Should women breastfeed in public?

Should women breast feed in public

Answer #1

I think breast feeding in public is fine, aslong as it is discreet.

Answer #2

Oh grow up, people! Who on earth said breast-feeding was something to be ashamed of? They must have had filthy thoughts in their head. Why make a baby starve over people not wanting to see something? What’s more important? The baby being able to eat, or people wanting to look elsewhere? I’ve a good mind to make a poster about it, perhaps showing a baby saying “If you can eat in public, why can’t I?”. It makes my blood boil when people would see a child going hungry for the sake of not wanting to see bare skin. >:o(

Answer #3

When I was younger (18ish) I thought it was disgusting when a woman whipped out a breast and started to breastfeed at a restaurant. I know in MY hometown I never saw a woman do anything like that but when I went off to college there were bohemian women and earth mothers who for some reason were so misguided that they cared more about the wellbeing of their child than what other people thought.

In spite of my rather unenlightened attitude as a teen I’ve now come to see breast feeding as one of the most natural things we do. Babies should be able to get a breast; whenever they need food, warmth, or just some comfort, any time, any where. If someone has a problem with breastfeeding in public it is their problem.

My wife has been hassled when breast feeding our daughter even when she was trying to be discreet. Since then I’ve learned that there are lactivists who will have nurse-ins anywhere breastfeeding isn’t allowed. It would have been so cool if the day after someone hassled us that a dozen women showed up and all started nursing their babies on cue.

As far as the people who say women should nurse in the bathroom; how would you like to eat your dinner in the bathroom? Wouldn’t that be pleasent?

Answer #4

I don’t know . I think most women should breast but I don’t in a full public . there so women that have no shame and don’t even cover and they show the world .

Answer #5

if their baby hunger you feed it their are ways of going about it no you dont just whip out the titty and let it be known but their are decreat and aproperite ways in going about it I dont see anything wrong with the natural way in feed your baby.

Answer #6

don’t see why not…I am an English teacher in Japan and many people think Japanese are shy but one of my students was breast feeding in front of me during a private lesson

Answer #7

breast feed yes in public no!! people are creepy and young kids wont understand and its better to those things in your own home or in private while you bond with your baby

Answer #8

I think you should because you will be rapped.

don’t worry I love to get rapped 1 day

Answer #9

yes it’s sexy lamo

Answer #10

Yes - but with a bit of discretion. I had a great shirt when I was breastfeeding which just had buttons like pockets, which you could open up to feed the baby without much exposure. I think that people should get over their sensitivity to seeing women breastfeeding, but we won’t help them by shocking them. We can help them to get used to it by doing it discretely. And I agree - no way should you feed the baby in a public toilet!

We also need to help young women to realise that breasts aren’t ‘dirty’ - some of the very young mums I knew felt that their breasts were only for their boyfriends and it was ‘rude’ for their babies to go to them. That is seriously messed up! Seeing women breastfeeding should help girls to grow up proud and aware of their bodies.

Answer #11

Lactivists - love it!

Here in France there was a mass feed-in of nursing mothers on the park in front of the National Governmental buildings a few years ago. From my British point of view, breastfeeding is sadly ignored here, but from the point of view of my French friends, things are getting better and better, so at least progress is being made.

The only time anyone ever spoke to me in the UK about my discreetly feeding my son in a restaurant, I did wonder if it was going to be a complaint. Instead, it was a young waitress who came up to me saying, ‘I just wanted to tell you how great it is to see someone feeding their baby. I wish it happened here more often’. This was my first son and I was a bit nervous, but I felt really reassured after her positive comments.

Answer #12

im only a kid … but I think its normal and healthy for the baby. so I say yes. hannah xxx

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Answer #14

if they got the guts to do it in a really public place then sure! but it would be better if they did it in less public places that doesnt have a crowd. like the park or sumthin like that. but theres always a bathroom… btw most mothers would rather breast feed in private anyway

Answer #15

I am completely appalled by any society that is offended by, or uncomfortable with breast feeding in public. This seems prudish and adolescent. When I moved to North America I was shocked at the attitude.

It doesn’t help that nipples are considered to be obscene on American TV.

Answer #16

yes there are heaps of diferent tops you can get that make it a bit more covered if your self consious. I do think though that the majority of people who complain about it are old blokes who just havent seen a booby in years…

Answer #17

Its a boob with a baby attached. It is the most natural thing in the world and just about everyone has had a go at it. Should get over it. Go the public feed !!!

Answer #18

I don’t think that women should be brash about it and throw it around but I do believe that women should embrace all of the wonderful gifts that we have been given. It is the same thing as pregnant women wearing bikini’s! why should we be ashamed of these gifts. Pregnancy and breastfeeding are beautiful and should be treated as such. I can’;t wait till I become pregnant and have the ability to breast feed my children. It is wonderful. I do think that we should make efforts to cover our breasts from others - especially in restaurants and other places where it would be uncomfortable for others…

Answer #19

Dear lemink, It is legal and acceptable in most areas for a women to breast feed. However, she must be covered up during the feeding. Should she…depending on where and why. today there usually are designated areas for this and this is where they should go. Feeding a child in a busy mall is not good for the child…it will draw a crowd and comments. Why would someone want to put themselves through that? Is it right? Well the point seems to be what is right for the child, not to make a point. Here in Ontario Canada it is legal for a women to walk around without a top on at all…is it done…very rarely. Just because you can…should you? Sue…good luck

Answer #20

Why should a woman be ashamed to breast-feed her child, if that is her choice. I breast-fed my daughter for almost 2 years UNCOVERED AND IN PUBLIC. I don’t even see why its such a huge issue. Its just natural. Mammals all have some way to “breast-feed” their young. Why should I be ashamed just because it makes someone else uncomfortable? What mother in their right mind would feed their child in a BATHROOM of all places… Would YOU eat in a bathroom? Also, here in San Francisco, a woman can breast-feed her baby ANYWHERE without being given a ticket for “indecent exposure” since she is not doing it to give a show, but rather to feed her child.

Answer #21

well breast-feeding is actually what doctors recommend , so women who breast-feed usually prefer to ONLY feed their babies breast milk so if they decide to go out , you can’t prepare your babies bottles because, well milk shouldn’t be left un-refridgerated for more then 2 hours ! so if they absoultely have to , then yes they should breast-feed in public – but not in an area where there is so many people …

Answer #22

I am a woman and I do NOT thing women should breat feed in public… It is umcomfortable for others to see that sort of thing in public. it would be polite to go to a bathroom to do that, or in their own car, or some other private place like that.. It’s just more respectful for the people around you. And.. A woman shouldn’t really feel comfortable herself just showing off that part of her body in public!!

Answer #23

breast feeding is natural!. nufink to be ashamed off!! so I say they should do it!

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