Is 10-years-old too young for pantyhose?

Hi im a parent and my daughter wants to wear pantyhose at 10. She wants to wear nude colored pantyhose with strappy shoes to a wedding next weekend. Not sure if I should let her? Is 10 too young? Any advice on what nylons are good for weddings? I need something classy for myself as well:) Please let me know your feedback and any same experiences?..Thanks.

Answer #1

I think panty hose look more conservative than tights. If my daughter was ten I would let her, I don’t see anything wrong with it.

Answer #2

It’s for a wedding, it’s not for every day. Although if you don’t feel comfortable with the thought, I suggest you say no.

Answer #3

holy crap, it’s just panty hose, I would hate to see what happens in a situation that is important. What are you afraid of? Maybe you should check what your own insecurities are, just let the girl wear some panty hose, after all isn’t it better than no panty!!

Answer #4

I’ve never understood why people have such strong feelings about pantyhose. I’ve been wearing them since I was 10 or 12 or so, and I still wear them now (I’m 21), depending on the outfit and shoes. As long as she can sit in a ladylike way, sure, let her wear them. I don’t understand why some people consider pantyhose a “grown-up” thing like bras or whatnot. Although if she’s going to wear strappy sandals, she shouldn’t wear pantyhose with that anyway. I never wear pantyhose with open-toed shoes… I think it’s tacky.

Answer #5

No,Its just panty hose. Make sure she sits right.

There are plenty of other things she could be wearing that you should be concerned about. Pantyhose is honestly not that bad.

Answer #6

umm why not just get slightly thicker flesh coloured tights? although maybe you could get her tights that were brightly coloured and match her outfit we did that with my neice when she just didn’t want to wear tights and she was thrilled with them (bright pink is ever popular :)

Answer #7

yes pantyhose are tights..they are sheer ..stockings

Answer #8

Oh my gosh! Yes, shes too young, All i wore was a skirt and shirt a sweater and ballet flats :) That was last month too :D Let your daughter wear something nice but not too.. nude.

Answer #9

Is this who I think it is? YIKES! BTW, strappy shoes should be worn without any kind of panty hose..defeats the purpose and style of the shoe, and 10 years is too damn young to look like a slut. You on the other hand will look good in Gianni Versace.

Answer #10

omg are u bein serious!!! shes 10 years old just let her wear them 4 pete’s sake!!! its only a pair of tights!!!

Answer #11

Dear dmagic2815, When your daughter wears a dress is she cautious about the way she sits, bends etc. If not then tights may be a better alternative..if she is very lady like then there probably isn’t anything wrong with pantyhose. You know your daugter best and how she can handle this situation. Sue…good luck

Answer #12

stick to tights.

Answer #13

My mom let me start wearing pantyhose at the age of 12. I think it is always much better to err on the side of modesty. So many young girls are in such a rush to get to the point were they can dress a little older, but you as the wise parent :-) realize that these are milestones. Make her wait. She won’t be thrilled, but when her daughter asks her if she can wear more mature clothing, she’ll think of you and appreciate it.

Answer #14


im 14 and I dont even wear panty hose. I dont like em.


ill wear tights my whole life…


but yeah. your the parent you choose what she wears.

…wow why would she want to? tights are just so much easier!

Answer #15

…no?…yes…I dunno

Answer #16

Kids are older now then when we were young. I would let my daughter wear them if she could afford to buy them. :) They are just thinner tights, I’m not sure why you are concerned. Do you consider them overly “sexy”. Honestly, that is not the way most girls think about them these days.

Answer #17

sorry im english are Panty hose tights ?

Answer #18

Are you stupid? Panty hose should be worn only by 40 year old women or older. I am 57 and still feel that I am too young to be wearing them!

Answer #19

Are you serious? There is absolutely no reason why she shouldn’t wear pantyhose. It’s cute, and it’s JUST PANTYHOSE.

Answer #20

If she is going to wear a skirt, then she should be wearing pantyhose with the skirt as standard equipment. They preserve her privacy.

Answer #21

I have always had very long legs and after about 7 never could find tights that fit right, my mom started buying me nude panty hose at a very young age, I do not remember getting anymore att. etc from men so for me personally I dont think its a big deal. Obviously if the dress shes wearing is short its going to catch some eyes but shes a little girl, more than likely not going to me wearing a minni.

Answer #22

um, well…I’ve never seen so many people get so riled over a pair of panty hose. I never thought of them as a big deal. Perhaps, as someone said above, study her carriage and behavior in a dress. Does she stand, sit, walk, play, and generally move about in ladylike fashion? If so, then she can handle the panty hose. If not, don’t worry about it. Give her regular tights and enjoy your little girl while she’s still little!

Answer #23

Hey,what kind of a stupid parent are you would you let your kid have sex at ten? This is where its heading cause my EX allowed our daughter to wear pantyhose at age 9 for a school dance. She came home nine months later she had twins. I’ll let you decide David

Answer #24

Yeah tights may be better since she’s ten. You should wear a nice blouse, with a nice pair of pants or a nice dressy skirt. My mom and dad just got married and that’s what everyone else mainly wore. Good Luck!

Answer #25

Your daughter wants to look her best at this wedding, so i say treat her, let her wear a pair of nude colour nylon tights (we don’t call them pantyhoses in UK)… this will make her feel special and grown up. Its not like she is going to wear them constantly! Especially for hygenic reasons as bacteria can be trapped in between the 2 legs and stale it self and cause inflammation to her if she wears it constantly. However if your daughter likes the idea and bugs you, I would invest in a pair of cotton tights; toddlers of 1 or 2 wear them in England… in the winter they wear thick ones… of all colours: black, white, yellow, pink, blue…etc And in the summer maybe a light one or none.

As for you… for the wedding: A summery dress with a light cardigan would be ideal. But if you do not have that; smart trousers (peachy coloured if you have it or white) with a blouse.

I also have to attend a wedding in 2 weeks and I plan to wear white cotton trousers with a nice white top with pink beads (as I will wear a pink bra), silver necklace which is precious to me, silver hooped earrings and a light jacket. Shoes are a tricky part, for me I will just wear flip flops.. but I advise you to wear sandals of some sort

Answer #26

pantyhose are u serious if it is nude pantyhose no one is going to see them anyways and are u talking about pantyhose like you wear under your dress then i wore them to church when i was like 3 she is 10 MY mom let me wear THEM TO CHURCH AND ALL THE OTHER LITTLE GIRLS HAD THEM ON TOO AND IM NOT JUST TALKING ABOUT COLORD I WOULD LET HER

Answer #27

Pantyhose by my perspective are for mature ladies, and not ten yr olds. Tights are for her age, but thats just my opinion! If she wants to wear the nude pantyhose then by my standards let her, but make sure she sits properly while wearing pantyhose.

Answer #28

Dude. Your very old fashioned. Nobody really gives a shhit about panty hose. But its like this,

She’s developing her personal identity, and will feel that if you don’t let her, your denying her the right to grow up. She’ll prob wear them anyway or throw a fit. Which, since she is young, is setting a precedent that she can’t trust you, has to sneak behind your back, or you ‘just don’t get it’ for the next years.

Some parents may pull the ‘slippery slope’ argument. That if you let her make decisions about how she looks, hair, clothes, etc, then you have no power to ‘forbid’ her to do drugs, have sex, drink, etc much later on in life. Well guess what? You don’t have that power anyway. The most you can do are instill values and good decision making skills that she can use to make responsible choices when she needs to!

Answer #29

we believe that girls should wear skirts and with tights or pantyhose. 12 yo is good pantyhose

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