Creative Punishments

Does anyone know of any good creative punishments for 12-15 year olds?

Answer #1

cleaning. or just embarrass them mwaha. EG. baby photos or or or or yeah baby photos paha

Answer #2

a good flogging will do

Answer #3

make them go to a senior citizen center and volunteer and or go to an animal shelter and make them clean out the cages. or take them to a horse farm and volunteer them to clean out the stalls…

Answer #4

my parents made me hand paint along garden fence has a punishment it was sooo boring ! worse then any after school detention

Answer #5

My father-in-law almost died from dishsoap in his mouth when he was a child. He asphyxiated it. Liquid soap is DANGEROUS. My mom washed my mouth out with bar soap once; I vomited all over her face and nice silk blouse. So that was a bust too. LISTERINE works GREAT! Have them swish with listerine for two full minutes. Any longer and you’ll damage their mouth skin (eats away all saliva, not good).

I was a well-behaved teen. A bit mouthy, but who isn’t when your hormones are crazing through veins and you THINK you’re an adult, but you’re not… I disagree with spanking after the age of 12. At that age, your body becomes “sacred”, and it’s almost like an assault on it. The idea of us telling children that nobody is allowed to take your clothes off or touch your bottom or privates, and then us causing PAIN to them on their bottom, is wrong. It’s humiliating and confusing- and causes a lot of anger towards the parents. Humiliation really doesn’t do much besides create resentment. They’ll think you’re irrational, and therefore, YOU’RE in the wrong and overreacting, and they won’t ever really see the errors of their ways. You know your child best! A typically well-behaved child may just be having an off day. Does that mean that her whole world should be taken away? No, of course not! Typically taking away her cell, car, computer (except for homework), and grounding her may work wonders. I don’t reccomend taking away school sports- that’ll prove detrimental to the entire team. Tell him/her what they did wrong, why it’s wrong, and that they’re going to be punished. A typical week-long grounding from outside communication is usually good. An unusually obnoxious child may need a bit more- extra chores. Force them to smile the entire time. You don’t want to be cruel to your children- they’ll only rebel worse. You do, however, need to be firm, consistent in THAT they’ll be punished, but creative in different methods. Don’t ALWAYS ground, don’t ALWAYS take away the phone… Make ‘em walk places…

Answer #6

Dont Let them have their Phone and embarres them when they are in front of there friends

Answer #7

Draw your worst nightmare?


Answer #8

tell him that he has to clean all the utensils for a month

Answer #9

I agree with what some other people have said, you can give them a reward for doing good. for example, my parents give me £5 for every C I get, £10 for every B, £15 for every A and £20 for every A* (if I ever get one lol) But if they do bad stuff then take away priveliges like phone, tv, computer - basically most electronic leisure devices :P

Answer #10

string them by their toes and hang them out to dry on the hottest day of the year until they beg you to let them loose

Answer #11

What is this deal of embarrassing them and stuff!! You guys are sooo boring! Get creative dang it!

-1 No phone 2-No tv 3- No computer 4-No going out with friends 5- cook and clean ( I hate both lol) -6 Make them stay in their room and never let them come out unless they have to pee 7- no radio 8- take away their favorite thing for example their hobby is going to soft ball every Tuesday So…go to the coach and say that my son/daughter is not going to soft ball practice for 3 weeks on the coming 3 Tuesdays..

9- plan to go to the car show Sunday? Don’t go 10- does he/she like to read? No reading! 11-make then kneel on beans for a few hours or min, 12- make them clean the kitchen floor with a tooth brush 13-No school 14-spanking them with a belt on a bare bottom but put water on their bottom it hurts more and give about 6 licks

15- make them write a paper why they should be punished and why mom is mad and make them write down how they should be punished.

Answer #12

I am a firm believer in whooping my children, I’m a 21 yr old, married, father of 2 daughters. My oldest is 4 years old, and she says yes sir and no sir (or ma’am) to any and all adults. Why is that you as, it’s because I whoop her butt. Taking away t.v., games, music, laptops?…All that is doing is making it easier for you children to adapt to jail. Think about it. I don’t beat my children, I whoop them, it leaves no bruises, they aren’t afraid of me, I see the difference in how they act in public compared to other children. My daughters have never once thrown a temper tantrum at home or in public. The Bible says, if you spare the rod, you HATE your child. Look it up. My daughter was potty trained before her 2nd birthday, still pee’d in the bed till bout a month after, but the reason of that is, I whooped her butt if she didnt say “potty”. My method works, try it. And please feel free to reply to anything I’ve just said.

Answer #13

Im within this age group so I should know,haha. A punishment I have is to listen to music like the oldies and from the 60’s.Hope that helps

Answer #14

girl yea tak their cell phones, take tv, give them a certain time when they have to go to sleep and make them eat breakfast at 9am lunch at 12pm and dinner at 7pm. because you know how kids eat all throughout the day. don’t give them any snack, don’t let them go outsidie, have company, just make them be bored and wish they aint do whatever they on punishment for.

