Why won't my little ones go to sleep?

ok so heres the situation we have 4 kids a 2,4,9,and 11 year olds and our lil ones just will not sleep at night, they insist on playing, even at naptime, we end up fighting with them till early morning hours, we have tried time out, swatting their butts, to taking toys away nothing seems to work.. please anyone tell us what to do, we are going nuts…and we need sleep.

Answer #1

take the toys and stuff they can play with out of the room and put it into a different room. their room should only be for sleeping so they know when theyre in there its time to go to sleep also just putting them back in their bed doesnt really work my brothers and sisters and I were all like that we didnt want to do anything my mother said and being sent to our room was fun (cause we could play with our toys and watch tv and listen to music and what not) sitting in the corner didnt do anything and a light spanking didnt do anything either cause I didnt care I wasnt scared and bein in trouble was fun (well thats what my mother said was going on) it wasnt until my mom did “One two three magic” where the consequence was a good slap on the butt…my mom never made a fist never left a mark just smacked my butt it just took one til I was scared and didnt test my paretns past two hope that helps

Answer #2

well honestly doing it without medicine and such, have them do daily activities that generally make people tired. take them on a bike ride, or on a long walk, or to the park for a good amount of hours. when I was little I would always get very tired, and couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. also, tell them they don’t have a bedtime. for maybe the first couple days they’ll be super excited about it, but eventually they’ll just end up getting tired and realize its not that “cool” to stay up late. don’t let them have sugar after like 7 o clock, or caffinated drinks. turn out the lights in the living room and have them watch a movie. that’ll calm them down. or have them read, or read to them. take their toys out of their bedroom, and in a seperate room, like the living room or the play room. don’t let them watch tv while in bed. turn the thermostat down a little bit at night.

Answer #3

lol me and my siblings are like that too

Answer #4

Take all the stuff out of their rooms, literally. All you are required to give them, by law, is a bed, clothes, 3 square meals a day, and a roof over their head. Take out all the photographs on the wall, their dresser, chairs, everything except their beds. They don’t need any stuffed animals either. And their beds should be moved to opposite ends of the room, not facing each other, or side-by-side. Every night they go to bed ON TIME, and fall asleep ON TIME, they earn some furniture back. Big furniture are first. Say, 2 good nights earn you your dresser, another 2 to earn you your chair, etc. Then go to photographs, stuffed animals and toys. Every good behavioural day and night earns you some toys back. If they decide to start talking, take it all away again, and back to the beginning. They shouldn’t be having any sugar either. If their behaviour caused you to have a sleepless night, I would say that’s 2 full days with no sugar, sweets, or favourite foods for lunch and dinner, just vegetables. Tell them that when they want to go to sleep, things can get back to normal. If after all the furniture is taken out, and you have given them day-to-day punishments, and they are still talking in bed, then move them to separate rooms. Make sure to give them warnings ahead of time. I would also say that if you have to move them from room to room, a spanking is in order. Again, warn them ahead of time, no more than 2 warnings, so that they know to behave. Keep them in separate rooms for 2 or 3 nights.The punishments just have to extend and extend until they finally realize that they need to behave. If you have to move them into separate rooms, do it, and keep them in their separate rooms for 2 or 3 nights, then move them back into their room with no furniture, and I think it should take at least another 3 good nights before they get to earn anything back. Sounds good to me.

Answer #5

Please do not suggest to anyone to giving tylenol or motrin or any other over the counter drug to children to make them sleep. Too much tylenol can cause liver damage. I had a neice that gave her child over the counter cold medicines until he over dosed and they lost him during the ambulance ride. They did revive him but he has speech and learning problems. I have raised 4 children without the use of medicines to ‘put them to sleep’. The only way is to seperate the children, if that is not possible then put 2 seperate from the other 2. Have a specific time for bedtime every single night. A warm bath, reading them books, no sugar after a certain hour (like no sugar anything after 4 pm that means no tea, kool aid, etc) no caffeine at all (look at your ingredients even orange drinks have caffeine) Take a look at what you are feeding them, even the smallest amount of sugar or caffeine can make a child literally climb the walls. Do not give up, no spanking just keep putting the child back into bed each time. It will take time for the child to know it is going to be this way every night, it will take time for the sugar or caffeine or both to get out of their systems, and it will take time to get the children on a set schedule. Good luck, I know it is hard.

Answer #6

Please do not over dose your children, Your children is completely off schedule if they’re up all night then they will sleep through the day. I will wake them each morning by 9, if they fuss with you run them an early bath once their body hit the water they’ll become alert, after bath prepare breakfast for them after breakfast find some fun activity they’ll enjoy on nice days go to the park, take walks or just play in the yard. before you know it it will be nap time (no more yhan two hours) make sure you have a small lunch for them when they awake. and please no sweets after 5. When you get them ready for the night take them into their room by 8 they should be ready but first they’re going to try you, give them a kiss and say you good-night leave the room if the asked for you (mom I want youuu!) knowing that the’re okay ignore them if they come out uf their room take them back without saying a word you may have to do this 3 or 30 times but dont give up, anything worth havieing is worth working for. It wil work and it will be 100% worth it. GOOD LUCK!

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