do you think that teenagers make bad parents and why?

Answer #1

well they wouldnt be “bad” but at that age they shouldnt b parents as there still babys therself

Answer #2

I wouldn’t say bad parents I wud say not ready to be parents

Answer #3

Its difficult enough raising a child being an adult with a stable career, your own place, and a stable marriage. I can’t imagine how difficult it is for a teen without those things. It would be emotionally, mentally, and financially taxing on a teen. It is perfectly acceptable for teens in other cultures to bear children. However, our culture is not that way. Its not that society has anything against teens, it just doesn’t always work out well for people who don’t finish school, work dead end jobs, and barely make enough money to support themselves. To be honest, if your body is mature enough to handle pregnancy and delivery I have no problem with it in terms of biology. (Even though young teens seem to be at a higher risk for several complications) Its the fact that I know their childhood is over. I feel bad for the teen, and in some cases I feel bad for the baby. Its not the ideal situation for a teen to get pregnant in our society….Not necessarily that they always make bad parents, but that is hard enough to support yourself if you have a college education and no kids. I won’t even go into the fact that some teens are not mentally or emotionally mature enough to raise them.

Answer #4

I think that it all depends on the kind of person you are. If your someone who cant handle stress too well, then your not fit to be a mother. Even if your not a teen. But teens go through so much stress as it is and a baby would just add on to it. Then again, although they are young, and even if it was a mistake, it happens. So no I dont think that they are BAD, I just think that they may have made a wrong decision, everyone does, thats why we learn from them.

Answer #5

am sorry but you shouldn’t say having a baby is a wrong decision

Answer #6

I didnt say that. The baby isnt a wrong decision, but if they are a teen and didnt want a baby, then they made a mistake by getting pregnant. If they want one, then thats their own decision.

Answer #7

Not necessarily bad parents, just not ready to be a parent - especially in the US. With how are society and school systems are setup you aren’t expected to act like an adult and be as emotionally and mentally mature as an adult until your more around 18-21. Because you are not expected to be an adult yet, the mental and emotional maturity isn’t developed for a lot of people until their late teens, early twenties. I’m sure if you were expected to be an adult at say 15, most people would develop a greater emotional and mental maturity earlier on. Going back a bit in history it, you were an adult at 15-16yrs old, and it seemed to work decently.

Answer #8

I’ve seen some great teenage parents so I definitely would not say they make bad parents. My biggest problems with teenagers having children is that its such a huge responsibility and sacrifice it makes me sad that they can’t enjoy being teenagers like they should be. Having children is an amazing experience and one of the best things ever, but it is hard work and I just think teenagers should be out having fun and going to school. You get to be a teenager for such a short time, yet there is tons of time to be an adult.

Answer #9

Me personally I believe it depends on that person and how they act after they have a baby.. I got pregnant when i was 17, and i dont think im a bad mom. Im actually lucky enough to be a stay at home mother, me and my boyfriend decided that we wanted to raise our son not have him off in daycare all the time. But everyone that has commented on ur answer is right, its hard being a young parent! Your not mentally or emotionally ready to have a baby, and its hard having to go from only worrying about your self to having a baby to worry about. I think as long as you put your families needs before yourself then you will be a good parent. Learn patience, learn to listen to your spouse, and learn to learn from your mistakes. Its hard raising a child on your own, I am so thankful that me and my boyfriend were able to stay together, after we had our son, For the first year and half it was hard, all the exspenses, all the learning you have to do, and not to mention how fast you have to grow up. But we have done it so far and have been together for 5 years. I say learn to listen to your spouse or as alot of people say your baby momma or baby daddy, because whether or not your together you need to be able to compromise when it comes to your child, if he wants to raise the baby one way n you dont agree with it then u need to comprimise on away that you both will be okay with because if you dont then the child will walk all over one of you, not to mention all the fighting is not good for a child. No parent is perfect, but i believe as long as your trying and your learning then you will be a good parent. I have made several mistakes with my son but i have learned from them, and it has made me a better mother and a better person from it. But you can be a good parent if you try.

Answer #10

i know what you mean i have a 3month old am 16 but he’s taught me alot and am trying to be a better persona because of him and so is my bf

Answer #11

Good luck to ya!! The biggest advice I can give you is to be patient, Stay consistent, and put your chikd first.. If you ever need advice from one young mother to another let me know..

