What age would you allow your child to get a piercing or tattoo at?

Me and chris had this talk the other night, we decided that piercings (other than ears) would be allowed at 16, tattoos at 18.

Answer #1

10 for a piercing, and 18 for a tattoo

Answer #2

i would say ears at 12-13 anything else 16 and tattoos 18 :)


Answer #3

16 for a piercing and 18 for a tattoo. when i was younger i went out and got lots of piercings (had over 37 at once), didnt have money for tattoos but had quite a few ideas of what i wanted at the time (basically lots of heartagrams which is the symbol of my favourite band at the time)…now, if i had gotten those tattoos i would be dissapointed, because when you get older you change. i also wouldnt have gotten as many piercings especially if people told you back then that they all cause noticable scars. im 20 now, and did all that at around 14-15. so i would definantly want my kids to wait and have a really good long hard think (over the span of a few years) to deterine what they want and if they still want something they wanted. now i still want tattoos, but none of them invlove a heartagram

Answer #4

Ears at whatever age they want them, and any other piercing at 16. Though I would make them do a bit of research first so that they know how to take care of it themselves. Tattoos at 17/18.

Answer #5

12 for a simple ear piercing, as in one on each side. 16 for all other piercings. and 18 for tattoo.

Answer #6

If I have a girl, she’ll get her first ear piercings when shes born! Any other piercings will probably be after the age of 10! Boy? Never really thought about piercings for them! Tattoos, age of 16!

Answer #7

as long as you have a parent with you, and they give their consent any age. but it depends what state you live in.

Answer #8

on offense anyone…(u know i ♥ u guys…)

In my opinion, sorry guys & gals, but children should be spending their time worrying about their education rather then piercings or tattoos til they are done with hs…you got your diploma/ged…now you are your own person, parents only have to worry about their kids til they are 18 in some states and 21 in others! You want to get piercings on every part of your body…if you can pay for it then by all means…same with the tattoos…

Its up to parents to teach these kids about education…I am sorry but piercings arent going to pay or next bill, a job will!!! Your piercings or tattoos might be a reason for a company that is willing to pay really well, to not accept you and take someone else…yeah its unfair…but its damn true…as anyone who had had to make really bad sacrifices to make ends meet because they didnt have the right education & had to take any job just to make ends meet when having to pay bills to support yourself! Your education is what will matter not how you look or did look in HS with all the cool kids! The cool kids wont pay your bills ladies & gents…your education will allow you to get the benefits of having that job to pay for your bills…and that has to be your number one priority when in HS…not piercings or tattoos!

Answer #9

I plan to get my daughters first ear piercing at the age of 1 nose 12 tongue 18 eye brow 17 lip 16 second ear hole 16 any thing else 18

Answer #10

10? Are you insane :|

Answer #11

Piercings, i’d agree with about 16 and tattoos at 18. Piercings I wouldn’t care as much about though seeing as there not permanent. Tattoos are forever and how you feel about a design at a young age may and most likely will change when you get older.

Answer #12

I would say 13 for a piercing and 16 for a tattoo. I wouldn’t be to strict on that stuff because we will always find ways to do it anyways and alot unsafer trust me i’m saying this from personal experience because my mom always said no piercings until we were over age but i found someone who would do them unprofessionally or i would do them myself and i ran a higher risk of infection.

Answer #13

is this a real answer. does this pertain to the question or you trying to make a debate over something dumb you wish you would have done in your life. so your kid (hypotheical) asks you mom can i pierce my __? your response,”Son/Daughter you need an education first. when you are 18 and on your own you can make your own decisions.” end. kid rebels and your world is corrupt.

Answer #14

i will say this. during the summer i saw a kid ( he said he is 8) and he had gauges. his ears were like 1/4” and they looked tight as fugh. dont know if i would let my kid do that that young but im saying it looked tight as ever. gauges are a different story now.

Answer #15

its her opinion, she is entitled to it. If anyone is trying to start an arguement, it is you.

Answer #16

when they are at high school if they wish for piercings..babies with ears pierced is awful, why inflict pain on ur little one?

Answer #17

eh you might be right but read my first two sentences. and also by defending her you are making it more of an arguement which was not my intensions. i mean did you read her ‘opinion’? i dont see anything pertaining to age. and i know you will hit me with some counter bull that i dont care for so plz save it. i responded to her opinion with a reality check.

Answer #18

oh and thank you irene.

Answer #19

I would say just how the law in many states already is. Any age to pierce any part of the ear, 16 with parental consent for piercings other than the ears not including genitals and nipples, and 18 to pierce genitals, nipples, and to get a tattoo.

Answer #20

Yup. Well ears I would get done as a baby (I am extremely grateful my parents did it when I was young, the piercings dont close now even though I rarely wear earrings and I dont have to remember the pain), 16 for certain piercings (belly, ears etc), 18 they can do whatever they want.

Answer #21

Wow, a 10 year old walking around with an eyebrow ring, a nose ring, a belly button ring, tongue piercing….nipple, cl!t piercings? The only thing I would get pierced on my child at 10, is their earlobes.

Answer #22

Earlobes, when they are a baby, or at the age of 10-12. 14-16 for a piercing, (depending on the piercing). 18 for a tattoo.

Answer #23

Thank you Danielle, means a lot that you would stick up for me…much ♥ Thehairdude, if you noticed my first words were no offense anyone…the fact that you are drawn to causing some sort of drama here just because you dont agree with my answer doesnt give you the right to speak to me or anyone else on here with disrespect…got that! Someone posted a question & as my right I answered it anyway i saw fit! If you took a moment to actually read what I was trying to say with an open mind & a clear heart then you would understand why I said what I said! Obviously you havent!!! please do us all a favor…next time you see a post you dont like or agree to, just ignore it…as we all do & spare us all the drama so we can move on!

Thanks in advance & have a nice day!

Answer #24

well i got 2 tats behind my parents back when i was 14… i said i was twins with my sister who was 17 at the time and i fully regret the 2 i got…. i would allow my chidren frm 16years to have peircings but tats wud be up for debate, depends what, where….

Answer #25

piercings maybe around 12 or older depeding what it is… and tattoo when they 18

Answer #26

For percings it depends where the percin is i got my ears done wehn i was 2 an i got my nose periced at 13, for tattoos 18 maybe 16

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