Baby wont lay down to sleep!HELP!!

I have a 6month old baby and he wakes up 4 to 6 times during the night! He fights sleep like crazy and im sooo exhausted! He will go to sleep with me rocking him, but when I try to lay him down he wakes right back up!! I dont know whats wrong with him!! I’ve tried everything! If anyone can help me please give me some advice!

Answer #1

girl, all you got to do is stay calm and relax. Get yourself in a good modd. you already know that he’s going to do it, so the best thing to do is wait, and while your waiting, relax not only your body, but your mind!

Answer #2

keep him awake during the day AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE he will sleep better at nite and he just may be teething or sick it happens but you will sleep better maybe put him in a swing because they can sleep in those stop the swing when he falls asleep {yours truly} the misfit

Answer #3

It was recommended by my daughters ped. to use the rice cereal to help her sleep a little better at night, and also to help her acid reflux! It worked to help her sleep or I wouldn’t have recommended it! Just use a little bit at a time (a teaspoon for every 3oz is usually what I did), you don’t want the formula to get too thick.

Answer #4

My son is now 6months and I had the same problem! I melt a rusk down into his bottle and he has it before he goes sleep, this fills him up till the morning! Get him used to having a comforter, this took me a month till my baby was used to it, now its his next best thing to me, if I lay him in his cot with his blanket and teddy (his comforters) and dim the lights and stand next to the cot he goes to sleep, he wakes up once now instead of every hour!! and thats only for his dummy to be put back in! But dont expect anything over night it will take a while and every child is different but good luck! also I would consult your health visitor/ doctors before putting rusks etc in his bottle becuase you are changing his routine!

Answer #5

do not put any baby rice etc in the milk thats not a good thing to do.

put a blanket across you then put baby on your shoulder and wrap the blanket round him snugly (not over his face) so that the blanket is round his front and meeting at the back. when he falls asleep put him down with the blanket still wrapped round him and then carefully move it off him and use the cot blankets as usual. in naps through the day put him in the cot. contact your health visitor for more advice.

Answer #6

ok im 13 my mom has twins the same age as your baby but twins are worse put a tablespoon of instant grits in there milk when it gets to there belly it expands filling them up quicker and the baby food feed them till they stop other then that when you rock them pat there back or butt and dont do it a tiny tap like the force you would you use to clap your hands in a formalmeeting of 5-7 people and love onit talk to it and everything you can do but make no sounds at night and dont wake it

Answer #7

well you can try breastfeeding him and maybe that will give him comfort and he will fall asleep in bed and maybe not wake up so much.

Answer #8

trey367 is right about putting ‘grits’ in the bottle, but instead, use baby rice cereal. It’s easier on their little tummy! That should help keep him full between feedings. Instead of rocking him to sleep, lay him in his bed, and rub his belly or just hold your hand on it until he calms down. Hopefully that will get him to sleep (he may cry, just keep rubbing his tummy and the shh shh sound to quiet him) it may take a while, but don’t give in and rock him…he does have to learn to fall asleep on his own. Once he’s asleep, tuck a blanket around him, kind of like swaddling without wrapping his whole body. That way it feels like he’s still being held and it may help him sleep a little better.

Hopefully that helps a little. Good Luck, and I really hope your able to get some rest! Jess

Answer #9

I agree your baby needs to learn to put himself/herself to sleep on their own. Especially if they wake in the middle of the night. It might take about a week, but do not pick them up once they are down for the night. You also might not get much sleep for awhile, but soon the baby will teach itself to fall back to sleep on it’s own. It took my son about 4 nights before he got the hint that I wasn’t picking him up everytime he cried. After about a full week he was pretty much sleeping 6-8 hours before he actually cried that he was awake. I did also put a pinch of baby rice in his bottle, but a very small pinch. Good Luck!! Most moms have been through this, I know it will be hard to let the baby cry, but it WILL be worth it in the end.

Answer #10

I agree with Jess563029…when my kids were babies I used to give them rice cereal mixed with formula before bed and they slept a lot longer. You can either give it to him in his bottle as long as it’s not think or mix it in a bowl and spoon feed him. Since he’s 6 months he’s old enough to be eating it from a spoon.

During the night do not pick him up, just go into his room and rub his back or belly, tell him it’s still night time and walk out. Go back in after about a minute of two if he cries and do the same thing. If you keep doing this without picking him up he will go back to sleep…and believe me, it will be harder on you than on him. Just stick to it and he’ll learn to put himself back to sleep when he wakes up. Right now when he wakes he doesn’t know how to go back to sleep on his own, that’s why he’s crying…he wants mommy to help him. Whatever you do stay calm because the more upset you get the more upset he will get.

Before bed at night try giving him a nice warm bath with lavender soap, give him some rice cereal and then a bottle and put him in bed, tell him good night and you love him and then walk out…don’t rock him. My mom always told me when my kids were babies to never rock them to sleep because they will get too used to it…my oldest brother needed rocked to sleep until he was 2. Just remember that it will get worse before it gets better…but he will learn :)

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