Should I let my son see my breasts

Hi everyone, this may seem like a weird question but my son who is almost 9 years old keeps trying to touch my breasts. He asked me the other day if he could see them and that he would really like to touch them. What should I do, I mean I don’t have a problem with him seeing my breasts but I ‘m not sure if I should.

Answer #1

No you shouldn’t, hunny he goes to school that age talks, and thast the last thing you want him to be talking about. well he likes breset how about you get a male figure to talk to him about it. hes nine for goodness sake!! why would you let your son touch mommies breast.his growing up. so no don’t let him.

Answer #2

It completely depends on how you want to raise your child. Do you believe he is at the right age to see/feel your breasts? In all honesty, it’s completely up to you, hun.

Answer #3

I do not think that that would be a good idea. It might be time to have a serious discussion about why he wants to do this. I do not want to scare you, but this could be the beginning of sexual behavior that could lead to abuse later in life that could cause trouble for him.

Answer #4

NO !! - what kind of parent respect does that show and example of conduct towards women ?

Answer #5

if you’re going to cite freud, at least know your stages… the oedipal complex occurs in the phallic phase, which ends at the latest around age 7… right now it’s the latency phase where drives are apparently supposed to decrease, and libido transfers from parents to friends… but all this is irrelevant, freud was a little crazy and had mommy issues…

as for your son… you might want to ask him why he wants to see them… it might make more sense from there on… but I dont think it’s a good idea… there’s nothing wrong with breasts, in some countries women walk around topless and some how all the boys manage not to be scarred for life, but really the chances of it coming back to bite you in the form of CPS is high…

Answer #6


Answer #7

h*ll no! you will make him into a pervert… you want to teach children that those areas are private so they dont violate other girls…

Answer #8

Are you crazy no why did you even post this question you should know that is sick. Get him some help or something I mean eww what the..

Answer #9

Go ahead and show him your breasts but don’t let him touch them.

Answer #10

No, you sicko.

Praise the lord, huh?

…come to think over and over again ‘bout praising satan…know what?, before its too late…u still have chance!!!b a believer…once your on it, you wont regret it, promise!!! … I think your just stressed…put it simple!!!believe in GOD…He’s t…

Answer #11

wtf…haha…like I undersatnd…KINDA…but look lady…he is at the point where he knows mommys boobs are off limits. like seroisly…think. kids are having sex at 12 years old now and younger…I would b grossed out if my mom showed me her love bags at age 9.

Answer #12

just ask him why he want to so bad I think you might want to have the sex talk with him.

its completely up to you

Answer #13

My nephew went through the same thing when he was 5…he didn’t want to see them, but he would always try to find a way to bump against any women in our family to ‘feel’ them. It is just curiosity, and I’m pretty sure every little boy goes through it at some point. We just told him that girls are different than boys and breasts are a ‘private place’ that he shouldn’t touch. And let him know that boys and girls don’t look at each other naked when they get big like him.

Also, instead of you assisting him in the bath or shower (if you still do?) let daddy do it since he’s a boy too. He’ll start understanding the boundaries just keep letting him know if he keeps bringing it up.

Answer #14

I’ll add my voice to the tenor here. When a child is 9 years old they need to understand that there are boundaries. Curiosity is normal; your son isn’t doing anything wrong by being curious; you just have to be the adult and teach your son that this is inappropriate.

You don’t need to freak out if your son sees your body in normal daily activities but you shouldn’t be providing the opportunity.

Answer #15

I find it a little exciting.

Answer #16

Im sorry but that kind of question just makes me wonder why a parent would have to think twice about something like that! he starting to notice girls, you should have just known. it just puzzels me!!

Answer #17

misspaula - you scare me … please say you don’t try to win people to the LORD …

                what on earth were you babbling about?

