Explanation of God for toddlers?

My son told me today that God lives in the sky, up high … he heard this from one of his friends. How do I explain the concept of God to a child?

Answer #1

I have three teenaged children but when they were small tey always assumed God and Jesus were up in the sky. I left it like that. When my father passed away my youngest daughter was 2, she let her balloon go one day and said she was sending it to my father and Jesus. I broke down and cried. My father was not a church going man and died suddenly. I love that explanation she gave me to let her balloon go and I see a picture of him in my minds eye when I think of it. My father standing there next to Jesus with her balloon in one hand and my unborn child in his arms ( I lost a child 5 years ago). So, hey, whatever you choose to do about how her perceives God it isn’t going to matter yet. They all get their own ideas from their friends, you, and the people that they get taught from at church. DO take your child to a church with a great youth program. It really does help. My youngest daughter is now 11 and she is very, very in tune with God and where she thinks she is supposed to go with her life.

Answer #2

As an agnostic, I say it takes faith. Tell him that God is within all of us, not up in the sky somewhere.

Its important that children understand the physical underpinnings of the universe. the “God is in the sky” motif took hold before man understood that there’s a total universe out there and that there really is no sky.

Man also thought the celestial bodies also rotated around the earth, until the various early scientists and philosophers said otherwise. Of course they were roundly castigated because what they said went against the carefully crafted centuries old myths that the church held to. I guess we are facing the same problem with evolution today.

As science advances, we’re forced to re-evaluate what the cherished beliefs that we grew up with.

To come back to the point. I’d say that God is within us and a part of everything on earth and in the unverse. The flowers, trees, animals, earth and of course man.

Answer #3

I would say that God is the goodness in all of us, and we each need to try to show God’s love to the people around us. Different religions look at God in different ways, some say he tells us what to do from the sky, some say he is in our hearts, some say we pass his goodness tests while we are alive and then maybe meet him when we die. But I think every religion agrees that we need to show goodness and love, and that is the part of God that shows through us and helps the people around us.

People have some big fights about God and everyone thinks they are right. Most importantly though, even though people fight about what is good, they all agree that doing good is the most important part. As he gets older he will learn more and make decisions about what he believes is good, but there is lots of time, and lots to learn, before he needs to worry about that.

that’s my best answer to a difficult question- good luck.

Answer #4

I was brought up with a fire and brimstone god, a god who punished, and who you should be afraid of. Heaven and a monstrous hell.

Then again most of that came from the preacher in church. My parents were not so religious anyway, but they wanted us to go to church.

The explanations vary based on religion and based on the god in question.

Religions are the cause of most wars in the world today. A friend of mine (who was a preacher), destroyed our friendship when she said that anyone who was not a christian, was going to hell.

I’d say, bring up your child to respect all beliefs in general. Let him know that not one religion has all the answers. Spend a day researching the tenets of all the religions and spend 15 minutes giving him a rundown of maybe the worlds top 5 religions (based on population) http://www.adherents.com/Religions_By_Adherents.html

Christianity: 2.1 Billion All others: 4.5 Billion

Does that mean one is right over the other one? I doubt it. Of all these, Christianity is one of the youngest ones too.

Answer #5

Hi there It’s all according to the age of the child. If he/is only 4 or 5 years old, I see no harm in explaining Heaven as being above us. Why? For the simple answer that we are all seeking a ‘higher love’, So, to a child, that means ‘up’. When he gets older, you can impart your thoughts and feelings, your wisdom to him.

All best wishes


Answer #6

you should tell your child the stories of the bible. for instance of how Moses parted the sea. and of Noah and the ark. how Jesus fed the multitudes with just a few loaves of bread and a couple of fishes. these stories will hold their attention until they are old enough to understand the whole story. but by all means don’t confuse them by muttling up their minds with all the other religions of the world. hopefully you will stick with the simple christian belief that Jesus died for our sins and the only way to the Father is through the Son. and water baptism in Jesus name. good luck.

Answer #7

I’ve thought about how I’ll explain this to my kids someday- because I don’t deny there is a “God” but I also don’t believe in one or follow a certain faith. To me that is agnostic. I think it is very important to let your child determine on his own as he grows older what he believes, especially because I was brought up in a strictly Roman Catholic household without a choice at all. However, it’s certainly okay to tell him about what YOU think and you believe, just don’t force it upon him. Try to simplify what it is you believe about God, say it in one sentence or two and let him figure it out as he grows older. If you can’t think of how to explain it, tell him God is the figure that some people look up to so that they can learn and try to be better people, and he’s kind of like the conscience in all of our heads. Good luck!

Answer #8

how did ur parents explain it to you? this explanation varys by religion.

Answer #9

Teaching children about God starts with the heart. Children can tell a parents feelings. With my own children, I told them the things about God that I know and believe. I did not trust for others to teach them about God. I wanted them to know the things I know so later, when they are adults, they could make up their own minds about what they want to believe.

Children have big hearts and big imaginations. If you tell a child that there is a person that created this whole world - the sun, the moon, the stars, the earth, the sky, flowers, puppy dogs and all people - even them, And this person is called God, they will understand and believe it just as much as you do. Kids are sweet and innocent that way.

Answer #10

God is a friend that lives in heaven and that we talk to when we’re happy, sad, every night we tell God about our day. The real definition of faith comes later for a child. Watching you talk to God, give thanks to God will teach your child he/she is not alone in the world even if they physically are one day and need someone. They will naturally turn to their friend in heaven no matter how old they are.


Answer #11

isnt there a children’s ministry or sunday school at your church? ask one of the people who run it to help you. they’re there to help =]

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