How much baby food should I give my 6-month-old son?


Answer #1

I started my 6 mth old on rice cereal but while I am in the mids of feeding him he poops I noticed thid happened about the lasy 3 to 4 time could this be a alergic reaction?

Answer #2

I am a confused parent… my baby has just turned 6 months and I started her slowly on solids since she was 4 and a half months. first 2 weeks morning was baby rice followd by 6oz bottle. she would drink 5 6oz bottles throughout the day. after the first 2 weeks I then moved to a 1oz vegge puree which she had between her mid morning and lunch time bottle.I did this for another 2 weeks and introduced a mid afternoon (4-5o clock) feed of 1oz fruit puree. now that she has turned 6 months I have introduced puree chicken and vege to her lunch time feed (which she loves!) but what I have concern about, is that she is not finishing most of her bottles (6oz 5 times daily)she only gets 1oz of solids each time so im just wondering if there is such a thing of a baby loosing interest in the bottle?? she sleeps all night so I know that what she is getting throughout the day is satisfying her but im still concern that she is not getting enough milk.

Answer #3

Don’t listen to these people who tell you to wait til a certain age to feed your child baby food. Your baby will let you know when he or she is ready. Your baby will also turn it’s head and let you know when they have had enough to eat. Long story shortened, if your baby is hungry feed it.

Answer #4

Well my son is 6 mo. and @7am he gets 2oz. of veggies and 4-5 oz. of formula.then 10-11am 2oz of fruit and 5oz of formula.2 more 5-6 oz of formula then 6-7pm he gets 2 more oz of veggies or fruit and 5 oz.of formula… so am I feeding him to much? He weighs 17 lbs and is 29 in long???

Answer #5

you should give him stage 2 baby food and about 2-4 tbl spoons rice with breast milk or formula. doctors around here said its best to go back and forth with rice and baby oatmeal(one week each, back and forth back and forth) cause you would give a 4 month old 1 tbl spoon rice and stage 1 baby food. at about 8 months old move to stage 3 baby food!!! I have been taking care of kids/babies for years upon years so I think I know what im talking about!!! ;)

Answer #6

they actually make baby food for beginners ,for babies who are not satisfied with milk alone who have not yet reached the age of 6 months.So it is rubbish when people tell you to not feed before 6 months.Every baby is different ,some may be satisafied with milk till 6 months but others simply are not.My 6 month old has been eating the b/d (beginner) heinz products since 4 1/2 months ,they are made less complex and with usually one,carrots.they have about 12 different fruits and veggies for the early beginner.its marked b/d and when 6 months rolled around thats when I started feeding her the 6 month marked baby food.she is growing so fast and is satisfies with her feedings.she 16 lbs now.

Answer #7

My daughter has started giving her four month old baby cow and gate purees for 4+ with great success. Not only does the baby love it but is thriving. She gives her porridge puree 4+ followed by formula in the morning and for lunch she has a tbls of turkey and vegetables followed by fruit puree followed again by formula or sometimes fruit juice or tea. For the rest of the day for the time being she is just having formula but eventually will also have puree for the evening meal. She is more content and lets us know if she does not want any more by firmly closing her mouth on the other hand if she wants more she grabs hold of the spoon or opens her mouth. I fed my children home made purees from the age of 4 months with no problems and I feel a lot of the posts on here are loopy. They could cause a first time mother real concern if they have already started to feed their child puree. My best advice is to ignore the calander and go by the baby. They will let you know. If they can swallow it they are ready. Just try to keep to a schedule and you cannot go wrong. Do not let up on the milk either - they still need it - just maybe not quite so much.

Answer #8

my baby just turn to six months and I hve started solid food.I cook carrots,chicken and sweet pottatoes then I blend them and feed my baby with it .He likes it and does not cry in the night like before.feed your baby with solid food when you think he needs it.And dont forget to consult your doctor when the need arise.


Answer #9

At 6 months, a baby doesn’t need solids for nutrition, so keep up with the breast milk/formula. Introduce solids as long as s/he is ready. As mentioned above, start with rice cereal. Introduce vegetables before fruits because fruits are sweeter, so the baby won’t want to adjust to veggies. Best of luck.

Answer #10

At 6 months ideally your baby should be getting most of their nourishment from your breast though formula will do if you must.

Just give your baby as much solid food as they want. The ideal first food is rice cereal mixed with breast milk or formula. After that add new foods one at a time. You can make baby food by buzzing adult food in a blender or food processor but don’t add salt or spices. Babies don’t need salt and won’t like spices. Doctors are recommending that parents avoid foods that kids easily develop allergies to like peanuts and soy until they are at least 2 years old. Rice is the food least likely to trigger allergies which makes it the ideal first solid food.

Answer #11

I’m keen to know the answer myself - I guess every baby is different, but my 6 month old is very happy to demolish 2 table spoons of carrot or sweet potato followed by a tablespoon of apple, or pear or banana! She then goes on to have some milk. To be honest I stop feeding her before she give in simply because I don’t know how much she can handle!

She has not been a hungry baby to date and is in perfect proportion! I’m just waiting for her to want a follow up of coffee, cheese and biscuits and a healthy serving of cheesecake!