Answer #15

I think making them do pushups or situps until they can’t do them anymore works great. My husband always did that with all 3 of my kids (2 girls 1 boy).. They still talk about that. They say remember when I forgot to take out the trash and Dad made me do 50 pushups. My response is always did you ever forget again? The answer is NO. When they did something worse like lie or come home late they had to sit against the wall in a seated position for 1/2 an hour. Legs and ABS burning if they fell or whinned the 1/2 hour started again. I will say that they were always in good shape (because lord knows they were not always behaving) and acutally really enjoy excercising now.

Answer #16

Positive reinforcement always works because they strive to do good rather then bad. Take school grades for example. You tell a kid you’ll give em $20 for every A they get and they’ll get it I’ll tell you what. If their a pretty good kid and get all A’s and one D or something and punish them and never let them go out, they are going to think why should they try if their only gonna get punished. Taking away their favorite things furthers bad behavior and causes them to resent/hate you and are more likely to rebel. I should know, I was locked up in the house and ended up running away all the time and turning to crime. Great advice: Kids act up, and yes…they do need to be punished…but do not take away their favorite things. Like the other lady says have them do something that is time consuming and really sucks as well as productive around the house like painting that fence or cleaning all the jealousies in the home. I’d learn my lesson real quick!

Answer #17

I’m all for corporal punishment, but if that’s not your thing… well, the usual taking away of things usually works wonders. Yeah, they’ll annoy you more, and be around you, but guess what- they’re annoying you to get back at you. “Well you know mom, if I had my PHONE or my GAMES I wouldn’t be annoying you, now would I?” That’s when you just… smile and say “oh you’re not annoying me. In fact, I’m thinking of broccoli casserole for dinner, hop in the car, you’re coming with to the store.” (actually it’s a really good dish!) Make them help you, or do most the work. Not only does it teach them something about cooking, but it’ll keep you less annoyed- want to ‘punish’ them further? Now’s a good time to tell them alll those stories from when you were young. :)

Answer #18

I use dishsoap in there mouth for 2min. If they fight it or whine 3min. I also don’t think we should hit our kids. But a good whap on the bottom once or twice that stings doesnt hurt to long. And it has been proven that pain is very affective. Now I dont mean a beating just a good sting thats all. I also wasnt raised to just talk it out. Make your statement and thats it. If you go on and on they will shut you off. I knew exactly what I did wrong the min. I did it. Kids our very smart. I am one to follow things out. Its hard but worth it. Your kids wont be brats if you just follow through. There are times that its good to put yourself in time out before you punish. I to would like to hear some CREATIVE punishments come on. I could use the help too.

Answer #19

hun, there’s no sense in beating your child, that’ll just generate problems and it will get worse, trust me. The best thing to do, is start off with no computer,cell,etc. , somthing they do all the time so that they will miss it and wish they hadnt done whatever they did. And if they ask WHY?!?!?!? , tell them, well, you tracked mud inside the house, or you missed your homework asssignment, etc. ;;and they will understand. I know I sure did;; Hopefully this was helpful :]

Answer #20

I stole a hair ribbon when I was 14. (I knew it was wrong, but peer pressure is an evil thing!) When I got home, my mom knew I had stolen it bcs she knew I didn’t go to the store w/any money. She didn’t make me take it back. Instead, she took me to a barber shop and got my hair cut WAY SHORT!!! Couldn’t even put a barrette in it for a couple months. I barely even had bangs. Her logic: If you don’t have any hair, you have no reason to steal something to put in it. Trust me, her point was made. Try being a 14 year old bald girl in junior high school! I am now 38, and I still remember that lesson!

Answer #21

I think a good punishment would be to ask them what punishment they think that they deserve. I would also try to be understanding the first time, and then I would tell them, this time is just a warning, then I would think to myself, the words Jesus spoke, “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.” I rest my case.

Love and Peace

Answer #22

my mom did this to me.

I lied to her about having a myspace and she found out. well, I Always left my self logged in, so she went on my computer when I was in piano lessons and she hacked in to my profile and posted my baby pictures and geeky pictures and dorky nicknames and on my little description thing, she wrote “Alex is currently grounded for a month because she lied to her mother. Please feel free to look at her pictures and comment all you want” when I came home, my mom said nothing to me except “how was your lesson?” I said good and ran to my room to update my myspace. needless to say, I have never lied to her again.

