What activities can I do while babysitting?

Ok, let me start off with this. I am a 14 year old teen, who has 3 nieces and 1 nephew. My parents said that I am going to babysit them soon. I never babysat before, so I really need some advice on what activities, or “to do” things, I should do with them. The oldest one is a 5 year old girl, next is her sister who is 2 years old. The next in line is a 1 1/2 year old boy who has a 6 month sister. So please, all I want to know is what should I do to keep them occupied? Thanks

Answer #1

Don’t let them watch too much tv. Play lots of games indoor and outdoor. Go outside and just let them run around. You could find an easy recipe and have them help you make it. Most of them would probably enjoy dancing to music.

Answer #2

Think about when you were a kid and activities your babysitter did with you.

Boardgames and coloring were big things for me ( and my sis). And we always thought our babysitter was the coolest because she would paint our nails.

Movies and crafts are other things you can do. Think back to your childhood. What things interested you in kindergarten? What things were boring?

Try picking up a Highlights magazine. it’s full of activities for kids.

Answer #3

tresure hunt is always fun the kids will love it. Also make a and outdoor obsticle course to burn off energy.

Answer #4

play outside if its warm enough..or make up a game im 14 and I babysit a 6yr old boy all the time and he loves to make up games with me..just mix to games together like ag and hie and seek and give it a cool name or grab some paper and crayons and make up a board game..this makes them feel accomplisehed when your done and you can also make the game educational..or when all else fails just play make believe..me and my lil buddy jordan love to play pirates or cowboys when we get bored lol…haha and the great thing about that is it makes you feel like a kid agian..lol its kinda fun :)

Answer #5

Try to do things educational that will help the youngsters learn something

Answer #6

would let them watch educational things on tv or take them outside or something

Answer #7

you can play games with them! you can draw pictures with them, color with them, and paint the girls’ nails!

Answer #8

hide and seek. they hide you seek.

Answer #9

you can play boardgames , draw , do crafts you’ll think of something

Answer #10

well the best thing to do, is not totally to hang out with them, but to keep them busy, if they are busy doing a normal day activity, they are more likely to stay out of trouble, so you can watch them and make sure they’re ok, without having to be involved in everything they do. maybe video games, riding bikes if they can, watching T.V. If they are preoccupied with something that they like, you can be sure they will be under control

Answer #11

try to get a bit of one on one time with each child even if its for ten minutes. the six month old will sleep quite often and you can play with her when she is awake. swing parks can often be entertaining for all children. swimmiing is also fun and enjoyable for everyone but if there are 4 children who dont know how to swim it could be quite stressful. also my local pool only lets people under 8 years old in with someone 16 or over. not sure about yours though.

if you have them for a while then strip everyone down to underwear - it is often cheap and easily replaced or an old pair of shorts and a t-shirt and make a huge floor painting. allow the kids to really express themselves. they could try finger, toe hand and feet printing and use brishes when they want to do pictures. allow them to really get messy. you might enjoy this too. sure there would be a lot of cleaning to do but it would keep them occupied all day

colouring and simple board games would be also quite fun.

hope this helped xxx

Answer #12

I just thought of a cool idea. make fake money and bring a few of you old beanie babies and other things from when you were little and they have to “buy” the things they want. like at a store. and little kids will think thats really cool that they can pick and actually buy it themselves. they like to be independent. set up a counter and put the toys and things out around the house and show them around your “store”.

Answer #13

im 14 to and I always baby sitt I just keep them entertand(iknow it seems impossible sometimes) and I just let them color,tv,movies,games,coputer(but be carfull)

Answer #14

You could teach the older ones how to play sports at home or at a park :D I have a 4 year old brother and I taught him how to dunk a basketball and he LOVES it! Or just throw balls back and forth with them, they like that too, especially 3 year olds… older ones like 8 years like playing Baseball (make sure if the little ones want to play you get a BIG bat and a REALLY soft ball) Good Luck, I’ve been tending my Siblings my WHOLE life … extra good luck with the 6 month though, they really like strollers maybe you could just go on a walk till they start complaining and want a nap ;)

Answer #15

ummm…go to a shop and buy ready made ginggerbreadmen/animals and let them decorate them…iy’s not messy and cheap.(check you can do this first because they mite have allergies.) when playing hide and seek make sure they don’t go in anything dangerous, let them play with your hair…do there make up or let them do yours…you’re sure to look hot after a 3year old has aplied your make up. Trust me I’m 15 and I have a two year old daughter… :)

Answer #16

Fun disney movies, with a healty snack. Arts and crafts that wont get to messy. And try playing little simple games, like hide and seek.

Answer #17

Im babysitting right now!!! 3 year old boy quadrouplets!!! They are a handfull!!! Play a bunch of gammes that will exhaust them!!! I always make up games like the last one running wins so they run for like 45 minutes and then they are wipped out!!!1 Beleive me it works!!! : )

Answer #18

I babysit, too. I think that you should make playdough for the 5 year old, but there is one type that is edible. Here is a recipe…Ingredients: • 4 cups flour • 1 cup salt • 2 T cooking oil • 1 to 1 1/2 cups cold water • food coloring Mix flour, salt, oil. Add food coloring to water. Gradually add water to flour mixture. Knead. Store in a plastic bag in the refrigerator

Also, search for edible playdough recipes on Google or something. The girls and boys I babysit for love to play with the peanutbutter playdough and the eat it. The boy loves to make dinosaurs and then bite the heads off (I know…total boy) and pretend he’s a monster or Godzilla. They love to help me make it, too. Good luck!

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