In answer to the question- not in this lifetime, no not ever. He’s a relative and child who is dependent on you for guidance and direction. Keep it simple and loving; say dear we don’t do things like that and buy him something educational to play with instead of your chest. He is after all a little boy- how about an anatomical model (with skeleton and muscles) he can take apart and put back together? Good luck

Answer #18

As a boy believe me boys can get lost in a private world of sexual fantasies, and as Freud said, boys often have a thing about their mums (and you might want to warn your husband). This kind of thing needs a stiff reality check from time to time, and now I the time to give your son one. Let him know in no uncertain terms that there are boundaries. As Levi Strauss said, there are taboos. Society needs taboos. It’s great to be intimate and cuddly but there are limits and boys need to know where to draw the line.

Answer #19

What the hell is wrong with ANY of you who think its ok to let a 9 year old feel mommys breasts!!! Number one, I know a lot of parents who walk around topless or in underwear when their child is innocent and young enough to understand that this is ‘normal’. My best friend is a mother of 3, 1 son, and 2 twin girls, and she told me she stopped walking out of the bathroom unclothed when her son was 6, just because it felt like the right age to stop the flat-out nakedness in front of him, because she didnt want to start anything that could have him ‘growing up’ a little ahead of time. You should pay attention to what your son watches on tv, and ask him about the subject of ‘boobs’. Do the kids talk about them with him at school? Or maybe its just about that time for his little body works. I think when a child becomes too curious and wants to do touchy feely, this is a different story, all he needs is talk at this point. If he really wants some boobs, he will play touch mine touch yours with some little girl at school. At 9, hes either seen enough body parts to still have that childish innocence and curiosity,or this could be the beginning of his sexuality…remember that even a 9 year old can perform the act of sex, and at this age, he shouldnt need to see and touch mommys breasts!!! At 9, his dick can get hard! As a mother, why would you want your sons hands on your boobs anyhow??? There are 12 year old boys out there getting girls pregnant, and hes only got 3 more years to go!! When he does turn 12, are you going to let him try tongue kissing with you so he will know what to do? Dont you get the natural ‘feeling’ that this is inappropriate?

Answer #20

HES 9 years OLD FOR GODS SAKE HE SHOULD KNOW BETTER and if you think its fine you need to take him and you both need to go see a shrink I have three little boys and my 5 and 3 yr old know not to touch my breast and god forbid if I have to change my shirt around them I make them turn their head even tho I have on a bra on why would you even consider it I mean whats going on in your house for your son to think he can touch your breas im sorry but coming from a good mother this question scares me just a little!

Answer #21

Not a good idea, sure it may just be curiousity, but still it wouldn’t be good for him. He’s learning about girls and sexuality at a young age, but letting him do that is wrong. It’s like if you were a father and your daughter asked you if she could touch your penis! That would just be sick, so would say this would also be considered sick. Don’t do it if you want what’s best for your son. Honestly, don’t do it! It’s just not right…


Answer #22

Honey I am a mom of 3 boys my eldest is only 5 and I dont let them see my breast if your son is that old trying to touch your breast take him to a pshyciatrist immedietly

Answer #23

I think it is fine. My mother was a single mom from the time I was three and saw her breasts quite often as her only son. Until she remarried when I was almost, I often slept in her bed also, but I still saw her boobs very often. When I hit puberty at 10, I was more interested in seeing my nanny’s huge breasts than mom’s or the one my cub scout friends and I saw in Playboy back in 1967.

Answer #24

At 9, it’s probably curiosity rather than sexuality, but …something innocent like that can be turned upside down if CPS gets hold of it.

Do you really want to be in the position of trying to explain to a hostile incompetant government lacky why you let your 9 year old touch your breasts?

Answer #25

if you are going to show him, I wouldnt be like here son look, I think maybe try to like set up a way where its an accident, for example, walk out of the bathroom shirtless. cause I think if you straight up showed him it might be a lil akward for him and you… and plus, he might go back to school and say mommy showed me her boobs or somethin like that, which could get you in some serious trouble…

Answer #26

Yes I think you should. I agree You should set up a way where its an accident, for example, walk out of the bathroom topless works. As for letting him feel you I do not think that is a good idea. However once you son sees your breasts you might want to tell about the nipples.

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