How to help my 2-year-old not be bored?

I have a 2 yr old daughter. I am a stay at home mum. she gets so board and frustrated at home, doing loads of naughty things. she doesnt listen to me and drives me mad every day. she goes nusery once a week and loves it. I know she’dlove to go more often but cant afford it, its so expensive. what can I do do occupy her?

Answer #1

like everyone else said take her places. But for those days when you honostly can’t get out of the house and you just need to occupy her with something to do, and of course, you and I both know that being around your child 24/7 would not only drive you crazy, but it isn’t always possible!!! This is what I do with my daughter:

  1. when I’m doing my homework I give her something like a book or a peice of paper to draw on, she loves letting her creative side out and trying to do the same thing as mommy!

  2. any cooking or cleaning time I try to get her to do a small job of her own that will help in making supper. she is very proud of the work she puts in to help get supper on the table. and keeping the house clean, this will also help them learn to help out around the house.

  3. if you have a pet, let her feed it.

  4. when you are just having t.v. time try to keep it active by getting up during commercials or doing whatever the t.v. says to do.(like when dora says stand up please, do it!)

  5. try keeping noise going most of the time..this will not only keep them moving, but it will help them become cultured and let them decide what kind of music they like!!

  6. in my house, my daughter and my little sister’s and I have tea time. (since my sister’s and I have school this normally only takes place on the weekends) tea time consists of a small snakc, a cup of tea, and the continous reading of a chapter book, each day we read a new chapter.

  7. we also have room time(this is time I use to clean the house alone.) the girls like it because they get to play, even when my daughter is alone she likes to have play time.

that’s all the suggestions I can think of on the top of my tongue..if you have anymore questions,feel free to ask. oh yea, and about the naughty thing, mostly children grow out of that, as long as you lay down the law. But be sure to not go to hard on her!!!

Answer #2

let him watch tv but make shure you take him to the park or do some out door activity also couse that is inportant and mabe try to get him in to some play dates thats always good for kids his age

Answer #3

I myself have a two year son who seems to always be getting into the things that he shouldn’t be but I think at that age it’s just the natural curiosity.

I found that simple things like packing a lunch and making a day at the park is like a little adventure for my son and something he really enjoys. Or getting out the pots and pans and having our own little jam out sesion.

You could also check with your local library and see if they have some kind of story time, which alows them to interact with kids around the same age and it is usually free and requires no library card either.

Answer #4

well maybe she dosent have to go to nursry to cheer up , maчbe чour little girls one of those people who love adventures meeting new people, having friends to plaч with because most people get bord if there got no one to chat to, I get bord when I’ve got no1 to chat to, or maчbe чou could just take walk in the parks & let her plaч out & start to bit or an out going mum to take her out in the real world , make her have more advertuers meet some friends over the park or somthing

Answer #5

I have a younger sister who is 3 shes the same, she goes to nursery twice a week. shes really naughty too it drives me mad aswell! I think its just the age thats the problem- most two year olds try to test your boundarys and see how far they can go. Theres not much you can do except maybee read books or play games like sing songs ect. hope this helps a little bit x

Answer #6

attention, attention, attention. children that age thrive on it, if you are enjoying doing it, chances are they will too. I have a friend who has a couple of kids, and I remember that when they were that age the daughter enjoyed digging up worms with me. just sitting down and pulling worms out of the dirt and holding them in her hand. I took the opportunity to start teaching her about bugs, and squirrels, basically anything around us. I’ve done plenty of spinning around also- both kids loved that, my 30 something equilibrium didn’t much care for that though. but they enjoyed it. safaris in the yard, looking for bugs, frogs, edible berries. you name it they liked it. I believe that it was the time I spent with them that made all the difference.

plenty of time, teaching, and attention- then you have leverage on them for when they are quite naughty.

Answer #7

You should find other moms that are in the same boat as you, and take turns having them over for the day. If you find 5 moms, the kids can go somewhere different every day, have different atmospheres, and different toys to play with. Just do it for a few hours a day. Yes, you will be exhausted on your day, but it will be worth it to see the difference in their behavior. It’ll be like your own mini daycare that they go to, and you’ll have your angel all to yourself on the weekend. :)

Answer #8

I used to take my two sons out and about in their double buggy. We uesd to walk to the shops and have tea in a cafe - lots of stuff to see on the way, and lots of people to pay attention to them in the cafe. Looking at diggers on building sites could last for hours. We used to go for walks/runs/toddles in the park across the road, or walk further to get to a playgound suitable for small kiddies.

We were able to get into the city on a bus or a train, which is very entertaining itself - going for a ride and looking out of the window with mum is really exciting. They can ‘pay’ for their tickets and feel very important. Sometimes we went as far as the airport and looked at planes taking off. In the city there was a sort of children’s play area in one of the art galleries, where the children could play with art-related stuff for free. Then there were the big shopping malls, which often had free play areas for children supervised by their own parents. You didn’t have to buy anything in the mall - we often took our own food to keep it cheaper.

We used to go out to visit friends with children of the same age, and we took the boys to the children’s activities at church on Sunday.

I really know what you mean about going ‘stir-crazy’ at home. I always felt like that, let alone my boys. So cheap days out like the ones I described were always my favourite activities.

Indoors, singing songs and nursery rhymes, playing with her toys together, looking at books etc are good ways to get her prepared for school as well as bonding with her. Watching some kids TV is fine, too, although too much definitely makes the ‘stir-craziness’ worse in my experience. If you need time on your own, e.g. to cook, I sometimes gave them empty pots and pans and wooden spoons while I cooked so they could do whatever they liked in the kitchen with me. She also sounds just about old enough to ‘help’ with simple food preparation like stirring food, making cookies etc. Easy craft ideas for small children are available on several good internet sites, using things you probably have at home anyway. That might feel like nursery to her.

If you have a garden, getting a tiny slide and a sand pit etc is good for her age. She might be able to ‘help’ with planting some bulbs and easy stuff like that, too. BTW - I used to think that my children would never grow out of that messy stage where they think that they’re ‘helping’ but actually you have to watch them like a hawk and they just make a real mess with the craft stuff, the soil or the cookie dough. But all I can say is, if you let them have these things and help them, as they grow up they do become independent and in the end you can leave them alone to do it (which is a real relief).

By the time she actually starts school, you’ll probably be half delighted to have her occupied, and half heart-broken that she’s no longer at home. So you may as well use the time before school to enjoy your time with her - good luck!

Answer #9

I would suggest a trip to the mall where they have a children’s play place. Thats always a great place. and free too. or walk around the block and point and name things and teach her. a local park. or make a schedule everyday. So that she’ll know what to expect and look forward to whatever it may be. Like waking up, breakfast time, shower/bath time, cartoons or animated movie with grapes or a healthy snack for one hour, then … just be creative and plan the day out and repeat it. A friend of mine does that and it works great with the kids cause they know what to expect

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