Is there anyone on here who doesnt plan on letting their child believe in Santa, and why?

Im just curious. I have a friend who refused to let her child believe in santa because she thought it was ridiculous and didnt want to disapoint her child when they found out. I have so many fond memories of leaving cookies for santa and waking up to them gone, or trying to stay up to sneak a peak…i dont see the harm.

Answer #1

I think it’s too fun to tell them he’s not real… I had so much fun when I was younger, trying to stay up and wait for him. My dad used to mess with us and take bites out of the cookies we’d put out for him, and we’d get excited lol. I don’t see the point in ruining that for kids especially while they’re so young.

Answer #2

I kinda agree with your friend. I don’t know I find it kind of dumb to have a child believe in some fat man that supposedly goes around the whole world to hand out presents every year and has reindeer. I know I was sorta disappointed when I found out the truth but now I realize just how ridiculous it was and would rather give my child presents they know are from me than have them believe in some silly myth

Answer #3

i would want them know of santa clause, im not sure wether or not i would tell them if he was real or not or how early on. ive heard of people who when grown up more and realsie hes not real, are really dissapointed that there parents lied to them, and i wouldnt want that. im really not sure, and dont plan to have kids for a while so i guess i have plenty of time to think about what i might do

Answer #4

I will let them believe in Santa cause if they make cookies and milk, I’ll have something to eat if I get up in the middle of the night AND I would be able to “be” Santa just to see a smile on my daughters/sons face….I just hope they don’t attack my fake belly.

Answer #5

I enjoyed believing in Santa even if I found out he wasn’t real. Sure I was upset when I did, but it was nice to believe in fake things like Santa and the tooth fairy. Small fantasies like that, I’d want my children to experience. Sure they’re not real, but it was fun while we thought they were.

Answer #6

When I have children, I’m going to let them believe. Some may say it’s ridiculous, but I disagree. When I was a kid, I used to get SO excited to hear about Santa, the Easter Bunny or any of those other creatures. My imagination used to go wild. xD I want my kids to have as much fun with it growing up as I did.

Answer #7

I never actually thought santa was real, maybe it’s a religious or cultural thing. So I dont know if it is a matter of ALLOWING a child believe. It is really something you have to promote in the home in order for the child to believe. If you’re not going to celebrate christmas, I dont know how it would really come about.

Answer #8

I don’t see a problem with parents telling their child about Santa, and letting them believe in him. However, I think it’s best that the child knows the presents are from their parents. The parents work hard for the money to buy those presents, and I think the child should know that, and appreciate it. I think the parents deserve the credit, not some guy that doesn’t even exist.

Answer #9

I think that in some point in their lives, children should be allowed to live a different kind of reality. Kids deserve to have some magic and fun in their lives. It lets them think (in their fragile child minds) that there is somebody out there who has never met them, but loves them enough to ‘read their wish lists’ and give them the ultimate christmas gift. It’s fun for kids to write secret wish lists, put out milk and cookies, and pretend to be a spy all night waiting for Santa. It’s fun to sit on Santa’s lap and get a photo taken at the mall. I think that kids should definitely believe in Santa, every other kid is talking about Santa and the presents etc- why should one kid miss out? They don’t understand when they are little why they are missing out. If I had a kid, even if I were of a different religion etc, I’d let my kid believe in Santa.

Answer #10

I would plan on not letting my children believe in Santa, only I would be frightened my child would then tell other children the truth and I would have A LOT of explaining to do… But I never believed in Santa, and I find it difficult to lie about anything. As fun as it might be, saying Santa is real is a lie, and I just feel strange about it! It may change when I actually have children though, maybe I will find the whole thing so cute I cant resist.

Answer #11

I think letting children believe in Santa for a while isn’t a bad thing, it’s best to enjoy childhood while you’re still young because you’re only young for a limited amount of time. But at one point in life people do have to realize reality in order to grow up mentally and spiritually.

Answer #12

Yeah i had alot of fun as a kid too, my mum gave carrots to the guini pigs which left teeth marks in them and stuff, and said it was the rein dears, but i was extremely upset when i found out he didnt exist haha. i think its ok to let them believe in santa…but i know a lot of people who STILL believe in santa at ages 14 n 16 n its just not right you know? if parents are going to allow them to believe, they need to make sure they know hes know real at some point haha

Answer #13

Santa was my favorite when I was little. I would never not allow my child all the happiness and joy I got out of believing in Santa, THAT’S what’s ridiculous.

Answer #14

When my sister found out Santa wasnt real i think it crushed her or something….she honestly believed in it. um i believed in for awhile, but not too long like my sister. i also kinda believed in the tooth fairy but i never believed in the bunny or rabbit or whatever. private school crushed all of that when they said “oh its not Christianly to believe in that stuff, cuz its not real” and so in the end it was the private system who broke the truth lol. personally i think theres nothing wrong with it just dont get obsessive over it, ex., telling your kid a lot of stories about santa or saying if they dont be good he wont come etc.

Answer #15

OMG santa isn’t real :’(


Answer #16

Nope. We dont lie to our kids. We teach our kids not to lie and Santa/tooth fair/Easter bunny its all lies. Lies are not cute or funny. They are lies, ugly hurtful lies. Want to teach your child not to believe you, trust you? Not me. Kids have vivid imaginations without our help. My kids LOVE christmas, easter, all the holidays without the lies. They know mommy and daddy are buying the presents and they cant go crazy asking for nonsense ‘cause some magical dude is giving them away. Nonsense. My parents never lied to us about it and when I presented it to my husband when we were pregnant with our first 10 years ago, he was like, yeah that makes sense. It surprises me how many Christians think this practice is ok. Thou shalt not lie. Hmmm. How’s that working for you?

Answer #17

Christmas was so fun until I realized that santa wasn’t real.Now it’s just another day that goes by.It’s not as fun when you know your parents buy everything.

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