Should I keep my baby or put it up for adoption?

hey I am having a baby and I am 16. I don’t want 2 give it up or put it 4 adoption, and I don’t want 2 kill it what should I do. I can’t take care of it either because I won’t get a good education. I want 2 be able 2 go 2 school and have fun with my friends but I can’t because I will have a human living baby at home please help?

Answer #1

If you want whats best for you baby, put it up for adoption. DO NOT EVER KILL A BABY! It is not their fault they are here, its your because of your mistake! If your going to put it up for adoption then make sure you find a good family for it. But don’t keep it if you know you cant raise it well.

hope I helped, xoxo :)

Answer #2

adoption..or please. give it a chance and try to care for it. a lot of people do it and they are so happy they did!

Answer #3

well, if you parents are willing to help you, you should take the help. I just wouldn’t take advantage of them in the situation. You will still have the responsibility to take care of the baby. you will still be able to finish school. Some schools have a program for teenage mothers. Or you can do online classes. If help from your parents aren’t an option. you could consider and open adoption where you would still be able to know how your baby is doing and receive updates and pictures of how the little one is doing

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thanks guys! I feel kinda better now. ;)

Answer #5

but I am tired of not being able 2 see my feet!

Answer #6

I did but my boyfriend told me he used 1 of those really thin condoms so it would feel like nothing there!:(

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Answer #8

Dont get an abortion, its not the babies fault

Answer #9

I am 61/2 months right now.

Answer #10

A month ago you’re asking us how you can make yourself noticeable to a boy. Isn’t the 6 month belly sticking out enough yet?

Plus, why are you talking about killing a 6 and a half month old fetus? Abortions aren’t done anywhere near that late! The baby can already hear.

Something doesn’t add up with you, Mella.

Answer #11

yes keep youre baby you know how some people act

Answer #12

I don’t know but my babys’ daddy said he used a condom. :o

Answer #13

adoption. if you can’t take care of it don’t kill it!! give it to a family that wants a kid and can take care of it.

Answer #14

actually morbid is right,, but its totally up to you. DONT KILL IT though.. adoption would be bettter.

Answer #15

I think you should put it up for adoption… but when you get older and can take care of him/ her then go back to get him or her or at least meet the baby… I no id want to see my real mom… also while she is growing up you can ask if you can see the baby every once in a while… hope I helped ~kaitlyn~

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Answer #17

I woldnt recommend adoption or abortion. have you talked to your parents ?

Answer #18

adoption… Don’t abort it please.

Answer #19

ya! because I didn’t until you told me!

Answer #20

I would tell you do you have a close friend/ family member that you could give them the right to raise your child intill your out of high school and by doing this you will still see your baby grow and you will know that its is being taking care of and dont have to worry about anyone hurting your child

Answer #21

mella, If you have any doubt that you cant take care of a child, you need to put it up for adoption. You obviously want the best for the child, so adoption sounds like a good idea. I’m glad you aren’t considering abortion. Talk to an adoption agency, they will assure you that your child will be well taken care of. They do a very indept search and stuff before they let someone adopt a child. Good luck. -ѕтәpн♥

Answer #22

Hi Mella, I don’t recommend abortion. Having a baby at your age doesn’t necessary mean that your life, as you know it, is over. My niece had a baby at age 14 and gave temperarily custody to her mom. She was able to be around her baby and also attend school and occassionally go out with her friends. Today, my niece is 17 years old and about to graduate from high school; afterwards she’s going to work then persue full custody of her child - this is her plan and I’m sure that it’s going to work because she continued to do what she had to. She’s is a single mom with a bright future ahead of her and a beautiful baby girl to love.

My best friend was pregnant at age 16 and continued to go to school. She graduated, and had her baby. All she needed now was a babysitter and funds. Her choices were: apply for some government educational program with funds; apply for assistance that would help with babysitting money and college, etc. There are organizations that will help you persue your career while caring for a child. These organizations are temporarily until you can stand on your own. My friend chose to get a family member to babysit while she worked. A few years later, she attended college and became a teacher and today she owns her own company. I believe that had she chosen a different plan from above, the end result would have been the same because she was always optomistic and full of energy, ready to deal with anything.

Mella, I was a single parent myself and chose one of the programs above. I finished school and entered a work program while a neighbor friend babysitted. In one year, I was working at a brokerage company, and was able to pay the babysitter. I found an apartment and from that point on, my life just got better. I thank God every day for my baby boy because he was the most precious gift I have ever received. I was still able to go out with my friends and be a good mom at the same time. When my son was 11 years old, I met my husband to be. We married and traveled to different state due to his military career. My son is now 26 years old with a wife and two kids and today coming home from Irag.

Again, talk with your parents and make a plan. If you decide to have and raise the baby, then do research on all the options available to you and whatever you choose, make it work.

Answer #23


look into your heart and think very hard on it do you think you can raise this child the best and give it everything it might need in life if no then find someone that can. If you feel that is the right choice to be making if you feel abortion is a better choice for you then do that dont let these people get to your head about dont have an abortion they dont know you situation and that might be the safest thing for you to do. Put your health and your unborn childs health first.

If you ever need to talk about anything email me I am a teen mom first son I had at 15 trust me its not easy but if thats what you pick to do you will be the best mom you can be

Answer #24

If want your personal freedom you’re going to have to kill it, or put it up for adoption. It’s your life, you make the decision. Many people will tell you to keep it, and to be happy you’re bringing a new life into this world. If you’re not happy, then it won’t be happy. Do what you have to do, then move on.

And next time, use protection, or keep your legs closed.

