Could I sue my mom when I turn 18 ?

Could I sue my mom for some thing that happened when I was little ? I don’t want to do it now cause I need a place to stay and sh*t but like when I turn 18 could I sue her for like making me put soup in my mouth and swallowing it when I would swear cause it’s like endangerment of a child. Or could I sue her for her giving me to a dangerous person she new was dangerous ? Cause when I was like 3 I think she left me with my grandfather and she new he was a child molester and he ended up molesting me

Answer #1

If you don’t change NOTHING, NOTHING will change.

Answer #2

No one on here suggested you needed to forgive or forget. That’s your business. However, it’s also your choice as to whether you want to wallow in pain the rest of your life or put it behind you. If you continue to hang onto this, you’re setting yourself up for a nice tasty drug addiction.

And your therapist is not evidence. You’re confusing people you agree with you with evidence that will stand up in court. I have no reason to doubt that what you say is true, but there’s also no proof other than your word, which is not evidence.

UPDATE: Sorry, one person on here did in fact suggest you forgive.

Answer #3

So you mean to tell me the rest of your life is going to be about revenge? Seriously, go get a job, save money and move out. And $3000.00 is nothing, that is maybe two months rent and security deposit. So now how do you pay for food, eletric, trash, phone, heat, toliet paper, plates, cooking ware, tv, couch, bed, dressers, vaccum, cleaning supplies, do I need to go on? I really hate to say this and I mean it with all do respect. But you will go nowhere if you don’t grow up and stop blaming everyone else for how bad your life is. That can only last for so long, Like you said you are going to be 18 in about 3 months, Stand up wipe your knees off and start walking forward and make something happen for yourself.

Answer #4

Just so you know - your therapist’s word is only heresy…she’s only repeating what you told her and is not actual physical evidence (which you’ll have to bring to court if you pursue this).

I’m going to share something with you though, because you really don’t seem to understand the implications of what you are doing.

My step-father molested me for 11 years. It only ended when he shot himself - he survived. I told my counsellor, I told child welfare, I told everybody who would listen.

When it came to proving it, I couldn’t because I had no physcial evidence. The counsellor could only repeat what I had said, and nobody believed me.

I was alienated from my entire family because of it. My own sister turned her back on me…and let me tell you, it’s a lonely world having nobody.

If you plan to go through with this, make sure you know what you are up against, because from what I can see so far, you have nothing to gain and everything to lose.

Answer #5

Well I hope you never do Anything wrong. Because then you might no what it is like to not be forgiven. So you better start living a perfect life. I never said you can’t forget what happened. But you also can’t move on because you said it yourself, you can’t let this go.

You know I am giving you advice first hand, I hate talking about this part of my life. Yes I was abused. Not sexually, but to me abuse is abuse. H*ll I even called the cops on my mom on one of her nights she was beating on my stepdad. I was 18. You can’t move on and grow, if you don’t learn to forgive. You don’t ever have to forget or be all lovey towards you mother, but I sure am thankful that I have the relationship I do with my mother.

Answer #6

go to a fam member maybe to the niest the one that you can trust. Ask if you could live with them look on the internet for information about you living with a famly member instead o your mother. Talk to people that you trust the most get this of your chest and get over it(sorry if that sounded mean). My mother is a druggy and a acholic but I still love her, but I hate her for that. What im saying is that you have to love your mother but you dont have to like her. O you can sue but the courts wont take you serious for this. I should know my father knows a lot about courts and I here about 24/7. Try to help your mother talk to her talk about it to her if you like your step father have him be there to help. Do something to help your mother and your self. Be you rmoms vent listen to her, listen what hepend to her in her past.

Answer #7

I think you all go way to deep into thought. First of all there’s no way you’d be able to sue your mom. Not that I agree with what she has done. I have three children and I would never put soap in their mouths let alone make them swallow it, no matter what word they used. If out them in Time out. And as for leaving you with sombody whom she knew was dangerous, just flat out screams bad mom! And anybody who thinks otherwise is crazy? Would all of you leave your children with a rapest? And if you had would you expect you’re child to forgive.. Forget.had they been molested due to your stupidity?. Her mom knew better.. Don’t forgive her! I wouldn’t, don’t sue her.. Or even try of course because the answer is no, you wouldn’t win. But just know that you don’t stand alone, I do agree that anybody who has maternal instincts would not have done either of those things. Just when you turn 18 walk away and don’t look back. Lol and you won’t become a drug addict.. And again, look who you’re getting answers from.. Who tells a child that they’ll become a drug addict? Get a clue!

