Is breast milk best for the baby?

Is breast milk best for the baby or not ?

Answer #1

We were actually just learning about this in my bio class.

Breast-milk contains high levels of long-chain omega3 fatty acids that are crucial for neural developement. (So when people say that the babies are smarter, there is actually a reason for that claim.)

Also, when the mother lactates, her brain releases the hormone oxytocin, which causes her to establish a unique strong connection with people in that room. (It is the same hormone released during childbirth and intercourse, which is why many women will feel a strong connection to doctors and nurses who were in the delivery room.)

My instructor also told us that there are lower incidents of breast-cancer in mother’s who breast fed for 18 months of their lives. (Ex: if you have three kids, feed each for 3 months). He did not give a reason for this correlation.

This last part is pure gossip: I heard that breast-milk is the only known cure for a disease called “elephant skin.” I’m not exactly sure what it is, or how breast-milk prevents/cures it, but I know that won’t do any harm to try.

Answer #2

I have a daugher and she is 6 months old. They say breastfeeding is the best (more nutrients) But, even if you don’t think breastfeeding is for you.. at least do it the first time in the hospital. There is something about the first time, it produces something that is important (don’t remember the name of it) But, they will help you in the hospital, they will be in a specialist and they will help you with holding the baby and trying to get it to latch on correctly. I don’t see anything wrong with giving your baby formula either. What vachick said, I really don’t agree. You can bond just as easily with your baby with breastfeeding or bottle feeding. But, if you decide to breastfeed make sure you eat properly. That’s why I choose NOT to breastfeed because I don’t eat very healthy and that effects your baby if you don’t. But, there are support groups everywhere for moms who breastfeed.

This is to vachick.. people who use WIC are not lazy or stupid. I am on WIC and am in progress of getting a college degree and I’m not lazy. Have you ever had a baby? Breastfeeding is hard work and it hurts. Formula is expensive and some people need the help.

Anyways… you can funmail me if you have any questions!

Answer #3

Yes, breastfeeding is better in every way. It will hurt at first and then quickly get better. Aso, studies have shown that it can increase IQ’s and is proven to be easier to digest. Think about the process of formula and how dirty it can be. All machines and factories are dirty up to a certain extent and you don’t know exactly what is being put in that formula or if flies or bugs get mixed into the process. Ewww!

Formula isn’t bad but it can even compare with breastmilk.

When my first son was born 7 years ago I almost died during his birth. I tried my best to breastfeed him for the first week but the dr’s said that my body just wasn’t strong enough. That and my milk never came in. I had to give him formula and I hated it. But he did fine. He got sick more often than my 5 month old does but nothing major.

I really prepared myself for my second son who is 5 months old and he is exclusively breasfed. It was tough in the beginning but the bonding was amazing. I wanted to try to breastfeed for the 1st month and then see how it went and then after a month I wanted to go another and anoher and so on. I LOVE IT. There is nothing more beautiful than knowing that I am feeding and providing for my baby. I get so much satisfaction and my baby is so happy and healthy!

So speaking from someone who has done both I HIGHLY recommend breastfeeding. You and your baby will love it. You can always pump too and then the dad can feed the baby as well.

Good luck!

Answer #4

they say it can hurt especially if the baby doesn’t latch on correctly or if you are holding him wrong. .. But the benefits (I believe) are well worth it. all other mammals breast feed their babies! There are nutrients in breast milk that scientists admit they cannot recreate for formula. Breast fed babies are usually healthier, get sick less, and are smarter. These things are known facts. BUT the government gets money for the formula being sold so WHY NOT? I personally believe they should go back to having formula on a NEED basis. If you can produce your own milk, I don’t think formula should be a choice.. especially those who use WIC to get it for free.. Tax payers have to pay for someone else’s laziness and stupidity.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against formula (if your baby needs it) but a lot of women don’t even attempt to breast feed.. They automatically say I’m going to formula feed. Its kind of sad.

oh and one last thing… I’m not sure about the names but some formula companies just got in trouble because what they said on the container (about nutrients amounts and other things like that) wasn’t even accurate! At least you know your breast milk is what is should be!