Answer #12

Teeenagers aren’t suppsose to be parents at all.Things happen where they are stupid and become them though.I give teen moms alot of credit,well to the ones who gave up almost everything and just focus on school and their baby.Some still go out and party all week and leave the baby with their parents like it’s their responsibility.It is absolutely not.Going out maybe once a month or something is alright as long as your caught up on everything else.,but i truly think that people should be more careful when having intercourse when these things happen or don’t have it at all or you will be paying the consequence for life.Although a baby can be a blessing it causes alot of life changes and financial problems.

Answer #13

Anybody can be a good parent, and anybody can be a bad parent. In my opinion, age doesn’t come into it at all. You may have a teen who is a fabulous parent, tries her hardest, and does everything she can for her baby. Then you can have a 30 yr old woman who is abusive, neglecting, and selfish. Teens are just seen as ‘bad parents’ because of the overall characterization of a teenager. Like, according to movies and TV, all teens are selfish, hate their parents, and are a bit blonde. That’s not true at all, everybody is an individual and has individual traits, weaknesses, and personalities. Of course it’s going to be hard being a teen mum, but I’ve seen some young girls grow into adults pretty quickly the second they found out they were pregnant. I have great respect for teenage mothers.

Answer #14

Not all do. Like for example my best friend has a kid and the baby’s dad died, and her parents completely disowned her. But she live’s with her friend and has a job, raises the baby on her own, and pays for everything he needs with her money from her job, and to top it off she’s still in high school managing high honor’s. Then some parents are dead beat. Like the lazy ones you see on tv doing nothing and being lazy not trying to get a job.

Answer #15

There is no way to make a broad sweeping statement such as all teens will make bad parents. If you look at statistics, children of teen parents are more likely to be born prematurely and to be of a low birth weight. This is important because premies and low birth weight babies tend to be less healthy and developmentally slower. The mothers are less likely to get prenatal care (which is very important for the health of the baby) and the babies are at a higher risk to be developmentally behind. Growing up the children of adolescent mothers are not as healthy as those to born of mothers over 20. The children are at greater risk of abuse or neglect and ending up in foster care. The children are at greater risk of having difficulty regulating their affect and aggression. Kids of teen mothers are behind cognitively, they don’t do as well in tests, more likely to repeat a grade, and were perceived less favorably by teachers by the time they hit high school. They were more likely to drop out of high school and more likely to go to prison. They are then more likely to have kids as teens. Basically teen parents in general do not make the best parents. In developed countries where teen parents tend to be unwed and without a significant amount of social support. Oh and for the research, FSU has done a lot of studies on this.

Answer #16

honestly it depends on the person. i have a friend who is a teen mom and she is one of the best mothers i have ever seen, yet on the otherhand a girl at my school got pregnant, had the baby and then a week later left the baby and the babies dad and left a note saying she was moving and not to go find her and now my friend (the babies dad) is raising the little girl on his own, but he is also doing an amazing job, so honestly it just depends on the person

Answer #17

Some do, some don’t. It all depends on the teenager. Also on the situation, like how they find out they were pregnet, the families sopport and stuff like that.

Answer #18

i dont tihnk all do, it depends on the person thenselves. my mother had 4 kids by the time she was 23, we all turned out fine. well i mean my sister had a kid at 16, not all that amazin, but her son has turnded out to be really smart and well loved. my older brotherhad a kid to, but at 23. im 18 and i finished sixth form with a levles, i work and hopefully goonna go to uni, not too sure yet. and my younger brother is currently at sixth form doing his a levels, so statistics show that childrenfrom teen parents fail in education and basically have bad lives. but we all turned out like any child form a more mature family. i tihnk my mum being younger was better as shes not too old to partake inactivities or play with her grand children. if she had waited till she was like 30 (which most ppl say is a gd age to have children) she would be like 60 when she has grandkids, and not be able to do any of the tihngs she does with her grandson and grand daughter. so herself and children and grandchildren would have missed out on a lot if she would have waited/

Answer #19

as long as the teenager is focused on her baby and her den the teenager is a wonderful parent

Answer #20

my mum had me at the age of 15, she did a fantastic job, went to college, got a good job. yes it was hard, but she made it. being a bad parent depends on who you are, not your age. and i have to say, my mum did a good, job, im now 18, in college, and am planning to go to university to study medicine.

Answer #21

Not if they are muture enough for a child, if teens can have sex they should know how to take care of a child.

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