What do I do with my daughter ?!

I have recently noticed my 13 year old daughter is a lot happier lately and she has been using her phone a lot more. She still texts when she finishes school and shes on her phone until late hours in the night. I asked her what was going on and to my surprise she told me she was in love…but with a 17 year old boy she met through MSN…she later told me shes already met him once! She also said she knows he would never hurt her…I could see the reassurance in her eyes…she told me it took a lot for her to tell me and shes deeply in love. I dont know if I should exept it or go mad ? Please advise me on what to do in this situation. Thankyou.

Answer #1

buy her some birthcontrol and get ova it.

Answer #2

Have her invite him over or something, and meet him.

Answer #3

Very simple. Just trust your kid. Be confidence on your knowldge passed. just take care she dont get hurts. Adopt that new friend and then after two or three months when she will notice her misatke she will return to you. Just relax and go on with your daughter or else be ready to get one more enemhy.

Answer #4

maybe you should meet the guy and his parents just so you would feel better. I dont know about her being deeply in love. but yea well I have been with my bfr since I was14 and I am 16 in a half but 13 oh well just meet the guy and you will beter!! good luck

Answer #5

dude chill out. for real, parents are buggin’ these days. have you ever thought..that maybe just maybe we’d like you better if you weren’t so protective, if anything happens thats bad its her fault not yours. come on, yeesh.

Answer #6

I’d go mad, 13 year olds really dont have a goood concept of what is and to be honest I’d be worried that a 17 year old boy on the internet is actively seeking out relationships with 13 year olds girls. 17 year olds dont really have much business even talking to girls that young but especially have no business looking for a girlfriend that young. pretty weird stuff.

Answer #7

OMG he is 17 and she is 13! I have 4 girls, (13, 17, 19, and 21) and a 15 year old son. I can promise you that no good can come from a 17 year old boy dating your 13 year old daughter. Many people will say that 4 years isn’t a big difference, and indeed it isn’t, if they are both adults. I know you don’t want to alienate your daughter, and you want to trust her to do the right thing, but what you are doing here is trusting a man, yes a man, to do what is right by your daughter. There are so many things to consider, and if you don’t want to think about the fact that he is probably going to pressure her into sex, then look at it from a legal standpoint. In almost every state it is illegal for a 17 year old to have any type of intimate contact with a minor who is more than 2 years younger than him. If she gets hurt, or God forbid, gets pregnant, you will have to explain to Child Protective Services why you allowed your 13 year old to have anything to do with a 17 year old boy she met on the internet, and you could face criminal charges. I know its hard, I am going through a teen pregnancy with my 17 year old now, because I wanted to trust my daughter and believe she would 1 - do the right thing, and 2 - tell me if something was going on. But the bottom line is that she is a child, and a young one at that. You have to step up and do what is best for your daughter. Now is the time to be her parent, not her friend, as hard as that might be.

Answer #8

well I am a 13 year old girl and to be honest at least you guys have a good enough relationship with your daughter where you know she was honest with you…U shouldnt tell her not to go out with him or not be in love with him because to be honest if my mom did that I would tell her I was done with the boy but just see him on the side… what my mom did when I told her I was seening an older boy she said just to let you know boys that are older have nasty minds so just be careful and dont let him pressure you into anything… Also my mom I know was upset and everything but she met him and then she found out she liked him and I thought everything was better…BUT then he broke my heart… And even though I am not a parent im just saying because I went through that same exact thing with an 17 year old boy and I am a 13 years old…

Answer #9

set rules telling her shes aloud to see him but set rules boys who are older will excpect somthing even with the nicest guy but they usually wait for the girl to say something, the same thing happened to me I was 13 and dated a guy that was 17 but he did’nt pressure me into anything have faith in her talk to her about sex let her go with him to a movie or to the mall public places but remember she is only 13 when this boy comes of age and still are together confront him ask him what his attentions are with your daughter. always keep your mind open thats my advice to a parent

Answer #10

Well depends on how much you trust your daughter and to the sound of it seems you do and she is telling the truth. There is a age gap but she seems to know right from wrong and is being real careful.

My neice only told me she is in love but with someone her age and I’m really happy for them both and wish them luck.

Just have faith in her.

Answer #11

She told you the truth…be satisfied with that and let her live a little.

Just keep your wits about you…if her attitude suddenly changes, be ready to step in.

