What are your thoughts on putting leashes on your children when out in public?

I personally think it’s very wrong and quite disturbing to see any child on a leash. It just shows you have no control of you child.

Answer #1

I honestly think it’s a bit strange for your child to be on a leash/harness because it looks degrading, but if your child is out of control and won’t listen to you when you’re at a store or out in public then you might want to try it.

Answer #2

NO ana. You’re supposed to agree with me. If a parent has good parenting skills, shouldn’t they be able to teach their children in the beginning to listen to them. I’m sure if they did, that would avoid having to put them on a leash.

Answer #3

I think it looks so silly! I won’t ever make my kids wear them. When you see people out in public with their kid on a leash you can’t help but stare. No?

Answer #4

It is very degrading for a parent to have to do that to their child, but if your child has some type of disorder, such as ADHD or ADD and can’t help but be uncontrollable, then maybe it is a wise choice.

Answer #5

If your child, is wild.. But if you have a functioning kid. Then you are lucky lol

Answer #6

True, that is a good point… But, most parents should teach even there ADHD kids how to behave properly.

Answer #7

True. I just think it makes the parents look bad! Like, they don’t have the time to teach their children how to be respectful in public and stay with their parents. It’s not that hard if you begin to teach them at a young age.

Answer #8

I think it’s goofy looking but sometimes necessary. I don’t think it Shoul e used on any kids older than 5. Some kids are absolutely out of control & no matter what you do they won’t listen. I had a leash hen I was little lol then again I was wild.

Answer #9

I’d use ‘em if it was necessary.

Answer #10

Yes. Makes the parents seem lazy when you see them with their child on a leash.

Answer #11

Exactly what i’m saying(:

Answer #12

I don’t understand why people whinge about this so much. Wouldn’t you rather your child look “goofy” by your side than the chance of them running off and getting lost? With some kids it’s necessary.

Answer #13

If you have the right parenting skills to teach your kids to listen and stay by your side, a leash shouldn’t be necessary.

Answer #14

Sorry, how many kids do you have?

Answer #15

None, but judging by how good my moms parenting skills were with 6 kids, we clearly didn’t need any..

Answer #16

Sorry, Gabby, how many freaking kids do you have?! Huh?!

Answer #17

Lmao, ana. :)

Answer #18

Well having seven siblings myself and helping raise four of them when my father didn’t, I know that it’s not simply a matter of one’s parenting skills. A lot of kids don’t listen or just get distracted easily. All kids grow up eventually but sometimes you have to find other ways of controlling them.

Answer #19

I do not have ADHD & my mother raised me correcty, I was just rambunctious in public, a show off. I’ve noticed a lot of little kids are like that. It has nothing to do with the parent, it’s the child’s mindset.

Answer #20

Well, i’m sorry to hear that you couldn’t control your siblings. But my parents both worked, with all of us being 2 years apart. And they still could teach us how to behave in a grocery store without running away to the candy section. My brother was ADHD and in fact never ran away either. It is All about parenting skills. If you teach your children early on how to behave in obulic, they most likely will.

Answer #21


Answer #22

public* lol

Answer #23

i like to sleep, let’s all go to sleep. night.

Answer #24

Sleep sounds good:P

Answer #25

I never said anything about not being able to control my siblings? None of us ever had a leash. Now you’re just being rude and that won’t get you anywhere on this site.

Answer #26

Same to you. You start saying rude things, you’re gonna get rudeness back.

Answer #27

You started all this by making a rude remark on saying that i basically shouldn’t be talking, because i have no kids. You don’t even know me or my situation… Yeah i don’t, and i’m proud to say that. No 16 year old should have kids for that matter. But at least if i did have a kid, i’d know how to parent them.

Answer #28

You really don’t need to be acting like someone hurt your feelings or something. She didn’t say anything about your siblings or any other crap like that. This is what this website is for! For asking questions and having other people comment their opinions on it! But when a person starts to get rude then that’s when it needs to stop. So just read this and don’t comment back so we don’t have to deal with your bitchy ass. Thanks and have a wonderful night or day or whatever in Australia.

Answer #29

Thank you Ana. This is why you’re my best friend:P

Answer #30

Deal with her “bitchy ass”? Real mature.

Answer #31

Ahahah no, this is what happens when close-minded people can’t accept other people’s opinions because they’re different from their own. And with all the points I’m receiving, I’m clearly not the only one who thinks that. That’s great that you and your siblings caught on fast, some kids don’t. Which was my point the entire time. Nice chatting with you Hales.

Answer #32

I think it’s ridiculous. Parents should be able to control their kids!

Answer #33

Yes, she has an ass and is bitchy. Soooo, that makes her a bitchy ass. You learn something new everyday c;

Answer #34

So this is how you make points? Argueing with people all day? You started this whole thing, so don’t start blameing me for thing that never happened. I accepted your opinion, gave you mine, and you bounced back with a smart-ass comment. Please, just go to sleep or something. Clearly, you need something to calm you down.

Answer #35

Thank you. Some people just don’t understand…

Answer #36


Answer #37

It’s 6pm so, no thanks. And actually, I get points when people agree with me, even if it is a disagreement. You are both clearly very mature and I look forward to seeing you tell others how wrong their opinions are throughout the rest of the site.

Answer #38

Wow, thanks for having so much hope in me! It’s highly appreciated. :)

Answer #39

Lol, someone didn’t get enough sleep last night… Well, since i am top of the leader board, most people give me points for good advice. Sorry, you obviously can’t give good advice. Good night sweetheart. Have fun raising your children on leashes and getting made fun of. :)

Answer #40

You’re on top of the leader board because someone gave you points.