Answer #8

ok at less you have some one that cares about you. Since you trust your dad then talk to him about what happend ask him to just listen basically asking him to be your vent. Just talk to him when he has hours to spare or just an hour. Say to him whats in your mind about your mom. It would be mean for me to just say give up or forget about. Thats why I say to talk to some one about this, any one it will help. I talk to my dad or my brother some times to just sit and talk. Im 17 years old and I have white hair. Not all of it is white but I still have white hair. I dont see it but others aswell. Its all from stress. Thats why I stoped holding I in all the time.


O sorry if I did not get backed to you quik enough I go to my mothers during the weekend so I dont get on computers.

Answer #9

you love your dad right if you do talk to him ask him what happend to your mom. If your mother is a lost cause then drop this wait until your 18 and leave dont look back dont look left or right just straight up leave if you dont care and you hate here leave the minute you turn 18 12:01 the minute after the day you are born. Start your life over when your on your own. If you love your father I think thats what I read then keep in touch with him try to get friends then talk to some one can parshly relate to and talk. you need to talk or this will catch up to you. Meaning this will make you sick you might lose hair. This may sound weird but this could happen. Dont talk to shrinks they just make you feel bad or dumb like your fam you say does. Maybe a year or 2 after you leave go back see if your mom is a little better and talk then. You need to forget about this or deal with it, these are the only options that you can take. If you deal with it try to solve it.


Answer #10

my dad knows it’s pointless to try and talk to my mom he agrees with me on that 100% and yea I love my dad more then any one else hes the only one in my Fam that seems to care about me and I can’t trust people no matter what so friend or not all my thoughts will be left to my self the only friends I have that I can trust or relate to are people on the comp that’s why I hope I will one day be with this really great guy I know he understands me so much I love it hes great and I doubt I can do that I need to get a place before I can movie out but I will def be out of the house I’m gonna stay with my because for a while and then once I can move out I will and of course I will keep in touch with my dad hes the best

Answer #11

explain how it’s hilarious and what exactly do u pity me 4 ?

Answer #12

I have no income or job so I cant hand myself over to my self and I have way to many prob’s in my life to go into foster care she should have just been a good mother and signed me over to my because like 4 years ago

Answer #13

well I don’t know about mollestation but I know when you get raped you have up to 5 years to go to the police cause they know it’s going to be difficult to see them in court. so I don’t know talk to the police or CPS or something…

Answer #14

I know 3,000 isn’t that that much and I only wanted that money so I can get a bed room set and a laptop that’s what 1,000 of that was 4 I just wanted to save the rest for when I turn 18 I will get a job as soon as I move no point in getting a job right now if I am moving

Answer #15

I just found out she was molested by him and when I found out about the other I wasn’t the way I am now so I wasn’t really thinking

Answer #16

Both of you need to seek counsling and work on a good realationship. Did you ever think about her needs? This is all she knows

Let me make this short. My real father use to beat me and my mother. My mother left him when I was 6. She met a wonderful man who she would beat when she was mad. And she would beat me when I did something wrong. She got the help she need to realize this was Not the only way to deal with problems and I have a wonderful stepfather (who is my only father) and a wonderful mother who I enjoy very much and is a huge part of my life. Hear is a thought. Instead of sueing your mother for money. How about go get help together and learn to love and forgive. GRRR I need to stop posting now. Good day

Answer #17

@#$%^&(%$#@#$&(I^%$#@#$%^&*( I HATEEE it when people are like trying to tell someone what’s wrong in their life && then other people are like “ooh get over it my life is so much worse” JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE SOMETHING WORSE DOESN’T MEAN WHAT THE OTHER PERSON IS GOING THROUGH ISN’T BAD TOO!!! jesus H. christ. everyone has their own troubles, some are worse than others but dont tell someone not to take their neglectful mother for granted so what if her mother didn’t beat her, she sent her to her grandpa who effing mollested her!! its still bad && I think you should do what you can.

Answer #18

I looked on the internet didn’t help me much there and I hate all my fam not one of them I could stand for more then a month and the only people I trust are people online cause I know they could never tell my secret’s to any one who would be able to hurt me with w,e I said I have no friends and all my fam either doesn’t trust me or treats me like a fcking 5 year old . I can’t help my mom shes a lost cause and no matter what I hate her and don’t care for a thing she says to me she tells me a bunch of sht about her past not like I care and I don’t have a step dad I have my real dad my parents are together just don’t live together it’s a long story though lol but the point is there still a couple

Answer #19

I can prove she has been neglectful it’s called my therapist shes been here for me threw allot of the bs she has pulled and I just found out she was rapped and I was 2 young to do any thing so I think that they may take that into consideration and I do have mental help I still hate her and that’s never ever going to change I’m never going 2 forgive her for being a neglectfully retarded mother

