spanking ok or not?

is it ok to spank your kids?

Answer #1

its okay to dicipline your kids if they deserve it. but dont abuse them.

Answer #2

It hurts them, makes them hate you, and leaves them emotionally scarred.\

So no.

Answer #3

It fixed me…

Answer #4

It can make them get angry and upset with you and maybe feel the need to hit you back. I strongly suggest you dont!

Answer #5

I do not think spanking children resolves the problem you don’t have to use physcial displine with you child, I’ not saying its wrong but some parents deal with things in different ways but when you leave a mark on child that is wrong !

Answer #6

Yes, I think it’s perfectly okay. A light spank and nothing more. I was spanked as a child and turned out for the best. Sometimes it’s not appropriate though. Sometimes a sly lesson is needed. :/

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Answer #8

not ok, I was spanked once when younger. it helped nothing only made mee afraid that mii parents would hit me. I would say it all depends on the parents and the kid. I would say grounding rather than spanking tho.

Answer #9

of course its ok its discipline but have mercy dont get to vicious once my mommy started it wu get ugly rulers, cookin sticks, hangers, they hurt like helll lol!!

Answer #10

no… the best way to do it is punishment… eg.. if you wanted to say go to the movies, you gott a date and your sooo excited you cant wait.. and you do something wrong and your parents told you you cant go… how would you feel??? lol… no spanking… :)

Answer #11

Lol theres actually a LAW for this… But it all depends on how you are as a parent…

Its okay as long as it follows the law though =P

Answer #12

I would try other punishments first, and leave corporal punishment as a last resort. If administered, it should be done gently such that there is no lasting pain or injury.

DO NOT administer corporal punishment out of anger. Ensure you have a clear head if you’re going to do it, understand why you’re doing it, and explain to the child why you’re doing it.

Answer #13

It’s not the greatest punishment, but if it gets the job done. Theres other ways to punish a child. I don’t like the fact of spanking~ My Dad used to spank me all the time and I wouldn’t talk to him for a week.

Answer #14

I would say no because spakning is physical abuse physical abuse is not a good way to punnish a child and if dine, could cause them to be physically abusive later on physical abuse can also cause a lot of emotional prombels for the child so no there are better ways to punnish them like taking away there privilages or grounding them

Answer #15

makes them hate you, and leaves them emotionally scarred

I certainly didn’t hate my parents…in fact, the oppisite was true…and if I’m emotionally scarred it must be so slight that I’ve appeared to be normal for more than a half a century…

Spanking…NOT beating…a pop on the butt, seems to clear the ears and helps some kids hear better.


Answer #16

I certainly didn’t hate my parents…in fact, the oppisite was true…and if I’m emotionally scarred it must be so slight that I’ve appeared to be normal for more than a half a century…

Spanking…NOT beating…a pop on the butt, seems to clear the ears and helps some kids hear better.

That used to be the case, but now, young people actually get respect.

Not to make you sound old, but it’s true. :/

I know many people that have told me whenever their parents were angry for something they didn’t like, they’d get spanked or hit with a belt - that is definitely physical abuse and has to be illegal.

Answer #17

The LAW says to never hit your kid. Its classified abuse. Its ok to give them a spank on their butt opened hand, no objects. And if you spank them, you can’t leave a mark on them. So there is really no sense or point in spanking them. You have to do it lightly anyways, so be smart and don’t hit your kids! They’ll turn around and rat you out. You want to show them that its not right to hit people, its setting examples for them.

Answer #18

Depends from child to child. I was spanked. Helped me a lot…my brother however wasn’t the type of child to be spanked…

But if I ever have children I’ll find another way to punish them, there are a lot more constructive ways to punish your children.

Answer #19

Anyone who says its not ok to spank your kids is stupid…Its alright to spank your child its not child abuse..just don’t get carried away.Everyone spanks their kids! You child will be spoiled and run all over you when he/she is older if you don’t discepline them.

Answer #20

girl im dominican and you know how we people do we spank because dats how we disaplen kids but dont abuse them like spank them with metle stuff but like soflt but let them why they got spanked it always fixed me …

us dominicans spank with everything like belts to spaculas lmao hahah

but it does hurt but then they get over it damn people think they gunna be scarred my but no they dont they get over it next time they wer learn not to do wah they did ..lolz

Answer #21

I dont even no what I wrote let me say it again..okay its okay to spank your kids I mean people always say that they would get mad at you and hate u…no they dont they get mad but then they get over it like really..I was spanked when I was yunger and I cried but I got over it…and trust me im dominican and we get spanked with sum seriouse shyt lolz haha..I know now if I do sumthin wrong I would get a spankin so I dont do it..get me? dont take advantage of the spankin and dont abuse the child but I think spankings are wah kids need to get them focused because then they run all over you and they wouldnt care because they are probably thinkin “oh I can do what ever I want at home because they dont spank me” lolz but you shuld spank your child =)

they will deff get over it

Answer #22

I think that every parent should make that decision and should not be frowned upon by doing so. Were talking spanking - not hitting.

I will not spank my son - but that is my personal choice. I do not have the right to judge another mother who may choose that spanking is the right choice in her situation. Every household situation and child is different.

Answer #23

Do it…those little stinkers diserve it if they have done something bad…if you just let them get off then they will just walk all over you for the rest of the timethey live with you

Answer #24

idk ive never been spanked so i guess it sucks for the people that do

Answer #25

No it is not ok. There are many ways to discipline a child without hurting them physically. Spanking may cause serious psychological trauma, which may hunt your child until he grows up.

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