Answer #25

my mom always sayed if you make you should keep it why would you go around haveing sex with out a condam and you know you could get pregant that just stupid if you didnt want it why did you have sex

Answer #26

That will pass, trust me. I thought that it was funny when I couldnt see my feet. I actually can offer you a good piece of advice. Get a pedicure. It is the perfect remedy, but just tell the person that you are pregnant, because sometimes that can lead to an early labor, but I dont think that you wil have to worry about that until you are like 9 months or so. You will feel sooo much better.

Answer #27

I know everybody is putting adoption but you know I think you should keep it and let your parents take care of it or put it in daycare while you are at school then take care of it when you get home and if you want to set time for you and your friends ask your parents or family members to keep it till you get back that’s what my sister did and it really did work,,, I even kept it sometimes and I am only 13

hope I helped volleyballkk♥

Answer #28

okay you shouldent have got pregnant…cause you know you can get pregnant!!! maybe you should keep your legs closed or use a condom…why does the baby have to suffer? he/she didnt do anything…why kill an innocient baby…thats cool you want to get your education but you shouldent have had sex.. cause that leads into pregancy duh!

Answer #29

Didn’t you send me messages saying you never had sex before and you didn’t even know what a condom was??? and I had to explain everything to you like 4 times in a row?…

Answer #30

please. Keep your baby girl it going to take 9 months you can handle I’m sure you can go out and have fun just always know god is here pray for answers he will always be by your side if no one else love ya

Answer #31

I believe that it possible to keep your baby and still get an education. I have seen it done. I think that you are having mixed emotions because you wasn’t expecting this to happen. You had everything planned out the way you wanted it. Now you need to take a little time to plan it over. This time with a baby and you will see that everything will work out. I don’t advise you to give up your child. You can be successful with a baby. Take it as a learning experience.

Answer #32

Hi there. My name is Stacey. I am 30 years old and I can relate to you. I have a nine year old boy that lives with his father in a different state and I just recently (5 months ago on the 22nd) gave my little girl up for adoption. Let me tell you something. Adoption methods aren’t the way that they used to be. My vision of adoption was that I was going to first be shunned and then it was going to be hush-hush. Let me tell you what happened in my case. Like you I was living in Deerfield Beach, FL. I met my guy and we got pregnant. It wasnt a first time sex thing either. We had been going out for several months and I was actually told by my gyno that I had PCOS, which is a condition that makes it very hard for you to be able to conceive through normal methods. So, I was told that I could not get pregnant. If I wanted to try fertility shots and hormone medications, I would have a 33% chance. So, needless to say, I was shocked to find out that I was going to have a baby. Well, my life is not one of stability. I was moving around a lot and actually, my man was a trucker and he had just lost his job, so we were living in a 3 bedroom house that was not a good environment. So, I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to support a child. I do not believe in abortion. Especially after I called a clinic in Miramar that described in full detail what the “procedure” was. I just couldn’t deal with doing that. So, I broke out the yellow pages and I started calling around to the adoption agencys. After I called three, and hearing what their procedures were, I made one more call. It was to A Guardian Angel Adoptions. They were in Salt Lake City, UT. I spent 2 and a half hours on the phone with a woman and by the end of that phone call I had made up my mind. I had my paperwork 2 days later. And then I was on a plane April 19th. The day after my 30th birthday. I was heading to Salt Lake City, UT. Now, they took care of me. Everything was paid for and I got to choose the type of adoption that I wanted. I have met the family. They live in Salt Lake and they have another child who is 4 that was also adopted. They have a website that they created so that they can post pictures and other information about my beautiful daughter. I even got to name her. I also get to come back out to Salt Lake and visit with them every year around her birthday. It is a wonderful family that I chose and I was able to give a gift so spiritual to a deserving family that wasnt abloe to have children. If you would like to talk about this more in-bepth you can feel free to email me at I will be here for you if you need to talk or have any questions about this. I can honestly say that I know what you are going through. I hope that you find your way through this situation. Pray about it. God will never steer you astray.

Answer #33

there’s thing called open adoption, you can see your baby whenever you want, but please please please don’t kill it!!! I was 15 when I had my baby, it was dumb yes but I love everyday of having her and I still get to go out and be a teenager. Sometimes I have to deal with the troubles of being a younge mother but, they have daycares and all kinds of stuff, and I would suggest next time just keeping your legs mom always told me, when your sitting hold a nickle between your legs, if the nickle falls, you better think twice!!! she’s a bully, haha, one time she really made me do it!! (that of course was also the night I conceived my child)

Answer #34

I agree with sonn2b if your bear you then you can still have contact and when you are ready to be mummy the transision wont be so hard.

Answer #35

I think you shouldn’t give it up for adoption or kill it either cause its still growing in you and it has feelings as well … They didn’t asked to be fertilize but then killed cause there mother didn’t want them… I think you should give it a try, the whole mother thing might not be so bad after all… you just need to get everything clear… If you don’t like it then just start looking for parents that will actually take care of it and love it like if it was there own…

Answer #36

There is a type of adoption that allows you to still be a part of your childs life. You can set up regular visitation. My advice to you would be to go see a counselor where you imformation is kept confidental. Ask he/she what different adoption types there are. Also, remember you are very young and sometimes at your age you may not know what’s best for you.

PS God has a plan for everyone…if you have an abortion it is only part of his plan, so please try and not feel guilty as I had one at age 24.

My best wishes,

Amy S.

Answer #37

I think that this is a decision that only you will ultimately have to make. I would advise you to tell your parents or an adult figure that could help you figure things out so you don’t have to go through this journey by yourself.

But just to let you know getting pregnant at a young age doesn’t mean in any way that your life is over. I got pregnant at 16 when I was junior in high school and now at almost 20 years old I’m a single parent with a high school education who is in college right now. So don’t let that discourage you but go with the choice that will make YOU happy. If you need any other advice feel free to send me a message, Good luck =]

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