alive to say these things. When they are parents they will remember what being a parent means. Sue…good luck

Answer #15

I would say he is using some drug. I’ve never heard of a drug being colored, but coming from a teen, it sounds like it. I used to live in a town where a lot of people did drugs and my friends big brother sold drugs and he often sounded like K when he would talk on the phone with his friends. I would confront him or take him to the doctors and get a test or maybe the police I forget where you get the test for that. They usually take a few different tests to see if they’ve used them lately or if you do use them.

Answer #16

Straight up ask them. Dont Snoop through their perosnal things. All teens get high at least once in their lifetimes. If They are only getting high using Marijuana,Its not a big deal. Its still wrong,I agree However,I can assure you,Its not addictive,And you cant Overdose.

However,if your child is using drugs including perscription Pills,Cocain,or anything thats mixed with chemicals,This is a serious problem and your child needs to be punished severely. Make sure they know the dangers of drugs, And just talk with them.

Answer #17

serioulsy zac1 that whole thing made know sense to me and I know a thing or two about drugs not that I have used a wide array of them or anything its just in my circle of friends a lot of people do a lot of drugs. funadvice sounds like the houshold dictator to me just the guy every teenager loves to hate , don’t take this guys advice. unless you want your kid to be that much more anxious to try drugs. and by the way funadvice it may be your house but it deffienetly not the way that kid wants it , do you think he goes “yeah hes right it is his house so even though its the only place I can go I guess that as long as I’m here I’ve have to follow his rules” lets try somthing how about instead of the stupid angry ,you’ll do what I say or else, crap your throwing with great accuracy through this kids one ear and out the other how about you speak honestly “son I can’t make your decisions for you but because I want to see you become some one I’m proud of I I can’t stand by and watch you make the wrong ones and do nothing, thats why I decided to say this, so if you want to be a disapoinment thats your call”

Answer #18

sounds like there sniffing spray paint

Answer #19

well to me it sounds like if hes buying paint spray cans…

Answer #20

if there eyess are dialated duhhh

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