Answer #12

my baby is 6 months old today I started feeding him solids at 4 and a half months as he was very interested in food and his milk wasnt satisfying him no more. he has a 9oz bottle at 7 in the morning then at half 9 he eats 2 farleys rusks he then has a jar of baby food with veg in at 1 oclock and at 3 oclock he has another 9oz bottle for tea he has a jar of friuty baby food at half 6 then a 9oz bottle at 8.30 before he goes to bed at 9.All babys are different so if they are hungry just feed them.

Answer #13

my baby boy is just over six months and he is such a hungry baby he gets his porridge oats with apple or pear ( baby cereal) for breakfast with a bottle then at lunch he has some steamed fruit blended I steam it to reduce any starchyness he has another bottle with that then at tea time he has mixed veg or stew or cauliflour with chicken I steam all this to keep the goodness in add no salt or sugar he has this with a bottle then at around 7 30 he will have bath then a little fruit pot a bottle and its bed time but he only sleeps for six hours I am worried he is still hungry yet I think he eats a lot but he is not over weight he is just average for his age

Answer #14

I see so many different ways to feed a baby, now I’m wondering if I’m feeding my baby right. At 7am she gets 7oz of formula. At 9am; 2 teaspoons of rice cereal mixed with formula and 7oz of formula. At 12pm and 3pm; 7oz of formula each. At 6pm; half a jar of veg baby food and 7oz formula. At 9pm; 7oz of formula then bed. I haven’t started to feed her fruits yet cause the dr. said to wait a month.

Answer #15

I don’t want to repeat what the others said but I gave my son rice cereal until he was 8 months. I didn’t know I could give him veggies and fruits then. You learn alot with your first one. But I will tell you always do veggies first. If you give him or her the fruits first they will develop the sweet taste and not want the bland taste of the veggies. When I started the rice cereal it was very runny.. like water. and I actually had it like that until we were at my moms and she made it thicker. but you don’t want to make it to thick to quick. Your child needs to develop swallowing thicker foods a little bit at a time. if you make it runny one day and like molasse the next he probably won’t do to well.
So basically to sum it up. Rice cereal I did it morning and night for two months.. but i think you can progress if you are ready sooner. anyways.. rice cereal twice a day, then I did rice cereal in the morning and veggies for lunch and dinner. Then at nine months I did oat cereal in the morning, then veggie and fruit for lunch and dinner. and I started apple juice.
Just remember that you do one food for one week. that way if they get an allergy to it you know to stop it. and with the apple juice I water it down alot. if not they will have some runny poop. Well I hope I was helpful. If you need more information you doctor should be able to answer any questions.. I just never did because I didn’t want him to think that I didn’t know what I was doing.

Answer #16


At 4 to 6 months, your baby should be eating:

What to feed • Breast milk or formula, PLUS • Semi-liquid iron-fortified rice cereal, THEN • Other grain cereals like oats or barley

How much per day • Begin with about 1 teaspoon dry rice cereal mixed with 4 to 5 teaspoons breast milk or formula (it’ll be very runny). • Gradually thicken consistency and increase to 1 tablespoon dry cereal mixed with breast milk or formula, twice a day.

However, at 6 to 8 months:

(or if your baby seems hungry after 8 to 10 feedings of breast milk or 40 oz. of formula in a day):

What to feed • Breast milk or formula, PLUS • Iron-fortified cereals (rice, barley, oats) • Pureed or strained fruits (banana, pears, applesauce, peaches) • Pureed or strained vegetables (avocado, well-cooked carrots, squash, and sweet potato)

How much per day • 3 to 9 tablespoons cereal, in 2 to 3 feedings • 1 teaspoon fruit, gradually increased to ¼ to ½ cup in 2 to 3 feedings • 1 teaspoon vegetables, gradually increased to ¼ to ½ cup in 2 to 3 feedings


Answer #17

You shouldn’t be giving your 6-month-old son cereal or breast milk. It’s bad for them and they can’t swallow very good. My sister has a 9-month-old daughter and she just gives her formula,apple juice,Yogurt melts,Strawberry and Banana bits,and Apple bites. So please don’t be giving your 6-month-old son breast milk and cereal. That will make them very very sick.

Answer #18

So much what to do, what not to do…I agree with the advice wait till your baby shows they are ready. I have 3 (hockey) boys all 3 started cereal at three months. Also vegi’s started at the end of the third month. By mid-fourth month they were on vegi’s and fruits, By six months they were trying everything. And they are healthy as can be. So wait for the sign’s on eating, some babies want food, formula or breast milk sometimes are not enough. And don’t let anyone make you feel like a bad mom because you’re feeding your child. BEST OF LUCK

Answer #19

My baby will be 6 months tomorrow, I have been goiving him formuls milk and food from 5 months, because he’s always been a hungry baby.

At 7am I will give him milk then 9.30 to 10am I will give him baby cereal 1 spoonful with 3 spoonful of water. Then his bottle of milk.

Lunch time, I will give him just milk - I will now start giving him lunch baby food veg then 1 hour later a bottle.

Dinner will give him sweet potatoe and fruit dessert, a hour later a bottle. Last feed is at 10.30pm which is a bottle then he sleep till 7am

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