2 girls and a baby...

So I am a 13yr old girl and me and my girlfriend which we have been together for a year want to have a kid together.. Is it possible to have one without a donor or adopting?

Answer #1

I am 13 and I think that you should wait atleast 5 years, but it is possible with sperm donations or adoptions for lesbian couples to have children. But to break it down. No neither of you have the Y chromosome so you could never have a baby that was both of yours genetically.

Answer #2

Well we want a kid of our own with no science involved.. I have heard if ppl who have done it before without science

Answer #3

You want to have a baby NOW? At 13? Do you have a job? How about you finish high school so you can set up a better life for your child. And yes there are ways to have a kid, but I think you should wait.

Answer #4

@Iffy yes we want one now.. Is that a problem?

Answer #5

can you support that baby financially and pay for the babys needs?… babys arent all cute they are very expensive and require a full time job of taking care of them… there alot of hard work and your a kid and kids shouldent be having babys like wait till your older and your done with school right now the focus is on your life wait till you are grown up and have a job and are financially stable before you bring a life into this world you dont even know what responsibility is yet… so my advice is dont even think about having a kid your only 13… your still a kid yourself go have fun and be free and enjoy being in school and spending time with your friends cause once you have a baby u have no free time no time to do anything you want you would have no time to hangout with your friends your social life is gonna go down the drain cause all your time is gonna go to taking care of a baby

Answer #6

Yeah, it’s a huge problem. How are you supposed to take care of a child yourselves when you’re still in school and can’t even afford to care for a baby. And 1 year isn’t that long. You’re still babies yourselves.

Answer #7

13 and want a kid? Really at this age you can’t even work. These days you need education to have a good job. Unless you plan on letting the welfare system pay you. One year seriously not even enough time to make decisions like that kids aren’t toys. They are for a life time deal. Seriously think about it your a baby…

Answer #8

This is Brianna’s girlfriend we are not babies and if you have a problem with us having or trying to make a baby WE DON’T CARE! We only asked if it was possible for us to have one not to here all this crap.

Answer #9

We re not babies

Answer #10

This is Brianna’s girlfriend and we want a family now

Answer #11

Here’s the truth. You two are 13. At 13 you are still a child. There is no way a child can take care of a baby. Have either of you at least gotten your high school diploma to provide for yourselves and the baby a better life? No. At 13, you two are either in gr 8 or beginning high school. Do either of you have stable jobs that will be able to sustain this family? Doubtful. You both and the baby will likely end up nutrition-less crap and/or living off your parents. Are either of you mature enough for a baby? No. For one, at 13 everyone thinks they’re all grown up and mature, but they are not, when you look back you will realize you had much growing up to do. At 13, you are still growing, still developing, mentally and physically so there is no way either of you are mature enough. And second, the fact that you two are thinking of starting a family at 13 is proof enough neither of you are mature enough for a child. It’s not enough to want a child, it’s about taking care of it, providing for it, nurturing for it.

Here’s another hard truth. At 13, most relationships will not last a long run. It is rare for relationships to last a year or even a few years, but longer than that? You are talking about a life-long commitment here. At 13, you’re hormonal, you think and wholeheartedly believe you are in love. But it’s not. It’s rare that it is at all. At 13, teenagers aren’t even ready for a real relationship yet (as much as they all like to think they are) let alone the responsibility of a baby. It is doubtful you two will last in the long run. It’d be great if you did, it’s not 100% unheard of but extremely rare. If you think you two might be that one-in-a-billion couple that start dating at 13 and grow old together then you two have lots of time together and can wait until you two are older and able to provide for the baby mentally and physically.

Also, no one here is really calling you a baby. They are saying that you two are still children and certainly think like children still if you are not thinking about the consequences of having achild.Think. You two are only 13, you ARE still children. You have much more of the world to see, much more experiences to experience, much more lessons to learn before you can be mentally mature enough.

You both do realize, while babies are adorable, they aren’t all fun? Poopy diapers, sleepless nights, no more partying or time for yourselves. You prepared to give up your teenage years? These are the best years of your lives. You two are being extremely selfish trying to raise a child that you simply have no means to. If it were the case where one of you got pregnant by mistake, that’d be a different scenario, but you two are trying and planning for a child now.

Also, the only way two females can have a baby IS through adoption, invitro or surrogacy. No matter what sperm will be needed for a baby. It’s how nature works. Sperm + egg = offspring. It’s a matter of who is carrying it, someone else? One of you two? Or a mother who wants to give up their baby for adoption.

