Baby Ear piercing

Why is it that we have to wait until the baby is three months old in order to get their ears peirced?

Answer #1

Before I had a girl, I always said I would never do it until they were old enough to ask. However, I changed my mind and got my daughter’s ears pierced. She was definitely not old enough to ask, has hair, but its not enough to do anything with, and I wanted to be able to do something girlie. And then I got to thinking about how it might be easier to keep them clean when she is a baby rather than a 5 year old.

It really wasn’t as bad as I thought. I went, picked out the earrings get 14 kt gold because it heals faster and less likely to cause a reaction, they put marks on the ears, I made sure they were even. She got the first ear pierced, made a strange look, then started crying as we were doing the 2nd one. I picked her up she was in her carseat and she was fine. I have cleaned them 3 times / day and she doesn’t seem bothered by them at all. She looks ADORABLE and I am so happy I did it.

What changed my mind? I asked our ped who encouraged me to go ahead. She gave me some suggestions for moms having their dd’s ears pierced. When I told dh, he said go ahead.

If any moms want our ped’s suggestions, write me an e-mail and I’ll sent them to you.


Answer #2

because its a baby. here is a child whos head isnt even fully formed yet and people want to perice there ears?! its pretty stupid and seems like evryone just wants another little fashionable accesory on there child… infections, disease and other things can come from pericing a childs ears…also little kids like to play with things…in 10minutes she probably would have put her dirty hands on it over 100 times!…therefore equaling a better chance for infection…so many things can go rong…and its not worth for another ‘cute’ accessory …just wait untill shjes older…over 10 is a way more suitable age…but your going to get them doe anyway so just clue yorself up about all the possible side affects

Answer #3

Well… You really dont have to wait to get her ears peirced but in my opinion I think it would be good to wait until shes 5 years only because when she is about a year old she is just going to pull the piercing out ..and maybe even try to eat it..I have a 2 year old girl and I been thinking about it but I’m really scared about her eating it and pulling it out she gets into everything and sticks everything in her mouth so I’m going to wait until she is about 5 years..if I were you I would think about that to. good luck!

Answer #4

Walmart and Claires have rules that you can not get your babies ears pierced till they are 3 months old. I agree that it is because they have to get their shots. I dont agree that you are causing them so much pain. I would rather have my childs ears pierced when they are babies then wait until they are older and are going to remember the pain. I had my daughters pierced at 3 months old and she did fine. She never tugged at them because she was use to them. And trust me when I say she wont have to go to therapy because I screwed her up by getting her ears pierced!

Answer #5

I think it is because infections can strike so hard and fast in the younger babies. Give her a chance to build her immunities a bit.

Answer #6

Ffs think of the pain you will be putting your child through, would you bite or pinch your baby? … NO!!! Well its near enough the same pain stop think and wait

Answer #7

Ffs Think of the pain your putting your child through think its terrible getting ears pierced at such young age. Would you pinch or bite your baby ??? … NO!!! well near enough same pain, Please wait …

Answer #8

you have to wait to 3 months because of the shots required so she doesnt get an infection. I got my babies ears pierced at 3 months and she did just fine.. no infection (b/c she was up to date on shots) and no sreaming.. it took 2 seconds. if you do it when there young, they dont know what is going on.. and just get earrings with the screw backings when you are able to change the ones she got pierced with. so that way they dont pull them off and eat them… my daughter is almost 7 months and rolls all over the place.. and not once has pulled her earrings off..

Answer #9

I had to wait until I was 7 to get mine done and I was sooo excited. It does look cute on babies but its something that you can get done when they are older as a treat. Its like not letting kids go drinking and nightclubbing before they are allowed legally because then they have something to look forward too. my daughter was 5 when she got hers done.

Answer #10

…I have 3 piercings in each ear. It takes so long for it to heal and hurts to lay your head down! Why don’t people think of this for their little ones? (probably because they don’t remember, they go THEIRs done when they were babies or infants?)

xox Sika

Answer #11

I’m not sure but as the first answer to your question says, I don’t really agree, I think it’s cruel, I had my ears pierced when I was five, and not because I wanted to, I didnt know why the hell this women was coming at my ears with a needle gun, my mom wanted it. I still have them but, I think you should wait until kids are old enough to want these things, then get them if there parents agree to it. erin x

Answer #12

Because they have to get their first series of tetanus shots.

I used to pierce ears and I always wanted to smack mothers/fathers who got their babies’ ears pierced. DO you know how much it sucks to have a lil baby frightened to death of you and screaming? Plus they never sit still and definitely not for the second ear. You always need two people to pierce infant and toddler ears.

Definitely wait until she’s older.

xox Sika

Answer #13

omg. a baby is very delicate and cant take ain very well it needs time to grow stronger and then do it

Bee xx

Answer #14

I just had my 2 year old’s ears pierced after weighing all the pros and cons. My five year old desperately wants hers done but is petrified it might hurt. Even after seeing that her little sister only cried for maybe 1 minute she still wants earrings but won’t go through with the procedure. They did NOT do both ears at the same time and my little one still did fine. The backs are on solid so there is no way she is pulling those suckers off anytime soon and I clean them while she is sleeping at night and in the morning. She really doesn’t know they’re there where I think a 5 year old might be prone to touching them and getting germs on them. I say go for it if you want to do it. If they don’t like it as an adult they can take them out. My husband had his ear pierced as a teenager and now as an adult you can’t tell at all because he let the hole close.

Answer #15

See, I really don’t understand this either – because when I was a baby I got my ears pierced at 6 weeks old !!

Answer #16

you dont have to wait they can have their ears pierced as soon as they are born :)

Answer #17

I got my daughters pierced when she was 3 weeks

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