Is this a good time to have a baby?

I just turned 18 at the begining of August, and my boyfriend and I have been together for over 2 years, I’m finished school, he owns his own business, and I have a fair paying job. We started talking about having babies last year when I finished school, and we were both ready, but then he opened his business so we put it on hold for a while. My parents and his parents are very supportive of our relationship, I just recently moved in with him, and his business and my job are both going great, we were just wondering if its a good time to have a baby?

Answer #1

yeah.. i actually kno alot of people who have kids and they are really young.. none of them regret their kids but alll of them “planned it” but now they wish they could have waited a couple more years. saved some more money or finished school.. daycare/ babysitting gets pricey. if u want kids do you, its ure body ure choice but im tellin u from experience its tough. i love my daughter but theirs times when i want to flip out and leave , i never would n i no it sounds awful but i got school wit homework.. 2 jobs.. and a baby running screaming thru the house. it get overwelming and my man works alot so its me alone alot wit her. n alot of times i feel like damn im 21 i should be out at a bar partyin my black a$s off but i got resposibilities n a child that needs me, so i cant f*k it up.. n i got friends who leave their babies wit hooeverso they can go out but that aint me no thnx

Answer #2

i understand what u mean, u feel so wrapped up in ure life with this guy and could never imagine being with sum1 else. im now 21 and i hav a 2 yr old daughter. i did the exact thing as u, i was with my man n we planned on having our baby and everything seemed so perfect. i love my daughter with all my heart and i DO NOT regret having her.. its just a part of me wishes i had grown up more, saved up more, and gotten married. wen u 18 its like “oh im 18 im an adult u dont understand” but if u really know you n this man are going to be 2gether forever than wats rong with waiting a couple more years. just think about it.. one more thing.. y did u ask 4 advice from all these people if u only wanted 2 hear a certain answer? obv all these people arent ganging up on u 2 tell u ure rong, a baby changes everything- no more partying late nights wit ure girls, and no more sleeping through the whole night. its the real deal, it aint babysitting wen the kids are cute u play wit em 4 a lil while then go home, no. thats ure child.. a whole nother person u bringin into the world, watching their eveyrmove n constaly being there 4 them. just think about it and read wat every1’s gutta say

Answer #3

Thank you guys for all the advice, I just have one thing to say.. I know that I am young, but I have all my priorities straight, and so does he. I work and bring home a fairly good paycheck each week, and like I said before, he owns his own business and theres money coming in from there. And, we have travelled ALOT, because he is originally from Switzerland, so we go there at least once every 2-3 months. I have been all over Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France, Austria and the list goes on… I also forgot to mentions that I speak four languages, swiss-german, english, french and spanish. So, I don’t know many 18 year olds that can say that they’ve done that.. not without there parents help… I am ready for a baby.. and I don’t know why you guys would be telling me no.. it’s not like i’m starving for attention or anything like that, I see 14 year old girls on here wanting babies, and people are telling them that it’s a GREAT idea, but that is not. I don’t want to sound rude or anything like that, but maybe you should be reading there questions and telling them no, instead of me.. Thanks

Answer #4

No. You have to understand that when you have a baby, ALL your priorities will shift. You’re situation with work will change, your finances will drastically change. You need to enjoy your life a little bit before you go into baby-mode…

Answer #5

Well i’m 17 and my gf is preg and I can say that it isn’t a good time even at 18. You might want to have fun doing things and going places and with a baby so soon that isn’t an option until they move out. Since you both make plenty of cash try buying a house first those nasty rent filled apartments add up over the years.

Answer #6

Hey, if u know that this is what u both want then go for it and from what i have heard its not easy and if u both think ur ready go for it but u wont be able to go out with friends as much because u will have a kid.

Answer #7

i don’t think so. You r only 18. I think that you should go to college so u can have a career like a teacher which gives u lots of money. The, ou could be rich and your baby could get more toys

Answer #8

i will still hold on the baby making…u should wait until like ur 23-25 they say at age 25 is when u really start thinking about life..i dont know…but if i were u i would hold on having a baby. =)

Answer #9

hey there I am 24 and I have a 18 month old girl. I was in College when I got pregnant. I got my 3 year certificate in Teaching. I am with a wonderful man whois now my husband. I felt too young to have a baby, and was atad upset that I didn’t get my degree. Yet I wouldn’t change it for the world. My onku advice is wait till you get married and go on your honeymoon. My husband and I got married when our baby was 7 months old and it was really hard. Plus it is nice to get the finnacial burden of the wedding over with before you have a baby so that you can get what you want on your wedding day. not to sound selfish but seriously you only get married once, usually. I’m not telling you what to do I just wanted to share my experince and give you something to think about. If you have a question for me just ask.

Answer #10

Ok Yea I’m younge and people are going to think this is stupid but oh well. You sound well on your way and by the way thanks for giving me advice it helped i decided not to have one. Anyway.. back to you.. I think that you and your boyf should have a baby together but with you both working how would u have time for it and the whole traveling thing. If you love life now then I’f soak it up and enjoy it for like a month and then start in on the baby thing. You can support it and everything so why not? If a freakin younge girl at like 14-16 can take time for a baby u can most deff. do it.

Answer #11

I think the fact that you’re asking means you already have the answer yourself…

Wait till you’re absolutely ready, had a bit of your young life with your bf and enjoy earning money without having to worry about spending it on a kid for a while.

It is also at this point important to get yourselves nicely settled in at your jobs, before having to go on maternity leave already.

First sort out al your own stuff and see how it goes. Don’t be hasty, this will change your whole life. And it should be a pleasure not a pain in the neck!

Good luck

Answer #12

Sounds like life is going great , why dont you enjoy your time together before having a child, why not consider seeing the world , theres plenty of time for children.

Answer #13

I think that if you both want one then go for it

Answer #14

i tHiNk tHAt if y0U tHiNk y0UR REAdy y0U SH0Uld G0 f0R iT

Answer #15

well i no a couple of people who are 18 and had babies

Answer #16

We already have a house.

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