When is a rude disrespectful daughter too old for a spanking?

My 10yr old daughter is rude and disrespectful. Scolding, grounding her means nothing to her. Is she too old for a spanking?

Answer #1

talk to her don’t hit her

Answer #2

No she is not to old I still get spanked or slapped across my mouth if im disrespectful or rude to my mom…it will work if you do it hard enough to let her know enough is enough

Answer #3

No she isn’t, just let her know that her mouth and attitude is not acceptable, then take her pants and undies down and spank her good. She isn’t too old and is at the age where she thinks she is grown up and can get away with more. Giving her a red butt is not wrong or out of line at her age, and that is probably the time she needs it the most.

Answer #4

no I got the wooden spoon untill I was 13 lol but if you spank her it might make her worse just talk to her and make her see how she is acting and how its affecting others just tell her its not all about her its about you to :)

Answer #5

My father strongly belives in corpal punishment he doesn’t beat me any more but I am more disiplined person because he did and the only reason he stoped is because I learned form it not because I was to old. So no she’s not.

Answer #6

I never got grounded or anything. my parents did spank me when I was a kid but ended when I got into highschool. I think spanking is a good punishment if the child still doesnt understand WHY the thing she/he did was wrong.

Answer #7

The general rule of thumb is that when they start puberty, hands off.

I don’t think that spanking is going to help, though - it just may cause her to be even more resentful than she is now. Obviously, she needs a real eye-opener or someone who can get to the root of the problem.

You should consider having her see a child psychologist. If you’ve been doing your part as a parent and properly disciplining her from the start, then there has to be another reason why she’s acting out in this way.

Answer #8

It’s not a matter if she is to old. It’s the matter of, if you leave a mark on your daughter, and she tells someone about it, you’re in grave trouble.

Answer #9

my mother still hits me (when im bold!) like im 13 she doesnt spank me, she just hits me across the arm or head!! but in my personal opinion shes too old,just hit her `cross the arm, it works! believe me! but when you do hit her e expecting a lot of “I hate you” from her!

Answer #10

just hit her `cross the arm, it works It’s also illegal. The only legal form of hitting a child is a spanking, on the bottom, over the clothing and not after they’ve reached a certain age (puberty, or teenage - whichever comes first). Hitting a child on the arm or the head is a sure fire way to ensure child welfare invades upon your life. I’m surprised your mother gets away with it.

Answer #11

It NEVER works in the long run to spank a child. There are far better ways to discipline your child.

I suggest talking to her to find out what is bothering her.

Usually at age 10 children need a little more independence - as in dressing themselves, making their own beds, helping around the house, going to friends houses without you going with etc. She could be acting out because you are still treating her like she is your little girl.

Also what you could do is to take away privileges, set up a chart and if she behaves then she gets to do something that she likes the day, if she doesn’t it’s taken away. That way you’ll have a more constructive way of dealing with her and her mood swings. And stick to it.

That being said, if you are doing all you can and nothing is working, consider some family therapy (you don’t even have to go for a lot of sessions). Sometimes children find it difficult to speak to parents when something is wrong.

Answer #12

I think she is threw getting spanked. You should really just do the grounding thing, it may not work for her, but if you take enough away, and really not let up on it, she is gonna get tired of getting grounded, and eventually start doing right. She is to old to be getting spanked.

  • Advice Girl, (:
Answer #13

Don’t spank her please…that’s a bad thing to do to anyone. Just talk to her and tell her what she did wrong and let her know that it was wrong but be nice about it. My parents do that with me and it works every time. They used to take things a way from me but it never worked.

Answer #14

try this just she like to go out with friend and all that good stuff when she is misbehaving make it a point that she cant leave the house no tv no music nothing fun no phone nothing until she gets the hint also make a punishment for her make her go clean her room and she cant leave it till its clean or make her clean the back yard and she cant come in till its clean stuff like that kids hate to clean lol

Answer #15

This is a quick read that a lot of professionals recommend:

Plain Talk About Spanking by Jordan Riak.

The website of Parents and Teachers Against Violence In Education has a lot of educational materials about why it isn’t a good idea, and some resources for families. The website is at nospank.net.

Answer #16

OK SPANKING IS NOT THAT BAD… ANYONE OVER THE AGE OF 25 PROBABLY GOT A SMACK OR TWO AND ARE FINE…however in this day spanking is wrong and there are many alternatives… the thing to focus on is that every action has a reaction and every behaviour has a consequence… it really matters if the consequence is natural in regards to the behaviour…eg…your daughter is rude to you than distance yourself and try and put your feelings aside if achild is rude to me I tend to ignore them and carry on with what I am doing that is a natural consequence…I dotn like rude people soo I dont bother with them and when she really wants your attention she will approach you accordingly…also make it clear what is ok and what is not…the behaviour is learned soo maybe try and figure out why the attitude…remember that once a child is starting to gain soem adult responsibility its goign to be difficult to treat them as a child still…and if you strike her she may strike back!!!

Answer #17

YOU DO NOT SPANK HER! you confront her.

Answer #18

A disrepectful daughter is not to old to be spanked aa long as she is living with parents. Parents shoulld not tolerate this behavior.

Answer #19

Never, If she acts like a child, then spank that butt.

Answer #20

It is illegal to spank a child under two and illegal to spank a child over 12. Between those ages it is legal to spank a child using ONLY your hand, no wooden spoon or paddle. I don’t believe in spanking children. My parents never laid a hand on me and I respect them for that. If they had EVER spanked me I would have lost my trust and respect for them. Have you ever tried a timeout?

Answer #21

Well I did get spanked once -_-

That was when I was 5 and I don’t know if I would be any different today And I think it not good if the child has developed a sense of right further then only doing the right thing only to avoid punishment

Answer #22

A daughter that is rude, disrepectful is not to old for a good spanking.I am saying this as a personal experience. In my youunger days, I would do any and everything I could to disrupt the home. My parents put up with this misbehaving for awhile. Finally when I gave mom a push into the kitchen counter. Mom called dad to come there, he did quickly. While he held my arms across the kitchen table, mom grab a woooden paddle and used long and hard swats to my bottom,I thought it would never end. Speaking of end, my butt was sore for a while. I did not act up after this incident.I don’t know about anyone else, but I know what happened to me.

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