Should I send my kid or private school, or public school?

Answer #1

I have been in both, and I found the education to be significantly better in private school. I was tested early on for gifted programs, and I got to experience levels of music, math, foreign languages, technology, and everything else that I never got to see as a run of the mill public school kid. Field trips were better planned, and the school even had a newspaper and newscast that students got to participate in. Class sizes were smaller, so the teachers were able to give better levels of individualized attention. Man, I loved it. I went there through fifth grade, and then when I came to a public school for the remainder of my education, I was lightyears above my classmates on an intellectual level. My “private” school wasn’t something fancy dancy either. It just was listed outside of the public school system. If you have a good one nearby, Sasha’s experience may be even better than mine. I attribute a lot of my success to the foundations I learned outside of the public school system, and I wouldn’t trade those for the world. Of course, I’m in Oklahoma and you are in Florida. Things may be vastly different in your neck of the scholarly word :)

Answer #2

I have gone to both private and public. Private tends to be way better education wise, but there are a lot more braty kids that will influence your kids. My younger sister comes home everyday with a braty attitude because thats how the kids in the school act. But it really does focua on better academics and will help your kids get into better colleges and help them in their future. Public school on the other hand is a little less advanced with the schooling. There are some really good public schools tho and if your kid works hard then they can be put in the advanced classes and have just as good of a chance to get nto great colleges and what not. :)

Answer #3

You live in Florida, Ericson? Well, my Uncle lives in Ft Lauderdale and his two sons went to private schools their entire lives because he’s convinced the Florida public education system is really awful. I’m not a mother, I don’t live in Florida and I went to public school, but I will tell you that now that his kids are out of school, none of them did anything special with their education or their lives and he could have saved a lot of money by letting them go to public schools. One of them got kicked out of high school for possession of marijuana and the other moved out at 18 to work at Blockbuster and he can’t afford his bills so my Aunt and Uncle pay most of them for him. Poor parenting or just one of those things you can’t control, I guess I’m saying private schools aren’t always the best thing and won’t magically insure a well educated, well behaved graduate. I see that your daughter is only 5, so maybe start her out in private school and then when she’s older, look at her performance and her grades, tell her private school is a privilege and if she isn’t serious about her education, you’ll place her in a public school. You can’t make a child love school or have the drive to excel. If she isn’t going to benefit from private schooling, why waste your money? This is a worse case scenario and very far in the future, so I’d start her out in the best possible surroundings for a good base and let her decide later through what she chooses to do with her behavior and her education.

Answer #4

Wow… I never thought of it that way, but makes sense. Private schools here are super expensive!! Good private schools here in Miami are around $18,000+ per year.

Answer #5

public school they will make lots of friends and plus they will like teachers 2 u do alot of cool things in british schools

Answer #6

public school gives kids more of an experience. private is just prepy bastards

Answer #7

J and I had this debate a few times even though the public schools in our neighborhood were very good when we were in the states. In the end we decided that the public school was fine but this was after going and visiting the private schools in the area. Now the kids are in a private school but it’s Maldives so there are things that need serious improvement.

No matter what the school I think that if Sasha is doing really well in school and she is happy then she is doing fine where she is. If you think she needs to be more challenged it would be good to go interview the private schools in the area and talk about Sasha’s strengths and how the school can help her develop further. See what kinds of classes, curriculum they implement that would be supplemental and encouraging to Sasha in particular.

Knowing the teachers at whatever school and keeping a good relationship with them has gone a long way to ensuring that Sam and Jaz get the best education they can in the school that they are in. In the end if the kids are happy and excited to learn they take in a lot more so how the teacher reacts to their strengths and weaknesses is key to keeping them excited.

Answer #8

private, thier VERY unlikely to have fights and bullies, if u believe in God, theres a whole class about that, they wear uniforms ( that saves the trouble of piking the days clothes ) i go to one and i NEVER wantr to leave

Answer #9

but i will warn u, its usually expensive, mines like idk um around prob 9,000 i guess…

Answer #10

I think it depends on where you live and the schools. talk to school board members and principals. In my town public schools are great

Answer #11

also: i wouldn’t listen to wat these other people are saying. it truly depends on the schools. It’s only best to inform YOURSELF, so that way you know how things work. not just but wat other people are telling you.

Answer #12

public…Make good friends i go to public

Answer #13

There’s a reason people put their kids in private schools. It gives them the best possible shot to get into an ivy league school, and from there the best possible shot to a great career. If that’s what you want for your kids, that’s where you go. As for the spoilt brat part, that’s on parenting, not the school. And friendship wise, you’re surrounding them with people who have the best possible advantages. Which means in years to come, that can only be helpful, not hurtful.

Answer #14

but you dont need to go to a private school or an ivy league school to get a great career. u need to go to college but not an ivy school. private school students don’t experience as much as public school students experience. it helps prepare more for life

Answer #15

You know there’s a reason the rich are getting richer. Contacts are key. It sucks, but it is reality. People give jobs and give contracts to those they know. Money tends to stay within the same circles. You dont need to go to an ivy league school to have a great career. But you’re more likely to making good money (statistically speaking) if you attend an ivy league school. It’s a nice philosophy. All you need is hard work to get ahead. But in the real world, life isnt that simple.

Answer #16

but its also the rich ripping people off. i no what u mean. its just BS on how everything is money driven these days.

Answer #17

Yes. But it is reality. And whether you personally want to fight the system or not (never been big on causes myself), I would still want to provide my children with the most advantages I could. And that includes a good education with good contacts. Also, how many private schools do you hear of where kids are being killed? I worked at a public school last year. A kid was stabbed and he died. And I’m talking about a public school in one of the so-called rich neighborhoods.

Answer #18

In Miami, it may be worth it. I assume you heard about the stabbing at Gables High last year.

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