Answer #23

Physically hurting or embarassing a child/teen is not creative punishment. It actually shows an extreme lack of creativity. If someone steals something, make them return it and appologize (it may be embarassing, but it also teaches to accept responsibilty for your actions). Staying up past bedtime is not so much fun is you have to get up extra early the next morning, excercise and then clean windows. Arguing children in my house have to clean the same sliding glass door at the same time (opposite sides). When the behavior is really getting out of hand I do what my parents did to me…we sit down at the kitchen table and talk about it. I remember wishing they would just hit me - sitting at the table listening to a parent drone on was excrutiating. I am also a fan of charging fines. The money goes into our summer fun piggy bank.

Answer #24

If it’s your daughter the worst thing in the world you can do is take away her electric no blow dryer no hair straightener no make-up no reading when you get sent to you room no tv no radio no video games it works wonders with my 12 year old needless to say I’ve only had to result to this once.

Answer #25

If your child slams the door, make them gently open and close the door 10 times, each time saying, “I’m sorry door.”

If multiple children argue, make them clean windows. The creative part is, you have one on the outside and one on the inside. And they have to clean the same window at the same time. Warning: giggling and playing will occur. This is a good thing.

Make younger children take a time out by sitting them on the stairs.

Clean up dog poop. If you have no dog, volunteer them to clean up a neighbor/family member’s yard.

Older children: Make them stand by the street/intersection/in front of school with a sign that says, “I stole a candy bar” or “I got kicked off the bus.” You get the idea.

Two words: Peel Potatoes

Make them pick up acorns/pinecones by hand.

Answer #26

at first you make them wait for the pushment so they don’t see it comeing I know my mom did it to me I recked my my mom’s mower so wene she came home I thout I was dead then she saw me talking to a girl I liked and she inbaresed me and I wanted to melt so trie this meathed it works

Answer #27

I dont think embarrasing children or making them do good deeds should be a punnishment…LOL. It just seems kinda silly to me. I think if they did something against someone they shoulsd have to hand write and hand deliver an apology letter and read it to the person they wronged or disrespected. Taking away luxaries is another good one…no ipod..iphone…ianything! LOL. handwriting pages out of the dictionary (also educational).

Answer #28

one thing to add to mine. after the child is in time out, make sure you explain to them why what they did was wrong. the ultimate goal in a punishment should be to get the child to not do something bad because they know that its bad, not for them to not do something bad because they are afraid of the punishment. if you punish a teen for drinking or smoking by spanking them or grounding them, they ‘ll turn around and do it in college, knowing that you are not around. explain why its wrong!!! always, always , always explain why its wrong, so that you have instilled in them morals and ethics, that is what will be impressive on a parent’s resume, not that you gave them a red butt.

Answer #29

Half of you people on here need to be punished yourselves for doing these things to your children. They aren’t horrible people who need to be embarassed or physically hurt to be disciplined.

They are young adults and they need to understand that what they did was wrong by talking to them, you can add in extra chores and taking away privledges like phone and tv.

Remember that your actions have consequences as adults onto your children. You decided to bring them into this world, teach them how to be good people. Don’t get excited thinking about how to make them hurt for a mistake. Take some Psychology courses and maybe you’ll learn how you affect your kids.

Answer #30

My husband told me of a punishment he used on my stepson–I thought it was great.

Ryan did something bad…can’t remember what. Mike didn’t punish him right away. He waited until Ryan wanted to go to a movie really bad. So he drove him up to the theatre, walked with him up to the ticket booth, then turned to Ryan and said–let’s go home…that’s your punishment for whatever it was that he did. Ryan never did it again.

I thought that was a great creative punishment—delayed reaction and taking away something that was really important to the child. I can’t wait to have the opportunity to use it on my (currently angelic) 3 year old son–that is, if he does something to merit it.

Answer #31

When I was 16, I had a party while my parents were out of town. As punishment, my mom made me be a candy striper at the hospital every friady night for a year! THAT’S creative! =)

Answer #32

I think first you have to figure out why they did something bad. Punishment is always bad for kids. Parents need to talk to their children and help them realize what could be the consequences of doing bad or forbidden things. Parents might have been a bad role model, then they have to be punished ;) But I beleive kids are smarter than us and they just don’t know how to show the root of their stress and fear and they just do something scary or bad instead.

Answer #33

Who said you should get excited about disciplining your children? I hate to have to do that to my son, but it works. It worked for me and it worked for my friends.

Answer #34

I dont think punching or hitting our kids with a belt or kickin them in the gut works so the people who wrote crap like that are abusive and should def not be parents

Answer #35

One thing my dad did was to make us hold something in front of us for 5 - 10 min. In the case where we took his hair brush, we had to hold the hair brush out in front of us. Or if me and my sisters hit each other, they made us sit on the couch and hold hands. Looking back…watching this must have seemed pretty funny lol

Answer #36

you parents who spank or kick your kids should be punished yourselves, never phiysically hurt a child. that only makes them hate you, and its borderline abuse. for a young child, put them in time out for as many minutes as they are old. for a teen, take away cell phone, tv, or computer or any combo of the three.

