Is anyone here a teen mother?

I ask this question because my mom had me when she was 15 and now I’m 16. I was just wondering if any one was a teen mother and what it’s like to be a teem mom.

How old were you? What the hardest part? What was your parents like when you said that you were preg? Was it planned? Did you have a boy or girl? What did you name him or her? How old is your baby now?

This question if for anyone out there who had a baby as a teen,… These might be personal questions but you don’t have to answer them!!

XOXO Kristyn

Answer #1

aww that’s sweet :)

Answer #2

Wow! You ladies sound like super moms lol!! You ladies did a really good job and most of you did it on your own just like mine did. She also said that it was really hard, but she did it…

Her parents were both on drugs and alcohol. Her mother (Gwen) had her at 17 and her dad (Joe) was 20. They had 3 girls together Brandi(my mom),Monica and Amy. At the age of 12 or 13, Granny (Gwen) started going to bars,getting drunk,and she didn’t have a stable life, which means 1 boyfriend after another. Granny also had a hard life when she was little she was the oldest sister of 2 other children, and she also had to raise those kids at an early age, she was 12, Lori her sister was 10 or 11 and she also had to raise a new born baby, Brian.

Granny said for the longest time, she though this is what life was, she thought it was normal, always having an alcoholic mother and an abusive step father, So, that’s the way she raised her children. With an alcoholic mom.

So any way, when mom got preg with me at 15, granny took her to the doc and the doc asked if she wanted an abortion. Mom, didn’t even have a chance to say yes or no. Granny said “no”.
So, mom raised me on her own, while dad went out smoking pot with his friends and stuff. (by the way granny also made her get married at 15 too)

She graduated high school, went on to college and was also working on the weekends as a bar tender and during the week as a sells person. By the time I was 3, mom bought her first car, and dad recked it because he was jealous.

I actually grew up in an abusive home, watching my dad beat the sh!t out of mom. But she was to scared to take her sh!t and get out. But to make the long story short she did a really good job and is like all you other women, she’s a super mom!! lol

ME on the other hand, she raised me different. Made sure I had the best education, made sure I wasn’t ever hanging around pot heads and stuff. She also made sure to tlk to me about teen pregnancy. And I’m not getting married or having kids before 25!!

P.s She’s no longer with my dad. They’re both remarried. My dad dosen’t have anymore kids and mom neither. I hate my step dad and well, my step mom can’t say much bc I don’t know her that well. Mom moved to Switzerland to get her life together and we have been living here for 6 years. We’re getting ready to go back to Kentucky ( where I was born and where our family is…)

Answer #3

I was 13 when I fell pregnant and had the baby when I was 14 the hardest part? was probly the labour My mum just waled away and told my step-dad It wasnt planed I had a boy called Tyler And hes 4 months old

Charlotte x

Answer #4

one of my best friends is (she is 17 and a single mother, and she lives with her mum and younger brother), she wasn’t planning on keeping him but in the end couldn’t go through with an abortion and now is sooo glad she didn’t. she always says that he was an accindent but she wouldn’t change him for the world and how she loves him more than she could ever love anyone else. she does have a tough time now and then, and she’s called me at 2am in tears on the phone before because she is so sleep deprived and asked me to go and help and I do (I’d do anything for her). but she always says that the good times out weight the bad, and if she could have waited a few years and been in a propper relationship she would have done, but she is happy so is felix (her son) and I think she is a great mum.

Answer #5

I was 17, and it was planned - I thought I had it all together and could manage a baby…what an eye opener.

The hardest part was the cost of raising a child, I wasn’t working and neither was my boyfriend - I had to quit school.

My mother was disappointed at first, but warmed up to the idea of being a grandmother pretty quickly…she coached me through the whole labour and delivery and was the first to hold my baby.

I had a girl, named her Brittney, and she is now 16 years old and away at school…time sure flies.

I went on to have a son when I was 20 and another daughter at 23.

Answer #6

I was 16 when I had my son …the hardest part has to be now hes almost three and hes very hard…my mom was there for me she understood because sh had my brother at 15…no it was not planned…I had a boy…I named him jordyn josiah…and hes about to be 3 in october…

Answer #7

I was 17. Scary? You betcha!

The hardest part was leaving the father (drugs & alcohol) & raising my child alone. No money, no sleep, worrying about everything, etc. etc!

My Mom was so excited, she didn’t think she’d ever be a Nana! She was amazing. Without her I don’t know what I would have done. My Mom was such a strong woman, & I learned how to be just as strong & independant as she was & I am grateful to her for it.

Was it planned? No, very much an unplanned blessing.

I had a gorgeous little boy.

I named him Andrew.

My baby will turn 18 in less than a month - how time flies!

Being a single teen parent carries with it a lot of stigma, but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I am very much blessed with an amazing son, whom I am proud to say is the Best Thing I’ve done with my life thus far.

I had to work very hard in the last 18 years, but in gettting us to where we are today (I have a full time job, had a 2nd job for 2 years, own my own home) has taught him solid life skills as well as respect for hard work - ya gotta work hard for the things you want outta life! - and I am so blessed to be his Mom!!!

Being a teen Mom was extremely hard, but it’s been worth every second. :)

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