I read my daughter cell text is that right?

I read my teenage daughter texts from her cell…is this right to do as a parent? This is the only way I know what is happening with her

Answer #1

Teens hate that you should never tell her or she will never trust you again

Answer #2

speaking as a teenager this is a invitation of her privacy and if she ever found out she would NEVER trust you again

Answer #3

im a teenage guy but thats a vionlation of privacy thats not right

Answer #4

My child will be two soon and I would do the same thing! Go mama! Or facebook…

Answer #5

your not going to find much in her txts try looking at her myspace

Answer #6

as a doughter no but thinking as my moms tought me ya but only to a certain extent meaning reading texts an thats it

Answer #7

I do it all the time, it is just our way of protecting them.

Answer #8

NO do not do that . I am gonna be 16 soon and my mom has pulled the same crap on me , it makes me hate her , because it shows she has no trust in me , and it is totally wrong to invade someones privacy like that , you should be able to trust her , and if not , ASK her if you can see her cell phone without just sneaking it . although you are the mother and can do as you please , but handling it better will not cause arguments once she finds out . and it will keep trust between you both .

Answer #9

no! I think that you should trust your daughter! would you like it if someone was checking your texts! its really wrong

Answer #10

would you want her to be looking at your emails txt messges

Answer #11

well.. the teenager side of me says that its kinda wrong, im 19 years old & I never agree’d with my mom going through my phone or email accounts… but im also pregnant & starting to see things from the mommy side too… if I have reason to believe that my daughter is doing something that could effect her or her life in a negative way, yeah ill look! lol.

Answer #12

I would honestly feel violated as heck. If she finds out she is going to freak out. Or at least I would. If you don’t trust what she is doing and texting and things,why does she have a cell in the first place?

Answer #13

I would kill my mom if she did that

Answer #14

I personally wouldn’t like my parents checking out my phone. It’s private, even though they were the ones who bought it for me! But, I understand you’re trying to protect her, but, assuming that she’s a teenager, the only thing you can actually do now is teach her about the evils of the world and make her understand what’s good and what’s bad and why is it so! That’s about all that you can do. If you try to butt in on her life you’ll be screwing yourself up, because she will rebel.

Teach, lecture, beat, educate, seriously threaten and seriously LOVE the child, that’s how my parents educated me. And know I’m old enough to know they did what was best for me, without I ever stepping out from the boundaries they’ve put around me.

Answer #15

No don’t it’s her social life and you might blurt something out that only she knows

Answer #16

Im super close to my mother, and honestly, if she were to ever do that to me, I wouldnt talk to her anymore.

Say she doing drugs or something and you confront her about it, she gonna know you read her stuff, and wont trust you again, and probably rebel more. I just wouldnt do it.

Answer #17

As a teenage girl myself, personally its really not a good idea to read through her messages, even though you may want to know what is going on. As hard as it is as a parent to discover where shes going or what shes getting up to, you have to let your daughter have some privacy, if she makes some mistakes, let her learn from them etc. Id feel really upset and betrayed if I found one of my parents reading my text messages, it has nothing to do with them. But its nice to see that someone really cares about they’re daughter, although id recomend you stopped going through her phone. Or you will be in a lot of trouble ! Hope I helpedd :).x

Answer #18

As a parent, I would never have felt comfortable reading my teenage childrens’ diaries or text or instant messenger archives. However, communication with them was very open.

Answer #19

The only reason is if you don’t trust your daughter. If that’s the case, make sure you tell her that you don’t trust her and only read the messages in front of her.

If my parents had read my messages when I was growing up (chiseled on stone tablets, kids), I would have arranged some special messages that would have probably involved panic attacks and possibly a call to the police as well.

Better to find an alternative way to keep up with your child.

Answer #20

no it will make your daughter hate you to find you reading her messages from mates and maybe boyfriend its not a good thing to do if I found my mum reading my messages I would go of my head about it I really would fall out with her for not trusting me and going behind my back into my own personal stuff its not a good thing seriously x x x

Answer #21

Well that sort of must mean you don’t trust your daughter’ which could be a rele bad sign. if my mum ever read my text messages I would go mad! If your daughter was reading your texts behind your back would you find that acceptable? You Need to think about it in both people’s eyes !

Answer #22

As a teenage daughter, I say that since you thought something was up with her, it was okay for you to do it. Of course, I would get mad if my parents read through my text messages, but if they thought something were happening to me, I would understand. Unless you wanted to read her texts just to be nosy, then you should give her privacy.

Answer #23

I don’t agree with it. To me it’s a severe invasion of privacy, there are other ways of knowing where your daughter is and what she is doing, like getting her to trust you and to have an open relationship with you.

Answer #24

I cant believe you even have to ask that question. I would flip out if my mam ever invaded my privacy like that. It shows you have absolutly no trust for your daugther. Plus you could pick things up completly wrong ! Last year my friends mam read her texts and came to the conclusion that my friend was pregnant she was shocked(my friend wasnt even sexually active at the time so it was a surprise for her to). Well anyway her mam went completly mad at her but it turned out the texts she read were actually about concert tickets.

Answer #25

if I was your daughter I would kill youu everyone has a right to privacy your invading her space talk to her if you wanna know something god if I was your daughter and found out that you where doing that, I would seriously never trust you again… how would you feel if someone did that to you mothers like you make me sooo angry >:(

Answer #26

Hey , um. im a teen. and I would hate if my mom read my text messages every second.. ugh, there are some problems but id rather talk to them in person not like , them finding out on gtext message first.. I think this is wrong , it’s over protective and if you’re over protecting your daughter , you obviously don’t trust her with anything… I really don’t think that is a good idea. There are some stuff that parents don’t need to know , like say about other friends problems and stuff. please use this advice. :D

Answer #27

well first I would ask her wats rong and stuff like tat make her feel that she can come to you wit anythin and c what happens from there and my opinion theres is vasion of privacy

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