Discipline Someone Elses Child, Is that OK?

Do you as parents and anyone else find it okay to “have a Go” at someone elses child whether they were right wrong or indiffrent under any surcomestances . If it was petty childish or just right stupid ? As a Teenage parent I Know that I get extremly upset if someone else feels that they have the rite to scolde my child! DO OTHER PARENTS FEEL THIS WAY ? I Know Its Just Natural for us to do this .But Do You Find It Okay To Discipline Someone Elses Child?

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Answered by amblessed on Sep 14, 2008, 10:25PM Add me as a friend | Send me Fun Mail | 7117 answers. It used to be that neighbors were ‘extra eyes’ and assist in keeping your child on the straight and narrow - if there is a dangerous circumstance, should they intervene to prevent, yes - otherwise they should bring it to your attention for appropriate action/discipline.

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uh depends on the situation, I mean, if you catch them doing something wrong then tell them about it and if the parent question you about it like if the kid tattle tales on you and exagerats then tel them the real truth im sure that they will believe you.

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If you feel that there should be disciplining of someone elses child, then talk to the parent first to give them a heads up that you don’t like the way that the child is behaving, only if they are at your house. Also if the other child hits your child and the parent doesn’t say anything and you hit their child when the act is performed, then prepare yourself for an argument. otherwise, I don’t think it necessary to say anything to the parent and child.

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I don’t think it’s ok to discipline another person’s child, but I do think it’s ok to step in and prevent the child from hurting himself or another child.

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to some extent…if the parents are around dont do it but if the child is in your care go ahead… but NO physical punishments, just scolding or time outs

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critiqueing -should be spelled Critiquing dosent-should be doesn’t or does not fase- wow really off on this one..its Phase Infact - In fact two words. amussing.-Amusing has only one s.

Thanks for proving my point.

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no it is not ok because every parent has certain thing their kids may or may not do… you don’t have tje rite not even if you are the kids aunt…no one only the parent has the rite… and if the have a problem they shud tell you to talk to your kid about it and that is about it

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yup, and btw I hope as a “teenage” parent you find a little time to crack open a spelling book and learn that you should have written “right” instead of rite.

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it works both ways some parents cant admit that there child is wrong,they will always take there childs part

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as a parent, I would enever ever hit my children, wether a light tap or not physical punishment is not the answer, however I do agree with naughty steps time out ect, and personaly I would do it with someone elses child if there used to it and you know the limits for there parents, there is no point in dispclining a child who has done something wrong in your eyes but in the parents eyes they dont mind, thats confusing a child and is wrong

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Depends on the circumstance. If the parent is not paying attention, I will take the kid over to the parents and explain the situation. My 2 1/2 year old was recently beaten up (by a 4 year old!) in the playground. For no reason, he started pushing her, then he punched her in the face twice before I managed to get to her. The parents weren’t even watching. Their response was “sorry” and walked off. They weren’t even going to explain to him what he’ d done wrong . “Kids will be kids” and all that crap. Anyway, I digress - I believe that gently explaining to a child what they have done wrong is important. And as a parent, I don’t mind other people doing that to my kid. I can’t watch her every second, and she’s more likely to listen to someone else!

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I think it calls on the situation. If I am babysitting someone’s children and they are misbehaving, then I am going to get after them. If they refuse to listen than I might spank them. Not a lot, but a couple taps on their butt. Normally a parent will not mid thins as long as the child is safe and the house is not a disaster. I am not going to allow a child to run amuck and not be punished. That is stupid.

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Hmm, maybe I’m a little backward but if I have a child I wouldn’t have a problem with someone else scolding him/her if the child was bold. As a child I knew that if I disrespected anyone they could scold me, it was normal. I do think it worked though. Its a sad thing to admit but some people are just not good at disciplining their child and its society that can lend a hand if its needed.

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Lol Yeah ..Thanx

No I understand and agree! I was just simply asking in general! if my daughter slips up yeah ima ride her @ss thats just me .But what really bothers me is when some one corrects my child when I dont feel she needs to be corrected .Some parents over correct but many under correct and its those parents that dont correct there own children yet they feel the need to coreect mi child that bothers me !

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What dose being a parent have to do with the correct and or incorrect way of spelling “RIGHT”. Your comment no only was it ignorant but it was childish uncalled for and no where near being helpful. Rather than sitting there critiqueing my spelling you should find away to HELP other Male and Female teen parents (who REALLY are illiterate) and NOT judge then.We have all made mistakes in life and we have to pay for them as I am sure you have so to pass judgment, try to humiliate and down me is ridiculous,childish ,and a low handed blow that dosent fase me. Infact I find it quite amussing. Next time make sure your victim isnt wise enough to retaliate!

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I answered this in your other exact same question down the line.

Answer #18

as a parent, I don’t socialise with anyone unless I agree with the waythey rear their child. I do repremand children in my care if their behaviour is unacceptable, as I would expect my children to be if they were in my friends..

I have fallen out with friends becuase they DON’T punish their children, even when they’re in someone else’s hous…(namely mine!).

I can’t stand disobidient children, yes children need to explire, have fun laugh etc, but they have to do it whilst still remaining within the rhelms of society…that’s what having a child is about, teaching them the difference btween right and wrong, and acceptable and unacceptable behaviour…

Answer #19

I personally think it rude to scold someone elses child unless they are in your care. If I saw a child doing something really unacceptable I would first tell their parents, if the parents didn’t do anything and it really was called for, I would politely scold the child. Most children don’t even realise what they’re doing is wrong until they are told and if the parents won’t teach them, I guess others have to. Another thing to remember is sometimes the parents may not realise what there child is doing, say being mouthy to another child at the park for instance or making fun of their spelling maybe.

