Tips to help potty train my 2-year-old son?

got an almost 2 year old boy and was wondering need some help on tricks to get him there and to help him understand to go in the potty…

please help

Answer #1

My advice is not to rush it. If you wait until your child is ready it will go a lost easier and there will be a lot fewer accidents. I think that the reason so many people have trouble potty training is that they attempt it before their child is ready.

One of the signs that your child is ready to poty train is if their diaper is consistantly dry in the morning. That is an indication that they have good control.

In general girls are ready to potty train before boys and black kids are ready before white kids. While I know kids who successfully potty trained by 18 months there is no shame in still wearing diapers at 3. I don’t understand why some parents are in such a hurry.

Like the other posters said, make each successful use of the potty something to celebrate. Never scold or punish accidents, just clean it up and encourage the child to try to make it to the potty next time.

My daughter’s biggest problem is that when she was having fun playing she didn’t want to stop so she would would keep playing until she was about ready to burst then she would inform us that she had to go to the potty RIGHT NOW! so we’d be tryign to rush her to the bathroom in time.

Answer #2

Well I am currently trying to potty train my 27 mo. old…I do not put a diaper on him during the day, today is the 2nd day and he has gone to the potty twice. Yes, there have been accidents; thats inevitable…however, he is learning to go on the potty when he has to pee pee. He will hold it until ihe is about to burst! He’s getting the hang of it though. I belive that just as you teach a child to color or read or know numbers and letters, then you can also teach them to go to the potty. I dont think its a “maturity” thing, or “when they are ready” thing…its all about what you want to teach them and when. Remember, children are sponges, they soak up whatever you are putting into them…

Answer #3

Boys I think always take longer to potty train…I know with my little brother bribing him worked we would give him M&m’s every time he went…and then eventully it got to be really regulare and he would go reguardless we also tried to make it seem fun and like a game almost it was cool…you could try that though.

Answer #4

when my 1st son started to walk at 11 months I used to let him go round the house with no nappy on & everytime I noticed him weeing I would hold the potty under him to catch it, he sharp clicked on to the idea & was dry through the night by the age of 2! I dont gaurentee it though my second son isnt intrested! good luck

Answer #5

take off his diaper when he’s at home my son is two and if he has to go poty he’ll ask for I diaper I think it is because he is so knows that for him the poty was his diaper for a lil over half his life but after he screams for his diaper I can get hime to go on the poty and sometimes he will go on his own

Answer #6

If he is having trouble I say do something fun with it. Make it a game! Like whoever goes potty in the big boy potty get a candy. Or have him say bye bye to his potty. (helps. I had to when I was little) get a chart and stickers, If he’s a good boy and goes potty all week give 3 candies or one cheap toy. Be creative. I know Its weird but hey you gotta do what you gotta do.

Answer #7

I have no tips, except my 2 year old will not even go on the potty, he has attempted to sit on it like is 6 year old sister, but will not actually pee or poop, he tells me everytime he poops in his diaper though and sometimes he thinks he did when he is really wet, he is 21/3 exactly. I even put him in underwear that he picked out, and he loves them, but peed everytime in them and I put a diaper back on and he cried about it cause he liked his underwear but said no to the potty. What to do?

Answer #8

with my brother, to first tell him what a potty is for we filled him up with juice and told him to tell us when he needed to go. we put him on the potty and told him if he doesthe toilet he wil get one small sweet like an m&m or a skittle. he went to the toilet to get a sweetie. after that, we taught him that before dinner and lunch he should go to the toilet. it sounds mean but he didnt get any dinner until he had been to the toilet ( we had filled him up with juice all day ). he got hungry and after being a bit stubborn, decided to finally go. he was just as excited as we were and got his dinner and luch ( and his m&m or skittle). after that, he just continued and then we put ‘big boy’ underwear on him and we are about to introduce him to the ‘big boys toilet’ if you are planing on going out for a long time you might want to put on nappies or diappers because if there isnt a toilet nearby then the results can be pretty embarrassing for the whole family! hope this helped xxx

Answer #9

My son is 21 months old. We have been potty training for 5 days now. Days 1 and 2 went the way I thought they would. He peed 3x on day 1 and then 8x on day 2. I have had him in underwear but he has a lot of accidents in them. I have been keeping him in pull ups with only a few accidents. Day 3 was our best. He peed 16x. He will pee very little sometimes and a lot the next. On day 4 he wasn’t peeing as much Maybe peed 5x on the potty and about the same amount of accidents. Today has been about the same. We give him an M&M every time he pees on the potty and tell him how great he did and clap. He loves it. But the last 2 days he really hasn’t wanted to go to the bathroom at all. I have to give him an M&M to go into the bathroom and then tell him if he pees I will give him another. Not sure what else to do. He really liked it when we first started and now he seems to hate it.

Answer #10

Well, I just saw on a website where they said to leave the diaper off during the day, and every 20 mins or so set him on the potty whether you think he knows to go or not. And when he eventually starts to pee in the potty, he will get the hang of it. If the child resists the potty, set timer for every 10 mins and set them on there for as long as they will stay.

Answer #11

My son is potty trained and he is almost 3…I thought it would be soo hard but it wasnt. here is what I did…I got him a little potty and put it in the hallway…I started when he was 2 1/2 I told him everytime he goes pee pee that I will give him a surprise (I went to the dollar store loaded up on toys) …so he went I would get all crazy excited and jump up and down and give him a toy…everytime he went the first 10-15 times I acted crazy excited and gave him a toy then I started to slow down and he just kept going…

my son got to where he didnt want to wear a pull up to I think it depends on their age for that. maybe closer to 3 to not want to wear one…hope this helps

Answer #12

Well my son, is doing pretty good hes 23 months and I ask him does he have to pee pee and he says pee pee, the only problem I got is pooping in the toilet, and he will only pee if I pee on the big toilet while hes peeing on the potty guess its tha sound or something, when he finidhes I say your a Big boy and he runs out tha bathroom tellin everyone he is a big boy, pooping on tha other hand Im not really sure about that, he squats down and is really quiet when he does it, so I think if he does it next time I can just run him to the toilet and let him do it, but then nothing comes out so Im not to sure about that yet

Answer #13

I have son an I also babysit, what I did is put froot loops in the toilet and tell him its a target and he’ll try and try and tray to make it eventually he’ll learn.

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