Please Help me control my kids

what do I need to do, my kids just dont listen, they wake up @ 5.30 am on a weekend (sunday) after telling them the night before that they need to be quiet in the morning as its daddies one morning off & they need to respect that,,

but it goes in one ear & out the other, they usually wake up @ 6ish but its getting earlier & earlier, they fall asleep so late so youd think that any normal kid would be sleeping till 7ish or even 8ish,

I constantly hear my cousins & friends kids all wake up 10 on weekends & school days they need to be dragged out of bed @ 8.30! of course daddy doesnt even hear their screams & yells in the morning nor does he hear me storming in & out of their rooms showing them the time & smacking them,

I hate smacking but when they wake me up with jumping from one bunk to the other or a scream from another son who they are jumping on or books falling off the book shelf & I have already been in the room a few times already, thats when I snap it & I smack,

But theres no point, they still continue, its as if they dont understand & so I feel im having a nervous break down, im so sad, I cant talk to family cause all they ever say is,,,

oH well , you had them Now deal with it!! its your fault, you should never have had 4 sons!!! do you believe it???

please someone help me, I’ve got reward charts, time out system, I ground them, I set rules, I do everything, I’ve seperated them, I’ve done the silent treatment on them, I dont know what else to do,

its not only sundays where this happens, this is everyday, I dont give them anything to eat after 7pm & bed time is 8.30, but they are never asleep till 10 or 11 anyway,

I give them fish oil, their vitamins, I have no soft drink in our home, theres no chocalate or junk food, why is this happening?

they have all been tested for add/adhd/obd/ you name it, they have nothing of the kind!

they are just wild boys, well the 5 & 8 yr old are & they torment the 10 yr old, & I feel hopeless & I feel as though im a bad mother & I even begged God to take me away, I truly did, so if you guys dont hear from me maybe he hears me & does it!

please dont judge me anyone, its just so happened that I have come out of their rooms again & I feel like picking up a cigarette & mind you I havent touched one in over 5 years but today I feel like having one!!

I feel angry & sad & I knelt down to cry in here but the stupid tears wont come out!! im all dried up, this is not only the mornings where they dont listen, its every day, I have had social workers come over & they think they are okay, they are only nice when my sister & sister inlaw or parents are over here, & when they ask them why are you naughty to mummy, do you know what their responses are,,,


im getting to the point where its not fun to be a mum any longer,

yesterday as soon as my husband came home from work I spent the afternoon asleep as I was sooo sick, & I feel empty & I didnt eat anything all day & when I put something in my mouth @ 7pm because we had pizza night I spent the night in the bathroom,

this morning im exhausted & I just wish I could curl up in bed for the week but I have to go to Church as im Sunday Schooling there & its short notice to tell them I cant go,

please anyone give me some kind of advice, please help me, im desperate!! ↓

Answer #1

Could it be that they are recognizing this as daddy’s day off?

Perhaps they are excited at the possibility of getting to spend time with him and they don’t quite understand “wait until daddy wakes up”. They want to see him, and they want it NOW.

Have they been missing out on quality time with dad? They might just be missing him, which is very possible if he works too much.

Try looking at the cause before you can figure out how to solve the problem. It looks like you’ve done everything you can, but maybe they just want to be with dad.

Answer #2

here’s a guideline or whatever youd like to call itfor controlling your kids and some reasons why they do things every child has a reason for doing something and honestlly you sound like a great mother! 1.they need sweets 2.give them chores around the house to keep them busy.and whoever does not do their chores does not get a reward 3.they need there father badly! them according to their age.only if they get their chores done 5.when they wake up early take them to a park to get them worn out so they’ll come home and go to slepp 6.the reason why they disrespect you is because I think they are puposefully aggravating you yes they do love you they just want your attension 7.give the 10 year old authority over the younger ones so they kind of form some type of respect it should work. if you have any questions or comments just put it on my profile bye!

Answer #3

iight im kinda styl a kid 17 of wak up early cause they want to watch tv and what nt.just tel dem 2 go and da livn room.if it doesnt bother your husband why r you mad den?mayb you shld go 2 slp early.I do da same thn your kidz do.n mi lil sis and bro.u wld dink dey wld slp late guin 2 slp naw it makz dem gt up early.

Answer #4

If you can’t get dad to listen and spend more time with them look into the big brother program, where a guy will come and do things with them like take them to the park to play ball,take them to the movies, etc will not only help them by having a guy to hang out will give you a break also.

Answer #5

Thanks heaps to all of you for your great advice tips, I’ll try everything, it means a lot to me, so once again thank you, I’ll let you all know how things go :-)

Answer #6

take away the stuff they like or play a lot with .

I get my cell phone taken away if I did something “bad” .

that sometimes stop me from doin somethin my mom dont want me to .

tell me if this helps

Answer #7

do you think? I so hope you are right, cause like you said I have done everything else, & hubby gets home & they ask him to play with them & his reply is always the same, that hes too tired & we argue over that cause I can see that they need him & I’ve also noticed that when he has them they listen more???

maybe they are sick of me?

Answer #8

Thank you so much, what you are saying makes perfect sense, I turly appreciate you helping me out, hope you have an awesome day & night & I will chat to my husband again, bless you xx!!

Answer #9

Drown one of them in front of the other 3, and tell them they could be next if they don’t follow the rules, also instead of slapping them try poking them with a needle that will really get their attention, and set them straight. if you must use brute force, slam one of their heads against the wall then pick them up and throw them on their beds, and place a blanket over them.

In the morning if they’re not ready for school on time they stay home, with punishment. Hold their heads under freezing cold water from the bath tub, and then make them kneel on raw rice, and force them to raise their hands up in the air and keep them their, and if they put them down they get burned with a cigarette on their backs.

Your kids will not fuck with you anymore.

Answer #10

They’re not sick of you - I wouldn’t worry about that, since they will always need their mom, but boys need their father, and if he’s too tired to spend time with them, it’s bound to cause problems for them.

Parenting is a very difficult thing to do, and it takes both parents to make it work. Dad can’t be there, but not be there (if you know what I mean). Those boys need him and they are feeling the strain of not having daddy around enough.

I honestly believe that they miss him.

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