Why do I really want a baby at 13?

Im 13 years old and I need some advice as I really want try for a baby I userstand that you need too give up a lot of stuff for a baby and I would have too give up my teenage years for him/her and im prepered too do that but I dont know if I would be able too tell my mum and dad?

Answer #1

Quite frankly this isnt about you having to give up your teenage years. You choose to have a baby then that’s your problem if you never have a life again. I really dont care about that. What is important is this infant who has no choice in the matter. You’re going to wake up 5 or 6 times a night to change diapers and feed the baby? If not, who is going to do it? You have no right putting another responsibility on your parents. If they wanted a baby, they’d have given you a brother or a sister. You have no right asking them to get up in the middle of the night because you’re too selfish to think about other people. You’ll think about the baby when it’s born? What exactly is going to make you unselfish all of a sudden? So, moving on, who will take care of this baby during the day? When you’ve got school? So scenario 1, either someone else is caring for your baby the majority of it’s time (so basically someone else is going to raise your child, and you’ll play with it a few hours every day like a puppy?) or you’ll drop out of school to take care of it. Meaning not only will you have no way to earn anything more than minimum wage when you are actually old enough to earn money, but your parents will have to support you and another child. For many years. Which they have to do right now any ways as you have no means of supporting yourself let alone a child. Wow, and we go back to selfish and self centered. Which, really, is ok. Because you’re a child. And children are the most selfish, self centered, self absorbed creatures on this planet. Which is okay. It’s part of their development. But it is also why they are not supposed to have children. Now, moving on. What about another parent? There arent many guys out there willing to raise a child in their teens. So this child is going to grow up at the same time as his or her mother (perhaps, the odds of the child growing up are greater than of you growing up), and she or he is going to miss out on a father. And then, lets fast forward down the road, you’re 18, no education, no skills, and you’re looking at trying to support yourself with neither and support a 4 year old. Which means again, either your parents step in or you end up as a single mom living in poverty. With a kid with several psychological issues in a few years from having a selfish mom. I doubt any of this will actually penetrate. But I gave it a shot.

Answer #2

laura, I mean no disrespect on your preference, but I really persuade you to think otherwise. I think its a little too early for that. aside from young girls’ bodies are still developing (I.e. not conducive to having a baby, prone to miscarriages), you would have to provide for your kid. Do you have a job? the kid wont be your parents’ responsibility anymore, its gonna be yours. are you willing to delay (or possibly not reach) your goals (for instance, graduate from a good university, have a great career, buy your dream house, etc)?

having a baby is really hard (painful delivery, moms wont get to sleep much because the baby’s crying or hungry or what not, there are a lot of expenses like getting regular checkups while pregnant, delivery of the baby is expensive, getting the baby’s regular checkups, baby’s schooling, you have little time for yourself because you’re baby is gonna be your priority, etc).

you have not yet lived your life as a normal young teen yet, please dont skip to being a mother already. from what I see from mothers, being a mom is fulfilling but it is possibly because they are physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially prepared for this.

but whatever you decide, its your own life. good luck.

Answer #3

nothing will put any kind of affect on my baby cause im going too try too be a very good mum and I wanna show people I can do it I wanna give my baby the best I can and I will love him/her more then anyone or anything in this world I will get up at 6 - 8 times in the morning and im ust too that anyway I live with my 8month old nephew will change his nappies and feed him and like 4.00 o’clock in the morning if I have too I really want this chiled and everything will change when I have him/her and I know I’ve watched my sister go throu it and I know that I wont be able too give it up ones there here I will try my best but I still dont no how to tell my mum and dad

Answer #4

For one you are most likely in need of some attention or are thinking you would love a baby instead of a sibling as maybe you think you could do a better job raising an infant to a mature adult even though you have yet to become one yourself. plus I dont know were you are living but any guy who would want a baby would be hard to find, and any older guy does not want a statutory rape charge, and by the way I am pretty sure its illegal for a girl to get inseminated. hope that helps

Answer #5

you will TOTALLY regret it.. and being only 13 you’ll probably have plenty of miscarrages before you have one..and that can be really heartbreaking..you are going to make a complete mess of your life, and hard relationship with your rents…

Answer #6

You are about to get a rude awakening.

Obviously, we can’t convince you that you’re not doing the right thing…selfish children do what they want.

Just for the record, I was 17 when I got pregnant and even with all the family support I had, it literally destroyed my youth. My baby is 17 now and I still haven’t pulled together all the pieces.

You have no chance…I feel sorry for your child.

Answer #7

I don’t mean this to sound rude or horrible, but maybe you need to talk to a counselour. If it takes a 13 year old having baby to bring a family together then there must be serious issues somewhere.

I would really try talking to a professional before you make decisions that will seriously affect your life and any possible child.

Answer #8

How exactly are you going to support a baby at 13? what job can you get at 13? are you going to give up school at 13? how will you be able to afford to feed and clothe a baby at 13? you don’t even have the resonsibilty of taking care of yourself in these ways yet, that’s down to your own parents.

I don’t know what country you from, but if you are from one where you need health insurance, how will you pay that?

And are you going to make somebody a father who isn’t ready to be one yet?

Sorry but having a planned baby at 13 is selfish is my opinion, because you will be impacting so many people, not just you.

Answer #9

I guess its my life thou I come from plymouth and in plymouth they have mother schools where you can cause my sister is 16 and shes had a chiled and she goes there and she ge 80poud on a monday 100 pound on the friday and the next she gets 180 on a wednesday so I dont see why I cant have one I really want someone there whats mine and wha I can love and what can love me back and it might just bring my family together

Answer #10

when you have a baby, it shouldnt be YOU you’re thinking about.. you’re gonna have to take a backseat. the baby’s the first priority. its really easy to make a baby but its providing for the baby that’s hard.

Answer #11

you understand the risks of your teen years yet you still want to do it..

seems to me from what youve said that your only thinking of 1 person in this and that person is you!

how the hell are you going to support the baby?

Answer #12

and, um, may I ask why exactly do you want a baby for? I REALLY hope you dont though :| you have your whole life ahead of you. and once its made, you can’t turn your back from your baby.

Answer #13

You probably looking for happyness in your life and at 13 The teen age years might be very stressful but it all turns out good in the end so please please dont try for a baby at 13 because it will mess up your WHOLE life. please take my advice.

Answer #14

thankyouu. and I know there is a lot of stuff too do for a child and I’ve been thinking about it for a long time now and if I had a baby I would have too make sure im prepared first.

Answer #15

il support the baby with what I can and yes I am only thinking of 1 person and that is me and if am prepared to have this baby I will thinking of him/her too

Answer #16

I really dont know how else we can persuade you not to. :(

Answer #17

I will

Answer #18

doh! stupid stupid child wanting a child. yeah ok have fun with that 1.

Answer #19

thats not enough laura… if you yourself cant support a child then your not ready for 1.

Answer #20

yeah but I may just have some good support from my family & friends

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