Bullied 12 yr old

Hi my son is 12 we had moved 9 month ago now my son gos to a new middle school. He has a broken arm. One day a kid was punching him as hard as he could on his upper arm. I called the princable he said he would take care of it. Well he told my son not to sit anyware around this kid so now my kid feels punished couse he can’t sit with most of his friends. Now a new kid is picking on him he spit in his food and put stuff in his milk and now my son tells me not to call the school in fear of it getting worse what should I do? I do understand his fear of it getting worse

Answer #1

Tell your son to sit where ever he wants too, he shouldn’t feel shame but I’m sure does already. Next, he’s going to need a confidence boost, get him involved in wrestling, Brazilian Jujitsu classes. Not so he can kick someones tail but to have the confidence and skill to know he can defend himself. He also develops a skill set that installs discipline and focus (find a good instructor, not a coach). You’re not going to change the principle, the child’s parents without causing some kind of embarrassment to your child and what do you really expect from that? Those parents have raised a child who is violent, they may not be capable of handling him or are teaching him violence. I have no problem at all with telling my 5 and 4 year old and I have no qualms about telling them to strike anyone that is trying to hurt them. Plus you don’t want to embarrass your child further by having that kid tell everyone at school that “His mommy tried to yell at my dad to not pick on him anymore.” Do you really expect that to work because you know it’s not. Hell his parents may actually be proud of him.

My kids know that at least with me they will not be punished for defending themselves.
Make this a springboard to an opportunity of fun for him. Take a class with him.

I’m a stay at home dad, so my views may be a little different, I’m also an x-cop, so the cop idea won’t really go that far. More then likely just cause your child continued embarrassment.

Answer #2

I think you should call the kids mother and if it doesnt get better confront the kid. and if that doesnt work tell your child not to fight back because when they get older they will get in trouble and your child wont.I know how you feel

Answer #3

you should teach or have him taught how to self defend. if he sticks up for himself, he cant get in trouble if its self defence, if your son sticks up for himself, he wont be picked on. guarenteed.

Answer #4

whatever you do- don’t move him to another school. it will cause further problems with your son and he will feel like HE did something wrong.

the bully should be punished, go into the school, like ifeelcrazy123 said and threaten to call the police, if all else fails, get the authorities involved.

you should feel safe sending your son to school, as well as him feeling safe. having fear to go to a place where you’re meant to be educated is ridiculous on that kids part.

Answer #5

Ask your son the kids names and look the little b@stards’ parents up in the phone book. If they’re listed you can call them and talk to them about it at home. The school wont put you in contact with the parents- they’re going to cover their own butts as much as possible. You need to make clear to them that if something isn’t done to protect your child, that you will file a report with the school board (you probably should anyways), the police department (unsafe environment for a child), and file a lawsuit. If they don’t act, then you need to. The little brats need to have their butt’s beaten and a lesson on how to treat people. Don’t look the other way or ignore this- keep reporting it, and if your boy feels threatened, by all means, keep him home or move him to another school. Bullies are scum and cowards- I don’t care if they are children, that kind of behavior is wrong, and they know it.

Answer #6

well mate im 13 and I’ve been in the same situation to many times just get your son to be sneaky ya know do the d prank and iff it still goes on get your son to fkin thump him one becuse as a experienced victim of bullying I punched my bully straight in the nose now hes scared shit of me and my ma8s are my mates agin not his either that or all you cn do is moan at the priciple and keep on doin it otherwise your son might e a bad person when he older and be horrible to other people thts wa what I was tought and I was ell worth it

Answer #7

wow I’ve been bullied before, but never as serious as this. :O I suggest you tell the headteacher and threaten that if the bullies rnt punished then you’ll call the police or something like that

Answer #8

Go to the school and threaten to report it to the police. That child’s parents should have been called in and he should have been suspended. And get it done as soon as you can.

Better yet, demand that they call the kid into the principals office AND get his parents there and then speak to them in front of the kid.

Answer #9

Go to the parents of the bullies see what you can do from there and if it doesnt work go to the police if possible!

Answer #10

This is my last year in school, thank God. To be completley honest this is how kids behave even if they are your childs friend it makes me sick. all of my friends are guys and I had one female friend and she would try to put me down I guess it was to make herself feel better and there is only so much a person can take she would put her hands on me and always hit me and do things like that , just tell him to try to ignore it and dont let it get to him, remeber to choose good friends and in the end you may be able to count the reall ones on one hand maybe one finger, so just take it easy, and dont be afraid to stand up for your self or protect your self, but never start trouble yourslef.

Answer #11

Wow a broken arm This is serious. Move him into another school.Even if it mean moving to another house. or you can try to have a meeting with the teachers and the parents. Or well this one is a little off the edge but You can go up to the school and bullie the kids who picking on your kid. see how they like it. yea it crazy. well a broken arm is a assult charge. Maybe the police can help. Good luck

Answer #12

Speak to the parents and the principal… if nothing is done get the police involved…

= )

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