Answer #20

I’m not going to for give her I am way to stubborn people just for give and 4 get but how the hell can people do that when half your life is f*cked up cause of that one person I’m sorry I just can’t do it and I am in therapy we have tried to fix it but shes just as stubborn as I am and shes to dumb to understand things and I try to talk to her but it’s not even worth my time I hate her so much

Answer #21

It’s not technically illegal what she has done.Although pushing soup down your mouth could have been potentially life threatening. You could have chocked. Leaving you with a perverted man is not necessarily illegal although again she has put your safety at danger. You have been neglected by your mum and need to speak out about this. You mum is supposed to care and protect, it seems she hasn’t done much of that. This is going to be hard to overcome but you might just have to forget about it. Distance yourself from here, have no contact (if that’s what you want). Good luck. Beth

Answer #22

Agreed with ichi – this is something you need to get past. You aren’t going to get anywhere with thoughts of legal action. Why? Here are a few reasons:

  1. What you have described is not illegal.
  2. Even if it were, the statute of limitations would have almost certainly expired.
  3. Even if they had not expired, the burden of proof would be on you, not your mother. That means it would be up to you to supply evidence of neglectful intent, not on her to proof she wasn’t neglectful, and trying to prove someone’s intent is almost impossible.

That said, you can sue anyone for anything you like at any age. Whether or not the judge will care or you will win is another matter entirely. You won’t. If your childhood is causing you this much pain, seek counseling, not legal recourse.

Answer #23

I do my grand fathers in jail for molesting me and if any of my fam cares they know she use to have me put that in my mouth when I would swear all my fam knows I was molested and she was all so molested by him so she obviously new he was dangerous but then yet she still left me with him she all so new he molested other as well so yea I have evidence

Answer #24

of couse you can sue her, even now you neednt be 18

but that seems a bit ridiculous to me to try to win a trial without any evidences (I just wonder if you have any)

Answer #25

don’t tell me what I am doing it’s not teen rebellion I know it may sound like it but it’s not it’s so much more then that if it was that I would know I have all ways had a hate tords my mother and don’t you think it’s wrong she did that and plus if you read another post you would understand why I hate her shes so neglectful and sh*t it’s crazy

Answer #26

Soap is non-toxic. So while it may taste awful and be a rather crude form of punishment, it wasnt harmful to you.

As for your grandfather, that’s obviously been dealt with.

This is obviously just another case of teen rebellion, “I hate my mom and want to make her miserable”.

You’re not going to get far if you try to sue her. You’ll only end up tying up the court system and angering the judge who will be able to see exactly what you’re trying to pull.

Just get over it.

Answer #27

ew drugs are bad sorry I’m not into that maybe drinking no drugs for me though and I don’t have just my word and plus just the fact that she new he was dangerous should be enough

Answer #28

cause I just hate her that much listen I’m not looking for a way to get over it just a simple yes or no answer that’s it

Answer #29

As mikeh said, this probably won’t be a viable case by the time you’re 18…time to get counceling and learn to get passed it…why waste your life being miserable in order to put some misery in your mom’s??


Answer #30

I can’t do it I have 4 given so much of the sht she has done but this is just one thing I can’t and the way she is with me I can never trust her or that she will EVER change and I am going 2 do w,e in my power to mess with he life the best I can and If I can end up sewing her I really need that money knowing she is taking 3,000 dollars out of my ssi check so we can movie and I really needed that money in the bank so I can move out and shit but now I can’t do that

Answer #31

and plus I don’t believe in addictions I believe that we have our minds and we can’t truly get addicted we can just want it allot and it’s cause we want top want it not cause where addicted

Answer #32

Ichinbananrky, thanks for sharing that, I hate talking about my past also, but I really think this young lady needs to realize what is going on and how she can effect it or change it.

Answer #33

Girl you got your self a delima ! I wouldn’t go to the cort to sue your mom, but I would defiantly confront her about it.. & then if she lays one hand on you if it turns into a fight, call child protective services. That’s the way to do it !! :)

Answer #34

and plus I don’t believe in addictions I believe that we have our minds and we can’t truly get addicted we can just want it allot and it’s cause we want top want it not cause where addicted

There’s no “want” in addiction…it’s “need”… there isn’t an addict alive who hasn’t said…”this will be the LAST time”…”I’ll only drink 2 beers”…”I’ll change what I use”…In other words “fool” themselves into believing that which is not true…no different than “fooling” yourself that “this could NEVER happen to me”…

Why wait till you’re 18?? It must be awful living with a person you hate so much…ask to be removed now…and live in a foster home…or go to the court and ask to be emancipated.


Answer #35

my grand father raped her hes in jail and my mom new about it there no more clearer evidence that she new he was harmful then that

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