Answer #5

vachick08 you have not ever breast fed a baby and I think you should actuallly apologise to the many incl me parents who did try to breastfeed but couldnt and are not lazy or stupid. Breastfeeding does hurt some until your boobs get used to it. There are special creams to help heal the nipples while you are feeding also. It is a sweet milk and great for the baby. If you can only breast feed for a little while this is still great as the baby is getting the nutrients in the colustrum. the first lot of milk has a lot of benifits to the baby. if you can not breast feed then your baby is still going to flourish as long as you use the formula carefully to the instructions. Some people feel as thought the breast is for their husband or sexual purposes only but when youhave the baby and give it its first feed you will know the diference between boobs being for baby and boobs being for hubby. Hubby can wait a while lol. No one is stupid for not feeding their babys a bottle. They would be stupid to not feed it at all wouldnt they !!

Answer #6

It is best for the baby. It is proven that babies who were breast fed at birth… have higher grades in school. It is also a lot healthier for their teeth and bones. Dont listen to all this rubbish like ‘your boobs will sag’ their just being silly. I do hope this question helped you. If you do want more questions answering do feel free to email me at…Thank-you =) xXx

Answer #7

see…it is better, but there’s good things and bad things about breast feeding. Good Bad less money dad cant participate in feeding is better for babi your boobs will end up saggin

theres positive effects and negative effects on breastfeeding, you can go look all that up. good luck!

Answer #8

yh I think I may breast feed when I have a baby as I dont know I can or cant breast feed thou. do you rekon you will breast feed when you have a baby ?

Answer #9

It depends on the woman. I would guess that when you actually have a baby, the size of your breasts won’t matter much at all. mine went up about half a cup. my cousin’s went up 3 full cups.

Answer #10

I meant no offence ablackguy, and I never said you shouldn’t answer, I just said I wouldn’t consider you and expert without a degree. you are correct about facts being facts. in FACT, I could go look for some facts on wikipedia or webmd right now. I stand by my opinion because

experience is experience. :) my feelings have nothing to do with statistics… it is one of the many pleasures I get from womanhood, and I have to pay for those pleasure monthly. I will pray for you to experience breastfeeding in your next life. Have a great weekend all.

Answer #11

I know I’m going to try . Some women can’t or don’t have enough to support the baby but most can and should! I think it’s really good that you’re going to breast feed! It also gives you and your baby time to bond, instead of just sticking a bottle in his mouth and going back to sit on the couch or whatever it is that they do! there are places you can call who will help you through breast feeding, and also in the hospital when you have the baby they will help u! are u pregnant now?

well you can funmail me if you want to talk!! = )

Answer #12

Why would it be odd to breast feed? If that’s odd than I guess having baby’s in general is odd! It is the most natural thing we can do for our children. I think it is an awesome gift and if you can do it than you should. It is also a great bonding experience for the baby. You can get a breast pump to put it in bottles so that the father can do feedings as well and that way the mother could leave the child for longer periods of time!

Answer #13

I think it’s called colostrum (sp?) not sure tho.. and I think it helps the baby’s immune system… you could have breast fed for free for one thing… and I never said all people were lazy or stupid but those who automatically choose formula are. and I don’t see why tax payers should have to pay for other people’s children. you shouldn’t have a baby if you can’t support him/her and go off and leave someone else to raise your baby. I don’t have a baby and I don’t plan on it, because I am not going to be on wic and let other people pay for my kids. When I know I’m financially ready, then I will have my kids.

Answer #14

ablackguy… pardon me for being critical, but you being a guy would automatically negate you as an expert in the field of breast feeding, unless you are a doctor.

all I know is that it’s natural and healthy. you will see if it works for you when the time is right… don’t over analyze something you have no control over right now. you will drive yourself crazy. when your own munchkin that you just birthed hones in on your chichi’s for a snack, you will know what to do.

Answer #15

would you say its normal for your boobs to grow up a size in pregnancy

Answer #16

yh but wouldnt it be odd for a child to breast feed on your breast or not as I have an odd feeling it may be odd to breast feed.

Answer #17

yh have you ever thought on how its going to feel like as well do you have msn or yahoo we can talk aobut this more.

Answer #18

what age can a mother breast feed her child?

Answer #19

Its the best thing for the baby. It gives your baby better nutrients than the stuff you get at the store.

Answer #20

thanks for that yh it really hepled me on to decide what to do .

Answer #21

yea.. I heard that they get harder from a friend is that true

Answer #22

do you have msn so I can ask a questions please

Answer #23

has anyone breast fed before and it hurt there nipple?

Answer #24

can breast feeding make your boobs bigger?

Answer #25

how much ?

Answer #26

I’ve heard it was the best for babys

Answer #27

it can.

Answer #28

what does breast milk taste like?

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