If you two believe you two will be together forever, or at least long enough, then there is no rush and the two of you can wait for the baby.

Answer #12

Oh but you are. Be a kid for god’s sake, you can’t take care of a baby right now.

Answer #13

You’re acting super immature. We’re telling you that you cannot take care of a child at the age of 13. Do you have a job? Can you support yourself and your baby entirely? You don’t even know how to make a baby, how can you try to be mothers? We are giving you the best advice out there which is dont have a child, because that would be selfish of you to have a baby you can’t care for.

Answer #14

You keep saying the same thing over and over again but you can’t even answer the questions.

Answer #15

Where are these children’s parents, seriously. Because there is something very wrong with this picture.

Answer #16

Oh great my tax dollars will supporting you…

Answer #17

For real, Jo. They probably don’t even know what you’re talking about. And they don’t need to because they’re 13! They need to just enjoy life right now.

Answer #18

Seriously! Most likely they don’t know. They need to stay in school and get educated not have kids. Right enjoy your teen years! Kids can wait…

Answer #19

Our parents know about it and they want grandchildren very soon

Answer #20

Iffy just by the sounds parents are more like friends to them. Than having to do actual parenting. Like I said this is what are tax’s dollars go too…

Answer #21

You saying I don’t have a good parent joe?!

Answer #22

Well it’s not good for parents to encourage their children to have children themselves.

Answer #23

What I was implying to you was that no parents in the right mind would want their 13 to have kids. Heck you can’t even get a job at 13.

Answer #24

I babysit everyday and get $400 dollars a week I think I’m good on the money part

Answer #25

So you’re just gonna babysit for the rest of your life? What about when school starts up again? This is 18 years of your life that you are going to need to wholeheartedly dedicate to this child financially, physically, and emotionally.

Answer #26

Aw thats cute you think that’s enough to raise a child. Thats nothing think of food,diapers,bottles, formula. If the child gets sick. Oh yea clothing expenses. Rent, bills. All this comes along and no $400 is going to cover that.

Answer #27

I’m turning 20 this weekend and even at my age I know for a fact that I can’t take care of a baby, even with the 2 jobs I have.

Answer #28

Right! Im 23 and im stressed just how im going to pay tution for school and books. Im not even close ready for a kid. I have two jobs as well its barely enough to get by.

Answer #29

Me too! I have rent and school to pay for too. These kids tho, they don’t have to pay for much because their parents are paying for everything.

Answer #30

Man I have more problems to deal with right now I don’t have to be watching y’all talkin ur mouths bout me and my gf and our future family. Duces y’all can jump off a bridge for all I care

Answer #31

Exactly what a 13 year old would say…

Answer #32

Okay yeah immaturity right there can’t face the truth now.

Answer #33

This is the best advice you’re going to ever get which is to WAIT. If we really wanted you to screw up your lives we would say “yeah, great idea, have 10 babies for all we care!”

Answer #34

I think these kids are watching too much of Teen Mom or what ever that stupid show is called. I mean seriously, this has got to be a joke!

Parents are NOT even parenting their OWN kids anymore! TV is. Society as we know it is going down fast. Just take a look around and you’ll see it everywhere. What’s happened to REAL smarts? Shame? Respect? Wow….

ONLY BABIES, which you guys are, would THINK to have a baby at your age! And by the way, BABYSITTING for someone else IS NOT the even close to taking care of your own baby 24/7! And I’m speaking from experience. I’m 27 and taking care of my 2 year old daughter is a challenge every day. Even when my own mother steps in to help.

I suggest you rethink this- hard!

Answer #35

Cool I will remember that jackass

Answer #36

God, I hope your brain develops a little more.

Answer #37

Can you even answer any of the questions people ask?

Answer #38

,Don’t we all ignorance is all we’re seeing. Yet once again are tax’s dollars will be supporting her.

Answer #39

It is not necessarily tax dollars, more of the fact that well for one, your eggs aren’t even quite mature enough to develop a healthy baby with little risks. I mean, I don’t know when u got ur period, but I got mine a couple months ago and I think that you should just wait. Why don’t u fully research the cost of a child per week and see if you can even support it? If after the cost, u are able to make enough money to give the child a good enough life, then I say go for it. Just remember that it was your decision if you ever decide to give it up or if your child is going hungry or malnourished.

Answer #40

These girl and girl sex-pregnancy is only if one of them is transgender

Answer #41

I am transfer.

Answer #42

I am transfer.

Answer #43


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