Is being whipped with a belt child abuse?

is being whipped with a belt child abuse?

Answer #1

Honey, get help right now! Being whipped by anything is abuse, and no one should have to go through it. If you have to, call 911, just get help! Good Luck! PS Seriously your’e making me want to cry

Answer #2

YES! whipping your child with a belt is child abuse! This seems like a no brainer to me but if not this might help. Take the situation and replace the child with an adult. If one adult whips another adult with a belt it would be assault. so why is it okay when it is a child?

Answer #3

Using an object to spank or beat a child is most definitely child abuse. If it makes the child cry and come out in bruises, become red or bleed, it’s abuse. Hitting is not a form of discipline, no matter what people try to say. It’s disgusting for someone bigger to hurt someone smaller than them, no matter what the smaller person did. In some countries, the penalty for child abuse can mean having limbs cut off or even death. If that were to happen in every country, no child in the world would have to suffer physical abuse again.

Answer #4

I’m sorry…BUT being WHIPPED with ANYTHING is CHILD ABUSE!!! You can throw the “discipline” crap out the window…there are many other ways WITHOUT violence. That’s just an easy way out, that doesn’t fix anything, it just breeds resentment. I know from experience…

Answer #5

Thanks everyone, its not me though its my boyfriend who is whipped several times everyday for nothing really. He recently took pictures of his back and showed them to me. He back is covered in red marks going all over and I’m really worried about him. First his mother would hit him when she was angry with him (like a slap across the face), and now he’s staying with his grandparents and they whip him daily. I’m really worried about him. He’s been through so much and I just don’t think that he deserves this. He doesn’t want to tell anyone because he says that if he does then he’ll be sent to a foster home and won’t be able to see me and that seeing me is truly worth any amount of pain. I’m cosidering telling my mom about it because I know that she would certainly do something about it, but I know that my boyfriend would be angry with me (not that that would matter, I’m just worried about his safety). But thank you for your help.

Answer #6

It depends where your location is. In florida to be considered child abuse a bone has to be broken. In others leaving a mark could be child abuse also touching your child without their permission is another form of child abuse some places.

Answer #7

I would say yes. Why couldn’t you just spank the kid. You really need to get a book of disipline. You must be really bad no offense but whipping a child?

Answer #8

Ok. Some of these people answering are freaking out. It is not abuse if you are doing it to discipline and are not beating them with it.

I got spanked with a belt like twice when I was younger.

Once for smoking and once for cussing at my father.

He did not leave marks on me but it stung. I never did either again.

If the parent is doing it with no reason and just because they are mad then I would consider it abuse.

I would not spank a young child with a belt but older children who know what they are doing wrong is ok.

Children get away with to much now.

They are not disciplined because parents are to afraid that the state is going to come out and arrest them.

And all it takes is one person to say something an they are at your house searching for a mark to say you abused your child. Kids need to be spanked and disciplined.

Answer #9

My dad used to hit me with a belt when I was little 8-10 years old, It didn’t work that well. I think any uneffective punishment schould also be considered abuse espically if you do it again realizing it didn’t work the first time.

Answer #10

My dad used to hit me with a belt when I was little 8-10 years old, It didn’t work that well. I think any uneffective punishment schould also be considered abuse espically if you do it again realizing it didn’t work the first time.

Answer #11

I think it is my dad hits me with his hand and a belt I threatend to call the police on my own father so he hit me with a belt again but he hasnt done it in a long time since I threatned him

Answer #12

no if you did something wrong then thats there way of punishing you but if they do it for absoultley no reason like just because they feel like it or you made a small mistake like acedentily spilling something than thats abuse

Answer #13

Yes. Just because my parents did it doesn’t mean I want to do the same to my children. I do give time outs and take their favorite things away. They hate it when I do and that keeps them in line for the most part. Never downgrade by talking down to them either. I remember how hurtful these things were and vowed not to do this to my kids.

Answer #14

I was told by a child care worker that it is not child abuse if you can control the belt to the buttocks area and only strike the child 3 or 4 times and never ever do it when you are mad. But I push for people to not use a belt and just use their open hand in the same form. But only when everything else has failed, or if the offense the child has done is really serious. Some people say any form of hitting is child abuse and some people say ‘spare the rod, spoil the child’ You will get several strong opinions on this one.

Answer #15

my daddy hit my with a paddle on my butt when I was bas when I was little. its disipline not abuse, but then it does matter if thats what they’re potraying.

Answer #16

it depends on what your purpose is for hitting them. but I think your boyfriend is being abused too. umm, I think you should talk to your mom. just tell her not to tell anyone, or anything like that, but I think he needs help.

Answer #17


Answer #18

I’d say yes it is

Answer #19

When will parents realise that physical punishment works worse than verbal punishment? Its abuse simple as that.

Answer #20

Striking a child with any object is not discipline, nor will that lead to better behavior. Swatting on the rear end with an open hand ONCE, is useful as an attention getting device, or to break up the pattern of a tantrum.

On the other hand, a child can’t be allowed to run wild when they are real young because they are ‘so cute when they do that’ or because the parent(s) are too tired, inexperienced, lazy, busy, etc to bother with parenting. And then at thirteen there is an out of control teen with a huge discipline problem.

Answer #21

YES!! my pop used to do that to me and my brother it lead to stress and depression. My brother has been on drugs since. I got counseling and removed and now im not allowe to spend more than one day with him without adult supervision. There were some other issues mixed in with the whipping but it is still child abuse.

Answer #22

My father whipped me with a belt more than 30 years ago. And if I would have gone to the police. They would have called my father and told him to give me another belting for waisting their time.

Answer #23

What you desrcibe about youre boyfriend constitutes abuse that is the real issue here if you haven’t report it please .. no matter what !

Answer #24

My father whipped me with a belt more than 30 years ago. And if I would have gone to the police. They would have called my father and told him to give me another belting for waisting their time.

Answer #25

My parents never hit me, sent to my room or not allowed out for a while at the most.

Answer #26

Yes, it is. I agree with Foxxy18146

Answer #27

yes, any type of corpal punishment that is not an open fist is a type of child abuse thats fuc*ed up im sorry for whoever thats happening to

Answer #28

I would think being whipped with anything is abuse.

Answer #29

I will funmail you. Sue

Answer #30

my sister got her kids taken away for that

Answer #31


Answer #32

Dear lonelyinlove13, The law states in every country this is child abuse. The person who would use these means on a child is in need of psychological help. The child should be removed from the home. There is never ever a time when this is appropriate, legal or morally correct. You are allowed to tap a child on the rear…I say tap because it is illegal to hit hard enough to leave any type of mark. As a worker in the field we do not even condone that. We will investigate anyone who touches a child in anger. Sue…good luck

Answer #33

Gosh im gob smacked!!! speechless!!! dont no what to say only… If you know someone who is doing this or its you


Answer #34

I don’t think it is.

Answer #35

well it depends my friend whipped her child and got charged with child abuse

Answer #36

I think it is if there are bruises and welts from the belt

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