Answer #12

At least she was honest with you, right? Don’t get mad.. just stand by her side. Maybe this boy will be a good thing for her. But make sure you warn her what boys that age really want!!! We all know. But be thankful your daughter isn’t like I was…lol When I was 15 I met a man who was 36 at the time. He lied to me about his age of course, but I fell madly in love with him. I was with him for 3 years (I knew his age but by the time I found out I liked him so much I didnt care. ) My dad got mad, sent me to a youth shelter and even had me take drug tests cause I was so happy all of a sudden. It’s sad to say but he ruined our relationship. I didn’t talk to him for 2 years.. and now we barely ever speek. I love my dad, and but I hate him for what he did to me. I can understand him though, I mean the man was 21 years older than me. But you have to realize I was young at the time. I didn’t understand a lot of things, and this man made me happy. He gave me the world.. and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. Well eventually he cheated on me… and stuff happened, and now I see him for what he truely is, a pedophile. Anyway.. I’m just saying that things could be worse. Just make sure you watch this boy. Tell her its OK, but under certain conditions. You’re daughter is very honest with you, I can tell she’s a good kid. He’s only 4 years older than her. But also, she is 13… he might try teaching her “fancy” things that she doesn’t need to know yet. lol I wish you luck =)

Answer #13

DO NOT let her think that you are against her relationship in ANY way, because if she thinks you dissaprove, she’ll start hiding things from you, and wont tell you anything of whats going on!

Try to lt her know your cool with it, as long as shes careful, and wise with her decisions! You do not want her to start hiding things about the relationship from you.

It looks like a sensitive situation though, he’s 17. Most guys at that age want a certain thing, ahem. yeah for a 17 year old guy, hes probably, not saying for sure, but probably looking to get some sex out of the relationship, I mean especially if you meet via the intenet, I mean you could only be looking for so much!

I agree with everyone else, you should definetly have him over! Talk to him.

Answer #14

Definitely get to know him before you judge. Some guys are jerks and others are really nice. So you have to meet him and then judge whether he is good enough for her or not.

Definitely DO NOT tell her no you can’t see him. She will only become rebellious and go behind your back and then when she does need mommy, you won’t be the person she goes to. Good Luck!

Answer #15

I think its a hard thing for a parent to let their much loved child be more independent. At least she told you the truth. You could maybe ask her to invite him round, so you can meet him, or meet up with him or something because if you can see him for yourself, then you can decide whether you will be able to accept it, or go mad at your daughter.

hope it all works out.x

Answer #16

im fifteen and seventeen year old guys seem so much more experienced. I can only imagine what a 17 year old boy wants from a 13 year old girl. truthfully, she’s not in love. you dont fall in “love” at 13. you’re very lucky that she trusts you enough to spill her personal life to you though! I would say let them hang out, but be sure to meet him first and know where you stand as a parent and that if he tries anything out of boudaries, you’ll be sure he wont see your daughter again!!

hope I helped.. (:

Answer #17

you’d have to accept it but I’m pretty sure that she will end up hurt.. I’ve been in her situation and I got my heart broken really badly. it was the hardest thing I’de ever been through aside from my parents divorce. I’m 17, and I said the same thing when I was her age. .. besides.. all a 17 year old guy would want from her is vagina anyway.

Answer #18

I am 19 and married so I know my stuff about Love. just tell her to watch her back and I wouldn’t get her birth control it messes up with your system and it makes it harder when she does get married and wants to have kids

Answer #19

and to the girls comment above me, no it isnt the mom’s fault but she will still have to deal with her child’s pain. trust me.. I’ve been through it all and my mom is my rock.

Answer #20

Wow - what a tough situation. It’s hard because you as the parent have to protect her - and you know what a 17 year old usually wants from a 13 year old. Although, she has been honest with you and told you the truth.

Maybe you should ask her to invite this guy over for a family dinner one night. Get to meet him -size him up- find out more about him for yourself.

Answer #21

Well this a common teenager love story/disaster my advised is the fallowing you as a mon had your share of love/disaster am sure everyone had so sit down with her an share with her this experiences, dont talk to her like her mon talk as her friend and that I mean do not judge her every word or make any faces which will maker uncostable talking about this remenber shes almost a woman so show her respect and listen to what she have to say remenber smething else even if she dosen’t show shell listen to you more than anyone else dont you think she was the one to come fordward with this so she in away is looking for your approval on the matter so mon be wise you can either get her close as never before or be the opposite so to resuume be very smart and choose your words carefuly and you two would be okay…good bye & good luck

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