Gay child

Ok folks, I hope you answer this honestly…What if your child was a gay or a lesbian ? How would you feel ? Although I have nothing against gays and im quite a gay rights supporter and im sure there are many who support them, I cant help but think there are loads of supportes that would not be the happiest parent when they learn such a truth ? What do y’all think ?

Answer #1

I have a little boy who is just a baby. I’ve thought about this many times and discussed it even with friends. I would be happy with whatever path he takes as long as it is a righteous one that brings him TRUE happiness. If he can love, and be loved in return then I don’t think there is much more a parent could want for her child. That being said; I believe that ideally, a man should be with a woman. I believe that is how we are designed if only for procreation purposes. The male and the female compliment eachother in many ways; her nurturing to his protecting, etc. I believe that it is beautiful when a man and a woman love each other and live happily ever after. That is my traditional point of view. Do I think that it can also be beautiful when two men or two women find equal happiness? Yes I do. Would I love him any less or support him any less for his gender preferences? Absolutely not.

Answer #2

I would be supportive of them no matter what, even though, as a lesbian myself, I know that there are certian risks to the lifestyle. I would try to protect my child in any way I can.

Answer #3

I know some people say well the bible says this and that but to be honest who cares..My town recently had a hate crime committed against a gay guy where he was beaten by 2 men with bricks because they didnt approve of his life style. I was reading more about it on my a social site and my 7 yr old son walked up and asked why this pain had all these bruises and broken arm and was all swollen. I as a mother who supports different life styles was honest and explained it to him. I said there are some men in the world that like other men & there are women who like other women and thats ok but there are some men and women who dont like 2 boy or girls kissing..My son turns to me and says these little words to me..

“yeah but mom if its 2 boys or 2 girls you love who you love, it doesnt matter “

Answer #4

I completely disagree “emogirl95” Im gay and would never want my little girl to be a lesbian or bisexual it would be terrible for her at school and reinforce that stereotype that gay people would have gay kids Of course if she is a lesbian or bi ill support her 100 percent

Answer #5

Well the parent should support the childs dicision. I would. Ok well maybe it could be a phase but atleast they’re trying new things. a lot of younger poeple now a days experiment. Aslong as they don’t turn on you, they’re fine.

Answer #6

You can’t really do anything about it so just accept it

Answer #7

well im not a parent but I have a younger sister that is a lesbian and when she first told my mom, my mom just thought that it was maybe a phase my sister was going through…almost about 3-4 years later my sister is still a lesbian and very pround of it. my mom doesnt have a problem with it.we all support my sister 100% both my mom and dad thnk its a wounderful thing!!!

Answer #8

I have 3 children and if any of them was to ever come to me telling me they were gay/les. I would support them 100%. b/c it would be my kids choice, not mine. I believe that a person should be able to love whoever their heart falls in love with. AND I have even TOLD my kids that no matter who they decide to love it will be ok with me. I just dont want them to think I will disown them…b/c I NEVER will no matter what they decide. I am not gay or bi, im totally strait…but I do believe people should love who they love. : )

Answer #9

touchy subject, basically, let the child experiment, if he/she decides they like the same sex, accept it, stand by them. it really isnt a choice they made it was how they were born. they CAN NOT help who they are attracted to. I read someones comment about not being able to be a grandparent due to a gay child, thats not true, there are SO many ways for gay couples to become parents. from adoption to in vitro & even a surrogant [sp?] mother

Answer #10

I wouldnt feel any differant about them weather they were gay or lesbian or bi or not, because they are the same person and im a supporter of gay ppls rights, and if someone supported the gay ppls rights but found out there child was gay and critisized them for it its just wrong and there not really a supporter, anyway what im trying to say is they are still your child and still a regular person with differant taste.

Answer #11

All you can do is be happy and support them 172%

Answer #12

I would never hurt my child and if that is what they were then I would accept it. I might not be totally happy with it but they would still be my child and I will always love them unconditionally.

Answer #13

I’m all for people choosing who they want to be with, but as long as I don’t have to watch two guys making out. Haha. I don’t mind so much if lesbians do it, but for some reason, two guys making out disgusts me. And before any of you jump to conclusions or judge me, I am not lesbian, I am completely straight, so I don’t know why girls making out doesn’t disgust me, but guys do. Haha.

Answer #14

I would be sad because I MIGHT not have any grandkids but other then that they can be what ever they want because I don’t care.They have a right to be that if they want,so I will sussport them

Answer #15

they just like the same sex as them selves I find nothing wrong with it at all…and if a gay supporter has an isue with his or her child being gay or bisexual or lesbian…they arent rilly 1…because rilly? thats just wrong =[

Answer #16

My daughter decided she was bisexual a few years ago. Although I felt that she was just curious, I accepted her choice.

It turns out I was right, however.

Answer #17

I wouldnt care

Answer #18

thats their choice, and you should be happy for them thro watever, so I wouldnt care, as long as he/she is happy

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