Answer #41

Someone? You think someone randomly gave me 400 points in a day? No, i earn the points i get. Unlike people like you that start arguements for points because thats all your worth. But yes in a way you are right, people do give me points… Because i give good advice. You give and you get.

Answer #42

Hahahahah. :’)

Answer #43

@Hales - Actually, you keep replying to basically everything on here, which is why you have the points.

Answer #44

Oh of course you’re totally right darling I’m just gonna pretend I agree & move on. You aren’t even worth my fingers typing haha adios. :)

Answer #45

actually, she has the points that she has for giving out amazing advice and not being rude to people! but she has a right right now because everyone is making a big deal out of nothing!

Answer #46

This post didn’t get me 400 points…I don’t see 400 comments. I see like 15 from me. Another person that doesn’t know anything… Ignorant people piss me off.

Answer #47

I think in some situations they’re good, like if you’re in large crowds or have multiple young children. I know my younger brother and I would have been gone without them!

Answer #48

If raised properly at home, not necessary…..

Answer #49

I don’t mind them. Some kids, no matter how well you teach them will wander off at some point. They see things, they get curious, you look away for one moment when you’re shopping and your kid could be in the other-side of the store. I don’t see what the great big problem is.

Answer #50

It’s embarrassing and I my family beliefs are when a kid wearing them your a bad parent.

Answer #51

Janny not to be rude and disagree but most parents who can control thier kid can teach them to walk with their parent and still look at something from a far.

Answer #52

Good answer

Answer #53

Also it’s like treading your kid as if he/she were a dog or something.

Answer #54

I don’t find anything wrong at all with putting a little, out of control, disobedient, child on a leash when out in public. You’re either gonna have to hold on to their hand the whole time or put a harness on them to keep them from wandering off. Kids don’t always listen and they are children for heavens sake. They aren’t gonna be perfect angels. They are gonna forget what you told them 5 minutes ago and wander around curiously.

Answer #55

But kids do not always listen. They might not intend to be “bad” or anything, but they aren’t perfect, won’t always follow instruction perfectly. My parents taught me and my sister well, I was never wild nor disobedient, but even then, my little sister has been curious and walked away farther then we were comfortable with. Children won’t remember or listen to you perfectly. Adults don’t even do this, nor do older children. I see it as a measure for safety for a curious child and quite honestly I wouldn’t care what other adults might think (that they’re horrible parents) if it means the safety of a child.

Answer #56

And having your kid on a leash does not show that you have no control over them it shows that you do.

Answer #57

“Amber alerts” go off all the time in stores and crowded facilities. Most of the time the child is found. But sometimes the worst fears are realized and the child not found. In this day and age of child abductions, when it comes to the parent’s concern for safety it’s their call.

Answer #58

“Amber alerts” go off all the time in stores and crowded facilities. Most of the time the child is found. But sometimes the worst fears are realized and the child not found. In this day and age of child abductions, when it comes to the parent’s concern for safety it’s their call.

Answer #59

Wow, did you really tell your friend to agree with you.

Answer #60

Maybe thats their way of teaching them not to act out or run away and to stay by their side. Or maybe its in case someone tries to take them.

Answer #61

I was making a joke. She’s my best friend and we were joking around with eachother all night. Read it in a joking way(:

Answer #62

I never said this post gave you 400 points (: I said you comment on basically everything on here, which is why you got the points. Granted, a lot of them are from people liking your answers, but of course you’re gonna get a lot of points when you reply to 39843943 posts so you can stay on the top of the leader board. (: (:

Answer #63

I could care less if i was at the top of the leader board. But it is exciting(: I do reply to everything, thanks captain obvious.

Answer #64

Could you people stop being obnoxious and getting so very defensive about everything. And please stop acting like little kids. This is a question about people’s opinions of leashes on babies.

Answer #65

Sure. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Answer #66

I would like this if I had some likes left lol xD

Answer #67

That’s alright, I messed up ityping in “ Amber alert” when I meant Code Adam. I don’t multi task well….lol :)

Answer #68

there are kids with add and adhd or even worse conditions that make it practically impossible for them to control also if the parent has more then one child to look after it is difficult to manage. using a leash does not make them a bad parent

Answer #69

I think it’s dumb. There’s this thing called parenting and there’s also this thing called holding your kids hands. Leashes are for parents who obviously don’t understand parenting. It’s sad that they need to put a leash on their kids instead of actually being a parent

Answer #70

I feel that it depends on the children. I was well behaved and knew to stay close to my mother However, my siblings have disorders that impair their ability to reason or pay attention and they could easily get lost. And when in crowded areas especially in big cities I can see how a leash would be useful to ensure the child’s safety. And contrary to the beliefs of some people who commented on here, kids with disorders cannot always just be “taught to behave.” When it is between losing a child or the child being degraded, id rather have my child by my side.

Answer #71

I guess it’s ok just as long as it’s not around thei neck lol, like I’ve only seen it one time. This toddler, he had this really cute overalls with a leash Stratford to it. I thought it was cute. Haha he was so small.

Answer #72

umm i probably wont ever use them (i dont yet have kids) but i can see why people would use them. especially on those kids that like to “explore”

Answer #73

i dont see why you would do that its wrong and sick

Answer #74

How is it sick.

Answer #75

Yeah, i don’t see what’s sick about it. I don’t agree with it, but it’s not “sick”.

Answer #76

coz its all about being a good mum my little never had one as she would walk mabey u need to tech ur kid to walk by ur side instead of making them felling like a dog

Answer #77

It’s not about being a good parent, it’s about having a cooperative child. My parents never had to use them with my brother and myself but I am sure if one of us were hard headed and dangerously disobedient they would have.

Answer #78

its called a rein not a leash

Answer #79

its fine, as long as its for a reason, not to control the child completely like some i see doing.

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