Should I spank a childs bare butt

Should I spand a childs bare behind

Answer #1

how is it illegal? anyways I would say go for it, why do you think all the girls are getting pregnant at a young age and screwing up there lives… because they had no real disciplin as a child, same with guys thinking they run the streets and getting shot like idiots thinking they are cool… its not just media, its how the country has forced everybody to control themselves, and loosing control of there kids…

Answer #2

My mom spanked me with the hairbrush on my bare hiney when I was a kid.

The fact that she spanked on the bare was not as much of a problem for me. It was the hairbrush that created the “problem” - resulting in a very sore hiney. I don’t think it wouldn’t have mattered whether I was bare or not.

Answer #3

Why do you have to take off their pants to spank them? Does it make you feel good to bare a kid’s privates? Spanking them on their pants works fine.

Answer #4

Don’t listen to that crap. Spanking is perfecctly fine. It’s not like your beating them to death. And hitting does not teach hitting is ok. It teachs them not to do whatever it was they were doing that they shouldnt have been. We smacked my neices pampered butt when she hit my grandfather. She was startled but unhurt. She got the point though. She dosn’t hit him anymore. Just do what you believe is right.

Answer #5

Spanking only tramatizes the child. They don’t know what they did and why they all of a sudden got pulled down, their pants ripped off, and slapped until they grow red. Time out is the best way to handle it. Then explain to the child what they did wrong and have them say sorry and say they won’t do it again.

Answer #6

yes, it gets to the bottom of the problem, Quicker.

Answer #7

Sure spank’em all you want it’s punishment

Answer #8

NO it is a bad thing to do it will make you kid think he can hit people all the time.

Answer #9

NO!! thats so old fashion, and some people say old fashion is ok but then again they did used to whip and hang people too. it’s illegal, it’s humilianting, it’s illegal too.

Answer #10

No its a poor child

Answer #11

There is nothing wrong with spanking a child as long as you do not go too far. However…Pulling their pants down is definitely going too far. It not only humiliates that child,possibly for life, but it also makes you look like a sex offender and I believe it adds the risk of turning the poor child into a sex offender when they get older. There is absolutely no excuse for pulling a child’s pants down. People that think it’s OK should have it done to them in public a few times and see how well they like it.

Answer #12

There are other ways to discipline children without spanking. Just because parents do not spank their children doesn’t mean they aren’t firmly and effectively-probably more effectively-disciplining their children. Anyway, you should never spank a child’s bare backside. That is crude and humiliating and shows that you have not put a lot of thought, effort or patience into discipling you child.

Answer #13

First off, it is not illegal to spank your child, UNLESS you leave a mark (this was learned from a social worker visiting a neighbor).

Secondly, for somethings spanking I think is fine. Like if your child decides to run into a road after you scream 10 times at them to stop and they don’t listen. They deserve some physical punishment.

Thirdly, spanking is technically not discipline, it is punishment. Why would you want to punish your child unless it is something extreme that they did?

If you want your child to learn restraint then you need to teach it to them, spanking will not do that. Most parents spank because they are angry not because they want to teach their child a lesson.

They best thing to do would be time out and then after (when they calm down and YOU calm down) talk to them about what happened and let them know why they can’t do that again. This really does work it just takes time and practice, and lots and lots of patience.

Answer #14

There’s nothing wrong with a parent smacking a kid’s bare behind. The attitude these days is just so silly, it’s not humiliating for the child unless you drill it into their heads that it is.

When I was growing up I got my fair share of hidings and I can tell you we just took it for granted that if we were in for it we’d be getting it on the bare behind, because quite frankly a hiding is supposed to hurt and it hurts a whole lot more without anything to protect you, it’s only natural to remove that protection. It was the wooden spoon I was concerned about not my bum being out of my pants.

But now days you have all these so called ‘experts’ telling the kids they should be traumatized by it and so they are. As long as you don’t let such nonsense get to them a good hiding when needed works wonders.

Answer #15

Dont lisen to those people that want to talk to their children like they are adults and their equals. Spanking is laced through every nations history not just america, and if you have taken a look at europe lately their outdoing us; because america has had a surplus of bleeding heart anti spanking dr. phill reading lame parents. My mother spank me and rasied me all on her own, and yet im a respectful law abiding top of my class college educated student. So yeah I think you should use spanking to punish your child when they do something wrong, however I do not believe that it is nessacary to pull down their pants to do it. So dont pull down their pants to punish them that can easily be missed understood by the child and people that may miss understand the situation.

Answer #16

It isnt illegal… Physical abuse is illegal and a spank isnt physical abuse… however while a tap on the kid’s butt might not be the worst thing on earth, I dont see what a kid is going to learn by you taking off their pants and smacking them apart from humiliation… And and as for girls getting pregnant at a young age now because physical punishment has gone down? The average age of people getting pregnant has gone up over the last 100 years…

Answer #17

Yes, I wouldn’t take off there pants in the public but doing it at home is perfectly fine. It makes there butt hurt more and it embarasses them more so they would learn their lesson. And you should take a picture of it and hang it up in the house so they would remember what happened so they won’t make the same mistake.

Answer #18

Never! the child will end up resenting you

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