creative punishment

OK, I need a punishment for a 9 year old boy who knows the rules but breaks them anyway just quietly in hopes of not getting caught. He does not respond to grounding or time outs. My frustration level is thru the roof!

Answer #1

if it has gone beyond all the above take away everything… toys,tv,books,pictures on his wall,ect. you can even take his privacy by removing his bedroom door from the hinges. then explain that everyweek that hes good he can get back one item. (the big stuff one month of good behavior and the door last)if at anytime he reverts start over with bare walls. the biggest key is not to overreact when he does act up. just start emptying his room and explaing the rules. no smiles , no frowns. just business. ps please don’t use chores as a punishment. this instills a feeling that equates work with punishment that will follow him into adulthood. he should do his chores no matter what thats his job. just like you he should get a paycheck for doing his job or nothing for not doing it. (paychecks can be allowance, rewards, trips to book store, movies, ect. good luck

Answer #2

one of the best way to punish children (or anyone) is to take away there privaleges or something they love for a bit such as there toys, game consol, internet acsess, tv time, favourite food,not let them go out/see a movie they wanted to, ect this usually both punishes them and makes them learn there lesson and also makes them apreciate what they probably take for granted a little more

Answer #3

Have someone you know, that he doesn’t know approach him while he is playing outside and tell him that they hear he doesn’t behave and is being taken away. Have the person put him in their car and drive around explaining why he can never go back home. This will put a lot of fear into him. Have the person make him promise to be better and to say if he is not they will come back for him and not let him go home next time. When he is dropped off and comes in act like you have no idea what happened at all. We did this for my 8 year old nephew a couple years ago. When he came back from the ride he was scared to death. He walked in the house and didn’t speak the whole night. He is now 13 and a great student and a great kid. He is always helpful and not at all a mouth. He figured out what happened when we did the same thing to his younger brother. Some say it is cruel but so far it has worked for 4 out of 6 that we have done this to.

Answer #4

Hehe as a child my father gave me “Lockdown” What he does is act like a prison warden, Where we must sit in our rooms, doors wide open sitting on a chair or sleeping in a bed. No books allowed, No t.v., No telephone, No outside time, Nothing except staring at the four walls and being watched. In addition he may only come out for dinner/lunch/breakfast. Add this with giving him the cold shoulder is enough to break even grown convicts. Do this until he cracks, which usually is about 3 hours :P

Took me 3 full days before I started feeling like I wanted to die and would do anything for my father to remedy it. It may be a bit less creative then the rest but its 100% guaranteed effective if you can hold out on it and not break yourself. a lot of mothers will be WAYYY too nice to the child. If he asks for the sentence to be over, decline it a few times to get the point across.

Answer #5

Well If he does some thing like leaves with out asking dont let him go out side execpt to school and back and give him a chore. Explain to him that each time he does some thing wrong hes going to get a chore and he does not leave that area of the house untill the chore is done. Use a sticker chart and if hes bad take away stickers and if hes good then put them away . How to use the sticker chart : explain that ever time hes good he get a sticker when he has so many stickers he gets a treat or some kind of reward for maybe like 10 stickers for it to add up for a treat or some thing. Over all look him in the eye and tell him Im the boss, and the adult so that means you will listen to me or you will get consequence. Hope I could help you out :). Yours truly, Demika Ray

Answer #6

Charge him. Give him a set list of chores and payments for the chores, then, each time he breaks the rules, fine him some of his cash. Once a week, take him to a store to spend what he has, or spend what you’ve fined him on something for yourself. For example: He gets $1 per day for adhering to the rules and helping out - that’s his salary, his job. IF he does behave, then at the end of the week he’ll have $7, but if he disobeys on two days, he’ll have $5, and mom will spend the $2 on herself - maybe new nailpolish, something ‘girly’ that she can say ‘your money paid for this, because you didn’t do your family JOB on…’

Answer #7

lol what my parents did to me they duct tape me to a chair and make me face the wall for a couple of hours

Answer #8

hi. I have a kid with almost the same age like you. what I do everytime she misbehave, I force her to face the wall with the multiplication table taped on the wall. she has to recite that table 2x. im telling you, your kid will not misbehave again… tell me the result.

Answer #9

uh why dont you take some of his stuff away, thats what my mom does, (I havent had my phone in 3 weeks and im dying) yeah sure he’ll get mad but in the words of my mom “tough crap”

Answer #10

lol what my parents did to me they duct tape me to a chair and make me face the wall for a couple of hours I hatwe my parents so watch with that one

Answer #11

why dont you actualy try doin thing wid him have you fort he playin up to get attention its actually very common my neice dus it all the time cause she attention defaces where she craves attention try doin activites with him takin him out or something ..

Answer #12

Try making him writge sentences. I do very long ones and start with like 50 or so and go up from there for offenses that are worse than others. I also make them do this by hand. My kids really hate it but there handwriting if getting much better.

Answer #13

first do not punish him at fist make him think you did not see then when he put down his gurad or he dos not remeber then punish him he will not do it aguin my mom did it to me 2 years ago when I was 11

Answer #14

Take away his faveorite things and make him do things he dosn’t want. And no school this way when he returns he will have a LOAD of homework to do !!

Hope this helped

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