3yr old won't stop laughing

When I or my husband try to discipline our 3 yr old son he laughs at us, this is very trying and I feel like I have tried everything from walking away to getting more upset anyone been through this or have any ideas on what to do please help!!!

Answer #1

Wow, some of these answers were actually half decent, but I had to stop at the one that told you to ignore him. Ignore your child? Make them feel like you don’t care? I can see if your 2 or 3 year old is having a tantrum and screaming on the living room floor then yes, walk away and wait for him to finish, but if your child is just laughing then thats not a sign to ignore him, that just means your punishments obviously don’t work on him. What have you tried? Taking away toys? Not letting him go outside and play? No treats for 2 weeks? Naughty chair? Time out? Star chart? Listen to what your child reacts to. If he likes attention then make sure you give him lots of it. And if my sister or I ever acted out in public or at home and laughed when my parents told us no and disciplined us, we would of gotten a few smacks on the rear ends. That always shut us up, and we learned pretty quickly to respect our parents, which we both still do now. We were hardly ever spanked. Of course, we each received our fair share of smacks on the rear end, never abuse, obviously, but it’s funny because I hardly remember any of them, only 1 or 2, but I do remember the important lessons I learned behind them. I’m not talking about whipping his pants down and smacking him 30 or 40 times, but a good 3 or 4 smacks on the clothed rear end (which is what we usually got, maybe a little more or less at times), can go a long way, the RIGHT way. And believe it or not, it is legal to spank in Canada, most of the US, the UK, and most of Europe, as long as you’re not talking about baring them, using some huge implement or some other equally ridiculous concept. Learn your childs strengths, because you’re obviously aren’t using the right sort of punishment if he’s laughing at you. He’s just the right age for you to start using regular punishment, he’s not “too young”, he’s just at the right age. Wait a few years and you’ll have a hard case on your hands, but start on strong discipline and reinforcement right now and you’ll find parenting him a lot easier in future years to come. But NEVER ever neglect him, ignore him for a whole day, or not speak to him as punishment. My parents only used spanking as a last resort, but even when they had to, I always felt loved, and an open trust in my parents. Gasp It’s true, I have some friends and read stories on here of people who admit that there were plenty of times in their childhood where they definitely should of been spanked, and wish they had been now that they think back, but instead were either ignored and neglected (fair few cases), or given weaker punishment instead. Always make the punishment fit the crime! Hope this helps. =)

Answer #2

well tell him that he cant do anything until he quites laughing my mom does that to my 3 yr old brother and he doesnt do it any more

Answer #3

Oh yes I went threw this with both my Son and Daughter. Look him o her in the eye and say look this is not funny (say it in a calm voice though) you need to go sit in your bed room or on the naughty step or chair untill you know why we are upset with your actioins. Then go up to your child 10 to 20 mins depending on how bad there behavouir is and say, do you know why we are upset ? If the child says no they explain to him or her why. That should work it worked with mine. Yours truly, Demika Ray

Answer #4

my little girl is 3 in nov and tests me with everything. I dont smack ‘’never have’’ we get 3 mins in time out after a warning not to do that when the 3 mins are up she tells me what she did wrong and then says she sorry but just remember at the start he will think its a game to get up and run around after you walk away that is where you or your hubby will have to be tough just keep putting him back time after time till he get’s it . yes it could take 1hr or more but in the end you won. and as for the shops when she is naughty runs away etc she knows now that time out is EVERYWHERE lol where eva I am I will stop and put her on a chair and make her stay there for 3 mins and if she keeps the bad behavior up she has no tv time and her fav toys get taken away from her for the afternoon. I know to some it may sound too much for a 2.5 year old but I have a very smart little girl I some times think she is 5 . Dont for get to reward good behavior in all this .. if we are good picking up all our toys or helping mummy we have a sticker star chart 10 stickers by the end of the week we go to hungry jacks or what ever she wants for being a good girl . and as for the shop if she is a good girl she get a ride or a icecream good luck with everything and I hoped I helped :D

Answer #5

You have to understand the concept of punishment and reinforcement, reinforcement is something that increases a behavior, and what is reinforcing to some kids, is punishing to others, so you gotta know your kid… for example, to some kids, being yelled at is actually reinforcing, because it means they’re getting attention… so basically all that kid wants is attention, so for a kid like that, you give him attention (listen, participate, praise) when he’s being good, and you ignore him when he’s being bad… for other kids, being yelled at is punishment, or being ignored is actually reinforcing… so the idea is, you gotta learn what increases his behavior and what decreases it… I wish I could tell you what my parents did, but apparently simple disapproval was enough in my case, but again, with other kids, sitting in the corner, or the step for a set amount of time, not being able to have a toy or an outing, etc… and also try and remember to reward good behavior, it’s a lot more effective… and a little patience, he’s just a baby with a tiny little brain, he honestly is not mocking you or deliberately trying to annoy you, he honestly does not have the capacity to be manipulative…

Answer #6

Spank him til he cries. He won’t be laughing anymore.

But more importantly don’t let the laughing get to you. As long as you can effectively execute the punishment you are attempting to give, completely ignore his reaction to it. It’s not about if he likes it or doesn’t like it - it’s about he did something wrong and he is getting pushished, no matter what. That is what happens when you misbehave - you suffer the consequences. And if his way of suffering is to laugh, let him laugh himself away in time out in box for an hour.

Answer #7

thats called the terrible three’s you should’nt let it slide and yea he’s just three but he knows what wrong from right so you should put him in time out for at least 10 min. if he gets off time out another 10 min. my mom used to do that to me and I know better now :)

Answer #8

Give him harsher punishments. I`m not saying that you should hit him but try things like no TV, toys, etc.

Answer #9

Thank you guys!

Answer #10

send’em to the corner for a time out

Answer #11

well the kids only 3 , he doesnt know any better

Answer #12

he will annoy u 4 awhile so calm him down

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