Answer #20

I have no problem telling other peoples kids off - especially if the parent is there and have chosen to ignore their offspring and let them get on with being naughty. How are kids supposed to learn if they can get away with everything? I have a friend that has never believed in correction and her kids are the rudest most godawful children you can meet if she is around. When they are at my house without her they are just fine as they know the boundarys and that under no circumstances will I accept behaviour off them that I wouldn’t expect off my own. I would also accept someone else telling off my children if they thought it necessary - after all if they were behaving they wouldn’t have got in trouble in the first place.

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  • mind this
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Well,the child should definitly be scolded if they are doing something wrong.If people dont say anything,the kid’ll grow up thinking that whatever they do can be ignored.So dont pamper your kid.

Answer #23

NO, I do not think it is O.K. Every parent has different styles and ways of dealing with certain issues that arrise with their children. In my opinion, unless there is physical harm being threatened or actually happening, it is best to point it out to the parent or leave it alone. I have expectations for my children that another parent may not have for their’s and vice versa. This is a very sticky issue. Even when family member correct your child, for example, when my son was 3 we were visiting his grandparents on his father’s side. While there my son put his sippy cup (spill proof) on the counter and it knocked over. My father-in-law smacked my son’s hand and asked him to try again. Appalled at his reaction to my son’s accident, that didn’t even cause a mess, I was MAD. I took my son by the hand and walked out. We did not come back inside until my father-in-law appologized to both of us. My son was smacked for doing nothing wrong and in turn I was offended because as I walked out my father-in-law said, “Come here and let me smack you again and see if I can make your mommy madder.” Another instance was with my mother-in-law, again while visiting them. This time, I walked out of the room to get a drink. The next thing I know, my son is screaming at the top of his little lungs. So I go running in there to find out what happened. My mother-in-laws’ face was fire red when I walked in (I believe it was the guilt on her face) but when I asked her what happened she said that my son had hit her with a rubber snake that he had been playing with and that she had hit him back, on the arm. I then took his shirt off to look for a mark because he was still crying, while doing so I noticed a big red mark all the way acrss his cheek, not his arm. So I went back in to ask her one more time to clairify things. She still insisted that she had hit him on the arm even though the evidence was right there on my son’s cute little 3 year old face. I stormed out and needless to say, now my son is never there alone with them. My son’s father took her side seeing as it’s his mom, telling me his mother would NEVER do that. Whatever!Needless to say, we didn’t last much longer. So my theory is… Pick your battles wisely when correcting someone else’s child and NEVER step on the other parents’ toes, so to speak. People can mess with me all day long, but when you mess with my children you will see a side of me that only a select few have ever seen. Also, please take the time to think of how you would feel if you were the other parent and child in the situation.

Answer #24

As a former teenage mom myself… I have to say that honestly… your grammar does mean something.

What dose being a parent have to do with the correct and or incorrect way of spelling “RIGHT”. Your comment no only was it ignorant but it was childish uncalled for and no where near being helpful. Rather than sitting there critiqueing my spelling you should find away to HELP other Male and Female teen parents (who REALLY are illiterate) and NOT judge then.We have all made mistakes in life and we have to pay for them as I am sure you have so to pass judgment, try to humiliate and down me is ridiculous,childish ,and a low handed blow that dosent fase me. Infact I find it quite amussing. Next time make sure your victim isnt wise enough to retaliate!

That above - was humiliating and even at 26 I’m still trying to fight my way AWAY from being grouped with ignorant teenage mothers such as yourself. Do your child a favor and grow up, get an education.

Answer #25

@ funadvice, it’s fun_advice (though I have to say, your advice is not fun at all)

You wrote, “its Phase”, while “it’s phase” would actually be correct in your own example! Note the apostrophe, a contraction of “it is” (or “it has”, though not relevant in that specific example), and does not denote possession, unlike “its”.

Regarding disciplining someone else’s child. Well, that will have to depend on the specific circumstances and setting of the situation. It will have to take into account all the relationships between the individuals involved (parent, child, person in question), weather (Ha ha! I’m just kidding. Its —> IT’S <— ;p “whether”) the relationship is a close one. Basically, the setting and situation dictates the propriety.

I learned something about this very matter while talking to my neighbor across the street during our evening walks. She’s an older lady (68 years old) and so you can kind of speculate on her values in regards to child rearing. She mentioned, “It takes village to raise a child” (Aside: Just search that ph”R”ase out in a search engine of choice. Try “community” instead of “village”, too, for additional results). I’ll let you think on that for a while. ;) I hope that helps.

Take care.

Answer #26

Has anyone heard the saying…”It takes a villiage to raise a child??” I think it’s ok for other adults to call a kid out for disrespectful behavior or behavior that is either illegal or harmful to himself or other kids. Kids manipulate and often will behave that way simply because nobody is looking…they need to learn integrity! The kids that are taught to think only mommy and daddy are in charge learn that authority is a joke and you can count on those kids being the ones that end up pregnant teens, drug abusers and smokers. And those are the ones who end up in juvenile detention centers because they can’t follow rules! I will confront anyone’s kids if they disrespect me…IF the parent is not there…as I would hope any parent would call my children out if they are not respecting. If a parent is there I’m a fraid there’s nothing much we can do except be thankful that our kids have caring parents!

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