Answer #37

beat them with a belt…if they hit back…hit them with your fist…I’m 20 and my mom and dad had no problem punching me in the jaw or a good stiff kick in the gut

Answer #38

If they play an instrument, make them play it for an hour, trust me on this, my mom made me do it when I was being irresponsible or talking back. It was horrible. Oh and if they’re just playing random notes, just add another hour. I had to learn that the hard way. :(

Answer #39

some peeps seem criminal!

Answer #40

Beat them. My parents beat me. I don’t hate them. Not beating kids is what’s going to make the whole world soft and gay.

Answer #41

if they have an allowance make them give every penny they earned to charity for a few months hope it works ^_^

Answer #42

I usually make them pull weeds or clean the basement. Things I don’t like to do and they don’t either. I’m not big on grounding them, as that is more punishment for the parent. All four of my children are very well behaved. I find if I tell them why they shouldn’t do something, it keeps them from doing bad behavior again. If they act badly in public, I might take the ones that behaved somewhere really fun and get a sitter for the one that acted poorly. They learn quickly that they will be left and the behavior doesn’t happen again.

Answer #43

Pushups. Trust me they work. I just moved back to my hometown to settleup my late mother’s estate having been overseas for several years. Things had changed a lot in this town of 30,000 in the deep south. Well dressed children have approached me asking for money. Surprised at first, then angered, then logical I couldn’t let the word out that money was available from the new guy. Finally the problem was solved when an eleven year old boy asked me for $5.00. He didn’t actually ask but instead simply said, “Hey give me five dollars.” My reply was “sure and give me fifty pushups on your knuckles on the pavement.” He did eleven (pushups) and didn’t get the money. It has been a month since anyone has asked for money. I figured that if I had to work hard for my money, so should they. Problem solved. Effort for effort.

Answer #44

My son has a habit of sneaking candy, and any other sweets he can get his hands on in the middle of the night. He’s been grounded from sweets for a week or 2 each time. This time he stole candy from his sister then lied to us about it even promising his sister it wasn’t him.(I should say she had already shared a whole bag that she had bought w/ her $$ w/ him. In our house lying is absolutely not tollerated. Our son is now 12 & 1/2 so after reading these comments I have decided his punishment is going to be:

  1. Giving his sister the $$ back for her candy (his idea) however he is going to walk her to the store to spend it. (He’ll hate this but we live in a small town and the store is only a block away, but she will take forever to make up her mind on which candy she wants it will be torture).
  2. Write a report stating the punishments for theft and perjury in our state.
  3. Community Service in the form of serving the people his actions hurt. So he’ll be cleaning his sisters room, folding her laundry and etc. also he will be helping dad w/ all the Honey Do’s around the house and helping me w/ all my chores. Meanwhile he will still be grounded from all sweets, and I’ll probably make a batch of brownies (his fav.) while he is still grounded.

I know this may sound a bit harsh but we have been dealing w/ this for a few years now and he certainly knows better. He’s a pretty good kid but I refuse to let him become a theif because of a sweet tooth.

Answer #45

Make the punishment fit the crime, hitting them wouldn’t help, it just makes them (ME) do it more and more, I get hurt a little, so? I beleive that’s what kids my age think. I think if your child says something, stuff something in his/her mouth for a while (poisoning them is not a suggestion), or my second suggestion is to wait for a chance to punish them, eg. so your child really wants to watch a movie, take him/her to the movie theater tell your child your child to wait somewhere as you buy the ticket, then buy the movie ticket for a movie you know your child WILL ABSOLUTELY HATE (I can’t spell) (Make sure you first have a rule like, only one movie a month, one video game a year thing.) and send your child up with the ticket, if he she looks like it and realizes that it’s not the one he/she wanted to see, act like its a mistake and you thought he/she wanted to see that one and tell him/her that you are embarassed to ask for another ticket and go home now your child can’t see that movie… or if he/she acctally goes in the theature to watch the movie, wait calmly smiling, and do the same thing I said when your child realises that he she has the wrong ticket. I would be really pissed off if that happened to me, (I’m a kid, I should know!)

Answer #46

I make my son do push-ups. when that isn’t enough I add a book to his back or even make him put his hands together (diamond) and put his nose to the floor between them. When he still acts out he does wall sits, which is putting you back against the wall, hands out front, feet together. the first time I would start with no more than a minute. it is very painful, but effective. his legs shake with pain, and he hates it. but it works. body should make right angles. if this helps only for a short time adding a book in his hands is added pain. the best way to spank without physically hitting. if nothing else 100 sentences always makes a hand real sore. GOOD LUCK

Answer #47

umm you should draw a circle on a chalk board,white board,etc. and have them put their nose in the middle for a certain time hahaha

Answer #48

Half hour wall seat? Man, 5 mins is tough enough, ouch!!

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